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Lea Chapin

Unity Consciousness

December 14, 2020

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say to you, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, that this is truly a time of reunification, this is truly a time of healing, this is truly a time of bringing forth the energy of love. So today as you allow your hearts to open and your minds to heal, begin to call in the energy and the vibration unity. Calling in the frequency and the essence of love. That which you were created from, that which you are, that which you shall ever remain. So I ask each of you at this time to begin to breathe into your heart, simply begin to breathe into your heart, and begin to call in the vibration of unity and love as you continue to merge with your Higher Self, with your oversoul. And begin to feel the expansion of unity, of the collective consciousness of all that is, beginning to tap into the oneness and into the essence of love. Today as the earth begins to heal, and begins to rise in consciousness, all souls, all sentient beings are being affected by this frequency that is now being brought forth upon this planet. We are coming together in oneness, and bringing forth the energy of unity consciousness. As you have gone through what you have called this year of separation of your 2020, it is time now to begin to bring in these frequencies and to begin to unify that which is no longer for your highest good. And so simply put, each of you, all souls who have been on this planet are being challenged to unify their own emotional nature, their own mental beliefs, and to begin to unify with the frequency of love. Yes, indeed, it is time to heal. It is time to rectify, it is time to restore, it is time to return to balance. So this year of 2021 will be a time of reunification, it will be a time of healing. So many have been separate from their own emotions, so many have been angry, fearful, feeling a sense of loneliness, despair, confusion. And so these emotions are now stepping forward for each of you to clear and to purge so that you can unify with the vibration of unity and oneness in the frequency of love. So if indeed you are suffering from any emotion, please allow yourself to send the vibration of love to your own emotional and mental energetic fields, and begin to heal those emotions that continue to plague you. So I ask you Dearest Ones, simply breathe in the vibration of love, breathe in the vibration of love, breathe in the vibration of love. For indeed, as you see, it is the first lesson of Yeshua’s 12 Mastery Teachings, and there is a reason, for love will heal all. And today as you allow your heart to expand and your mind to be healed, begin to be gentle with yourself, begin to love self, begin to honor self, begin to feel the energy and the essence of peace as it transcends upon you. The vibration of love and peace, as it transcends upon you, allowing all energies to be transmuted. Indeed, Dearest Children, this is a time of healing, this is a time of reunification, this is a time for all to come together and peace shall reign upon this planet.

So as you feel this energy and this essence, begin to understand that time is of the essence and there is no time to waste. Feel the purity of the vibration of love. So once again begin to breathe and to send healing to any discordant energies that are affecting you, mentally or emotionally. Begin to breathe in the vibration of peace and love, allowing yourself to rebalance yourself, to recenter yourself, to restore yourself. Letting go and letting God. So simply take another deep breath and breathe in the power and the energy of divine grace. Elohim Grace. Feeling the energy of grace, feeling the strength of grace, simply knowing that all is blessed and all is received. Truly the love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Today as you shift from the lower vibrational frequencies of fear or anger, desperation, confusion, loneliness, despair, begin to allow yourself to rise in consciousness, and as they say, ride the wave of love and peace, filling your body with peace, filling your body with love, filling your body with joy. For today as you enter into this sacred moment of your powerful lunar eclipse and your full moon, begin to call in this transformation and feel the healing. As if a warm healing balm is now overcoming you. You are encapsulated into this gentle energy of warmth, feeling at peace, allowing every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being to be bathed in peace and to be bathed in love. And so Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this energy with strength as a beautiful essence of Elohim Grace, simply now places a force field of energy around you, a strength, a fortitude to carry on. To carry on in unity and oneness, knowing that nothing or no one can break the bond of unity. You are no longer separate, you have never been separate, we say Dearest Ones that today, this force field of energy, that Grace Elohim brings to you, is a force field of strength and reunification so that you can truly begin to feel your connection to all that is. It is indeed very important because your own light bodies are shifting and ascending rather quickly into their purest essence.

And so many of you may be feeling an extreme sense of fatigue, or worry, as you are allowing yourself to purge these old emotions, these old energies, and it is indeed time for you to rest. It is time for you to allow your body to be restored and to begin to be relaxed, and centered and calm. Do not force yourself, for this is a time of a powerful healing. So know that at this moment of time, that as you begin to nurture yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself, that you are, as they say, finally allowing yourself to reunify with your oneness, feeling this connection, feeling this joy, feeling this peace, feeling the tranquility. Indeed this a day that God has made it is good and it is rich. And so do not allow yourself to feel this energy of separation, simply feel this energy of tranquility as you hold the essence and the power of love within your being. You are becoming much more powerful than you can understand yourself to be, with each passing day your beautiful light bodies are becoming stronger and stronger and stronger. And your force field is becoming more peaceful, that which has troubled you in the past will begin to fall away, and you will feel this essence of joy, for you see, the vibration of joy is the totality of all that is. It is no coincidence that the last chapter in Yeshua’s book, the 12 Mastery Teachings, is joy, and in this month of December, this is the vibration that is being brought forth.

So today as you begin to embody this vibration of love and peace, joy shall enter into your essence. And you will feel this sense of renewal, as if you are a new person, because yes, your light body is shifting and changing, becoming lighter and lighter and lighter, and that which has been held within your soul, that is not of peace and love, will begin to fall away. And you will have more power and more strength as we have said, and more influence, because the purity of your energy will hold greater light, and you will have a presence about you that is palpable, that others will see, feel, sense and know. And so your vibration will begin to expand out into the ethers, and you will be able to touch and to change the lives of many, simply by your presence, simply by your love, simply by your peace, simply by your joy. It is contagious. Joy to the world. So simply allow yourself to clear these frequencies at this time, that are held within you, that no longer serve you. Feel the presence of love now overcoming you, embodying you, and take another deep breath, and fill every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being with love, filling your body with light, love, peace and joy. Allowing your body to shift, as they say, from fear into love. Separation into unity. Simply not allowing yourself to succumb to the circumstances of the world or the collective consciousness, simply call in the energy of unity consciousness, of oneness, to the energy of all that is. Knowing that the truth is that there is no separation, there is only love. And love will heal all, love will heal all. So at this time, simply be the change you wish to see, hold the vibration of love into your essence, and your auric field will remain strong, hold the vibration of peace and joy and your vibration shall remain strong.

As you call in these frequencies, you shall be insulated from the energies that are affecting the collective consciousness, as if you are in your own insulated bubble of peace, love and joy. And your energy is protected from the force field of energy of others that are holding a lesser frequency than yours. So today imagine yourself in a bubble of light, that you are encapsulated in peace, encapsulated in joy, as if you are like a bubble of light, or an orb of light that is able to move and shift and transcend through time and space. For Dearest Ones you are the light of the world and your own light bodies are dancing in delight that your consciousness has now received this gift of healing. Your light body is dancing in delight as your consciousness has received this gift of healing. So Dearest Ones, we applaud you for your courageousness, your determination and your willingness to serve, as you continue to hold this frequency of love within the essence of your being. So today I ask you to honor yourself, as you re-remember the truth of who you are. The love that you are, the peace that you are, the tranquility that you are. Allow your heart to open, your mind to be healed, and be not afraid of what you do not understand, but simply be at peace. When your mind becomes anxious, breathe in the vibration of peace, breathe in the vibration of peace, breathe in the vibration of joy. Knowing that you are encapsulated into this energy field, you are protected. For this is of truth. As you raise your frequency, your own physical body, your own immune system will be affected by the light, by the peace, by the tranquility. If you hold the lower vibrations of fear, separation, then you will become, as they say, more vulnerable to the lower frequencies that affect the human body. Today we are asking you to elevate your consciousness, so that you may remain healthy and strong and vibrant, and be at peace.

Once again be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. Feeling the essence and presence of love, feeling the essence and presence of peace, feeling the essence and presence of tranquility upon your soul. Letting go, letting God. Know that the time has come, as you enter into this state of grace, that your heart shall open and remain in a peaceful place of love and joy and tranquility. As you feel this essence and this presence upon your soul, may your heart awaken to the blessings of love. So can you begin to feel this energy now surrounding you, encapsulating you, as if you are in a warm, healing balm? Know that this energy is a gift that we give to you upon this day, so that you may continue your work upon the earth, and unite your consciousness with unity consciousness, with the energy of oneness, of the Great Creator, and feel the sense of strength and power that is your powerful, powerful spirit, that has come to complete your mission upon this earth plane. There are so many at this time who are searching and looking for answers. So we say, Dearest Ones, be the change you wish to see, you are the light of the world. Your frequency, your light will heal many. Your light, your love will heal many. So accept at this time this gift of grace that is being given to you this day as you honor yourself and truly call forth the energy of love.

For indeed, Dearest Children, this is the power of now, for within each moment you are able to create and manifest and make whole that which you desire and wish to bring forth into your life. For now, as your consciousness has unified with the energy of oneness, you are able to manifest and bring forth that which is for your highest good, and begin to bring to you the gifts and the fruits of the spirit, and the blessings that are yours. As we have said many many times before, each of you have a universal Cosmic Bank of all your good deeds and good riches, and so now call it forth, for you have risen your consciousness to be able to call forth this Cosmic Bank, as if you are able to reach it, tap into it and call it forth, calling forth the Cosmic Bank, that which the universe wishes to bring to you. The blessings are yours. Stand tall, be proud, be not afraid. For hold your head high and know that you have earned the right to receive these amazing blessings of love, and this gift of joy as you enter into this beautiful state of grace, with the power of love held within the essence of your being. Truly today is a day that is good and rich, you’ve accepted this gift of healing, you’ve reunited with unity consciousness, and you have accepted the beautiful gift of your Cosmic Bank of riches that will allow you now to complete your journey as you are able to tap into that which you need to receive in order to complete your mission. This is a powerful, powerful day, Dearest Children. And so we ask you to accept this gift on the day of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, on your November 30, 2020. This is a powerful day, receive my children, receive. Blessings to each of you. Go now with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. As you receive these beautiful gifts, allowing your heart to remain open to the beautiful tranquility of all that you are. For you see, Dearest Ones, you have the power to change the world. You have the frequency of unity consciousness to shift and to create that which you desire for this world. So today we send peace and love and joy to each of you, and to all around the globe, peace, love and joy. That each individual begin to feel this sense of love, no longer feeling separated from themselves or another, but connecting to the energy of oneness that is your birthright, which was your original frequency before the time of The Fall. Now it is time to come back together, to return to oneness, accept this gift within your own life and be free. Free to love, free to serve, and free to be. Go now my children with peace and love within your heart. Be at peace, be at peace, be at peace.

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