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Edgar Cayce Workshop in Cyrus

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We here at Liven receive consistent feedback that we need to do more to explain the “benefits” of our oils and “how they can be used.” As we’ve stated here before, much of what’s on the Internet reads like a horoscope - something for everyone - and it masks the capitalist motivation behind why a certain oil is being mass-produced and how it’s being marketed. We give credence to traditional medicine and also to the consensus (where it exists) about the use of these plants in aromatherapy. But we know there is much more than meets the eye in terms of how these plants - and their essential oils - impact the body, mind and spirit. To think of them as a targeted treatment for a specific symptom is to remain in the crumbling western medicine paradigm So, we’ve partnered with spiritual counselor Lea Chapin for a new perspective and deeper insight into the specific oils we make in Cyprus. In a workshop we held on Feb10 2024 in Cyprus Lea presented a new framework for understanding the spiritual and emotional issues that manifest as health symptoms, and explained the way that several specific essential oils work on the emotional, physical and etheric bodies. We will continue our partnership with Lea even after she departs Cyprus, and will share our insights from our joint research. We’re working on an ebook summarizing the information we’ve uncovered so far.

Lea is also available for personal health consultations as a intuitive medium under the guidance of Edgar Cayce.



The workshop transcript and recording is available for purchase if you’re interested in learning more! To receive the link of the recording of the workshop or to schedule an Edgar Cayce intuitive medical medium personal health reading, contact Lea Chapin at [email protected] or 727-580-3016. 

Sarah Book and Specialty Oils

Book And Oil

Sarah, the Goddess of Peace has asked that a unique and pure peace essential oil and aromatic water spray with her signature vibration be created. Lea Chapin traveled to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in February 2024 to work with Liven during that visit on these special formulations. They will now be available for purchase along with Lea Chapin’s new book “Sacred Wisdom Teachings of Sarah, Goddess of Peace”.

The essential oil and aromatic water spray of Mediterranean pine were blessed by Sarah, and carry the vibration of peace, so that all souls can begin to embody this frequency. The oil and spray are to be used as an affirmation, to soothe the body, mind and spirit, and allow them to return to balance.

This is the affirmation prayer to be used when inhaling the essential oil or spray: “Bless my mind, body and soul with eternal peace! May love, light and peace be with me now and always! And so it is.”

Ascended Master Sarah, Goddess of Peace.


$50 Book, Mediterranean Pine Spray, and Mediterranean Essential Oil

Sophia Christ Sacred Healing Circle
Channeled Wisdom Teachings from 
Mary Magdalene and Yeshua
-  Mondays at 11 am EST

Mary Magdalene’s and Yeshuah’s Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment. Mary Magdalene and Yeshua bring forth their powerful, mystical teachings of enlightenment to awaken all to the power of the Sacred Divine Union that has emerged upon the planet at this time. Mary Magdalene’s and Yeshua’s teachings are powerful, direct and life altering for the serious spiritual seeker who truly desires to help humanity and Mother Earth shift into the Golden Age of Aquarius also known as the Age of Enlightenment.
Join Rev Lea Chapin each Monday at 11 am EST via teleconference for the Sophia/Christ transmissions for personal and planetary ascension.  Rev. Lea has been the divine oracle bringing weekly channeled messages from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene for over 15 years. Rev. Lea first began to channel their universal teachings in 1997 and has since written three books, all channeled material which can be found on this page on this website. Since that time, she has received hundreds of transmissions - many can be found on her YouTube channel.
In the Sophia/Christ sacred healing circle you can expect:
  • You may feel the unconditional love and peace as we come together in sacred ceremony to awaken to our true divinity
  • You may experience deep healings with activation's and energetic upgrades on both your physical, mental and emotional level as well as your multidimensional light body.
  • You shall receive weekly updates on what is currently affecting you energetically and personally due to the powerful energies affecting the planet during this powerful ascension into the 5th dimension.
If you feel called to join us, the love donation is $25. This is a weekly teleconference class and once you make payment you will receive the teleconference number to join. The class is also recorded so the link can be sent to those who are not able to attend as a replay

Suggested Donation $25.00

The Seven Sacred Flames Teachings Teleconference Class

The Seven Sacred Flames are a discourse of teachings similar to the Course in Miracles. The purpose of these teachings is to assist humanity in awakening to the “God within “through the direction of the Ascended Masters. Masters of all the flames/rays are assisting humanity to master the initiations of all the rays in order to obtain Ascension. In this seven week study group, we will teach you how use each flame/ray in order to access these frequencies into your daily life and live fully embodied as a physical/spiritual being!

$210 for 7-week class

Sisterhood of the Rose: Activating Divine Love into your Sacred Heart as One Unified Cosmic Heart

The Sisterhood of the Rose was created in the civilization of Lemuria and Atlantis as High Priestesses. They gathered in circles of twelve to activate the Flame of Divine Love, the Path of the Rose through the hearts of humanity to bring peace to the planet! If you feel as if you are a member of the Sisterhood of the Rose this class will awakenand activate your remembrance to your connection as as high priestess from that lifetime! The Power of the Divine Mother/Mother Mary will activate your sacred heart to deepen your Christed Heart as one Unified Cosmic Heart! Rev. Lea will channel the wisdom from Mother Mary each month.


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Messages from the Essenes Teleconference Class

Join Rev. Lea Chapin as she shares “Messages from the Essenes.” Many lightworkers have felt and known that they were part of the Qumran Essene community that lived during the lifetime of Christ. Those memories of living together in harmony and balance with Mother Earth and all of creation was a way of life known as “The way!” Unfortunately, their voices were suppressed due to fear of persecution and they began to disperse and the community became separated. Now, the voices of the Essenes are ready to be heard again!
Jesus Portrait in Color
In September of 2018, on Lea’s sacred journey to Jordan to visit the Dead Sea, during a channeling, she heard, “We have been waiting for you.” To her surprise, Lea was asked by the Essenes to be their oracle to bring their voices back to life!! It is Lea’s honor to share the Messages from the Essenes! If you feel as if you are an old Essene, please join us in this monthly teleconference class!


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Akashic Record Workshop

The Akashic Records are known as the Living Book of Life or the Living Book of Remembrance. These are records of your soul journey that hold all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from every lifetime since your soul individuated. This Living Book of Life is very much like a computer or library and contains all information about your soul. Lea Chapin will share how the Akashic Records can be accessed to gain greater clarity about your soul pathway and your soul contracts in this lifetime.

Cost is $45
(In person or via Teleconference)

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Intuitive Development Class
Divine Intuition – Listening to your Soul to create the life you desire

Would you like to learn how to access your own inner wisdom to guide your life? This guidance is the whisper of your soul. You are constantly surrounded by your soul wisdom but you may not know how to access it. This workshop will teach you practical tools in learning how to listen to your intuition and soul guidance to create the life you desire.

Cost is $45
(In person or via Teleconference)

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