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As a spiritual counselor and psychotherapist, Lea’s work as a soul seer gives her an ability to see the bigger picture of the soul and of one’s personal pathway. Lea is not a predictor of the future, but she is both a divine oracle and a soul seer. She is able to see clairvoyantly the energies and the frequencies surrounding the soul that are not in balance and in harmony. She is called simply a soul seer, this is her new term.

She is a divine oracle of the Akashic Records. The information that Lea brings through is essentially from one’s own Akashic Records. Lea and her primary guide, Archangel Michael, as well as her spirit team of advisors work in conjunction with the Hall of Records to bring the information to the individuals so they may understand their soul pathway and how they can best navigate through the soul’s journey. At the most fundamental level, any and all questions are simply about the best usage of the lifetime, such as how they can use their skills, their spiritual gifts, and their human attributes to serve their own soul so they may move forward into their life’s mission with the greatest of ease.

Other questions are directed about soul development, soul growth, soul purpose, life purpose, subjects of relationships, patterns, karma, and past lives, which all fall under the sub-heading of soul development. Each person can also present their individual challenges and receive a higher spiritual perspective and understanding from the Akashic records on how to proceed in their life. Ultimately, they will discover how to clear the limited beliefs, patterns, and energetic frequencies that prohibit the soul from returning to unity consciousness and oneness with All That Is.

Celestial Messages to Soothe Your Soul

It is time to return to love! These meditations are designed to calm the mind and help one to embody peace, even if momentarily! With any new learned behavior, learning to be calm and be at peace, takes practice. Therefore, these meditations will assist you in embodying peace, which is your original state of being!

Rev. Lea Chapin M.S.Ed, Divine Channel for the Ascended Masters and Celestial Realm,
has been divinely guided to offer a daily mediation to assist humanity during these challenging times!
  • Rev. Lea will channel a soothing meditation to help calm the mind to ease ones’ fear and anxiety of the unknown.
  • The Masters have shared this time period, however uncomfortable it is for humanity, is necessary for the planet and humanity to evolve into the fifth dimension.
  • We are all be forced to be quiet, go within and reflect on our lives as we have been living .
Individual meditations can be purchased for $5.00
Once payment is received, you will be sent your meditation via mp3 file

Soul Trauma Healing Session

Soul trauma healing is based on channeled messages from the Ascended Masters and the Lords of the Akashic Records. The practice is based on the understanding that traumas occurring in ones’ present life or past lives, create such intense stress that soul aspects or fragments leave the body. The individual is unable to emotionally deal with the trauma so aspects of ones’ soul is not fully present, causing emotional, mental, physical or spiritual imbalances in ones’ life. The practice of Soul Retrieval gently allows the soul to return back to be fully integrated in the present so healing may occur on all levels.

The practice does not require hypnosis. Rev. Lea Chapin channels the information from the Akashic Records regarding the impact that trauma has had on ones‘ life and if the soul is ready to reintegrate the missing soul fragments back into the body, then healing occurs! Sessions can be done remotely or in person.


by Lea Chapin

The Akashic Record is also known as The Living Book of Life or The Living Book of Remembrances. These are records of your soul journey that hold all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds, from every lifetime, since your soul individuated. This Living Book of Life is very much like a computer or library that contains all information about your soul.

*Lea Chapin will share how the Akashic Records can be accessed, to gain greater clarity about your soul pathway and your soul contracts in this lifetime.

*Lea Chapin will open the Akashic Records and provide a personal soul reading.

$85 1/2 hour
$150 / hour
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