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Lea Chapin

The Cloak of Eternity

November 24, 2020

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, that this is a time of purging and continuing to purge and clear that which no longer serves you. This year, as you know, as has been brought to your attention many times, the year of 2020, has been indeed a time of tremendous purification, it is a time of resurrection, it is a powerful time of healing. For each of you have been going through this purification process on many levels, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically. At this time, it is about healing and bringing forth the final healing of all lifetimes, that each of you have endured, of abuse and trauma, that are simply causing each of you to no longer be in a state of grace. It is of great importance that each of you be at peace, it is of great importance that each of you receive the blessings of your own soul, so that you are able to move forward into this new year of 2021 and beyond, with ease and grace. It is of great importance as you hold the power of love within your heart that you feel the energy of our love, now beginning to heal and purify and to restore all that no longer serves you. So I ask each of you to take a deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God, breathing the energy of peace, breathing in the energy of transformation, breathing in the energy of joy, breathing in the energy of love.

And so Dearest Ones, take another deep breath and begin to allow that which no longer serves you, if there is fear, if there is loneliness, if there is anger, if there are any emotions that are coming up to be purged, please allow them to be purged, allow them to now be released from your soul, from your mental and emotional and energetic bodies to be purged. As if this is a final healing and a final clearing, so that all of you can be at peace. Because it is of great importance, Dearest Ones, that you begin to rise forward, like the rising of the Phoenix, and this indeed is also what is occurring with Mother Gaia and all of the elements, all of the kingdoms, that all energy that is not of purity, of innocence, of love and harmony shall begin to be purged, neutralized, healed and restored back to its original state of grace and divine perfection. And so today as you focus on your individual selves, please place what we call the cloak of eternity upon you, the cloak of eternity, it is an energy and a vibration and an essence that we bring to you today as if it is like sparkling light particles that are now being placed over each of you. That is helping your physical body, your mental mind, your emotional center to be purged and cleared again of all that is not of love. And each of you have gone through the cycle of many incarnations, not only in this lifetime of abuse and trauma, but in this individual expression of your beautiful spirit, each of you holds a powerful spirit and a purity of love, and this is what is to be brought forth, the purity of your soul, the purity of your spirit.

So simply allow this frequency of divine grace and the cloak of eternity to be placed over you, as if you begin to feel the richness and the purity of who you are, the cloak of eternity. As this energy is placed and sealed like a veil, a cloak over you, so that you remember the power of who you are, the beauty of who you are, the purity of who you are, and the innocence of all that you are. And allowing any and all energies that are being purified within you to now be transmuted into love. All energies that are purifying through you are being purified into love. As if you are trying to squeeze, as they say, the last part of the toothpaste from the bottle or the tube. As if you are trying to clear and heal and purify the very last piece of any emotional debris that is not at peace, not of love, not of life. It is why it has been a difficult year for many, this is a time where people have been, as they say, forced to turn within, to be alone, perhaps feeling this sense of isolation or separation from that which they are used to. Many changes that are occurring in individual lives, because this is a time for each of you to step forward into your true power, into your true divinity, and to accept and receive the divine love that is being graced onto you at all times and in this moment. As we place the cloak of eternity upon you, that you are eternal, that your soul is eternal, that you are everlasting, and that this renewal, this purification, this restoration, this rising of the phoenix that you are stepping forward into the remembrance of who you truly are. And so truly allow yourself to feel this energy as it now showers upon you like raindrops, light rain, shimmering bright light. If you are ready to receive this, the cloak of eternity is placed over you again as a veil that allows you to now begin to heal. And this energy is now being brought forth over Mother Gaia, and all the kingdoms, all of the elements. Fire, the air, the water, the earth. That all life forms are now being resurrected and restored.

As you know, you’ve had so much purging and clearing, from the winds, the water, and the fire, the earth. And allow yourself now to feel this sense of renewal. The excitement and the anticipation that there is new birth, new life. Renewal. You are being, as they say, reborn again, rebirthed again, recharged again. As if all the cells within your body are being charged with light, the particles of light, of this cloak of eternity, as if your cells are dancing into light and receiving this energy, receiving this frequency, receiving this power, receiving this love. It is a part of the energy of what you understand as my own ascension, my own resurrection, and how I healed myself after the crucifixion, for the infusement of this energy into the very nuclei of every cell, restored my physical body to perfect wholeness, and you are able to receive this today, you are able to receive this same power of resurrection as I received 2,000 years ago after my crucifixion to heal my physical body. To restore my mental and emotional and physical back to divine perfection. So simply allow your very cells and your very nuclei to be restored with this frequency, this power. This hope, this renewal. With this remembrance of who you truly are, as a divine child of light, as a powerful, powerful spiritual being of love. Today as you enter into this state of grace, feel the importance, feel the love, feel the presence, feel the joy. As your very cellular structure and your physical DNA are being reactivated with the purity of your own powerful spirit essence.

You have begun to shine, and light will come through your eyes, and there is a vitality and a strength and a renewal that is being received within your physical body. Within your own life force, and Mother Gaia is receiving this as well. And again, all of the elements, all of the kingdoms are receiving this at this time. Knowing that as the world has slowed down, to a certain degree, Mother Gaia has been able now to begin to heal and to restore her energies, and return herself back to her divine perfection with ease and grace, and this is the same for you. Do not place any limits upon yourself, but simply know that the power of God is being infused within you, and this cloak of eternity, that this is a revitalization, as you re-remember the power of your spirit. The spirit in all life is eternal, and the spirit is restorative, vibrant, and that each of you have the power within you to resurrect your own life force, and return to this state of grace in which you were created, in which you were intended to be. I will step back and allow my Mary to speak, I am here today to assist you, to remind you, this is the same frequency that renewed me, that restored me, that resurrected me back into my full essence and into the power of my own Christ Consciousness, and the ascension into my true divine self, as I recovered from the crucifixion, so many eons ago. Go now my children within the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, as you prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Go now, be at peace.

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come to you, I send you waves and waves of love. Healing balms and waves of love. As you feel the essence and presence of divine love upon your soul. Today as my Yeshua sends you, and reactivates the cloak of eternity upon you, may you begin to feel the waves of love that are being brought to you, as if you are feeling this energy of renewal, of restoration, this is a time, again, to receive. All that no longer serves you, in this lifetime, through all life times, again as we have said is being purged, is being healed. As if this is the final piece that you’ve all been waiting for, this is what you were anticipating in the year of 2020, this rebirth, this revitalization as if there was an excitement in the air, but you did not know what it was. This is it, this is the time, this is the now. As you come now to this time of celebrating your holiday of Thanksgiving, in the United States of America, giving gratitude for all that you have received. Giving gratitude for all that you have gone through. Giving gratitude that your hearts are still open and you are here by divine appointment to give to the world a powerful love that is yours to give. So today as you give gratitude for this year of 2020 and the purging and resurrection that is continuing in each individual, in all life forms, in all kingdoms, the animal, the plant, the mineral, in all of the elements. There is renewal. And yet you may not fully understand this, but unconsciously, and subconsciously all of you are feeling that there is something new upon the horizon, there is rebirth that is coming. Just as the fires purged and caused rebirth, renewal of new growth in the forest. So today as you allow yourself to feel the rising of phoenix, as if you too are rising from the ashes and are being rebirthed again, Priestess Isis and Horus are here, and he is showing each of you and guiding each of you with the power of the all-seeing eye, the eye of Horus will give you clarity, for your life path to continue on, so that you have clarity of vision and have knowingness within your heart, that as you move through this purification process, in the final stages of your own healing that you are truly being resurrected and restored to divine perfection. That which had been bothering and you, any and all emotions that are up to be reviewed, as they say, are now able to be transmuted, easily and effortlessly.

Priestess Isis and Horus are here assisting each of you to finish the final purification process, so you may move forward into a steady stream of ease and grace, walking on this earth plane as the ascended masters, as the blessed ones that you are, with ease and grace, knowing that you have so much help, so much assistance, that you never feel alone. So today allow your heart to open and your mind to be healed, and feel the presence of the energy of God upon your soul, feel the energy and the essence of God upon your soul, feeling the purity, feeling the healing, feeling the love. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Feel the power, feel the presence, feel the joy. As Yeshua and I stand with you, Priestess Isis and Horus stand above you as they are directing this energy of clarity, of precision, and of peace through your crown chakra and through your third eye, so that you have the knowingness and the clarity to begin to move forward into your new life pathway, into this new journey, new doors opening, new opportunities coming, this is the time, this is the now. This is the time, this is the now. So please take another deep breath and allow us to transmute all the emotions again that are rising within you, that have been held within you ready to be purged, from lifetimes of abuse, trauma, separation. Today truly is about letting go and allowing yourself to rise forward to the essence of the truth of who you are, no longer living in fear, no longer living in separation. Living in this wave of love that is being given to each of you, the cloak of eternity is being placed over each of you, as Yeshua seals this energy with the assistance of Priestess Isis and Dear Horus.

And I stand with you as an emissary of light, as I hold the energy of Divine Mother Love for each of you so your heart opens and receives this gift of healing, this time of healing, this time of resurrection, this purification, a gift that we bring to you is peace. May your hearts open, may your minds be healed, may you feel the energy and the essence of these droplets of love and peace and divine grace, that are being sent to you as waves and waves of energy are being sent to each of you. Waves and waves of peace and love are being sent to each of you. And the cloak of eternity is held within your essence, and in your divine presence. Go now my children with an open heart and allow this energy to be infused within your own energetic fields, clearing again, at the deepest level, any soul trauma that you have endured, knowing that this is not necessary, it is time, it is time, it is time. It is time to rise again, again rising like the phoenix from the ashes. You are being reborn again, rebirthed again, renewed again, restored again. In your true divine essence self. And so Dearest Ones, feel the peace, feel the love, feel the joy, stepping forward knowing that you are divinely guided and divinely loved. Go my children and be at peace, and feel the essence and the presence of the love upon you, go now blessed ones, you are holy divine masters, walking upon this earth plane, move forward now, receive this gift, be at peace.

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