Mary’s Message on Claiming your Happiness!

So Dear Daughters of Light, it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We ask you now to begin to claim your happiness, to begin to claim your peace, to begin to allow yourself to take another deep breath, and with the assistance of beautiful Kuan Yin, simply begin to open your heart, and begin to feel the energy of the pearlescent light of your beautiful soul now shining through you, as if you are able to be that luminescent, bright, brilliant soul light that will transcend all darkness, all negativity, all fear, all sorrow. And so Dear Ones, it is time to claim your happiness, it is time to claim your peace, it is time to allow yourself to clear the frequencies within you that no longer serve you. So today as you begin to feel those energies beginning to swirl and twirl within you, as you begin to feel your soul light, your pearlescent soul light beginning to shine so brightly through you, may your heart begin to open, your mind begin to heal, and may you begin to relax and to breathe into the vibration and into the frequency of joy, calling in this vibration of happiness and joy, once again reclaiming your true divinity, once again letting go and letting God.

Today as you celebrate this beautiful day, as many are honoring those who have passed before them, it is a day to celebrate the life and the celebration of all souls, including yourself, who have resided on this earth plane, who have contributed to the soul evolution of this planet. Every living soul who has resided on this earth plane has contributed their energy and their frequency to the evolution and the ascension of Mother Gaia. And you see, Dearest Ones, your energy is contributing to the light of this planet. And you are to honor yourself, as you honor all those who have come before you, as you honor this celebration of your Memorial Day. Those that you have loved and honored, and those you have never met. But you see, Dearest Ones, you are all the family of light, and you have come to bring your light, and to shine your light upon this planet, and to bring the love and the peace for all to witness. So today we ask you to claim your happiness, to begin to breathe in the vibration of joy, you see joy is the last lesson of my book the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ. Breathe in this vibration of joy, breathe in this vibration of happiness, allowing yourself to begin to feel the refreshment of this new day dawning, as if there is a rebirth that is being felt and received upon this planet, as Mary and I have talked about this time of rebirth, this is a time to reset yourself and your consciousness into a new way of being, claiming your happiness, finding the joy, being in the moment and being present with all that is. So once again take a deep, deep inhaling breath and simply begin to release all the energy that no longer serves you, just as Kuan Yin has brought forth her prayer, bringing forth the energy of your divine light. May you transform your negativity into light through Kuan Yin’s compassion. Anything that causes your discomfort, allow the light to grow inside of you, until the discomfort, the pain, the irritation now begin to grow and to form, like a beautiful pearl begins to be manifested into its beauty.

So Dearest Ones begin to feel the brilliance of you. Begin to feel the magnificence of you, begin to feel the energy of your divine light, as you hold the power of love within your heart, claiming your true divinity for your spirits, Dearest Ones, are filled with light, love, peace, joy, contentment, happiness. Your true spirit is unencumbered with human concerns, and so can you live in this life embodying and embracing your spirit into your physical form, allowing the beauty of your spirit to be your guiding light? Allowing your beautiful spirit to be sunny, warm, cheerful, kind, compassionate, joyful. Can you see the happiness, can you find the contentment, can you see the peace in all things? Can you let what is not of your liking to simply fall away? Can you find the joy in even the most difficult of circumstances, finding happiness, finding peace, finding love? And just like the pearl, it emerges through the irritation into a beautiful gem. Allow yourself to feel this energy of your beautiful self as a beautiful gem, as you allow yourself to go through the soul incarnational cycles of life with all of the soul challenges. Can you really begin to honor your magnificence and your brilliance? Can you honor the journey of your soul evolution, just like the pearl goes through the process of becoming a beautiful, admired gem? This is the reason, Dearest Children, that you are here on this earth plane, you have chosen to come through the soul incarnational cycles of life to master your own emotions. To master the circumstances around you, so that your beautiful spirit shines like a beautiful pearl that is luminescent, that is brilliant, that overcomes all obstacles to be beautiful. Like a beautiful pearl. And so we ask you to choose happiness, despite all that seems to be difficult, choose happiness, choose your spirit.

In essence, Dearest One, this is all that you have. Your spirit is eternal. How you choose to live your life in your physical form is your choice, for we ask you Dearest Ones to make that choice today, with the assistance of Kuan Yin, to help you to be at peace. Let go, let God. Let your beautiful light shine, let go, let God, allowing your beautiful light to shine. May the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Allow your beautiful light to shine, your powerful soul light. How you choose to allow your soul to shine through you indeed is a choice. I will step back and allow my Mary to speak. As you see, Dearest Ones, we are holding the space of love for you so that you can merge through these difficult times, through your soul evolutionary process, and be at peace.

Greetings Dearest Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come to you again, on this most auspicious day, I bow to each of you. As I see the light within you, I see the power of your own soul light, and so I ask you to honor the soul light that you are. To simply begin to honor the soul light that you are. As Kuan Yin and Yeshua stand with me, we are holding this frequency of compassion and mercy for each of you, so that you may begin to let go, as Yeshua has said, of the irritations, the discomfort, any pain, any sorrow that is causing you from truly being a representation of your beautiful soul light. If you could see the brilliance of you, you would never question yourself again. If you could see the power of your beautiful soul and spirit, you would never dismiss yourself again. So Dearest Ones, your contribution to the earth, your responsibility at this time is to honor self, choose happiness, despite all that is happening, choose happiness. This is not a time for you to waste the opportunity to be happy. Never allow a day, a moment, an hour or a minute to go by where you are living in fear, or choosing unhappiness. Everything happening to you and around you is for purpose and good, and if you can see the pearl, the gem in all things, including yourself, that you have the power, you have the capability to choose peace.

So today as you stand tall and stand proud, and be not afraid of who you truly are, honor yourself, honor yourself, honor yourself. Honor the brilliant light that you are. Every day is a choice, choose happiness, choose peace, choose tranquility. So as you honor the light within you, know that you are created in light, in light you shall remain, you are created in love, and in love you shall remain. And in joy, you shall bring this vibration to others, easing their pain, easing their sorrow, leaving your droplets of energy, of your soul light, for others to uplift them, so they can choose happiness, they can be at peace, they can find fulfillment and contentment within their own life stream. Every day is a choice. Choose for yourself. I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. And truly this reunion is felt upon your soul. I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. That you are partnering in union with your own soul. What does this mean, you say? That you choose to merge the essence of Father/Mother God within you. Your true divinity. The power and the strength of the God/Goddess essence, which is your true essence. And in that union, there is a contentment, there is a peace, there is joy. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Choose happiness. As if you are dropping away the density of your third dimensional frequency of your human emotions, and merging into higher consciousness. This is not as difficult as it may seem, Dearest Ones, it is simply a choice. As you rise above the mundane, and see the higher perspective of all that is happening in your life.

Today as you ascend and create that opportunity for yourself to ascend in consciousness, you are helping this planet, helping all souls, to ascend. Each one teach one each one lead one, be responsible for yourself, this is how the world will change, instead of expecting and looking outside of yourself for others to change, be the change you wish to see. Create your own world and be at peace. You are the masters of your own ship, you are the co-creators of your own life force energy, choose happiness, then happiness will come into your life, choose peace and peace will come into your life, choose miracles and miracles will come into your life. Do not despair, do not put your energy into the external, of what is happening in the external world. Many are concerned with the pandemic, or economic decline, whatever is happening in the external world does not have to affect your peace or your happiness, it is your choice. You choose how you are going to live your life, how you are going to create your life, how you are going to manifest what you want in your life. You are the Gods, you are the Goddesses, you are not victims of circumstances. You choose, moment by moment by moment how you are going to create your life. So Yeshua, Kuan Yin and I are here today to help you, holding compassion for you until you are able to hold compassion for yourself, until you are able to lift yourself into the next layer, into the next level, of consciousness.

Today is a day that God has made, it is good and it is rich. And so choose happiness, choose peace, choose contentment, choose joy. For today as you allow yourself to receive this beautiful gift that we all bring to you upon this day, know that as your heart opens and you remember all those who have come before you here on this Memorial Day, that you have honored their life, and their death, and as you move forward into this transition of your own spiritual journey, take this moment to reflect how others have helped you to be where you are, honoring your parents, honoring your ancestors, honoring all those who have helped you to be where you are. So today as you make that choice to say thank you, I am grateful, I am blessed, I am at peace, I simply choose happiness, because I will leave my imprint, my soul light on this plane, I will leave my soul light onto this earth plane, and how I wish to leave it is my choice, with negativity, despair sorrow, or with happiness and joy. You see Dearest Ones you are all going to transition out of your body, and how you leave your energy on this earth is your choice. How you choose to live your life in your body is your choice, Yeshua, Kuan Yin and I are holding the compassion until you are ready to shift your consciousness from fear to love, we will continue to hold the space of love for each of you, Yeshua and I holding the energy of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine energies so that you can return to balance, and your soul light and your spirit will shine so brightly, so fully, so exponentially, just like the beautiful pearl, your soul journey is complete as you move forward into your brilliance and your magnificence as the beautiful gem that you are. Today, Dearest Ones, is a holy day, honor yourself, honor your divinity, you are divine holy children of the light. We honor you, we bless you, we thank you for your willingness to serve and to be served, and until we speak again, choose happiness, be at peace, and live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. In this we thank thee and so it is.