Mary Magdalene’s Message on Devotion and Faith

Greetings Dear One yes it is I, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua is here as well. We say to you, Dear Ones, how important it is to continue to hold faith and to continue to hold the vibration of hope into your being and into your essence. Today as you begin to understand that deepening this connection of faith and truly beginning to understand that all is in order and all is as it should be. That your current civilization and your planet are not forsaken by the heavenly host, even though it may seem that there is a tremendous darkness of fear held over your planet at this time. This frequency is being cleared as we speak by the galactic federation and the Council of Light. There are multitudes of celestial and galactic brothers and sisters that are flooding your planet with light, clearing the frequency of fear and anger and despair from your planet. And yet we say to you Dear Ones that this is a time to hold faith, truly to begin to hold faith. That all is in order and all is as it should be, as each of you now are being prepared at the very deep cellular level within your own DNA to begin to shift the collective emotion of fear that has been held within your own physical DNA. From the beginning of what we call The Fall, as many of you may understand, fear beseeched mankind as they felt this disconnection from Source. Even to this day, this vibrational frequency is held within the human DNA, within the very nuclei of humanity’s cellular structure. Today as you begin to release this once again from your own consciousness, from your own force field of energy, as you begin to hold faith, as you begin to call in this frequency, as you begin to understand that there is a reason for all things, simply, regardless of what you understand, regardless of the circumstances that appear to be, that you will begin to be at peace. It is of great importance that each of you as messengers of light and bearers of light be at peace, to no longer be affected by the outer circumstances of the world at large.

Hold your space of love, hold your space of peace, hold your space of tranquility and be the light that you are, be the love that you are, be the peace that you are. So I ask you, Dearest Ones, to deepen your devotion upon this day as your heart begins to open, as your mind begins to be healed, as you begin to place your hand over you heart, taking a deep breath, and simply beginning to breathe in the energy of peace. Feeling the deep devotion that the heavenly hosts, that the galactic federation, the Galactic Brothers and Sisters and all life forms are receiving at this time, all life forms. Every kingdom, the animal, the mineral, the plant, all kingdoms are receiving this vibration of peace and tranquility from the heavenly host, as if your planet is being infused with this tremendous, tremendous energy, and is shifting your vibration from fear to love. And you say, this is indeed a huge task, and indeed it is, it is not for the weak-willed, as they say, but it is for each of you to understand that each one teach one, each one lead one. And that as you hold this vibration of devotion of faith within your being so strongly, so effervescently, you’ll be able to master your own mind, your own thought forms, and to be at peace. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. You are here by Divine appointment and you are a Master, holding the space of love, first for yourself and then for another, holding the vibration of peace and tranquility, and truly knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be.

Today as the vibration and the frequency of faith enters into your consciousness and into your physicality, may you begin to deepen once again your devotion to the Great Cause, to the Great Design, just as Yeshua and I did over 2,000 years ago, as we created the template for all of you to move into Sacred Union, into Oneness. Into balance. And at our time, during the frenzy of Yeshua’s crucifixion, that energy that was present of hatred, bigotry, fear was indeed very palpable and it continues in the hearts and the minds of many souls. But do not allow your heart to be tainted with anger or fear, hold your head high, be not afraid, and know that the living light of God is your guiding light, that with every step that you take, with every breath that you take, you are here as a messenger of love and peace. So today as you stand in this frequency, and the vibration of faith enters into your heart, may your heart be open, your mind be healed, may you begin, as we say, to deepen the energy of truth that lives inside of your being, that you are a powerful spirit, that you have come to this plane time and time again to serve the Living God and all of creation. We know it is a weary task, a difficult task, but you are all, Dearest Ones, the Ascended Masters of Light who have come to choose, and have been chosen to serve this planet. Regardless of the struggles, regardless of what is happening within the world, you are vessels of light, you are the lighthouses, you are pinnacles of strength, and so stand tall, stand proud, and be not afraid. We bring these weekly messages to each of you to continue to build the force field of energy, of faith and hope for all of you, so that you do not become discouraged.

It is why I bring these messages time and time again, it is why Lea is devoted to bringing them onto the world. It is her commitment, it is her desire for peace to prevail upon this plane. So we thank you for your willingness to listen, we thank you for your willingness to accept your power and to know that you can change the world. Your frequency, your energy, one individual can change the world. Each one teach one each one lead one, we take you by the hand and assist you until you’re able to assist yourself. And so Dearest Ones know that your planet and all life forms are not forsaken, and indeed this is not the end of the world, as they say. It is simply a clearing, a purification, a purging, of all frequencies that have been laid dormant within the DNA of humanity. And yet, we say dormant because the intensity of this energy has been extremely potent. And so do not be frightened, by the anger you see, the fear that you feel, but simply know that this is a part of a purification process that is needed so peace can truly prevail on this plane. Many may understand this as a part of what we call the tribulation, many that had forecast, as they say, the end times, of tribulation. But it is the end of a frequency, an end of what we call an era of living without the awareness that you are connected to the God source. As if this is the end of the era where the veil can now be lifted. Where each of you can lift your own veil of consciousness and feel the strength and the power of your true divinity. So now I will step back and allow Yeshua to speak, as he begins to share the lesson of faith.

So Dearest Children of the Light, it is I, Christ. As I come to you, I ask you once again to take a deep breath, and breathe in this vibration of faith as my Mary, my mother and myself stand with you and we infuse through your breath the frequency and the power of faith. As you begin to deepen your devotion to the connection of your God essence, as you begin to deepen your devotion to the innate wisdom of the truth of who you are. So you may become strong in your resolve to move forward into your soul’s journey, bringing the energy of love to those in need. Simply take a deep breath and breathe in this energy of love, first for yourself, and then breathe out any fear that you might be holding, breathe in the vibration of faith and release any energy of doubt. Breathe in the vibration of peace, letting go, letting God. Today as you deepen this connection within your own conscious mind, you’ll begin to shift your vibration, not letting any discordant energy affect you, as if you are in the world but not of it, as if you are encapsulated in a bubble and protected, and shielded by the energy that is being emitted upon the planet. That you are living in a state of grace, your mind is calm, your body is relaxed, and you have the deeper understanding and perception of what is occurring in your own life and in the world. So take another deep breath and breathe in the vibration of faith, hope and faith. Deepen the vibration within your being of hope and faith, deepening this connection, deepening this connection, deepening this connection of hope and faith.

Today as you feel this energy connecting into your root chakra, feel the energy and the frequency and the vibration of faith as it connects to your root chakra, as you are grounded to the Earth Mother and you are deeply, deeply, deeply connected to her. As you are a conduit between heaven and earth, you are holding this frequency of faith so strongly, so vibrantly, as it connects into your root chakra, this energy is connected into the earth. Mother Earth feels your love, she feels your devotion, she feels your commitment, she feels the vibration of faith. There you are holding, as they say, a candle, a light as you are the light of the world, assisting Mother Earth in her ascension process, but you also are assisting all of humanity, all life forms, to shift from fear to love. From anger to peace, and holding the energy of faith for all to see and to feel and to know.

And so today as you stand tall and stand proud and be not afraid of what you do not understand. We here are assisting this planet, there are so many unseen forces that are flooding this planet with energy, that are affecting, as they say, the trajectory, the course of the evolution of humanity’s course in history. Simply meaning that we are clearing these frequencies, so that peace and love can prevail. It is our promise, it is our covenant onto you, all this is truth, regardless of what you see, sense, what you think you know, trust, surrender, allow and receive. And allow your beautiful light to shine. Surrender, trust, allow and receive. Today, surrendering to this energy that Mary, my mother and I bring to you, the vibration and the frequency of faith, it is why I created the teachings, the 12 Mastery Teachings, for all to embody. It is of great significance that you call this energy and frequency within your being, and truly understand that all is in order and all is as it should be. Today as you prepare yourself to receive, move forward in the love that you are, move forward to the peace that you are, move forward to the tranquility that you are, letting go and letting God.

As Mary and I stand with you, and my mother stands beside you, may you feel the strength of the energy of all that is, may you feel the strength to carry forward into this journey, and be at peace. May peace be with you. May you feel the energy of God’s essence upon your soul, may peace be with you. Feel the energy of God’s essence upon your soul, may peace be with you. So today as you feel and sense this shift in your own consciousness, perhaps you will begin to release the fear within your own DNA, perhaps you will begin to allow the shift to occur mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically. Then you free yourself from the shackles of the collective fear and anger that is prevailing over this planet. So release, let go, let God and truly allow your beautiful light to shine. Release, let go, and let God, and allow your beautiful light to shine, feeling the essence and presence of peace, feeling the essence and presence of love, feeling the essence and presence of joy.

Go forward my children with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, today you have received this beautiful gift of opening your heart to devotion and faith, Grace Elohim stands with you, and she stands beside you and she deepens your connection to all that is. Go forward my children with this understanding that you are more powerful than you can imagine, you can have the choice to simply receive, surrender, trust allow and receive, receive this gift of devotion and faith that we bring to you on this day, we thank you, we honor you, and we love you. Go forward my children and be at peace.