Mary Magdalene Message 7-22-19

Greetings my Dear Children yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I say thank you to each of you for allowing me to bring forth my energy to you upon this most auspicious day. As I am pleased to be honored and recognized on this feast day, of my energy and essence in the world at large. Today I ask that each of you begin to re-access the energy of this powerful frequency that is being brought forth upon this planet through the Himalayas, the energy in Kathmandu. As we honor the light that is being brought forth on this planet, with the energy of powerful transformation, I would ask you to call forth the energy of the divine mother essence within you and allow this frequency now to be brought forth in honor of my feast day. Simply call in the energy of the sacred feminine, as the energy is being transmitted upon this planet, bringing love, devotion, compassion, peace and mercy. So I ask you to each take a deep inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy of Father/Mother God within you, begin to breathe in this energy of Sacred Union, begin to breathe in this energy of balance and transformational light.

So Dear Sons and Daughters, as you begin to allow your heart to open to this powerful frequency that is now being emitted here through the great vortex in Kathmandu, there is a portal that is being opened, and a frequency and a vortex of great magnificence that is bringing forth the powerful energy of the Sacred Feminine onto the planet even more powerfully, even more potently, than any of you can imagine. It’s a gentle, soft, loving frequency and is now being embodied and embedded and imbued over the planet. The portal of entry is in Kathmandu. So Dear Ones know that Yeshua and I left our energy there, waiting for this moment in time, calling in this sacred energy the Divine Feminine, in its fullest frequency and through a powerful transmission of sacred balance. So today as you begin to allow your beautiful heart to open and to begin to feel this frequency merging into your consciousness, into your subconscious, into your physicality and into all aspects of your being, may you begin to call forth this frequency, this powerful healing frequency of divine mother love into your heart, feeling this radiance and potency and frequency of divine mother love now opening up your beautiful sacred heart, your merciful heart, may you begin to embody this frequency of divine, cosmic love.

So I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in this energy, and begin to breathe in this frequency. It shall begin to heal all distortions that are not of love, that are held within your essence. Each of you as you begin to embody this frequency of Divine Mother Love, may you feel the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May you feel this presence of Divine Mother Love, as you feel this energy now being embodied within you, and today as you honor my feast day, here on July 22, may you begin to feel the energy of the sacred light that I have held as an essence and frequency of Divine Mother Love. May all of the distortions that have brought forth through time of the Sacred Feminine now begin to be cleared. Even in my time over 2,000 years ago my energy had been misconstrued, misunderstood, and misrepresented by the patriarchal energy. So today as you begin to bring this energy into your own awareness, and into your own consciousness, may you understand that the distortion of the Sacred Feminine throughout time have created distortions in the consciousness and the collective of all of humanity. Today this energy is being cleared from the planet, today this energy and the distortions are being cleared from the planet, upon my feast day, all of the energies are being cleared throughout time, of the distortion of the Sacred Feminine, through the vortex and the powerful sacred site of Kathmandu.

So this powerful energy of Divine Mother Love is now bringing forth this powerful frequency of healing. Healing Mother Gaia of the distortions that have been afflicted upon her throughout time, that are not of love. Individually all of the distortions that have been brought forth upon each of you, that are not of love, are now being cleared. From your lifetime in this present incarnation, throughout the course of your soul journey, all distortions, all traumas, all abuse, all energies that are not of the frequency of love that have been inflicted upon you are now being cleared. We ask that you receive this with an open heart, with an open mind, and begin to bring this frequency into your energy field, into your aura, into your physicality, into all aspects of your being. Accept this as truth. That any woundedness that you may have in this lifetime from any source, any individual, any frequency, that caused you pain and suffering, is now being healed and cleared. For each of you are meant to live in your divine protection, in Divine Sacred Balance, in Divine Holy Union. Today as you enter into this partnership with yourself, may you feel the completion of your soul. I remember union, I remember union. I remember union. I remember the energy of the essence of my oversoul.

Today as you have opened your beautiful sacred heart to this healing, the Sacred Mother Energy is now healing all distortions. Just as I have been honored as a saint, those distortions have remained, regarding the mystery of me and my life with Yeshua, and who I am and what I hold as my truth. So today this powerful healing can begin to clear those distortions of my memory, as those understood or believe it to be. Now your own physical memory can be healed and cleared of the distortions that you believe about yourself or have been imprinted or ingrained upon you from abuse of another. So we are clearing this frequency of the distortions, of the pain and the suffering that have been inflicted upon you, just as many understand that I have been labeled something that I was not, throughout the course of history and time. I was not honored for who I was, or recognized for the energy of all that I am, because of the distortion of the patriarchal energy wishing to suppress my power. Suppressing the energy of who I am. Just as each of you have been suppressed and abused and misunderstood, today this powerful energy that is coming through Kathmandu, through this powerful vortex, now healing those distortions. Allow it to be received. It will be felt globally, it will be felt in the hearts of many as they begin to open to this clearing, and no longer suffer from the misguided energy of the patriarchal and male-dominated frequencies.

So you will begin to see a change within your consciousness, you will begin to see a change within your behavior, you will begin to see a change in your own emotional suffering. You will begin to feel this energy of peace and love surrounding you, and you are supported. First by yourself, supported with your own knowingness, that you are love and you are loved. You are living in this state of perfection and support by the universe. By the creator. By all of life. In your own family units you are now supported, and each one helps another. Each one takes a hand to their fellow brother and sister and lifts them up one by one by one. Today you are lifting yourself with this energy, this powerful frequency that is being brought forth upon my feast day. The vortex in Kathmandu, this is a reconciliation not only of your own soul, but a reconciliation within your own personality in this incarnation. That you are integrating the energy of Divine Mother and the energy of the Sacred Masculine. Truly integrating this energy into the alchemal marriage of Divine Sacred Union. As you honor the love that you are, the peace that you are, and the tranquility that you are. May you begin to spread this energy far and wide upon our globe. More and more souls are awakening to the energy of Mother Love. More and more souls are awakening to their true soul essence. Merging into sacred union with themselves. May you feel the power and the love as the powerful energy merges into your consciousness upon this day.

Can you feel the softness, can you feel the love, can you feel the warmth within your heart? Allow this energy to meld through you, as if it is softening the edges around you, of any distortions or emotional pain and suffering that you’ve carried throughout time, that you are not worthy, that you are not loved, you are not recognized for who you are. Just as I was misunderstood and my life and the representation of who I am was distorted, I do not hold this representation within my being, for I know the truth of who I am. Today I am bringing this frequency so that you know the truth of who you are, regardless of what other people understand or believe to be truth. I am sending my strength and my devotion and my commitment to serve you into the portal of your own heart, into your sacred heart, into the chamber of your heart so that you may feel this love for yourself, and honor self. As you honor me today on my feast day, I honor you. This is a day of compassion and peace and tranquility that is now being sent to the earth.

What a powerful day, Dearest Children of the Light. What a powerful day to now begin to honor and to realize that all distortions within your soul journey, within your cellular consciousness, within your soul memory, within all aspects of your being, are being transmuted. You are no longer holding and carrying this imprints of memories, of this lifetime, from any lifetime, from any dimensional frequency, time or space. This is cleared from your energetic field of light, and you are now merging into your light body, and living from the truth of your light body, into your physicality. Your light body is now merging with your physical presence, your physical embodiment. You are the representation of the love and the light of your beautiful spirit. You are the representation of the beautiful power of the love that you are. You are the beautiful representation of peace and tranquility, and light that you are. Can you begin to feel your light body merging into your consciousness, can you feel the lightness? Can you feel the transformation? Can you feel the still, quiet voice of reason within your heart? So Dearest Children, as you begin to feel this sense of peace within your heart, you begin to live your life with joy, you begin to live your life with a sense of excitement, that truly all is in order and all is as it should be. You are now ascending your frequency into a higher vibrational frequency, you are living from a place of love, of non-attachment to your own emotional traumas, your own emotional frequencies and karmic imprints that no longer serve you.

As if today you have been wiped clean from all of the pain and suffering. For you see, Dearest Ones, this is the transformation of your soul, this is the transformation into your higher self, into your I AM Presence. This is what occurred for Yeshua as he laid upon the cross, it was a transformational energy of clearing his lower human self into his Christ Consciousness. Once he recovered from the crucifixion, he was even more powerful than he was before. Today you are being resurrected on my feast day. For this powerful frequency coming onto the planet through the portal and the vortex of Kathmandu, you shall begin to feel this integrate into your physicality, and you are letting go and you are letting God, you are letting go and you are letting God. You are now able to allow your beautiful light to shine. So today as you honor yourself, may you honor the gift of your remembrance, that you are standing in the strength as a physical/spiritual being, fully empowered into the energy of Sacred Balance. The energy of the Divine Mother has now come to integrate the energy of the Sacred Masculine within you, to once again integrate these frequencies, so that you may live from the purest state of your being. Living in your light body, in your physical embodiment, allowing the beautiful light body, the energy of your spirit to now be felt and integrated into your physicality with greater peace than you’ve ever felt before. So today as I gift you my open heart, my sacred heart, I give to you my love. For all that you have suffered. I now take away your pain, and I give you my gift of reconciliation with your own soul. So as you return back to this balance inside of yourself, you are living from a place of purity and love. You are living from a place of purity and love, opening your heart to peace, opening your heart to peace, opening your heart to peace. Today as you begin to honor this frequency within you, today is your feast day, this is a day to honor yourself.

You are one of the beautiful saints, and angelic presence, you are an angel upon earth. You are a saint, holding your spirit in the physical form, as you honor the light within yourself, you shall begin to shine that onto others, so they will find there way, and one by one by one as we march forward into the ascension process, for this current civilization and for all of humanity, may you begin to feel this energy embodied within your being, as you are anchored into the light that is being infused within you upon this day, from our beloved Council of Light, and the Great White Brotherhood, as all of you are part of the Melchitzedek order, you are being gifted today with this recognition of who you truly are, as you feel the essence of peace upon your soul. And so today, as you truly honor the light within yourself, may you truly honor the light within all life. So today, we honor you, we honor the light as a beautiful vessel of peace that you are. Go now my beloved children and feel the energy that is being brought forth for you today, as a gift from the Great White Brotherhood and the Melchitzedek order, in honor of my feast day, this gives me great joy, as you all are receiving the remembrance of who you truly are. Just as I have been honored, please honor yourself and remember the truth of your being. Go now my children and be at peace and know that you are loved. Yeshua and I stand with you and beside you, as we place our hands over your heart, anchoring Divine Union within you, so that you may truly be at peace. We thank you for yoru time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you beloved souls, you are our gift, and we send you love.