Love and Forgiveness

Greetings Dear Ones, yes it is I, Yeshua. As I step forward into this powerful frequency of love and forgiveness, I ask each of you to take a deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God, breathing in the energy of the white light of God. Feeling the essence and presence of peace, feeling the essence and presence of love, feeling the essence and presence of joy. So today, as I come to you and as my Mary comes to you, I ask each of you to now begin to open your heart, once again take another deep breath, and simply begin to breathe in the vibration of love, healing and forgiveness. For it is of great importance that each of you step forward and begin to heal as they say, the wounds of the past, simply allowing yourself now to forgive yourself, and to forgive all others who have trespassed against you. And so as I come to bring this beautiful, powerful message of forgiveness today, I ask each of you to begin to relax, to trust and to receive. How important it is to begin to be free from unwanted anger, fear, resentment, and so today as you enter into this beautiful space of the vibration of forgiveness that I bring onto you today, I ask that you open your heart once again and begin to breathe in the vibration of my love. Today I ask you to allow yourself to be free. To be free. And so it is a choice to simply allow your heart to open and to be free. So begin to breathe in this vibration of forgiveness, and breathe in the power of love, and begin to feel this strength of your true commitment to yourself and on to the world, letting go and letting God.

For you see, all of the human emotions that are being held within the collective consciousness are now being felt by all sentient beings. It is simply why many of you are feeling anxious, nervous or fearful, or angry. You are feeling the energy of the collective, and so it is upon this day that I, Yeshua, come forth to overlay a frequency of peace over each of you. As you begin to open your heart to begin to feel this vibration of peace, love, joy and forgiveness. It is so important now, Dearest Ones, to begin to forgive and simply to allow, simply to accept and to receive this powerful frequency of love that I bring onto you. For what is happening is that the earth and all life forms are feeling the heaviness and the density of the human emotions, all of the anger, all of the fear, all of the discordant energy, and it is no wonder that many are becoming ill, for their own vibrations are being affected by the collective. Many are allowing these frequencies to affect their own energetic fields, weakening their bodies, weakening their minds, and causing illness, physical or mental illness to pervade their energy fields. So today we ask that you strengthen this energy by forgiving, opening up your heart, and now being aligned, as they say, to the vibration of love as if you are rising above the discordant frequencies and the lower vibrations of the earthly emotions that are so pervasive upon this earth plane. You see, the animals are being affected, the plant kingdom, the minerals, Mother Earth herself, by human emotions. So many do not understand but it is of great importance that you truly begin to realize that what you do affects another, your energy affects another. Indeed, we are all connected and we are all one. So as you begin to hold the space of love and forgiveness within your heart, then you will affect the world. You will make a difference. You will change the world. You, again, as we have spoken so many times before, are a lighthouse. You are the powerful, powerful keepers of light that have chosen to come to this earth plane time and time again. I know we have spoken of this many times before, but it is imperative that I continue to reiterate this. For many you say this is not news, but you see Dearest Ones it is simply because it is necessary to re-remember. To master it. Like any other skill set, you practice over and over and over again, and you repeat what you need to learn. You hear, see, feel and sense what you need to learn. And so Dearest Ones, this is why I bring this to your attention upon this day. Because we are at a critical mass, and at this time of the Great Conjunction, as we are moving forward into this powerful pinnacle of the shift of the ages, of the Age of Aquarius now fully emerging and stepping forward vibrationally upon this earth plane.

It is of great importance that you continue to hold your vibration into its purest form with love and forgiveness within your heart. And so today I ask you once again to take a deep breath, and allow yourself to feel this sense of freedom, as you begin to accept this gift that is being offered onto you this day, with the true vibration of love. And so take another breath, place your feet upon this ground, and connect your heart to the heart of Mother Earth, through the crystalline core of Mother Earth, feeling her love, feeling her peace, feeling her unity, feeling her joy. Letting go, letting God. And so at this time, my beloved Mary and I stand with you, and as we have promised and come to do, we continue to hold and bring the energy of sacred balance for each of you to return to love. Mary is standing on your left, and I am standing on your right. My mother stands before you and my father stands behind you. And your own I AM presence and the energy of Great Central Sun is now aligning you to the truth of who you are, which is love. So I simply ask that you allow yourself to forgive, and to release all disharmonic frequencies, and give them to my Mary and myself, to my mother and my father. As the energy of Great Central Sun aligns you to the essence of all that you are.

You are being held in alignment upon this day, that shall connect you to the inner light of your God essence that shines through all time and space. You see, your light body and yes, your own emotional body and mental body and physical body and all subtle light bodies and aspects of your being are being aligned to Great Central Sun. As you return to this state of center and as you return to this state of grace, so I ask you once again to take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath, and feel the joy, and feel the oneness, feel the grace. Feel the joy, feel the peace, feel the oneness, feel the grace, as you enter in through your crown chakra and truly begin to feel the alignment of Great Central Sun, knowing that trusting and surrendering that all lower frequencies that are not of love, will now begin to be transmuted. This is truly a powerful time of once again aligning in divine sacred union, it is why we have brought the book, our book, Divine Union forth at this time, in preparation for this grand alignment. As you prepare for your winter solstice that you all have been in preparation with divine union, holy sacred union, first with yourself and then with all life. It is indeed, Dearest Children, a time of reunification, a time of unity. You see the shadows have come forward and now it is time for the light to emerge, it is why there has been much chaos and darkness and confusion, but now the light will truly begin to prevail and as you move through what you call the longest night of your year, on your winter solstice, this planet and all beings will move through into this frequency of light. Physically the days will become longer, there will be more light on the planet, and simply there will be more light within all souls. More light upon the planet. It is always what Mary and I prepared to do, even though 2,000 years ago we had our own struggles dealing with the struggles in that current civilization but we always knew as we were given the instructions about the turning of the ages, about the next era of peace. For we lived in the Piscean Age and we knew that we were preparing for the next 2,000 years, and so it goes.

As we prepare for this 2,000 year period we continue to hold for the next 2,000 year period of time, of an era of peace. But for now, we are holding the sacred balance for all of you to receive. For it is of great importance Dearest Children that you begin to open to the energy of love. As I wish to share with you once again the first lesson from the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ, on the lesson of love. Because as we prepare for our class, tomorrow, it is the vibration of joy, our last lesson, for this year, for how pertinent it is that joy is our last lesson. And now we are moving into this energy of alignment and completion. For joy is the totality of all that is. So allow me once again to share this lesson of love in preparation for tomorrow’s lesson of joy.

And so Dearest Ones it is this powerful lesson of love that I bring to you today to align you to Great Central Sun. As you move now into this new Age of Aquarius, coming forth in unity, coming forth with love within your heart, for you see, Dearest Ones, this is a powerful, powerful time. Simply allow yourself to receive this beautiful healing upon this day, as I come now, as my Mary comes, as my Mother comes, as my Father comes, as Great Central Sun comes to align you as we have said to the truth of who you are, which is love. We will continue to hold this space for you until you are able to do it for yourself. But today accept this gift that we give to you, as we now merge forward, preparing yourself in alignment with Great Central Sun, returning home again, returning home again, returning home again to your true essence. Go now my children, be at peace, as we all stand with you, we all stand beside you, we again release the veils of forgetfulness, and now bring forth the vibration of truth, as you live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are, until we speak again at our meeting tomorrow, as we bring the vibration of joy, bringing it to the planet, it is so needed at this time, for all sentient beings and all life forms to live in joy and to be at peace. In this we give our grace, and so it is.