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Lea Chapin

Lea Chapin Channels Yeshua – The Way

February 24, 2021

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. As I come to you on this most auspicious day, I say thank you to each of you for allowing me to come forward to express who I am, what I came to do, and about the practices of the Way. As many of you know, that we as the Essene family of light have come as a divine spark, just as you have, just as you are, onto this earth plane. We recognized as the collective family of the Essenes that we were indeed the divine spark of the God essence, and we chose and lived and honored the divine spark within us, which was called the Way. And so I come forth today for each of you to re-remember the divine spark within you, to remember the essence of all that you are, to live in the truth of all you are. To live in the peace that you are, to live in the joy that you are. So I ask each of you to begin to take a deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy of this divine consciousness. Everything and everyone has a consciousness, there is a spark of divine in everything. When we connect our divine aspect with the aspect of all things, then we are able to feel this connection, that we are all one, and that we are all connected to the energy of all that is. So I ask you at this time Dearest Children to take a deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in this frequency of your divine spark. The radiant light that you are. It is not for you to feel less than, for it is for you to hold the vibration of your own beautiful, divine spark and feel this radiance, and feel this wonder, and feel your magnificence. This is the energy of your own sacred union, this is the energy that your soul has been calling you to receive. To begin to feel, to recognize that your own divine spark is of great importance, and that each and every day, as you enter into this state of union with yourself, as you honor the light within you, you are honoring the light of the God essence. You are the light of God flowing through your beautiful heart flame. You are the light and the love, you are the truth, the way an the light. So take another deep breath and simply begin to breathe in this divine energy of the divine spark, for this is how we lived, we called forth this divine spark within us consciously, each and every day. So that we may move forward into our life stream living in harmony and balance and grace with ourselves and with all of life. Simply not allowing any external influences to affect us or to take us off balance. This may sound difficult, and yes indeed it was, but it was the way that we practiced. We were gentle, loving beings, we were harmonious beings, we were peaceful beings. And we understood that the divine spark was powerful. We understood our power, but it was gentle strength, gentle power. That we felt, that we understood, was to be the way and how we embodied and brought forth our lives for others to see, to feel, to understand and yes, to know.

And so today as you begin to honor this practice, if you so choose to live in gentle balance with yourself and all of life, that you will begin to heighten the divine spark within you, and you will begin to feel stronger and stronger, and any discordant energy that is not of pure love will begin to meld away. As if the divine spark will burn away negativity, fear, separation, anger, resentment and all lower vibrational frequencies, as if it is like the energy of fire that is purifying. Your human emotions, your human frailties, and so take a deep breath and begin to call in and breathe this divine spark within you. Breathing it into your heart, breathing it into your heart, breathing it into your heart. And truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Breathing this energy of the divine spark within you. Feeling the essence and presence of peace, feeling the essence and presence of joy, feeling the essence and presence of love. And so as my Mary and I stand with you, and we call forth this sacred union, this divine union of Divine Mother/Divine Father essence within you, begin to breathe in this balance, begin to breathe in this peace, begin to breathe in this sacred union, that you are indeed a powerful spark of the energy of all that is. Yes, Dearest Ones, we understand that you know this, but are you embodying this? Are you living this? Are you practicing this? This is the Way. There is a difference between hearing it, reading it, and perhaps even understanding it to some degree, versus beginning to embody it. This is what I taught, this is why I am here today to help each of you return back to that sacred balance, the Way.

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