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Lea Chapin channels Yeshua and Mary Magdalene – Madame Pele Ignites Your Divine Spark

March 5, 2021

Greetings Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, yes it is I Christ. My Mary is here as well. The energy, yes of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess is present here, not only with her fierceness, but with her love. Today, we speak about opening the heart chakra and opening the High Heart. As you begin to allow what you call your fierceness and your passion to rise within you. This is a time for each of you to truly step into your power as the year of 2020 as you know it has been a time of purification, and the year of 2021 is stepping forward and reclaiming your true divinity, your true power, it’s why so much of this clearing has been taking place, so much of what has been hidden is now stepping forward, the truth shall be revealed, the truth shall prevail. You all shall prevail. And so today as you enter into this state of grace, we ask you to enter into this frequency and do not be afraid of your own fierceness, do not be afraid of your own passion, do not be afraid of your own power, just as Madame Pele, she who is known as a beautiful goddess, who comes in many forms, she is sacred, she is a powerful force, as they say, to be reckoned with. But she comes with love, she comes with peace, but she comes with power. And so simply know at this time that the energies that each of you are holding within the essence of your being is of great importance. It is of great importance that you begin to access your own fierceness, your own power, your own passion, to begin to be reborn again, rebirthed again, to be rejuvenated again. It is why I have brought forth the 12 Master Teachings, the first lesson of love, the last lesson of joy. Those teachings, those frequencies, those vibrations are simply tools to help you to recreate your fierceness and your joy, and the power of love which is the guiding force within you. So that you may have the strength to carry on. We know, Dearest Children, that these times are difficult and it is difficult for each of you to fully access what you are here to do on this plane. But we are asking you now to open your heart to reclaim the passion. As if a fire, as if Madame Pele, the Goddess of the Hawaiian volcanoes, who truly is the one who devours the land with her flames, is coming forth with her powerful flame of resurrection to ignite you. Do not underestimate the power of Pele, if you are ready, that is fine, if you are not, that is fine and well. She is here, as a representation of a feminine goddess, for indeed, she truly is a magnificent being, some call her to be an imaginary being, but she is an entity, she is a goddess, she is indeed a deity as they say. And so know at this time, if you so shall, and feel so called, to call upon the energy of Pele, to ignite the fire within you, to create what we call the three-fold flame within you, the energy of the trinity, Father/Mother God within you, and allow Pele to light to fire, to create the passion within your heart.

So I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in the energy of your own passion, the energy of your own creative life force, some may call it prank, some may call it chi, it is simply the energy of the divine spark within you, that created you, from the moment of your inception, that created your physical body, that created your life form, and so today as you call in this frequency, allow Madame Pele to come to you and to assist you, and to guide you. And so take a deep inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in this frequency, breathing in this frequency, breathing in this frequency, as you truly begin to feel this energy of safety, may the love of God surround you, the power of God protect, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Breathe in this energy, breathe in this power. Breathe in this frequency, breathe in this energy, breathe in this power. As you call in the energy of Goddess Pele, feel her power, feel her strength. For she is not for the faint-hearted, she is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and now Dearest Children, this is time for each of you to step forward, and to begin to address, as they say, your own duality, the forces within you, of your own duality, that have been stopping you from speaking your truth, standing in your power, and living as the physical/spiritual being of light that you are. Today, as you are here to open your heart chakra, as each of you are stepping forward into the power of light, into the power of love, allowing this energy of your heart chakra to open up and to expand with your high heart, as Madame Pele steps forward to ignite the flame within your heart, of love. Igniting the heart flame, the cosmic flame of love with Paul the Venetian. Igniting the Cosmic Flame of Love within your heart, that will allow you to begin to feel this passion, of what you desire, of your creative abilities. If you have been feeling stuck, if you feel that you have been confused, if you feel that you have no talents, that you do not know what to do, or simply are living in this state of what we call duality, of living on the earth plane where you are not connected to your creative life force energy in its fullest. Madame Pele is here to recreate and to co-create with you, so that you may create that which you bring forward. It is time, it is time, it is time. Each of you have a mission, each of you have a purpose, each of you have your desired blueprint, that you came to complete. And so once again, take a deep breath, and Madame Pele, if you so choose, will ignite your heart flame, the Cosmic Flame of Love within your heart, so there is passion, excitement, assisting you perhaps out of your depression, your lethargy, or your doldrums. As you are ignited into this flame, the Cosmic Flame of Love, allowing your heart to open and your mind to be healed.

Just as Mary and I often went into the caves to take respite. We would go and connect to the earth mother, and connect to the energy of Mother Gaia, to be rejuvenated. To restore our passion, to ignite what we call the fire of life within us, that is why people say “getting fired up,” you are fired up, you are excited, you are passionate. This is what Pele is bringing to you, if you so choose, to ignite the passion within you. To get you fired up, you see, to get you past that lethargy. For so many have been confused by what is happening within the world, getting caught up in the concerns of the world, all that is happening within the world at this time, is causing many to feel depleted, depressed, anxious, losing their vitality, and losing their creative life force energy. Many people giving up, as they say, on life. And so Madame Pele and my Mary and myself are asking you today, if you are going in to the cave with us and being rejuvenated, restored, fire up again, and so we’ve invited Madame Pele to step forward with us, to assist you, to ignite the flame. And so please take a deep, inhaling breath, place your feet upon the ground, and connect with Mother Gaia. Begin to feel this encapsulation of energy around you, as if you are in a Cosmic Egg, you are being rebirthed. This is the time, this is the now. There is no time to waste, time is of the essence. Breathe in this flame, the Cosmic Flame, to ignite the energy within you, to jumpstart, your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies, jump start the flame. And allow your heart to open and to be at peace. And for those who may feel this sense of aloneness, simply know that this is the space of what we call the void, where you are moving into the void, of creation. You are moving into the void of creation. Simply knowing how important it is to expand yourself and to be connected to your own life force energy. To feel as if you do not belong anywhere is a special kind of aloneness, that leaves an emptiness within you, perhaps a void, there is nowhere to turn, simply allow this energy of the void, this sense of aloneness to now be stirred within you so that you can ignite now with the energy of the void, allow Madame Pele to ignite the fire of the void, from deep within your soul, that your soul will now step forward and you may co-create and co-exist, as they say, consciously with your soul and your soul purpose. So if you are feeling this sense of the void, and feeling this sense of aloneness, this is a part of a clearing, it is a part of turning within and understanding, this is a part of your spiritual growth, this is a time, this is the now, as you move, as they say, from darkness to light, that you are awakened, you are restored, you are rejuvenated. So again this is a part of your cycles, just as all of life lives in harmony in a cyclical nature of life. The sun sets, the sun rises, there is darkness, there is light. Each and every day, this is the cycle, and just within yourself there is a cycle, and now the time for you to emerge from the darkness, to not be alone, to step forward and say yes, I am ready, I am ready for my voice to be seen, I am ready to be recognized, for that which I am bringing forth, I am here to serve the Living God, and I am no longer afraid.

So simply allow yourself to begin to feel this energy, and understand that the void is what you call the connection to your inner truth, feeling this energy of the void and aloneness, simply allows your soul to expand itself, and your consciousness, your personality is simply trying to understand this from your human perspective. But take another deep breath and breathe into your heart, as Madame Pele ignites the flame, the Cosmic Flame of Love, expanding your heart chakra and your high heart, once again this is a time of creation, this is the energy of Pele, she is the creator, she is a powerful creator force. Fierce, powerful, loving and kind. She has purpose, her job is to create the new landmass, the new Earth, the new Lemuria. She is diligent, she is patient, and yet in some ways she is unforgiving, she knows what her job is, and she is fierce and moves forward. This is the strength that Pele brings to you, for you to move from this place of aloneness and the void, and to step forward and say yes, I am here, I am here, I am here. I choose to be seen, I choose to be heard, I choose to be recognized. And honored and respected, just as Pele, for when the volcano begins to erupt and the flames come forth and the new landmass is created, there is reverence for Pele, people understand that she is in control. And so now, it is for you to consciously take back your power and to know that you are in control. You are in control of your life, you are in control of all the circumstances within your life, and what you may feel, this sense of aloneness, or that you’ve been forgotten, you’ve only forgotten yourself. I remember Union.

That you are partnering and in union with yourself. I remember Union. Does this resonate within you? Can you feel the power of this. I remember Union. That I am no longer alone unless I choose to be. I am no longer separate, unless I choose to be. I am part of a force field of energy, of oneness, that connects me instantaneously to all that is. And in every moment of now I can create and co-create, just as Madame Pele makes her decision to begin to allow her flames to ignite and to create new land. New energy. New life force. So if you are feeling this sense of, what am I to do. Don’t be afraid of Pele, don’t be afraid of yourself. Don’t be afraid of your life, don’t be afraid of your power, don’t be afraid of the gift that you bring onto the world. Your beauty, your intelligence, your wisdom, your strength. Your ability to manifest and co-create. Today is a powerful day, Dearest Ones, you have stepped forward into this energy, and it is the energy of now, the power of now. I remember union. And truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. I remember union. I will step back and allow Mary to speak at this time, but I thank you for your willingness to step forward and to receive.

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step into your vibrational field I ask each of you to hold your head high. This is a time of the rising of the Sacred Feminine. This is the time of the rising of the goddess energy. This is a time for those of you to step into your power. We’ve talked about this many times before, but it is time, it is time, it is time. And so Dearest Ones, simply know, the Sacred Feminine as they say, has reared her head to be seen, to be heard, to be recognized, as a force to be reckoned with, as beautiful Pele, the goddess of the Hawaiian volcanoes, has stepped forward today, her fierceness, her strength, her undaunting persistence and commitment to co-create. And just as Yeshua and I come together in sacred union to help each of you to re-remember, as we’ve told you many times before, that you are able to master your own humanness and to merge in to your own self-mastery as an Ascended Master walking on earth. This is why we are here, it is why we have come. We have come to assist you, we have come to ignite you, with the assistance of Madame Pele, to infuse the fire of life within you, to infuse the passion, to infuse the grace, to infuse the love. So simply allow your beautiful heart to open and your mind to be healed, feeling the energy of your heart chakra and your high heart expanding, feeling this expansion of compassion, love, peace and mercy. That you are here again by divine appointment to serve and to be served, to love and to be loved, to be alone but also to be in union. To feel the energy of your own sacred essence, that is the energy that is being called forth, for you to feel the power of your own sacred essence. The expansion, that you are unique, and an individual being that is more powerful than you can comprehend.

And so Yeshua and I stand with you we stand beside you, and we hold the space of love for each of you to step forward into this sacred light. I remember union. As I step forward as Mary Magdalene, onto you today, and I bow to each of you, I place a symbol upon your third eye, if you so choose, of awakening. It is the symbol of the Star of David, to awaken you to the energy of your magnificent life force essence. It is the symbol of power, it is the symbol of peace, powerful peaceful beings that you are, stepping forward in your power, with fierceness, but with Cosmic Love and Peace within your hearts. Assisting not only your own life, but the universal life of all that is. You are learning how to take back your power, you are learning to use love and to bring this energy of love and enlighten the world. And so today this is all about stepping into this energy of grace and power and love. To bring it onto the world, be at peace and truly know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension. Today as you step forward in this co-creation with yourself, I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. And simply know the power of the divinity of who you truly are, a sacred force to be reckoned with, nothing or no one will stop you from moving into your sacred destiny. With fierceness. With wisdom. There are so many beings that are assisting you that it is hard to comprehend all the beings that are around you, assisting you, and your mission. Both galactically and intergalactically. There are more than can be comprehended. You are not alone.And you are not forsaken. You are simply to merge into the void and step into the power and feel your strength. I remember union. It is that which I did which is the message of our book, divine union, for you see, this was the message for me and Yeshua to step into our divine sacred union with ourselves, so that we can merge with our partner and bring forth our power and strength together, and today as Madame Pele comes to help you to be fierce, to open your heart and feel the passion, to union with yourself so that you no longer feel alone, you simply surrender, that you know your calling and you surrender to it, that you would know your calling and surrender to it, feeling the return of hope within your heart, and that you would honor yourself, and there would be no words to express how you feel as you feel the energy of your divine light shining through you, and you know that you are serving, serving the living God and all that is. Prepare yourself to receive on this beautiful day, may your heart open and awaken to the vibration of the living light of God’s essence.

Go now my children, be at peace and truly know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure and loved beyond comprehension, truly know that you are loved, stand in your own divine power, be at peace, and until we speak again, feel the energy of Madame Pele, her fierceness and her strength, rising within you and helping you to no longer feel alone as you step out of the void and co-create with your own soul, and move forward into the essence and the power of who you truly are, today is a gift that is being given to you, it is your choice if you wish to receive, but we bring this to you today because it is time, it is time to step forward and to allow the living light of your magnificence to be seen, to be heard, to be recognized, it is time. Honor yourself, surrender, trust allow and receive. And truly allow your beautiful light to shine. Once again may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Feel the power, feel the peace, feel the joy, feel the remembrance. Feel this energy. I remember union. As you begin to dance in delight that you are a powerful soul, I remember union. Now open your heart and begin to feel this energy and this essence and this resonance, of who you truly are. Go now my children feel the peace. And in this we give our grace and so it is.

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