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Lea Chapin Channels a Message from Yeshua and Ramu - Transmuting with Love

October 2, 2020

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. I come to you on this most auspicious day. Yes, St. Germaine is here, as well as my beloved Mary Magdalene and Ramu. We say to you, Dear Sons and Daughters, that the energy that has been brought forth upon the planet at this time is extremely powerful, and yes, it is of great consequence that each of you begin to create a force field of energy, of the cosmic flame of love, around you, so that you can continue to hold the vibration of pure, divine love and simply be a conduit to be the change you wish to see for this world. Today as we bring this vibration of healing, love and joy to each of you, we ask you to hold the vision and to hold the frequency that all energies that are now upon your planet, including what you call your COVID virus, now be transmuted into love. For that energy was created as a thought form, yes that energy was created and manifested to create havoc and harm onto the world. You see, Dearest Children, that at this time, that many of the dark energies that are trying to take control over your current civilization are wreaking havoc on the individuals and all life forms upon your planet. This will not be, it will not continue, and know Dearest Ones, that as we speak, so much about this ascension process, that the energy that is being overlaid on the planet at this time, is purging many of the discordant energies that have been overlaid in the consciousness and collective consciousness of humanity since The Fall. We have spoken of this many times before, but yes, the virus as you know it is essentially an energy of fear that is now held within the collective consciousness of humanity’s consciousness. This energy is raising, as they say, its ugly head as a way to purge the energy of fear that was held in the collective consciousness since the beginning of time, when mankind fell, the fall of grace, as they say, losing their connection to oneness, to God.

And so today as each of you return to love, as each of you begin to hold this frequency of love within you, it is of grave importance that you understand that love is indeed much more powerful than fear. That each of you hold, within your essence, the power and the capacity to change and to heal and the transform all energy that is discordant. So do not allow yourself to be encompassed with fear, and so today as we begin to shift, if you so allow your consciousness to move from fear to love. We will send the vibration of love into the force field of this thought form and to those who created it. Those who manifested it with their thoughts. And so Dearest Ones you have the power to change the world, you have the power to heal, you all are masters, as I have said many times before, you have the power to heal and to transform, and to create miracles just as I did in my time, 2,000 years ago, as Jesus of Nazareth. And so today we are empowering you to now clear the thought form within your own belief system that you are powerless, that you are victims, that you are helpless, and that you are fearful. This is a belief system that is not necessary to be held within your consciousness. As you come together, do not worry, because you are more powerful than you can imagine yourself to be. What is happening within your society has created a great deal of mental and emotional confusion in your culture, where people are out of touch with their emotions, they are out of touch with their power. They have been conditioned, through their cultural beliefs, that they are not powerful. That they have lost their connection to their innate wisdom, to their own power. And so today, for all those who shall be receiving this transmission, if you so choose, please allow yourself to receive this gift of healing, and know how powerful, indeed, you are.

And so Dear Sons of Daughters of Light, it is I, Christ. I ask that you now surrender to this energy of holy, divine perfection, as if you can see yourself encapsulated in this pure, white light of God. As if you are encapsulated into this force field of protection, and your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your auric field and all aspects of your being are placed into this force field of protection, and you are becoming stronger and stronger and stronger in divine perfection, with each breathe that you take, with each thought that you take, that you are holding the vibration of Cosmic Love in your belief systems, in your mind, in your force field, and in your physicality. And so take a deep breath and begin to breathe in this energy of the Cosmic Flame of Love, as your body is the love, your body is the love, your body is the love, that every cell, atom and electron is filled with this love and divine perfection, and in your divinity, you are protected, you are no longer living in a state of fear, because you know your divine perfection is purity, innocence, love, harmony, grace, peace, joy, light. And anything that is less than that has no place within your physicality, it has no place within your mental or emotional mind, and that you’re holding this frequency as brilliant light beacons. And so now, breathe this in, and connect this energy all the way through your physicality, placing your feet upon the ground, connecting the energy and the light now into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, because wherever you go wherever you walk, you are a beacon of light. As if you are now sweeping and clearing, and you are the violet flame, transmuting all energies that are discordant. And so feel this strength within you, and feel this power, and feel this love.

And now Dear Ones I will step back and allow Ramu to speak, as you hold this frequency within you, knowing the power that you are, and the ability to transmute the original thought form of the COVID virus that was created to bring havoc and chaos upon this planet. Use your power now, feel the strength within you as Ramu assists you in this moment of transformational healing, love and joy.

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Ramu. I come to you on this day for as you know, I have come to help assist this planet to evolve, and have come to assist your current civilization now to rise up from the discord, and the energetic frequencies that are mirroring the time before the fall of Atlantis. As you know, I am the generator crystal that was misused during the time of Atlantis. And as I have said before, I will not be misused again. But I am here to help assist you so that each of you become, as they say, my miniature satellite generator crystals. And that you hold the power to transform, to heal, to manifest and to make whole all that is discordant, by your presence, by your energy, by your thought forms, by your beliefs. And so today, regardless of what you understand, Jesus, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Germaine and myself are all standing with you, to transform the energy that was imprinted within you that has created fear, fear from the separation from your own divinity. And so now feel this force field as if it is like an engine, like a train, a locomotive that is generating energy and steam and see yourself now on this track, like a train, generating your energy, moving forward now to begin to come together as each of you step on to the train, this track. Moving forward now to begin to come together as each of you step onto the train, the whistle blows and off you go. To now begin to transform, to heal as you are fully protected in the force field of protection, you are protected in the force field of protection, of God’s holy light and in your I AM presence, nothing shall harm you, for now, as each of you move forward sending beams and beams of light and love to this thought form, as if you are surrounding it, dismantling it, transmuting it in to love. Sending beams and beams of light and love into the innate, original energy of that thought form. You have the power to shift this, you have the power to dismantle this, you have the power to heal this.

So take a deep, breath, breathe into your heart, as you repeat to yourself, and you send this energy, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM. As you call forth this energy of the God presence within you, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, as you step forward into this frequency, into this thought form, as each of you are calling your I AM presence and surrounding this force field, this thought form, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM. As you decree now that this energy be dismantled, that the violet fire transmute this energy into love. There is no place, there is no home for discordant energy that is causing fear and separation from humanity’s consciousness, from their I AM presence, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM. So breathe this in, as if you now see the flames of purification transmuting this energy from fear to love, with no power, no control over you, over this planet, over the human consciousness, over any sentient being. See the violet flame purifying this energy as you all return back to your state of love.

So today each of you step forward, claim your divinity, claim your power, claim your I AM presence. So as you call forth your I AM presence, I AM, I AM, I AM love, I AM, I AM, I AM power, I AM, I AM, I AM light. I hold this frequency as I send blessings and healing to this planet, to this virus, to all sentient beings as I send healing to myself, my family, my friends, my community, the world at large. That you have the power now to transmute these frequencies, and return to sacred balance with the purity of your own soul. And so now as you call forth the violet flame again, step back and allow the energy to be transmuted. Bowing and honoring the gift that you have brought forth, that upon this day, you have gifted yourself and this planet with love. And truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. I am Ramu, I call forth this healing, for it is time now to step forward into the essence and the presence of divine love. Returning to your original state of being, it is how you lived in Atlantis, it is how you shall live again, it is how you lived in Lemuria, it is how you lived in the full essence of your remembrance, as your spirit essence, and you have the power to create heaven on earth, you have the power to manifest, you have the power to heal, and so the power of gratitude, sending love and gratitude to this virus, for that which it has brought forth, any unseen blessings that perhaps may not be understand, but give gratitude and thank it, and now, it has done its job, it has completed its service, it no longer holds power, only love and healing and purity shall prevail.

Go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. As Yeshua and Mary Magdalene stand, they hold the balance for this planet, they hold the balance for this thought form to return to its original state where all creation is in divine perfection, all thought forms, all energy holds purity. So today as you see this thought form now returning to its original state of purity and divine perfection, you have completed and received your power today, knowing that this is of truth, that you have done this in service to humanity and all sentient beings, and Mother Gaia is here applauding you for your dedication and your willingness now to simply receive and to know your true power as you are connected to her and onto her by your force field of light. So Dearest Children, know the time has come that we shall return to this sacred balance in which all lived within the height of Atlantis, the height of Lemuria, so that your current civilization can be at peace. Go now my children, allow Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to continue to hold the balance, and sending healing and transformational light, along with St. Germaine, for this beloved act, an act of service, in this we give our grace, and so it is.

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