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Lea Chapin Channels a Message from Mary Magdalene on the Timeline and the Void

September 17, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say to each of you Dear Souls that indeed, time, as you know it is changing rather rapidly. It is as if on your earth plane that there is simply no more time, as if time is elapsing into itself, and yes, Dearest Ones, you are moving into a higher vibrational state, into oneness. And when time shifts, as they say, in this rather rapid progression, you will begin to feel this sense of, some will begin to feel a sense of disorientation, and others will begin to feel a sense of bliss, as if you are simply moving into the energy of oneness, where there is no separation. And so today as each of you begin to allow your lives to move forward into this transformational energy, imagine yourself as if you are on like a tram, and you are taking a ride to another level, as if you are taking a tram up a mountain, and so we ask you to not be afraid, but simply know that as you ascend, as if you are going up the mountain, you will have a different view of the world, of your own personal lives, and you will be able to as they say have greater clarity, greater vision and greater understanding of the world at large, and of your own personal soul journey. And so today I will take you through this meditation and allow you to receive.

So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, I ask you if you shall, to place your feet upon the ground and simply take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in this energy of the white light of God, breathing in the energy of the white light of God, breathing in the energy of the white light of God. And as you imagine yourself on this beautiful ride, as if you are taking an elevator or a tram to the next level, as if you are simply taking a ride to another level of consciousness. Can you imagine yourself with the exhilaration and the excitement of going to the fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies of light, and the seventh and eighth dimensional frequencies of light, and now merging your consciousness and your physicality with these frequencies. So I ask you Dearest Children of the Light to take a deep, inhaling breath and if you so shall, begin to allow yourself to take this journey and to merge forward into these new levels of dimensional frequencies, leaving the old energy of your physicality, of your consciousness, simply behind. Even if it’s momentarily, allowing yourself now to merge with your light body and begin to expand your awareness to the beauty of these higher dimensional frequencies of light. It is as if there is golden white light all around you, sparkling diamonds, an iridescent, pearlescent energy that is glistening and opening up your chakras as we speak. As if you are on a magic carpet ride and you are moving into another dimensional frequency, allowing yourself to feel this energy of oneness, and to feel this expansion not only of your heart chakra, but all of your chakras, as you are aligning yourself to your higher self, to your oversoul. And to all aspects of your multidimensional being. And so take a deep, inhaling breath, and simply breathe in this frequency of peace and tranquility upon your soul, allowing your heart to expand and feeling this magnificent vibration as you now reach your destination, as if perhaps you’ve landed on the top of a mountain, and you are able to see a greater view, and you feel the expansion of all of life, and the exhilaration of living as an ascended being of light with full awareness and full consciousness. So now breathe this energy in as if you’re expanding it into your physicality, into your consciousness, so that the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimensional frequencies are now imprinted within your consciousness, so that you shall remember, feel, sense, know what it feels like to live in your expanded multi-dimensional self. As if again there is no time, there is only oneness. And today as you allow yourself to move through what we call the void, shifting from your lower humanness into these higher dimensional frequencies and living and breathing and expanding your consciousness into these frequencies, now on a daily level. It is of great importance that you begin to honor this within yourself, so that you re-remember what it feels like to be in your expanded state of being. As if there is no limitation there is no time. Your consciousness in many ways is now being recalibrated, so take a deep, inhaling breath and allow yourself to receive this gift, so that you can feel this sense of oneness, and no longer feel separate, no longer feel alone, so that you can begin to receive the clarity and the expansion of your higher consciousness, of your higher self, of your oversoul, that will guide you in your daily life. You will no longer be in a state of fear or lack or limitation, that you are expanding your vision, as they say, of your multi-dimensional self, re-remembering that there is no limitation, it is only within your mind, it is only within your perception. So take another deep breath and allow your heart to open, even if its momentarily, to feel the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimensional frequencies. As if you are coming home to yourself, coming home to yourself, coming home to yourself. This is of great importance that you reconnect to these frequencies.

Prior to the work that we will be doing with Ramu, in this coming week, it is of great importance that you allow yourself to feel this expansion, so that you can hold the frequencies within your consciousness to be able to hold the light within your being at a deeper level, so that you are anchoring the energy of oneness onto this earth plane. You will all, and are all pillars of light, but you will be anchored into this new timeline, into this new grid, into this new frequency that is being overlaid upon the planet as we speak, of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimensional frequencies that are now being restored upon the earth. As if everything that you have known will begin to shift and change, it is why timelines are changing. Perhaps you think you are doing one thing and then you are doing another. One moment you are moving in one direction, the next you are moving in another. Your emotions may seem to be, as they say, on a rollercoaster. One moment you are laughing, the next you are crying. Everything is merging into a sense of oneness, and so allow yourself to move into what we call the void, and be not afraid. Allow yourself to rise from your limited self, to your magnificent, brilliant, multi-dimensional self, even if it is momentarily. Breathe it in, breathe it in, if you so allow this energy of the higher consciousness so that you can return to oneness. Return to the sacred balance of the energy of Father/Mother God, returning home to yourself. Allowing yourself to merge with your oversoul and all aspects of your being are now being merged, all timelines are coming into union. You will begin to access information, you will be able to access memories, you will access gifts and talents from other lifetimes, parallel lives, and your multi-dimensional unlimited self, as if you will now be able to re-remember what you had forgotten. There will be new gifts and talents that will be coming to each of you, new remembrances. As you are stepping on this timeline, there is no limitation. For you see, your limitation is that this is your only lifetime, and all you know is what you know. That is now truth, you are now being able to access your memories and your remembrances, so that you come into your full potential, your unlimited potential. Because you are needed.

It is indeed true that these times are challenging, and your civilization is at a pivotal point. But the light and the energy that is being emitted upon this planet will conquer and heal all that is not of love. And so so many of you have, as they say, agreed to assist Mother Earth. To assist this planet in her awakening and transformational process, and so you now are stepping on board, as they say, as if you’ve taken a tram to another destination. That destination is home. You have come home to yourself. I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. You have come home to yourself. So Dearest Ones, take another deep breath and feel this connection, even if it is momentarily, breathe it in, feel the bliss, feel the bliss, feel the bliss. I remember union. Feel the bliss. And so Dearest Ones, allow your heart to be opened and your mind to be healed as you return to the Sacred Union of your true divinity within yourself, as your heart expands with the remembrance of the power that you are, the love that you are, the powerful spirit that you are, for yes, Dearest Children, you will be assisting, you, your spirit will be guiding you, your spirit will show you the way. This is of grave importance, just simply surrender and allow yourself to receive this powerful transformation upon this day. May your heart open to this remembrance and may you be at peace.

Be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved, be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved, be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved. Divine remembrance, holy grace, you have come home to yourself. So Dearest Ones, now as we say, you are ready to return down the mountain, as you get on the tram and come back into full consciousness, into your embodiment, into your awareness, with your full knowingness, your full remembrance of connecting the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimensional frequencies. You have the power, you are in control, you are in charge of your own destiny. This is the time, this is the now, this is the time, this is the now. Move forward in your consciousness, in alignment as you are shifting into oneness. Everything is moving rather rapidly, and many of you will be physically moving from one location to another, as you are shifting your consciousness, your timelines, your personal agendas, your personal journeys are now coming in alignment to your soul mission. This is the time, this is the now. So I ask you to take a deep breath, come back into your consciousness, place your hand over your heart, feel this connection to oneness, and I will step back and allow Yeshua to speak.

Greetings Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, yes it is I, Yeshua. As I come to you on this most auspicious day, I ask each of you to now re-remember as you have now, as they say, come home to yourself. You have now time traveled, even if you do not feel that anything has happened to you, you have literally time traveled into another dimensional frequency, and I know this is confusing to the conscious mind. But you are able to go through timelines and dimensional frequencies even if you are not aware. It is how I transcended my energy into many places as I continue to transcend my energy upon this earth plane and in other galaxies and universes and planetary systems. Today, for practical purposes, this is about you being able to feel the energy of oneness and bliss. Feeling your full sense of mastery, because you are needed on this earth plane. I know this may seem a bit odd today, but you are being prepared on many levels, far beyond what you can understand, to hold your power and your strength within your own physicality, with your consciousness, within your auric field, in your soul, and in your spirit essence. Because you are all needed at this time to be the pillars of light to anchor these new frequencies upon this earth. This is what Ramu will be doing, assisting each of you, grounding you and anchoring your energies into this new frequency that is now being overlaid upon the planet. You all are safe, you are all protected, you are all loved, there is no need to worry or to be fearful, it is simply to be. You have agreed to be here on the earth plane at this time, to anchor these energies, for you have been preparing yourself on many levels to be a deeper conduit and a deeper pillar of light. Anchoring the energies, the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensional frequencies on the earth, the new earth energies are being anchored on the earth, and what you know in many capacities will be enchanted, you will wake up and have even greater knowledge and wisdom, than you’ve ever had before.

So Dearest Ones, this is a time of joy, this is a time of bliss, this is a time of great celebration. This year of 2020 is a year of clarity and vision, and in the remaining months of this calendar year, all of you will be accelerating, and your gifts and talents, as we’ve said, and your vision, and your energy will become heightened, more pristine, more precise, more brilliant, more magnificent than you can know So do not give into the limitations of the mental mind, and the limitations of your physicality. This will all fall away. The past is behind you, do not look back, but hold your light as a brilliant pillar, and be free. Free to love, free to serve and free to be. Free to love, free to serve and free to be. Let go, let God, let go, let God and truly allow your beautiful light to shine. You are all brilliant, you are all magnificent, and your light is so needed. It is what we have again been preparing you for, and there is a great conclave and convergence of energy that will be taking place at the gathering on Saturday, a great conclave and the re-emergence of energy, of the light workers who have come together once again, from Atlantis, to hold their light, their love, so that your current civilization can now emerge into the next level of the fifth dimensional frequency of light, and your light is to be stronger so that you can help uplift the frequencies for this planet and all of life to shift into this new timeline, into this new dimensional frequency.

This is why you are seeing, as they say, so much chaos. Things falling away. The old energy of the old world order is falling away. The old energy of the old world order is falling away. The purging has been long, but it has been necessary, now Dearest Children, this time frame, this energy is now being healed. So you see Dearest Ones, there is a purpose in all things, regardless of whether you understand it or not. The purging of the old world order is now allowing the new frequencies of the new earth to now anchor its energies on the etheric template of Mother Gaia. This is an exciting time, this is a powerful time, so now Dearest Children, go in peace, go in love, go in the understanding that you are here by divine appointment, as you are a part of this great conclave, just as I spoke many eons ago, when you all came to planet earth and you volunteered at the Great Conclave, you all chose and you are still choosing, you are choosing to serve this planet and all life forms with dedication, and with sincerity, and with divine purpose. So know Dearest Children, how important you are, and so do not allow yourself to be discouraged by what you see in your outer world, in your media, what appears to be a false perception of truth. Know that the timeline and the void again is elapsing from no time into oneness, so that everything now is in a state of balance and harmony and grace, this is of truth. This energy is being overlaid on your planet, and if you accept it, you will feel it deep within your soul.

We thank you for your devotion through all lifetimes and in this lifetime we know that it has been difficult, we ask you to hold and to believe and to understand that you are serving in a greater capacity than you can imagine, and that now the planet is able to be free, as she moves into her full glory and 1,000 years of peace can now be restored upon this planet. Go now my children, prepare yourself to receive, anchor in the golden light and the power and the glory and the remembrance of the Father/Mother God essence that is now being overlaid on this planet. Go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, my Mary and I thank you, we send you our blessings, go now with love within your heart, be at peace.

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