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Lea Chapin

Lea Chapin Channels a Message from Christ and Mary Magdalene on the Divine Mother Portal

September 28, 2020

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua and the Holy Mother are here as well. We say to you that the energy of the beautiful, divine Mother portal has opened. Yes, indeed, in what you understand, in the region of Atlantis. There within that grid line and that ley line, that is now radiating through what you know as that beautiful tower, of the pink tower, Bok tower, in Lake Wales Florida, in Central Florida. You will begin to feel this radiance of Divine, Mother Love, as like a clarion call, as like a beacon of light, as if it is a radiance of energy that is now flooding the planet. You will begin to feel and sense the energy of compassion and mercy, that is now being brought forth for this planet and all life forms. The kindness, the compassion, the mercy that is so needed upon this planet. The awakening of the hearts, to kindness, of their fellow brothers and sisters, to all life forms. Just as has been spoken, the generosity of others, helping others during crisis, during times of earth changes, this is what is needed upon your planet at all times, where all live in harmony, where all live in balance, where all give to their brothers and sisters, to those in need. And so at this time, the divine portal is a powerful frequency that is transmitting love, compassion, mercy, peace, generosity, and yes, abundance, allowing the energy of abundance, of love, of joy, of peace, of tranquility, of harmony, of balance. So today as you begin to feel this energy, and you begin to feel and sense as if this energy is like a lighthouse, others will be drawn to this frequency, to this vibration. As like a moth to a flame. Others will begin to open up their sacred heart, their merciful heart, and truly begin to feel this sense of connection to their brother and sister. This is the unity consciousness that is now being brought forth once again upon your planet. You see, what has been occurring is the division, the separateness, the fear, the angst that what has been brought forth upon your planet is the last stand, as they say, of the dark forces, trying to create separation and division, is no longer to be. For the energy of Divine Mother, the powerful energy of Divine Mother is radiating and sending out her waves again, waves upon waves, of peace, love, compassion and mercy, kindness. So this is rippling as they say, through the air. So I ask you to open your heart and begin to receive. Open your heart and begin to receive. Open your heart and begin to receive, as you call upon the angel and the energy of compassion, as you call upon the energy of the Divine Mother. Allow her generosity, support, divine grace and abundant love bless you and bless all beings. Today as you take a deep inhaling breath, begin to breathe in this frequency, begin to breathe this beautiful energy now into your heart chakra, breathing in the energy of Divine Mother, focus on your breath, allow your eyes to close, letting yourself gently breathe in this frequency of the Divine Mother energy, this beautiful energy that holds compassion and mercy, a softness, a tenderness, breathe my children, breathe. Breathe in this energy and allow your awareness to move away from your daily concerns, deepening your connection into your body, allowing yourself to feel the warmth of the cradle of comfort of Divine Mother, allow yourself to relax into her warmth, with every breath that you take, letting your body now be filled with light, love, compassion and mercy. Simply become aware of a golden, white light around you, it in enveloping you, you are being wrapped in the arms of the Divine Mother, feeling loved, comforted and safe. Let go, let God, let go let God, let go and allow the golden light of the Divine Mother enter into your heart, and fill you with peace and healing, compassion, and mercy.


And so continue to breathe in this frequency and know that the heart of the Mother, Divine Mother, is with you. Breathing in this energy of peace and tranquility, feeling the energy of love as you call upon this essence. Allow yourself to receive kindness, compassion, and mercy. This is about healing the wounds of the past, this is about healing the wounds of the past, calling in the energy of Divine Mother to heal the wounds of the past, from the timelines of Atlantis, from the beginning of the timeline of the fall of Lemuria, and throughout the course of history where there has been discordant energy, where there has been rampant greed, violence, war, capitalistic gain. We call in the energy of this beautiful portal of Divine Mother to now send out the waves and waves of healing so that all can open their heart, feeling unity consciousness, to be at peace. To simply know that what one does affects another, and so each one teach one, each one lead one, what one does affects another. And today as your Sacred Heart opens, feel the compassion, feel the peace, feel the tender mercy.


So there is no need to be afraid, Dearest Ones, for you are supported, you are loved, and you are divinely graced. Breathe in this energy, releasing any fear that you have, and simply open your heart, allowing yourself to receive this energy, divine grace, holy grace. So breathe into your heart and simply imagine yourself now opening your heart chakra so that you may give purely from unconditional love, in which you were created, allowing the heart to be open, the mind to be clean, and you are free. Free to serve, free to love and free to be. So now take a deep breath and allow Yeshua and Mother Mary to now bring the balance of the Divine Mother/Father energy within you, as you breathe in this compassion and feel this strength, you are supported, you are cradled in the arms of Divine Mother. So now Dearest Ones, feel the presence of the power of the love that you are receiving, that is opening your compassionate and merciful heart, first for yourself, and then for all life forms. I will step back and allow Yeshua to speak, and then Mother will bring her message. So I grace you, I honor you and I hold the space of love for each of you to open your sacred heart, your merciful heart, as you, too are connected to this portal by Divine Mother, it is your birthright. Open your heart and you are connected to the Divine portal. Go in peace.


Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. I come to you on this most auspicious day, I say thank you, I honor you, I bless you. As my Mother and I stand with you to create the balance, once again for each of you to be in balance, just as the times of Lemuria, just as the times of Atlantis, before those great civilizations fell, you all lived in divine balance. As you came as your beautiful spirit onto this earth plane, you were in balance. And then, with what we call the experiment of free will choice, the human mind began to as they say, experiment, with “what if.”  And the what ifs, has created all that is not of balance. So today my mother and I stand with you, and it is as if we are balancing rods, we are standing holding each of you and this planet in balance. Holding the sacred light, holding the energy for this planet and all life forms to return to balance and harmony. And the portal of the divine Mother portal that is now radiating onto the earth and will truly be felt, the heart of the mother will be felt, first in the region of central Florida. The clarion call is being answered. And so today as you feel this energy and you feel this essence, and you feel this peace and you feel this tranquility, know that your heart opens and you shall feel joy. You shall feel joy, you shall feel joy.


And so Dearest Ones, today as you call in the vibration of joy, call upon the highest level of guidance that you are able to receive at this time, as you call in the vibration of joy, that lives within the cells of your physical being. And so please bring in this frequency of joy, allowing yourself to live in the joy and the remembrance of who you are, truly beginning to feel this vibration, breathe it in, breathe it out. Allowing yourself to feel this playful energy of joy, allowing it now to move through your body, through your breath, allowing your breath to hold this vibration, become aware of the sensation within your body of what it feels like to be of joy. So breathe, my children, breathe, breathe in the vibration of joy, breathe in the laughter, breathe in the joy, breathe in the laughter. Welcome Dearest Ones this deep sense of connection to the energy of all that is. For joy is the energy of the totality of all that is, joy is the essence of God. So breathe in this vibration, for it is the energy of balance. Joy. It is why it is my last lesson, of the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ, joy. You have now embodied the energy of God, as you’ve gone through opening your heart chakra to my first lesson of love. The last lesson is joy. So joy to the world, joy to the world, call in this essence, call in this vibration, feel it within every cell, every fiber of your being, as you call upon the joy that lies within the cells of your body, feeling the laughter in your belly now beginning to expand as if you are waiting and waiting. Give yourself permission to be joyful. During what you’ve known as these troubled times, should I be joyful? Should I be happy? We say yes, gaiety, laughter, joy, this is your birthright, this is the energy of God, this is the energy of healing, it will heal the planet. And so Dearest Ones I thank you for allowing my mother and myself to hold the light and the sacred balance for each of you as you step into this frequency of divine, holy grace, and divine joy. Go now my children, be at peace, and know that you are loved, loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension. Know that you are loved. Go in peace.


Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mother Mary. I come to each of you as I stand up here with my son, and we hold the sacred light for each of you to merge into. The holy, sacred light of your sacred heart, as you open up your sacred heart, begin to allow the energy of the divine portal, of the divine mother energy that is now radiating, and is reactivated at 100% upon this planet. It is radiating from the beacon and the tower of the pink tower, this beacon of light, of divine mother is magnificent, it is luminescent, it is regal. And all of you who are physical mothers and those who are not physical mothers, and those who are of the male species will all begin to feel this level of mother love, and compassion deep within your heart. As if it is healing the wounds of the old patriarchal energy, of greed, selfishness, war, violence, destruction, rigidity, fear, control, and so if there are any aspects within yourself that are controlling or fearful, or rigid, or angry, then allow the energy of the divine portal of light to enter into your sacred heart and soften all those places where you have been wounded that no longer serve you. Being angry at someone because they did not do as you please, angry at someone for hurting you, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your spouse, your lover, your friends, your community, your government, whoever or whatever you hold anger against, let it go. There is no place for anger, there is no place for fear, there is only love. Allowing the heart to expand, there is only love. So today as you allow your heart to open and your mind to be healed, I, Mother Mary, come to bring this energy of Divine Mother into your sacred heart, and you will begin to soften your attitudes, your anger will begin to diminish. Your fear will begin to diminish, and you will know that you are protected, and that all is in divine order, and all is in divine order, all is in divine order. Even that which does not appear to be in alignment is in divine order. So today as you hold this frequency within your heart, begin to feel the presence of the portal of light, the divine mother energy cradling your soul, bringing you comfort, bringing you peace, and bringing you joy. Joy to the world. Bringing peace and comfort to you, joy to the world. This is a time of celebration, this is a time that you are giving back to others. And they are giving back to you, it is a time of giving and receiving. And allowing your compassion to be felt. And so today as you honor the light that you are, and the peace that you are, your sacred heart begins to open and awaken at a deeper and more profound level.


Breathe in the vibration of joy as Yeshua, Mary and myself continue to hold the balance for you, and you are at peace. Breathe in the vibration of joy, holding the energy and the vibration of peace within your soul. Breathing in the vibration of joy. Letting go, letting God, truly allowing your beautiful light to shine. May your heart awaken to the peace, may your heart awaken to the tranquility, may your heart awaken to the joy. Know at this time that as you enter into your beautiful sacred heart, that you are a temple, you are a beacon of light, you are a lighthouse and your love, your peace will radiate out into the world, others will feel it, others will sense it. Others will know it, because your kindness touches one soul at a time. So this is how peace will come to this planet, so breathe in this frequency as you awaken your sacred heart, my son and I stand with you, my Mary and I stand beside you, and we come together as a trinity, holding the energy of Father/Mother God, holding the energy of Divine Mother/Divine Father, integrating this energy within each of you as you open to the presence of love, as you open to the presence of peace, as you open to the presence of compassion. Have more compassion for yourself, this will come forth as you begin to have compassion for yourself, for your frailties, or what you believe are your limitations. No longer do you need to judge self, simply love self, only compassion, knowing that you are divinely guided by your Higher Self, and that each day as you call on your Higher Self to guide you, you’ll know exactly what you need to do, your Higher Self will guide you. Wherever you need to be, whatever you need to be doing, the Higher Self, listen, listen from the open heart. And so today it will be easier for you to access your Higher Self, because your heart chakra has been awakened at a deeper and more profound level. And so this is of great importance Dearest Ones, that you align yourself to your truth, that you align yourself and open your sacred heart, as it is connected to the divine portal of divine mother, to feel this energy of safety and security and compassion, as you now allow yourself to return now to oneness. As if you are plugged in again, you are reconnected again, as your heart chakra expands and opens and you are connected to the energy of all that is. And you are awakened, even deeper, to the oneness and there is no longer separation and feeling disconnected from yourself or from the world. Feeling this sense of separation, it will no longer be, there will be a sense of oneness, as if you are connected to all life, and indeed you are, and so this is the energy, this is the unity consciousness, this is the energy that is now being as they say transmitted upon the planet. First it will be felt in your region of Florida, for those who are there and those who shall return there, they will begin to feel this palpitation, like a gentle palpitation of love, and others may not feel it, but they are receiving it, the vibrations are in the air.


We are so grateful that the energy of Divine Mother frequency has now returned to the planet in its fullest form, as a clarion call in her fullest essence. This is the energy of Divine Mother, Divine Sophia, returning back, this is what will heal the planet, this is what will heal each of you, as you connect to her, and know that you are safe, you are loved, and you are cradled in her light. So go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved. Loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension, truly know that you are loved. Opening your heart to this frequency, opening your heart with love. Opening your heart as the divine portal that you are. Because your sacred heart, your merciful heart has now expanded. Feel it. Feel your magnificence, feel your brilliance, for the power of who you are. Go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. Know that Yeshua, Mary and I stand with you as the trinity holding the balance for you to return to your birthright as you connect to the energy of all that is. Go forth in joy, go forth in joy, go forth in joy.

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