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August 2, 2020 – Anchoring Lion’s Gate Energies

August 10, 2020

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say to you Dear Ones that today is a very powerful day, as you merge forward into your full moon, into this pivotal week of what you understand is a transformational time, of the 8-8, of the Lion’s Gate. Know at this time, Dearest Children, that it is of great importance to begin to shift your vibration, for this is a beginning and a powerful time to begin to clear out all that no longer serves you, it is truly a time of letting go and of purging. As we have said of this year of 2020, this is a year of clarity, this is a year of purification, this is a year of transformation, and so as you have seen in this year so much confusion, understand Dearest Ones that there is truly clarity within and behind all that is happening, even though you may not be able to feel it, sense it, or even comprehend it. But today as you move into this full moon, you will be able to feel the clarity, you’ll begin to have clarity, it will be as if smoke has been lifted, as if you’ll be able to see clearly, and have a sense, understanding, of that which you are to move forward to in your life’s journey. And so today as you allow us to begin to clear what we may call the obstructions around you individually and collectively, that have kept the veils upon you, as if you’ve had blinders on and you’ve been unable to see clearly your own life journey and your own life pathway. Therefore we ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God. Breathe in the energy of peace, breathe in the energy of tranquility, breathe in the energy of love. Simply call in these frequencies that are now begin brought forth upon this planet, for more and more energy, more and more life, more and more peace and more and more clarity is being brought to this planet. Powerful frequencies are emitting onto the earth from the Galactic Federation, from the Sirian Council of Light, from the Pleiadian Council of Light, the Arcturians, the Andromedans, there are many many beings of light that are flooding this planet with love, with peace, will clarity. Today as you allow your crown chakra to open and your pineal gland to receive these frequencies, simply imagine that you are now a transmitter, a transmuter of these powerful frequencies as you are bringing them through your physicality into the earth. Each of you are being downloaded with these powerful light codes and what you are seeing in many of the pictures that both Linda and Pam have brought forward are these transformational light codes that are being transfused and transmitted onto the earth, and into humans and all life forms.

This is a transformational time, as we have said before, of bringing the crystalline form into your carbon-based bodies. You are raising your frequencies into a crystalline light form. This is why these energies may seem to be heavy, and many of you are tired and weary, and unable to, as they say, carry on. For your bodies are adjusting to these new frequencies, the more density that you hold within your consciousness, the more difficult it may appear to be. As you choose to transmute the density of your emotions, of your mental mind, then the light codes will be able to be accessed into your being, at a faster and more proficient rate. This is a powerful time to purge and to clear old emotions, karmic patterns, and old imprints that no longer serve you. So today as you begin to breathe in this energy of the white light of God, and you begin to breathe in these new frequencies, allow the energies now to come in through your crown chakra, awakening your pineal gland, so that you can re-remember, access your divine spirit and your connection to the God essence. This is a powerful, powerful energy that is allowing you to re-activate your memories and your remembrance of who you truly are as a physical-spiritual being on this earth plane. As a divine child of light. As a wayshower, as a peacemaker, as a messenger of hope and a wayshower of peace. So today as you enter into this state of grace, prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive. Now as Yeshua steps forward, he is here to help you to anchor these frequencies into your pineal gland, into your physicality, so that you may begin to receive this lightness and to clear the density from your physical forms. Just as Yeshua was able to transmute and time travel and allow his physical body to transmute and transcend into his light body, you are able to now bring this energy forward and your light bodies will begin to shine. Your light bodies will be seen, and the miraculous healing that is occurring in your crystalline light body holds a powerful frequency of the star tetrahedrons that are now being placed within your own physical form and in your own etheric body to anchor you to this earth and keep you safe from harm.

For many of you, as you merge into your light body, it would be easy for you to simply ascend out of your physical body, to simply leave your physical body and transcend. We are asking each of you, with your permission, to allow us to anchor your energies to the star tetrahedrons, so that you stay grounded in your physical bodies, you are needed here to do the work on the earth plane, to bring this new earth energy and these light codes upon this planet. And so as you allow yourself to understand this, that you allow yourself to receive this, you will be able to help others move to the fifth dimensional frequencies into a higher frequency of the sixth and seventh dimensional frequencies as well.

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