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Lea Chapin

A Channeled Message of Healing, Hope and Restoration

January 13, 2021

You are receiving the vibration of healing and love for all to receive. You are feeling the vibration of healing for all to receive, letting go, letting God, letting go, letting God. You are receiving the healing vibration of all to receive. And today as you bring forth this energy of hope, renewal and restoration, may you feel the light of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. So take a deep breath and allow my mother to touch your heart, as my Mary and I stand with you, holding the vibration of healing, hope and restoration upon your soul. Healing, hope, restoration upon your soul. This is a day that God has made, it is good and it is rich. Each day is now going to be brought forth in a very powerful healing for each of you. As you begin to see the miracles abound of love. For yes, Dearest Ones, this time of 2021 is about love. Each soul stepping forward to embrace each other, to love each other, to come forth into this frequency. This is the New Earth. This is the beginning of the New Earth, as each of you may not fully understand perhaps, but this is the new earth rising. This is the vibration that all of you have been waiting for, this is the vibration of each of you as you step forward into your new power, into the light of all that you are. So I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in this frequency of Divine Holy Grace, breathing the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of love, breathing in the essence of joy. Letting go, letting God. Breathing in the energy and the essence of peace, breathing in the energy and the essence of joy, breathing in the energy and the essence of all that is. And so today as we shift from fear to love, as we begin to embrace this vibration, that love heals all, that the energy of Hope, the vibration of Hope, help our people evolve. HOPE. The vibration, the energy is potent, it is powerful, it is healing, it is restorative, and so surround yourself with this energy and do not become discouraged with what you see in the world, with what you think is happening, for so much more is taking place than you can comprehend. Miracles abound, as they say, healing abounds, restoration is taking place, deep healing is taking place upon this planet. And you see, the purification, the rising of what you see with the chaos, the negativity, the fear, was needed to be purged, to be brought forward, to be healed. And for those who choose at this time to stand in love, not fear, but continue to become powerful powerful leaders and way showers. They stand in the strength of who they are, the power of who they are, and the light of all that they are.

And so each of you, Dear Ones again are the lighthouses, you are the lighthouses, you are the wayshowers and the lightbearers of this new earth rising. You have done this before, you have done this in the time of Atlantis, you have done this in your homeland of Lemuria, and Adama the High Priest in Telos is standing with each of you, is standing with us today, so pleased that the world is returning back to love. This is the beginning of a new Earth rising, this is the beginning of returning back to wholeness, unity, and love. Where all souls can come together in unity. Each one teach one, each one lead one, each one helping their fellow brothers and sisters to live in balance, to no longer be afraid, but to be free. Free to love, free to serve and free to be. Letting go, letting God. Can you begin to feel this energy as my mother stands with you and opens your heart, your sacred and merciful heart, opening your heart to love, opening your heart to peace, opening your heart to tender mercy.

Take a deep breath and breathe in this unity, breathe in this hope, breathe in the healing, breathe in the restoration, calling in the light of the Great I AM through your crown chakra, allowing it now to open up your third eye, your throat and into your heart, as your heart expands, as your beautiful energy touches and expands out into the world. Each one teach one, each one lead one, as you open your heart expanding into the world, the love of God truly surrounds you, the power of God truly protects you, the presence of God protects you, wherever you are God is and all is well. Feeling the presence of love, feeling the presence of peace, feeling the presence of restoration upon your soul. I will step back and  allow my Mary to speak at this time, for it is of great importance that each of you begin to feel the sense of the Sacred Feminine energy that is now being infused through my Mary and through my Mother, into all of your hearts, so that you can begin to feel this energy of strength, as the Sacred Feminine leaders and teachers and wayshowers, bearers of light that you are. I honor you, I send my grace to you, and I hold you in the palm of my hand with my love.

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Today, as each of you hold what we call the fractal of the energy of Divine Sophia, within your own template, each of you now will become stronger and stronger as leaders in your own right, sharing and teaching with the world. Sharing and bringing your energy for all the world to see and all the world to know. It is of great importance now that the Sacred Feminine energy step forward into its rightful place and position. Yes we have been preparing for this, this energy has been brought forth for many years now, but now, as the purging has taken place, as we call the Great Shift of Consciousness has truly shifted, the Sacred Mother energy is stronger and more potent than you can imagine, and more powerful than you can truly comprehend. And so you see, Blessed Mother, is standing overlaying the energy of Divine Sophia with Priestess Isis, over each of you, over your crown chakras, as if you’re being overlaid with Divine, Sacred energy of Divine Sophia. As if you are encapsulated in the strength of the Sacred Feminine. Hope, healing and restoration, this is the energy of the return of the Divine Feminine, now coming forth to heal to bring the energy upon this planet. To heal the distortions, that have overlaid this planet. Now Dearest Ones you will begin to feel this sense of empowerment, Divine Sophia, Divine Mother Love, begin to soften the edges around you, begin to soften the energies, the discordant energies that no longer serve you. As your heart expands to all that is. As you understand yourself to be multi-dimensional, fractals of energy, of Divine Sophia, are now being overlaid within your etheric template, and others will reach to you and call to you, for guidance, for counsel, for love, for strength. This is the year that each of you will shift from a place of what you may call your smallness into your magnificent self. You are being reborn again, rebirthed again, as if you are shedding aspects of yourself. Shedding your skin.

This is a time of celebration, this is a time of celebration, this is a time of celebration. We ask that you place your hand over your heart and begin to breathe in the energy of love and peace and restoration upon your soul. This is a time of celebration, you are celebrating the power of the Sacred Feminine, Mother Energy that you are. And so today as Blessed Mother, Yeshua and Dear Joseph stand with you, we overlay this energy with you and upon you. As the Mother Energy brings the healing, the hope and the restoration to this planet, Mother Gaia is so pleased, Mother Gaia is bringing forth her own frequency up from the very crystalline core of Mother Earth, and you will truly begin to see the restoration and the healing for this planet, it has already begun with new life, with new rebirth, with the regeneration of healing the damage upon the surface of her back from the pollutants, and yes, the discordant frequencies that have harmed her. So today as you begin to feel this essence of your Sacred Feminine energy, as part of your oversoul now awakening at a greater level, your oversoul is now fully empowered with the Sacred Feminine, Divine Sophia energy, as if this is the guiding force in your life at this time. Hovering over you as if it is Mother Energy. Hovering over your energetic body, your aura, the Divine Frequency of Divine Mother energy continues to encapsulate you into the essence of all that is.

Your sweetness, your kindness, your purity, pure love, will be felt by those in need. It is a healing balm, it heals the world. It is a healing balm that heals the world. It is a healing balm that heals the world. Each of you individually will now begin to feel this sense within you even stronger, you’ll be able to feel the Divine Mother Energy, as your oversoul, as a part of your own frequency. As you interact with others in the world, as you interact with yourself, there will be more self-love, more self-nurturance, and more kindness that will be felt in the world, because of you. Each of you are again like lighthouses, you are broadcasting and transmitting, as they say, the energy of Divine Mother, through your presence, through your energy field out onto the world. Wherever you all are in the world, you are transmitting the frequency of the Sacred Feminine energy, Divine Mother energy, as it is a clarion call to return to love, to return to hope, to return to healing, to return to restoration. And so despite what you understand, each of you are bringing forth this clarion call in the regions in which you are residing. The earth feels it, all sentient beings feel it, all kingdoms feel it, the crystal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, they are feeling the love that is being brought forth and feeling the love that you specifically are radiating, if not consciously, then energetically onto the world.

So you are a beacon of light, a transmitter. Like radio waves, microwaves, electromagnetic frequencies within you, your electromagnetic field is pulsating, with the energy of Divine Mother Love, Divine Sophia. You will begin to sense this, you will begin to feel this, you will begin to recognize this within yourself. Wherever you go, you are overlaying this energy, for yes Dear Ones, it is HOPE, help our people evolve. HOPE. And so through your presence you are awakening others, through your voice, through your presence, through the mere essence of your being, you are helping the world to evolve. Do not discount the power that you are bringing forth, do not discount what you do, even if you do not understand it, consciously or subconsciously you are bringing forth great power onto this world. The power of love, the power to bring hope, healing, restoration to the world. This is a mighty assignment as they say. And so in this year of 2021, you will be traveling, as they say, far and wide. Before long, the restrictions will be lifted and you will be able return back to be able to travel and to heal, and to bring your energy to the regions that need it. Time is of the essence and indeed there is no time to waste. Time is of the essence and there is no time to waste. Time is of the essence and there is no time to waste.

The energy of our beloved generator crystal Ramu is working overtime bringing forth this generating energy upon this planet, the planet is in need of balance and wholeness and unity. Cooperation, restoration, and for those who have accessed the energy of Ramu, please acknowledge that this power generator crystal that was once the force used during Atlantis is now alive and well within each of you. You are a powerful, generating force of love, and so Ramu, as they say, is the wind beneath your wings in many ways, he is the generator bringing this energy through you, through your own physical presence. You will be called to serve, some of you in most unusual ways, but do not discount what you are offering to the world, you have chosen and you are chosen to be the light of the world, to be the representation of renewal. So indeed today is a day that God has made, it is good and it is rich. And it is most profound, you’ve allowed yourself to feel this presence within your own heart chakra, opening and expanding to the love. Opening and expanding to the peace, opening and expanding to the transformational light of all that you are. So I ask once again that you take a deep breath, as Blessed Mother, Joseph and myself solidify and anchor your energy of Divine Mother Love into the earth, into Mother Gaia. For each of you are now going into what we call the center and the core of Mother Earth, into the very crystalline core. Your frequency, your energetic frequency is being solidified into the very heart of the Mother, into the energy of Mother Gaia. You are truly being nurtured, restored, awakened, so as you return back to the surface of the earth, you are easily able to spread this energy far and wide. Waves upon waves of love are emanating from your essence. Waves upon waves of peace are emanating from your presence. Waves upon waves of joy are held within the very nuclei of your being, bringing joy and peace and restoration to the world. Bringing, hope, healing and restoration, and now joy. Joy to the world. As you bring the energy of peace to all those in need, feel the presence, feel the power, feel the love. Joy to the world. Mother energy, Divine Mother Sophia is here, her strength has become even more magnified, it is potent, it is powerful, celebrate this year of 2021, for you see Dearest Ones, the clearing, the purging was necessary, again, for the healing to occur.

And so do not discount what is being offered to you today, do not dismiss it, truly begin to feel the power that you are, as the divine feminine energy you are no longer suppressed, you are standing in your power, you are changing the world, you are the change that we wish to see. You are the change makers, you are the shift shapers, you are the powerful healers of light that have come to serve this planet. All of you are magnificent and brilliant, and your light is shining brightly, and Mother Gaia is so honored that you are here serving and being served in the living light of all that is. Go my children be at peace and simply know that you are loved, loved beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension, feel the presence, feel the power, feel the love. Know that as your heart opens to this essence of Divine Mother Love, Divine Sophia, Holy Grace is felt upon your soul. Yeshua and I stand with you for your to return to Divine Sacred Union, you have come home to yourself, the Mother, the Feminine has risen, and healing, hope and restoration can now be restored within every sentient being and upon the surface of Mother Gaia once again. Go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved, love beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension, truly know that you are loved. Go in peace.

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