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9-11-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

September 11, 2017

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into all of your energy fields, I thank each of you for coming forward today into this beautiful diamond light grid that is now being anchored over your beloved State of Florida. This is of tremendous frequency, and is of a tremendous vibration. This is nothing to be feared, it is simply a time for a new energy and a new Earth to unfold. Many of you may understand that you are old Atlanteans, and that you had lived in the lifetime of Atlantis, during the height of that civilization and during that period of time each of you were brilliant lights who also were holding the essence of the light frequency of love, peace, joy and tranquility for your beloved continent. It was during that time in that era in which all of you lived, and yes, Dearest Children, all of you who are on this phone call today were a part of that great civilization, and you knew each other very well. Before the fall of Atlantis, you were given instructions of how each of you were to be used as conduits and anchors, and each of you were to hold the frequency of the great diamond light grid that had been created to protect each of you and your beloved continent. And so, today, Dearest Ones, we are going to infuse within each of you the diamond light grid that anchor into each of you the energy of All That Is. We will anchor you into the energy of the beloved essence, and into the powerful frequency of Divine Sophia, Divine Mother Love.

And so, today, Dearest Children, I want to thank you for stepping forward and for realizing and to understand that what has just occurred above your beloved state was truly a blessing. Yes, Dearest Children, it is indeed unfortunate that so much fear and chaos, and even loss of life has been brought forward. And yet, we say to you, Dearest Ones, we hold those souls who have been in harm’s way, and who have literally transitioned, we hold them in love, they, too, have felt the energy of the beautiful light of the healing that has taken place over this beautiful state, and the energy and the frequency for all the world to see and to feel and to know. And so, Dearest Children, I ask each of you to take a deep, deep inhaling breath and begin to anchor your feet into the energy of the crystalline core of Mother Earth, feeling your connection to the energy and the essence of our beautiful Mother, and allow yourself to feel this frequency of her peace and her love and her joy and her tranquility. And so, Dearest Ones, please begin to feel this essence of the love of Divine Mother coming into the soles of your feet and then anchoring this energy into your heart.

And now, Dear Ones, I ask you to allow us to begin to surround you and to anchor you into the beautiful diamond light grid of what we call a powerful frequency of Holy Grace, Divine Grace. And so, Dearest Children, it is as if you are your own personal merkabic field of energy and life force. And yes, Dearest Children, this powerful frequency that is being surrounded and anchored around you and through you is an individual and collective life force of energy, of Holy Grace, Divine Union, sacred, sacred light. You, Dearest Children, are now the anchor of this energy, that is now anchoring the energy and peace upon this beautiful planet. And so, begin to feel this frequency as it begins to swirl around you, as you see the brilliant diamond light that is being formed and created around you. You are your own individual force field of light, and wherever you travel, wherever you go, you are to bring this energy of Divine Union, Divine balance onto this planet. This is the time, Dearest One, that what you may understand as the new Earth is now being birthed. Your beloved state of Florida represents that energy, of the frequency of the New Earth. It is there, as I have said, that the Atlanteans who have stepped forward once again to hold the energy and the template for this planet and all of creation to return to balance.

As many of you remember, when Atlantis fell, in the twinkling of an eye, and all of you were holding the energy and the essence for your beloved continent, many of you did not fully understand the consequences of why your beloved continent was in need of being destroyed. And yet, Dearest Children, there is great angst and suffering and fear that is held inside of those beings who fell and lived during the time of Atlantis, that are currently those that live in your State of Florida. It is for each of you to understand, Dearest Children, that it is not for you to live in fear, but it is for you to live in harmony and balance with the Earth Mother and with all of life, but particularly with yourself. To return to a state of peace inside of your being, to return to a state of pure love inside of your being. Dearest, dearest ones, this is the energy that you are now being asked to hold in this beautiful diamond light grid, as anchors of the light, as former Atlanteans who held this energy for your beloved continent, and now you are holding this frequency and this energy for your beloved Mother Gaea. You are holding this frequency, again, you are holding this frequency now in this moment. Please accept this gift and be at peace. Know that what has occurred and will continue to occur on this planet is to be held in pure, pure, pure love.

We know it is frightening when you are in harm’s way, but if you are in alignment and you are anchored and centered in the love, the essence of the Earth Mother, you will always be protected, you will always be protected, you will always be protected. And so, now it is time to use your light body and your light vehicle and your own merkabic field to begin to spread this energy far and wide. There is purpose and good that has come from what you call the storm called Irma. The surrounding areas will soon rebuild, and the people will come together on the islands that have suffered. And you see, Dearest Ones, much of this energy was needed to be cleared out. The fear, the destruction from the time of Atlantis. You say “why now?” Because it is time for the New Earth to emerge. 2017 is the beginning of a new cycle, and that is why there is so much change, and what you might feel is chaos and destruction that is happening upon the planet and in each person’s individual lives. So many of you are going through change and disruption, and your emotions are heightened, and there is uncertainty about what is happening within your life. You are going through a major rebirth, and also Mother Gaea is going through a major rebirth. And each of you will return as the sparkling diamond light beings that you are, each of you will return as the sparkling light beings that you are. And you are holding the template, you are the way showers, you are the messengers, just as Jeshua and I left our imprints for you to step into. We are now asking you to become those messengers, to be the way showers of love, and truly you are now being anchored into this frequency. More and more souls will awaken and they will understand the urgency to use their diamond light bodies to anchor the light, perhaps this seems a bit abstract, but I ask that you feel this around you, for we are anchoring it around you and into your frequency, in this very moment, as if you are now solidified into this frequency of pureness, wholeness, love, oneness, unity, and peace.

It is time for each of you to step forward and to speak your truth and to hold the light of the love that you are. This is not a time to hide, or to hide behind the shadows of another. We need each of you to step forward into your merkabic light bodies that you now have embraced, and step forward with this essence and resonance, with assurance that you will hold this energy for this planet and that light and love and peace shall prevail. As many of you know, we are in what we call the last 10,000 year cycle for this planet, and during this time period, peace will prevail. And yes, this planet will return back to its original state. And your civilization will return to balance as well. Just as in Atlantis, before what we call the fall, and just as in Lemuria, just before the fall, you will all live in a state of balance and harmony. Now we want each of you to begin to call this in to your individual consciousness and into your personal lives. Regardless of what is happening, we ask you to hold steady and firm, because today you are being gifted with this beautiful energy of Divine Grace, Holy Grace. And each of you are on your divine pathway, and you are in the midst of the greatest change this planet has ever seen. I know we have said this before, but those who are new today, we ask you to understand that you have agreed to be here at this most Divine time, and you have chosen to serve the Living Light of God and to be the messengers and way showers for this powerful time of transmutation and change. So, Dear Sons and Daughters, understand the power of the love that you are now holding and emitting and all that you are bringing forward, all that you are carrying in your beautiful diamond light frequency, your merkabic field, that is anchored to the energy of all that is, and anchored to Divine Mother Love, and yes, connected and anchored to Mother Gaea, it will remain pure light and pure love. This is of great importance, Dearest Children, that you teach by example and you share with the world your frequency and your strength. And your commitment to hold this frequency of Divine Grace in the purity of your own energy field and in your physical body and consciousness.

Mother Earth is in need of you as conduits, and yes, Dearest Children, so many prayers and cries for help came forward to diminish the power of the storm, but know, Dearest Ones, that the frequency of this clearing was not diminished. The intensity that you saw or felt was necessary and was needed and Dearest Ones, this powerful frequency has emitted love, healing, so that again, as I have said, your current civilization and all life forms will return back to balance. As each soul chooses to be in balance and to remain in a state of love and tranquility, there will be no need for the Earth changes. There will be no need for what we call natural disasters, because all will be in alignment. And even in your individual lives, if there is trauma or if there is chaos, we ask that you pray to return to balance, and pray for peace in your own individual lives. Be the change that you wish to see, it begins with you. One thought at a time, be the change you wish to see, one moment at a time.

And so, Dearest Children, as you step forward now into this new energy, begin to feel the freshness and feel the vibration. Perhaps you will sense it, perhaps you will feel it. There is something anew here, something feels different. And for those who are very sensitive and intuitive and connected to the frequency, you will begin to feel and sense the shift most immediately. These energies are going to be carried forward and just as the powerful wind it is going to be traveling around the globe. And so, Dearest Children, as you hold the template and these frequencies close to your heart, you are part of all the change. What you are holding in your heart for your beloved planet and all sentient beings is now being carried forth in the wind, the winds of change that have come forth so intensely, from what you call your Atlantic. Clearing out the old frequencies of the dense dark energies, not only from the fall of Atlantis, but from the current civilization. This is a time not to step backward, but to step forward into this frequency and to say yes. I choose only to hold the thoughts of love, peace, joy, tranquility, unity, and oneness in the essence of my being. And we know, Dearest Children, that circumstances and life and relationships sometimes can get in the way. We ask that you return to center and remember that you are the peace in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds you.

When people become fearful or chaotic, you are not to hold this frequency, of other people’s frequency of fear. You are standing in the peace and in the truth that you are protected in your new merkabic field, into this new frequency of Divine Grace. The powerful frequency of Grace Elohim is upon you and all of your lives are being graced, blessed, because you have chosen to step forward and to say yes. Remember, Dearest Children, you are the Earth volunteers that have come here eons and eons ago, to assist this planet. Eons ago, when you recall that the Great Conclave by Lord Sananda, by my beloved Jeshua, to assist this planet. Today, you have returned to what you call your knowingness and remembrance, of why you came to serve. Not in fear, but in love. And regardless of what is happening around you, we ask you to stay in your diamond light frequency and be at peace.

Today, Dearest Children, as you hold the love within your heart, and you feel the peace that is being emitted at this moment, so much peace is being emitted upon this planet, can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel the new vibration of the new Earth of peace returning to this planet and to all sentient beings, to all life forms? There is indeed a celebration. And as we have spoken before, the DNA that is shifting and changing in all souls who choose to be reawakened as new Earth beings are being recalibrated as we speak. And so, Dearest Ones, all of you who are on this call today are being recalibrated as New Earth beings. Hold the frequency of this light within your heart. Hold this frequency of love within your heart. Hold this frequency of peace within your heart. And you will know, Dearest Children, that your life and the lives that you touch will be affected by the peace and the energy of this New Earth. You see, Dearest Ones, you are the New Earth beings, you are the models, you are the way showers. In many ways you are the pioneers, the forerunners. Many may not understand you, but you hold the frequency anyway. You may not understand yourself, you may not understand what is occurring around you, but you are to hold this power inside of yourself with assurance and confidence that you are in divine alignment with All That Is. And again, this hurricane was in divine alignment. And so, Dearest Children, when you overcome your fear that has been your subconscious, or within your cellular memory, both of the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, but particularly at this moment, to the fall of Atlantis. You will then say, I am a powerful being in alignment with All That Is, and I am safe, I am protected, and I am here by Divine appointment to serve the living God, and I know who I am, I know my value, I know my worth, I know that I am here in service, and I shall serve and be served by the Living Light of God. And so, Dear Ones, recall your spiritual warriors, that you are our brothers and sisters who we call the ground troops here, bringing the light and the transmutation of this New Earth frequency onto the Earth. It’s like a blood transfusion, but it is an energy transfusion that has taken place.

With hurricane Irma, it is an energy transfusion that has taken place, over your Atlantic region, and it is why the storm was so huge and covered the width of your state. We will say this, that almost 10 years ago, the frequency of the hurricanes had prepared and cleared the frequency and the energy for the Atlanteans to return to the state of Florida. At that time, as we had recorded and told, many of the individuals who were not of the frequency of love would leave the state, and many of the Old Atlanteans would return. And the hurricanes and the clearings at this time have prepared the way for all to come to the state. And now, Dearest Children, the energy today is simply a remembrance that there is work to do, that all the Atlanteans are here, committed, truly committed to being in service so that your civilization can survive and thrive and return to balance. And, as you know, many are called and yet many choose, many are choosing to step forward to serve. And so, Dearest Ones, please let go of the anxiety, this deep-seated, in your subconscious, of the fall of Atlantis, let it go, let it go, let it go.

Focus now on treating the New Earth, and building the bridge for love, light, peace, tranquility, harmony, and balance to be the essence and the resonance here on the surface of your planet. Focus your intention on harmony and unity consciousness. These are not abstract thoughts or words that have no meaning, these are powerful frequencies, and you, Dearest Children, are holding it, and so spread the light and spread the word and let as many souls know that they are powerful, if they choose to hold the light, the love, the peace, that they can hold and bring forth a New Earth, and bring peace to this planet. I ask you to stop focusing and worrying on what you cannot understand or make sense of, or the negativity and the chaos that is being emitted upon this planet by what we call the dark and misdirected forces. Please do not put your attention there, please, place and put your attention only on light, love, peace, joy, unity, and oneness. And whatever comes into your life, all of you are able to transmute energy. You were able to do it in Atlantis, you are able to transmute the frequencies, as you created balance within your life there. You re-remember if you so choose the power that you’ve held during that beautiful civilization. And if you so choose, you can call forth these remembrances and transform anything, anything that no longer serves you, and create the New Earth and the new world in which you wish to create. What is in your heart? What do you desire? What do you hold as key for your mission? And we will say legacy on this Earth.

Last week, we spoke about the importance of faith, family, and friends. Today, we ask you to focus and prioritize and to let go of the fear and to embody love. Love, as you know it on this planet, is the strongest and most powerful vibration, unconditional love. And as each of you send this out, this frequency, you bring this unconditional love out onto the world. You will see it and feel it in your own lives, and in the lives and the world around you. Do not be afraid to love and do not be afraid to be loved, and do not be afraid of what you do not understand. What has occurred, as I have said, with this hurricane, that the power of unity and love and peace and light has now been emitted over your beloved state, and now the winds of change will bring this onto the world. See this, Dearest Children, as a powerful gift. And pray for those, as I have said, who have been in harm’s way. We thank them for their sacrifice, and we thank all of you for holding diligently to beloved Mother Earth. Do not do this when you are just fearful, and I repeat, do not pray and hold diligence for peace when you are fearful. Hold it in your vibration at all times, this is the way of the New Earth.

And then, Dearest Children, there is no need for fear or instability or chaos. And you say, how can this be? There is too much chaos and negativity. We say, Dearest Ones, if that is your belief, then allow it to be. We are asking you to hold vigil, because we here on this side hold vigil for this planet, and we will never stop holding vigil for beloved Mother Gaea to return back to her rightful place as a beautiful star of love that she is. And so, you can place your attention where you choose, and today, Dearest Ones, we have anchored you into the Living Light of God. Into this new merkabic field, and the diamond light grid has been anchored around you, it is a powerful, powerful force field that connects you to the energy of All That Is. And you may use it for purpose and good only. Because it is an attractor field of great magnificence, and so the more individuals that agree to receive the diamond light attractor field that is being brought forth to them on this day, then change will happen rapidly and transmutation and transformation will occur, with ease and with grace. And you’ve come together collectively on this day to receive it and to embody it and to understand it. Do not let this be something that you simply heard for a moment and dismissed, know, Dearest Children, this is of truth. We have gifted you with this what we call shield of protection, that is a powerful, powerful frequency that surrounds you, and feel the strength that you are here to serve the Living Light of God and All That Is. That is the purity of love within your heart.

We thank you, Dearest Children, for your time and your attention. I thank you for stepping forward and please let go of the fear, it does not serve you. You are children of the Living Light of God, there is to be no fear. There is only love. Love perpetuates love. Fear perpetuates fear. I am telling you, Dearest Children, please let go of the fear, it is that which draws the chaos and the Earth changes and the destruction of your beloved planet. Let it go, let it go, let it go, and embrace yourself now in the beautiful diamond light grid, as you are encompassed in this beautiful merkabic field with holiness and grace, peace, unity, and tranquility. Go with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be. For you are children of the diamond light, and light you shall remain. And peace you shall remain, and love you shall remain. Go now, my children, and hold the space for all to receive.

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