8-5-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you Dear Ones that the energy that is flooding this planet is known as the portal of the star gate of the Lion’s Gate, it is a frequency of great intensity that is causing both a great acceleration within one’s soul to assist in their divine pathway. Therefore know that each year at this time, this divine portal is a gift to humanity, it is a gift to humanity for their perseverance, their dedication and their diligence to remaining as earthly beings upon this planet, serving the living light of God. Therefore this powerful frequency is assisting others to move forward through their trials and tribulations and through their own energetic frequencies. At this time many are making the decision to transcend their energies. Some are choosing to leave their physical bodies through physical death, and others, again, are choosing to transcend their energetic frequencies and are letting go of the density and the heaviness and the old patterns that they have incorporated throughout this incarnation of time, and through many lifetimes. Therefore this powerful frequency is of great importance to all who are choosing to step in to this sense of enlightened, powerful vibratory frequency. Yes this is an extremely powerful vibratory frequency that is affecting each of you as it is entering through your pineal gland and awakening your own light body into a higher level of awareness. The light codes that are being downloaded to each of you are again affecting you at a cellular level, and affecting your physical DNA, as if your body is being altered and being recalibrated into its own light body at a greater frequency. Therefore you may begin to feel what we call ascension symptoms, of feeling light headed, out of balance, perhaps confused, tired, having headaches, body aches or symptoms of nausea, or simply not feeling as if you are truly in your body.

This frequency that is coming into the pineal gland is affecting people’s mental stability, and thus causing a reaction again of great impulsivity and for others, it is causing a sense of peace and tranquility. Therefore the energy is affecting the humans and all sentient beings in various forms, and so we ask you to begin to take a deep breath and begin to tap in to this energy of peace and love and light that is being brought forth through your pineal gland, so that you can remain stable and calm and centered, for this is a transitory time, for again as we have said, this is a time of great transition and each of you are transmuting and transforming your lives in various ways. Therefore some of you will be affected more potently than others, depending on your own free will consciousness, and your resistance to change. So at this time if you can call in this energy peacefully into your system, we would ask you to bring this vibratory frequency into your heart, and simply take a deep inhaling breath, and simply allow this energy to merge through your crown chakra into your pineal gland, thus allowing this energy now to flood into your body as you begin to feel this peace and this light and this love entering into your system, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God. Breathe in this energy and feel the peace, breathe in this energy and feel the joy, breathe in this energy and feel the transformational light that is now coming through your crown chakra, and now illuminating your third eye so that you may have more clarity and more peace, and more love and more light that is shining through your physical body, breathing in this energy, letting go and letting God. Simply allow this energy now to merge into your physicality, into your physical body, as you begin to ground this energy into the soles of your feet, down through your earth star chakra, into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, as this frequency is now being brought forth into the Earth Mother, she too is making her transition, she, too is shifting her consciousness and shifting her energy into a beautiful light form, just as your physical body is altering and shifting and changing, Mother Earth’s energy is now being received through you as a conduit, letting go and letting God.

At the deep recesses in the crystalline core of Mother Earth, there is a powerful crystalline energy that is being regenerated at this time. This crystal has been dormant throughout millions of years upon this planet’s inception, and upon this day this generating force is now being recharged and being regenerated. It simply is there to help the planet to rejuvenate, and as you tap into this energy for your individual selves, this powerful generator crystal is available to you regenerate your physical body, to regenerate your life force energy, and if you choose to call upon this frequency, it is there for each of you so that you may shift out of the old and move into the new, moving into a higher frequency of a crystalline light body, as you all are crystalline children of the light, living from your beautiful crystalline state of being, and your body will begin to sparkle and sparkle and sparkle, like a beautiful crystal. So we ask you to place your intention on connecting to this generator crystal, if you so shall, and beginning to allow this frequency now to clear and to heal, letting go and letting God.

I ask you to take another deep, inhaling breath and simply imagine that your feet, the soles of your feet have tentacles, and you are connected to this generator crystal, at the very heart of the core of Mother Earth. It will ground you and stabilize you, and keep you safe from harm, keep your body strong and healthy, your mind strong and healthy, allowing you to receive vitality, endurance, strength and above all love, simply allowing yourself to begin to feel this energy, as it shifts and transforms into your physicality, and letting your heart now begin to open, as you begin to feel this sense of calm and peace, as this energy now comes into your heart chakra, there is a calmness and a tranquility. A sense of peace and comfort, knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. All is in divine light, and that with every breath that you take, every step that you take, begin to feel this energy shift within you, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God. Feeling the energy shift inside of you, letting go and letting God. So as you begin to feel this essence and presence of love, begin to feel the energy now begin to build inside of you, as if there is a strength inside of you that is now building and building. Feel the power, feel the upsurging of the generator crystal now bringing forward a sense of peace and tranquility within your heart, within your mind, body and soul. Letting go and letting God. This is the powerful vortex of energy that is coming to you at this time. It truly, as we have said, is a gift, it is a gift for your due diligence, for being here on the earth plane, for choosing to come to the earth, time and time again, serving the living light of God, and serving beloved Mother Gaia.

Now this beautiful gift is beginning to open up within the channels of your neuropathways, allowing your physical body to begin to respond to peace, as if your central nervous system and all the neuropathways within your body are now being aligned to peace, as if it is like an infusion of peace, a calmness, a tranquility. For you do not have to remain in a state of fear, or alarm, anxiety, pressure, resistance. It is simply time now to return back to what we call homeostasis, or balance, returning to your natural state of being and your physical body, as you were created to be. Just as the time that you were sparked within your spirit, at the time of your own physical inception, when you were sparked as a cell in your mother’s womb. A small, tiny embryo, that knew of its innate wisdom, that knew how to create the physical self. You are now being sparked with that innate wisdom, you are once again being sparked with your innate truth, you are being sparked again with that innate intelligence. For there is no need to worry. Place your concerns of your life, what lies ahead of you out of your mental mind, it is simply time to turn within, and listen to that still, quiet voice. Tapping into the mental mind and being at peace. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved.

Feel the essence and the presence of the living light of God within you. Be still, be still, be still. I ask you Dearest Children, as you begin to feel this powerful frequency now enter into your consciousness, you will begin to receive the clarity that is so needed during this transition. As you move into the remaining year of 2019, and into 2020, there will be a rapid shift of consciousness upon this planet, there will be a rapid shift of energy that will be taking place within your individual lives, and you will be seeing your lives change radically. For that you which have asked to receive shall be. The doors will open one by one by one, as you begin to allow your heart to open to this vibration of truth. One by one by one. All of your hopes and dreams will now step forward, allow your heart to remain open, your mind to remain still, and your heart open to this vibration of peace, as this powerful frequency is stepping in and onto this planet, and into your individual lives. It is your choice if you wish to receive, knowing that the truth that lies inside of you is indeed love.

Simply know that all is in order and all is as it should be, and even those who have made the choice that they will be leaving their physical bodies, have chosen to transcend their freuqencies, and those who have chosen to stay in their physical bodies will be transcending their energy frequency. There is no judgment, there is no fear, all are receiving that which is in divine alignment to their soul pathway. So know at this time, Dearest Ones, that Mary and I stand with you, as you are ascending into your Christ Consciousness, ascending into your oversoul, ascending into your I AM Presence. As you emerge with your oversoul you shall begin to receive and to feel the completion of the essence of your soul. As if there is a new wisdom that you will now be carrying, as your pineal gland is now being flooded with these frequencies. A greater wisdom. So Dearest Children of the Light, feel the presence, and the love within your heart, that you have chosen upon this day to receive this powerful vortex and frequency and vibratory energy, literally, into your consciousness, into your subconscious, into your physicality, and as a conduit you ground this energy into the earth, and you are at peace. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are love.

As Mother Earth now begins to feel this generator crystal now beginning to emerge to the surface of the planet, Mother Gaia will begin to allow her energy to be transformed and shifted in alignment to this powerful generator crystal. This is different than the Atlantean crystal of Ramu, the generator crystal that was predominant during the Atlantean civilization, this is a completely different crystalline energy that holds the energy of the Sacred Mother, Divine Feminine, Divine Mother energy. This energy is of great consequence. As this powerful light form is now emerging upon the planet. We have spoken about this many times, the energy of Divine Mother, Holy Grace. This is the peace that is being brought forth to this planet at this time, continuing to transmute and transform all lower frequencies that are no longer in alignment and congruent with the energy of Mother Gaia’s frequency. As we have spoken before, those who are not in alignment with Mother Gaia on a vibratory level will have some level of unrest, and those who are in alignment with Mother Gaia at the crystalline core will be at peace. It is your choice, what you choose in your conscious state as you align to this powerful frequency that is being brought forth upon the planet at this time.

Today Dearest Ones as you hold this frequency within your heart, know that Mary and I stand with you, as we stand forth in this energy of the Sacred Union, the Sacred Balance. It is why we came forth, as we have spoken many times before, bringing the energy of Divine, Sacred Union onto this planet. The balance of the Mother Energy, the balance of the Father Energy, the balance of the holy light that is the birthright of Mother Gaia, that is the birthright of every soul who chooses to incarnate upon this planet, to be at peace. To be at balance, to be at oneness, to be in unity with all that is. Today this is the frequency of what we call the Lion’s Gate, this powerful portal awakening you to your true destiny, your true birthright, as you hold the light of God within you, and you hold the Goddess energy within you, may you feel this presence most potently and most powerfully within your being. Father Mother God, holy light, all of these frequencies are now aligning to the energy of Divine perfection, divine perfection upon your planet. Divine perfection within your physicality, yes, this is the blueprint of Divine perfection, that this powerful frequency of the Lion’s Gate is being brought forth, it is Divine perfection within your etheric blueprint, within your consciousness, subconscious, and all aspects of your being. And Mother Earth is receiving this divine perfection once again upon the surface of her back, and in the very core of her being. This powerful generator crystal, aligned with this powerful vortex of energy, coming from the Constellation of Sirius, and also from the Pleiades, are aligning the energy on this earthplane for all to feel and all to receive. All to hold and carry. As you truly are all powerful beings of light, making the choice today to receive. So Dearest Children of the Light as you hold this light within your heart, and you hold these energies within your physicality and within your consciousness, may you begin to feel this presence of God’s love upon your soul.

So as Mary and I stand with you, we infuse these energies within your oversoul, and into your Higher Self, and into your pineal gland, and into your physical bodies, into the soles of your feet, once again connecting this energy to the crystalline core of Mother Earth, connecting to this powerful generator crystal, as above, so below. So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, once again accept this gift that is being brought to you, Holy Sacred Union, Divine Union. As you bodies, your minds, your souls are returning to unity and oneness with all of life. Accept our gift upon you and for you, once again we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for your dedication that you’ve given by being here on this planet, serving and being served. We honor you and we bless you, and until we speak again, go in peace, go in peace, and go in peace, knowing that your heart is filled with love, and peace and tranquility. The light of God surrounds you, the presence of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you wherever you are God is and all is well. As you feel this energy now encompassed and embodied into every cell, every particle, every pore of your being. Go now my children and be at peace.