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8-21-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

August 21, 2017

Greetings, Dear Children of Light, it is I, Christ. I come to you on this most auspicious day. I ask each of you to stand in the power and frequency of the miracles that are to be brought forth not only in your own life, but for Mother Gaea, and for all of creation. I ask, Dearest Children, that you hold the energy of the pure, pure white light of God in a sparkling radiance, in the center of your mind. And begin to call in this purest essence now as the sparkling diamond, white light of God’s frequency is now flooding this Earth plane. Please take a deep breath, Dearest Children, and begin to breathe in this essence, breathing in this essence, breathing in this essence, calling in the frequency of Divine Love and Divine Peace for this planet, and calling in the essence and presence of joy, into the heart of all of humanity, and all of creation. And so, today, Dearest Children, as you understand this to be, your solar eclipse and the energies that are flooding this planet are the purest energy of God’s healing light, bringing forth the love and the light and the purification for this planet and all of creation to ascend into this new age of enlightenment. And so, Dearest Ones, feel the essence and presence of peace in your heart, feel the essence and presence of joy within your heart, and breathe in the power of love within your vessel, for you see, Dearest Ones, you are the children of God. You are here under this new kingdom, serving in the living light. You, Dearest Children, are here part of the Kingdom of God, serving in the living light. And know at this time, that as you allow your vessel to remain purified, and as you allow your heart to open to the ascension flame, into the miracles that will abound, please accept our gifts upon this day, as the energy of the unity consciousness and the frequency of my light emerges on the planet. Yes, Dearest One, this is the day that the energy of my essence of the Christ Consciousness now is going to be totally and completely anchored into this planet, into the unity grid, into the ley lines of this planet, and upon all of creation.

Today, Dearest Ones, celebrate the joy that this is a new day and a new beginning. This is a beginning of the healing of this planet and the return of Mother Gaea and all of creation, living in harmony and peace with one another. Yes, Dearest Ones, this is the return of balance that is so important and is so needed. You see, Dearest Ones, the energy of both civilizations, of Lemuria and Atlantis, are being united again with this solar eclipse. The frequencies of the pure essence of the civilization of the love and the balance and the harmony that reigned upon this planet during both the Lemurian and the Atlantean civilizations before the fall of each great civilization is now returning into its purest form upon the Earth. And you see, Dearest Ones, that this is cascading over your United States of America, and the pinnacle of energy is hitting the heart land of Mother Earth. There, in the center of the Earth, there, at the core of the Mother Energy, both the pure balance of love and compassion is being sealed into the inner surface and inner core of Mother Earth, Mother Gaea. And so, Dearest Ones, understand at this time, that the solar eclipse is bringing forth the balance and the unity and the freedom again for all to receive. As it is activated and integrated into the heart of Mother Earth, you see, Dearest Ones, your continental United States of America was created as a land of freedom and opportunity, and it is why there is no accident that your Northern Continent is sandwiched, as they say, between the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, and so, Dearest Ones, today, as your solar eclipse cascades over your continental United States, begin to feel this balance within yourself, opening to the heart, and connecting to the heart of Mother Earth. Praying for this balance, praying for this unity, praying for this connection that all is in order and all is as it should be.

So simply breathe in the Living Light of God, and feel the essence of peace as this wave of light now clears and purifies all of the shadow side of your soul and your personality. As if now the beautiful solar eclipse is washing away all of the dark energies, and all of the pain, the negativity and the sorrow that is held within every sentient being. Call forth this frequency, inside of yourself, of balance, to clear the way and the darkness that resides within your being. The anger, the fear, any old and stagnant energies that no longer serve you, please allow these energies that are flooding upon your planet this day, and through the ensuing days, to continue to heal you and to restore you so that you may return to balance as Mother Gaea is returning to balance, and all are ascending into their full glory, being at peace, and being at Oneness with all of life.

And so, Dear Ones, please take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in these powerful frequencies. There is no need to worry, there is no cataclysmic event that will take place, that will cause any harm or damage, all that will change will be the upheaval inside of you that will now return to peace. You see, Dearest Ones, this is the flooding of the cosmic ray of love that I, Christ, bring to you. I am flooding you and your planet with the cosmic ray of white light, bringing healing and restoration to all souls. It is of great importance, Dearest Ones, as you know, that this planet return back to its original state of honor, beauty and glory. And you, Dearest Children, are to be the ones to hold this frequency in its purest form, for it to feel and to resonate and shine your light so others may see that you are the living example of the living example of God’s healing energy. You are the living examples of the Living Light of God’s healing energy. I ask that you prepare yourself now to receive and to feel this essence and presence within your heart. And so, open yourself up to the living light and breathe, and release, breathe and release, breathe and release. Opening yourself to the Living Light of God, breathe and release, breathe and release. And so, I ask you, Dear Ones, to honor this powerful frequency that lives inside of you, it is the remembrance of the balance and the unity and the Oneness of your powerful spirit. Today, as this powerful solar eclipse brings its wave of healing cosmic love to your planet, can you feel the return of the divinity and the unity that lives inside of your being? Feeling the strength inside of you, to return back and to live and embody the pure essence of your spirit. Letting your spirit shine through you so others may see and feel the magnificence of your being. And today, it is a jump-starting of energy, today, as you begin to flood this planet with your beautiful rays of light wherever you travel, you will begin to bring the unity consciousness and the grid of the cosmic love of the Christed light, to now begin to merge even deeper within the hearts of all living beings. All sentient beings will begin to feel this energy and respond to love.

It is that which we call forth on this day, in alliance, not only with our universal connector, including the Council of Light, the Council of Twelve, and the Galactic Federation, and yes, Dearest Children, the White Brotherhood, the Great White Light is here infusing his powerful frequency and flooding the Earth with healing. This is a powerful day of resurrection and do not allow yourself to live in fear, or to allow yourself to be afraid. Stand in the living truth of who you are. Knowing the importance of the role that each of you play by holding the Christ cosmic love and light in your own souls. Yes, Dearest Children, each of you are holding the cosmic light of love and healing in your own souls. Bring it into your own life first, and then bring it into another. Bring it into your own life first, and then bring it into another, and then bring it onto this planet. Bring it into your own life first, and then share it onto the world. The essence and presence of your love, the essence and presence of your peace, the essence and presence of your glory, the essence and presence of your light, know at this time that as the hearts are now opening to this expansion of the Living Light of God from within you, you are serving and being served by my cosmic love and light and healing upon your soul. Yes, as these waves of ascension and these frequencies are being emitted onto Mother Gaea upon this day, I personally bring to you healing within your own soul, so that you may receive cosmic love, light, and healing. Cosmic love, light, and healing. And so, breathe in this frequency and breathe in the Living Light of God, as you open yourself to the wonders and to the magnificence of this most glorious and auspicious day. I will take my leave and allow Mary Magdalene to speak, I thank you for your time, I thank you for your attention, and I thank you for the Living Light of God that lives inside of your being.

Greetings my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to you, and I bow to each of you. And I thank you for holding the template of love for this planet to ascend. Today, as you receive these energies that are flooding upon this planet, as many understand it to be the solar eclipse, please honor the love that we are bringing to you today, Jeshua and I, as we bring forth the energy of Divine Union and Holy Grace upon your souls. This is the reason that we came together to bring this unity and balance upon the Earth plane, as we held our own frequencies of the unity, of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, bringing these energies together as one frequency. Returning the balance upon this planet, for all to feel and all to embody. And so, today, Dearest Ones, as this beautiful solar eclipse comes flooding upon your Earth, know Dearest Ones, that the balance of the Father/Mother God, and the essence of Divine Mother, Divine Father, please call it into your heart, and bring the balance inside of your being. Call forth this balance and feel the strength of the Living Light of God inside of you, call forth the strength of the Living Light of God inside of you. Calling in the essence of this love and this healing. It has always been our sacred contract to bring this unity consciousness onto the Earth plane. It has always been our contract to bring the cosmic love and light upon the Earth plane. And today, Dearest Ones, please accept this gift as Jeshua and I infuse the power of Divine Union and balance and unity inside of your being, walking in balance, walking in strength, walking in unity.

Know as you return and re-remember who you are, as you claim the strength of your spirit and your true Divinity, you will walk this Earth plane with confidence and with reassurance that you are here by Divine appointment, living and serving in union with all of life. You see, Dear One, the unity vibration, and yes, the unity grid, is being anchored today upon your Earth. Unity consciousness, yes, the balance, Father/Mother God, and those powerful civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, will begin to rise again. And the frequency of their purest form will now rise as if those civilizations are now reappearing with their energy and their frequencies now stepping forth in the purest forms in which they once existed, in physical matter upon this Earth. And so, you see, these frequencies are now being anchored into the heartland of Mother Earth, the very crystalline core of Mother Earth at the heart, here in the center of the Earth, and on the outer Earth, represented in your heartland, in the United States of America, this powerful frequency is now being anchored. You, Dearest Ones, are pillars of light, and you also are anchors, you are holding and bridging this frequency of unity consciousness and Divine union and balance, not only for your own personal lives, but you are also way showers and messengers spreading the word and bringing this peace onto the Earth plane. Each of you has a powerful job, and each of you are to carry this frequency far and wide to all of your places of travel, both on the Earth plane and multi-dimensionally in your galactic and inter-galactic travels. It may be hard to comprehend, but your spirit is receiving this energy and it is bringing forth this frequency of unity consciousness out into the multi-dimensional frequencies, in your solar system, in your galaxy, in your universe, and yes, beyond. There is indeed a clarion call that is taking place today, a call for help from Mother Gaea once again, and many of the galactic brothers and sisters are heeding this call to assist Mother Gaea and humanity to ascend. Just as you have understood the Great Conclave, there is another clarion call for help for humanity and all sentient beings to help each to ascend and to live now in harmony and balance in the fifth dimension, both on the physical plane of this Earth and etherically.

You see people will begin to shift in their attitudes and demand peace in a gentle way. No longer ignoring or turning their heads, but standing tall and proud as messengers and way showers of the Living Light of God, and the cosmic love that all are embodied. And resonate to the Great I AM. To the beloved I AM presence that lives inside each being, this clarion call will awaken each soul to the understanding that they are magnificent and that they are holding a frequency of grave importance. Today, during this beautiful solar eclipse, I want each of you to understand that this frequency has a greater and more significant meaning than what you scientists can understand, your observers can understand. The underlying energies and frequencies that are flooding this planet are here to heal all of the negativity and the violence, the pain and the sorrow. Waves and waves of healing are being sent to this planet. Waves and waves are being sent to this planet. This is a powerful day to let go of the old and make way for the new. As your moon obscures your sun, know that today we come to heal the shadow side of the darkness that prevails inside each being. Today, it is as if you are having a soul rebirth, and your soul is being purified. And the memories and the pain and sorrow from your soul and the collective consciousness of all that you’ve ever experienced on this Earth plane is now to be healed. This is a gift that we bring to you today, we are sending you healing and bringing you healing, and clearing all that no longer serves you. More and more souls are awakening to the Living Light of God, to the beloved I AM presence that lives inside of their being, the calling is strong and people are turning within, they are listening to the still, quiet voice from within that allows them to feel, to feel and to know their I AM presence that lives so deeply and so profoundly and so richly inside of their beings.

Each soul shall awaken to the beloved I AM presence and this is how peace will prevail. This is how Divine Union and balance shall prevail. This is how unity shall now prevail upon your planet.These are not words that are of empty promises. I say to you again, these are not false words or empty promises, this is truth, and if you choose to accept the energy and the frequencies that are being brought to you and to Mother Gaea and to all life forms, during this powerful time of ascension, you will see today is a very powerful ascension day, the frequency is moving your planet and its consciousness into a higher vibration state of being. And so, Dear Ones, many of you are living in the fourth and fifth dimensions, and many of the animal kingdom and indeed the crystal kingdom and mineral kingdom are already living in the higher dimensional frequency. And so, Dear One, you are being uplifted from the third to the fourth and to the fifth dimensions. And if it is your choice, you will reside in the fourth dimension, in your physicality as your physical body shifts from the third dimensional frequency into the fourth, you are going to feel lighter and lighter and lighter, and your body is in need of rest and relaxation. And so join me today with all of the other beings of light who are celebrating, celebrating the cosmic rays of love that are flooding this planet, celebrating the Christ Consciousness, the unity grid that is flooding your northern continent and the entire planet. Your United States of America has been gifted with this frequency because you, Dear Ones, have been gifted with Grace Elohim, what we call Lady Liberty, of freedom and justice. We spoke about this last week, but I speak about it again, your country was founded on freedom, religious freedom and liberty and justice for all, equality and opportunity. And so, Dear Ones, you have been the model for the world. And yet, Dear Ones, there has been separation from the original concept of your constitution. And so now, these powerful frequencies of returning back to Oneness and standing in the truth, that which your country and its people proclaimed over 200 years ago, liberty and justice for all, your statue of liberty, Lady Liberty, you see, Dearest Ones, the solar eclipse is infusing this energy of liberty and justice and freedom and balance once again, just as in Telos, the underground city in Mt. Shasta, the Lemurians exist in balance and harmony, and you, Dearest Children, will now return to this original state of balance and perfection as well. Again, this is not a false promise, it is what your civilization is destined to achieve.

You are the way showers, you are the pioneers, you are here serving in this capacity, as the templates holding this frequency and balance for this planet and all of creation. This is indeed a powerful day, Dearest Ones, regardless of what you totally and completely understand, the shift of consciousness is now being flooded, the cosmic light of Christ healing, love, is now flooding this planet. The unity grid is now anchored in complete divine union with all of creation, the beloved I AM stands proud, beloved I AM stands proud, beloved I AM stands proud.

And so beloved I AMs, as you receive this energy today and within the next ensuing days and weeks, please anchor yourselves into the cosmic light and love of the unity consciousness that my beloved Jeshua and I have brought forth and anchored upon this day with the assistance of the mighty flame and the assistance of all our galactic brothers and sisters, in the celestial realm, and the beloved I AM presence, anchoring divine union into the earth, and allowing the return of peace and love to seal and to heal our beloved Mother Gaea so that she too may return to her rightful place and return to the balance in which she was created. Holy holy holy light, we allow this beautiful frequency of holy light and the energy of Grace Elohim to bless our souls. We thank you for this time, we thank you for this attention, we thank you for the beloved I AM presence that lives inside of each of our beings. Understand that today, the ascension flame and the solar eclipse are working in tandem and in unity to bring peace to this beloved planet. Go now, my beloved children, return to love, return to love, return to love.

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