8-19-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings my beloved, yes it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. As we invoke the cosmic flame of freedom into each of your hearts, we ask you now to begin to breathe in the generator crystal that is centered into the inner earth, into the crystalline core of Mother Earth. And as you begin to receive this frequency once again into your consciousness, into your subconscious, and into all aspects of your being, may you begin to breathe in this frequency of unlimited light, freedom, joy, peace and tranquility. And so I ask each of you, Dearest Children, to take a deep, inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in this frequency.

For this powerful generator crystal has now begun to work with each soul upon this planet, to begin to recreate the original blueprint of every soul, to return to its divine perfection. And so I ask each of you to begin to breathe in this frequency so that you may allow the generator crystal that is held within the inner earth. This powerful generator crystal that holds the origination and the frequency of the totality of all that is, from the beginning of time and unlimited light and love and power to enter into your consciousness, into your physicality, and simply allow this frequency now to stir and rise within you, so that your original blueprint can now become activated within your physical DNA, and your body will begin to recreate itself into the crystalline light body and light form and into the diamond light frequency that you are. So I ask each of you to take a deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in this consciousness, begin to breathe in this frequency, begin to breathe in this light. And begin to feel the love, beginning to feel your I AM presence as it centers into your heart. Beginning to feel your magnificence, and the brilliance of your diamond light, as you begin to sparkle and to become more effervescent and radiant and luminescent in your light body, in your physical body, and in all of your subtle light bodies, your mental, emotional, spiritual, and all of your energetic frequencies on all multi-dimensional levels, and through all dimensions, time and space. You are a beautiful, brilliant light particle, and yes Dearest Children you were originally created with this light particle as a spark of light from the Great Creator, and today as the generator crystal begins to help assist you in generating and regenerating and transmuting all distortions from the beginning of time, so that you may begin to return to your origination of the brilliance of who you truly are.

We know this sounds a bit implausible in many ways, and yet Dear One it is a part of the transmutation of the energy from your physicality into your I AM presence. It is a part of the ascension process, it is a part of why you are here. It is why you came to this earth plane, to begin to transmute the lower densities and move into your brilliance, into your magnificence, into your diamond light particle once again. Simply allow yourself to return to the origination of your Divine Spirit, it is so needed at this time, you see, for as you understand, the destructive forces are prevalent upon this earth plane. There are many energies that are discordant that are not in harmony and in balance with the earth. Each of you are needed to raise your frequency, to rise above the mundane, to rise above your humanness and return to your brilliance and your magnificence as you remain in your physical bodies, and physical form, shifting the energies and helping the world to change. Simply by your presence, by your energy, by your magnificent light body. So today the generator crystal is assisting you in begin able to create and manifest a new physical body, a new physical form, healing all distortions that are not of divine perfection. And if you can call forth your etheric blueprint, your etheric double and imagine the aspect of your etheric double holding the magnificence and brilliance of the beautiful diamond light that you are, just as you visualize and perhaps feel this energy and essence, of the sunlight upon your body, feeling the warmth, feeling the magnificence of the sun shining on your physical body, allow yourself to begin to feel this energy now radiating from your auric field, from your physicality, as if you are feeling this energy within your physicality, within your consciousness. That your energy is expanding, that you are able to literally feel your energy in its brilliance and its magnificence, as you can feel yourself radiating like a beautiful star in the sky.

For many of you, in this past week, since we have brought forth the energy of the generator crystal to your attention, many of you have been feeling sluggish or tired, or a bit discombobulated from your physical selves. It is simply because the generator crystal is restructuring not only your physical body but your crystalline light body, and reorganizing your physical DNA. Therefore your body needed to readjust to these frequencies that the generator crystal is bringing forth to you. It is also reconfiguring at the inner earth, and allowing the inner earth’s energy to be brought forth to the surface of this planet, simply allowing the harmonic frequencies of the inner earth to be felt upon the earth plane. You may begin to feel it in areas and pockets of the world, you may begin to feel it within your own home, you may begin to feel this sense of balance within your own physical selves. Simply allowing and understanding that this generator crystal is here to bring forth the energy of peace and harmony and tranquility onto the earth, once again. In its origination, Mother Gaia held this beautiful perfected state of crystalline innocence and purity, and before any humans or any sentient beings occupied the surface of her back she remained as a brilliant star, unaffected by any distortions. As this planet agreed to have humans and other life forms inhabit it, the distortions began, because of free will and because of the Grand Experiment that Mother Gaia chose to be a part of. To allow energies of other life forms to come to the planet and to continue to reside upon the surface of her back. And yet now it is time for the origination of her brilliance and magnificence to once again return to its divine perfection.

This has been said many times before, but it is time, it is time, it is time. For this is why the generator crystal has made itself known. It is why you are needed to recalibrate your energy so that you can be of assistance to Mother Gaia in your Divine perfected state of being. So today as you allow your heart to open and your mind to begin to heal, and your physical body adjusting to this frequencies, it is of grand importance that you allow your heart chakra now to begin to open, so that you can assist others who are in need of your light, your harmony, your peace and your love, as you bring your light onto the world, you are assisting the Grand Design for Mother Gaia. There as you hold this energy and essence within the heart of your heart, may you feel the presence of God’s Living Light upon your soul.

Now as you accept this as your truth, Dearest Children, the beautiful generator crystal now comes forth to you in a pale, green pearlescent energy, as if this frequency is now entering into your auric field, into your consciousness, and beginning to heal all distortions that are not of pure love and light. This magnificent energy is now entering into every cell, every atom, every molecule of your being, this beautiful pale, green, pearlescent energy holds the energy of truth, as you begin to manifest and create from the strength of truth of who you are. It is time that each of you begin to create and manifest for your life the desired outcomes, of why you have come to this earth plane, no longer letting distortions and fear rule, but simply living from the truth of your being, and feeling the power of all that you are. No longer letting or allowing your own fears to control you, but simply allowing your heart now to be open to the energy and the essence of this beautiful generator crystal, that lies inside the inner earth, creating and recreating instantaneously, and now this powerful energy is clearing the distortions within your energetic frequency, it is clearing the distortions within your mind, body and spirit.

So I ask you once again to take a deep breath, and call this energy into your heart, and begin to feel the energy rise within you, as you begin to feel this essence, this luminescent, pearl green energy, lightly opening your third eye so that you may begin to see clearly and have clarity about your life stream, and about your life path, and your own mission here on earth. In many ways it is your responsibility to accept your magnificence, so that you can take the hand of your brother and sister as each one teach one, each one lead one. You are rising above the mundane and living in your brilliance. This is inspirational, it is contagious, as each of you begin to step forward into the Creator energy in which you were originally created. This is the role, this is the purpose of the generator crystal coming into your lives at this time, in many ways like a steam roller, or a locomotive gathering steam and energy, and you begin to feel this energy rising within you, and you are unstoppable, and the synchronist events will begin to open one by one by one, the opportunities come forward, and you begin to create what you desire. What you need is there before you need it, it is there in many ways before you even think about creating it, the generator crystal is there bringing gifts of manifestation, and creation energy to you. As if these gifts for your life pathway are laid upon your feet, or given to you, before you know that you even needed it. So we ask you today to accept these gifts, and to believe and so you shall receive.

So take a deep, deep inhaling breath and call this energy in. Allow this to come in, as if you are breathing it into your solar plexus, breathing it into your emotional center, feeling this stirring and rising inside of you. What you think, what you ask for, what you hold as your intention shall be gifted onto you, as they say, handed to you. As if somehow you have a lucky hand, or the luck of the Irish, as if things are simply falling into your life without effort, without energy, but yes, you have aligned yourself to the generator crystal, to the original energy of creation. And how the earth has created itself, and just as the earth brings forth the creation of energy in her magnificence and her brilliance, of all the wonders that you see in the world, all of the abundance that she brings forth, it is for you now to receive this abundance, it is for you to receive these gifts of creation. No longer feeling as if you are not worthy, that you are a victim of circumstances, you have no control, your life is limited, you cannot, and all that you bring in your limited mind that causes you to stay stuck in lack and limitation.

So today the generator crystal now begins to bring forth this powerful frequency inside of you, as if you are now reabsorbing this frequency. As you begin to embody and embrace it, and accept it as truth. It is a freely-given gift onto you, and so as you call once again the violet flame of transmutation to begin to clear all the distortions, may you accept this gift of love that is being gifted to you today. As you hold the energy of love within your heart, that you are worthy as a magnificent child of light who has chosen to come to this earth plane time and time again, to serve and to be served, to love and to be loved. To honor yourself and honor the life stream that you are, the magnificence of your being. You are here by grand design, for it is time, it is time for you to bring forth the energy of the I AM presence into your magnificence.

May the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. So Dearest Children of Light, as you accept this gift upon this day, my Mary and I bless you, as you accept this beautiful energy of the Cosmic Flame of Freedom. This is a day of freedom for you, as you return to your I AM presence, as you allow yourself to move forward into this energy of freedom, from your limited mind to the Cosmic Freedom of Divine Love and Peace that is your birthright. So as you allow yourself to ascend into this frequency, and allow yourself to live in this vibration, as if you are living bathed in this beautiful pale, pearlescent green energy, that your physical body, your mind, your consciousness and all aspects of your being are in this stream of consciousness from now to eternity. This can never be taken from you, it is simply a gift that is being given to you upon this day. So accept this beautiful gift, that the generator crystal offers onto you, you are brilliant, you are magnificent, you are divine, beloved children, accept this gift as truth, and until we speak again, go in peace.