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Lea Chapin

8.17.20 – New Beginnings

August 21, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones, yes this is I, Christ. I come to each of you on this day and I bow to each of you. Today is a very important day, for this is a day of what we call acceleration. For after what you call your Lion’s Gate of 8/8, of these new beginnings, this is a turning point for many souls upon this planet. This is a turning point of new beginnings, for each of you to leave what you call a chapter of your life behind you and to be able and willing to move forward into your spiritual truth. To step forward and to begin to honor the truth and the light and the love that you have chosen to bring forward onto this planet. It is so needed at this time, for the light workers to step forward into their power and to reclaim their true divinity, to claim their true essence, and to claim the true remembrance of who they truly are. It is a pivotal time in the history of your earth cycle. For this is a time for your civilization to move forward into the next leg of its journey. We have been preparing for this moment, as Mary and I have prepared for this time over 2,000 years ago, for each of you and for the earth to step forward into a new vibrational frequency. There are new ley lines and grid lines that are being built around the planet, that will allow the vibration of a higher frequency of energy to be brought forward to this planet. These are the new earth energies that are being laid now by many of the galactic beings of light who are coming to the earth. There are many, as you say, sightings that have been received by those who are able to see the Galactic Council, and yes, the new earth energies are stepping forward and all are receiving these frequencies both on a conscious level, subconsciously, and indeed these frequencies are being encoded within the physical DNA of all sentient beings. All life forms are now being recalibrated, rejuvenated, all life forms are now receiving these healing frequencies as you are now, once again, continuing to clear the lower vibrational frequencies of your human consciousness into a higher consciousness of purity and love.

So today I ask each of you to hold the space of love, first for yourself and then for another. Holding the space of love first for yourself and then for another. Holding the space of love first for yourself and then for another. So please take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the energy of the White Light of God, breathing in this essence, breathing in this peace, breathing in this tranquility, breathing in this love. Today as you place your hand over your heart and begin to feel the essence and presence of your true divinity, begin to feel the energy and the essence of your physical body now beginning to shift from fear to love. Releasing any discordant energy that is not of pure love and pure light, as each of you are continuing to move forward into your crystalline light body, and the energies that are being downloaded are being received and are being recognized as powerful frequencies of healing. Once again, these are being recorded, these are being acknowledged, this are being seen, for these times that are occurring upon this planet are rapidly changing the vibration, as we have said, and if you allow yourself to receive these frequencies and these downloads, that are coming from the Galactic Council and the Angelic Beings of Light, you will begin to feel a lighter sense within your physical body. These have been difficult times, these have been trying times, this has been a heavy year for many people. But these clearings and the heaviness that has occurred upon your planet in this year of 2020 has been necessary for it is a purging, as if it is purging and releasing all of the old energies that no longer serve. Any untruth shall be revealed, any frequencies that are not concordant with your vibrational frequency, of your pure innocence and your precious light will continue to be purged. So many souls are now clearing and purging old emotions, old fears, and all of this is surfacing, as you know, upon your planet. This is the purging that is needed, it is partially why so many people are choosing to leave their physical bodies at this time, because they are choosing to leave and ascend for a variety of reasons, some choosing to assist on the other side, some not able to deal with the energies here on this planet, and some choosing to go to other realms of light, to heal.

For those who have chosen to stay and are trying to alchemize the energies upon this planet, we commend you, we know it has not been easy, but you are truly shedding your skin as they say. You are choosing at this time to step out of your old earth body and move forward into your new earth body as new earth beings of light. So perhaps, Dearest Children, you can begin to receive this frequency with a joyous heart and an open heart, and a gracious heart. And understand that what has occurred in this year of 2020, again, is part of the purging, part of the clearing that has been necessary for these new earth energies and the new beginnings for your planet and all life forms. So do not despair as they say, you are coming around the corner, there is a reprieve, there is joy, there is happiness, there are new beginnings. There will be lightness in the air, and joy in the air, as if after a summer rain where you begin to feel the freshness and the clearing, and so allow yourself to feel this for yourself, for that which no longer serves you will continue to fall away, and so this is a good time, as they say, to choose to let go and to let God. To surrender, trust, allow and receive. Surrender, trust, allow and receive. This is a powerful day to surrender, trust, allow and receive. Simply allowing yourself to feel this energy of peace as new beginnings are upon you. As you prepare for these new beginnings and move into what you call your fall, stepping forward, the excitement and the anticipation that is being felt within all the kingdoms, all life forms, are being received. The mineral kingdom, the planet kingdom, the animal kingdom, all are receiving these new frequencies and yes, the human civilization in many ways is the last to receive. Today you can change the course or the trajectory of your own life by letting go and understanding that these new energies are your birthright, this is why you have come here at this time upon this planet, to merge into your new earth energies, as if you are stepping into a whole new frequency. It is as if you are now ascending into what you understand is your I AM presence, into Christ Consciousness, just as I, at the time of my crucifixion, let go of my physical and merged forward into my Christ Consciousness, my I AM presence at a deeper level.

You do not have to go through the pain and suffering, but many unfortunately are releasing their emotions and so this is the crucifixion, this is the resurrection, this in many ways is the Second Coming of Christ as you step forward into this awareness that you are now resurrecting yourself into your I AM presence, and you hold the power of your spiritual truth to create and manifest all that you need to manifest and to create for yourself, and that every opportunity to simply surrender, trust, allow and a receive is necessary at this time, to let go of the old, make way for the new. I will allow myself to step back now, and allow Mary Magdalene to speak, for I thank you Dearest Children for this opportunity to share.

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I say to each of you that today as you step forward into this new frequency, imagine yourself stepping out of your body and merging into your light body and looking back at yourself and your life, and saying yes, I choose to surrender, trust, allow and receive. I choose to move forward into my new earth body, into my crystalline light body and receive these frequencies and these downloads of energy that are now for the highest good of my own soul, of my physical body, of my own consciousness. These frequencies are shifting your physiology, perhaps your own belief systems, your own limited thinking, and allow you to step into the spiritual truth of who you are. Literally stepping forward into your I AM presence, accessing your Higher Self and your I AM presence at a deeper and more profound level. So today as you receive this energy, as you receive this gift, know that Yeshua and I stand with you, and blessed mother stands before you as she places her hand over our Sacred Heart, helping you to simply surrender and trust, moving forward into your I AM presence, moving forward into your magnificence, moving forward into your brilliance, today as you enter into this state of grace, truly prepare yourself to receive. Knowing that the love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Preparing yourself to receive, preparing yourself to receive, preparing yourself to receive. Today as you enter into this state of grace, allow your heart to open, your mind to be healed, and begin to feel this shift, as if something has clicked inside of you and you are no longer the same. Perhaps something within your physical brain, you think what has changed, what has shifted? I am no longer fearful, I am able to create and manifest at will, I am able to change my consciousness, instantaneously, from fear to love. Into peace, into joy, this is truth.

You hold this power, the spiritual power of truth, that you are a divine being of light, and you are able to create and manifest at will. Just as Yeshua has said, you are able to do greater things than he, you have the same power, you have equal power, you have even greater power, for choose today to receive. These frequencies are powerful and perhaps they are palpable to you, perhaps you are feeling this sense of something shifting around you, altering your consciousness, perhaps you are feeling as if you brain activity has somehow shifted to another gear. This is important, Dearest Ones, to acknowledge this, to acknowledge how you’re feeling in your physical body and being aware of your consciousness, that you are able to hold and to have the power to create and manifest at will. All you need is at your fingertips. This is truth. You are here with us and Merlin is with us today, Merlin the magician. So call upon Merlin to manifest what you need. To call forth your desires, your hopes, your dreams, calling in these frequencies, calling in the love, calling in the power, calling in the joy. Allowing yourself to now shift from your old life into a new beginning. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, as they say, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. So this excitement and this anticipation that Yeshua and I hold for you, we are so delighted to assist you, we are so delighted to help you. We are here by divine appointment to help you to receive. So now as you begin to deepen this connection and this energy, and yes, the belief, that you are worthy to receive. Take a deep breath and simply surrender, trust, allow and receive like the beautiful star that you are. Surrender, trust, allow and receive, like the beautiful star that you are, surrender, trust, allow and receive, like the beautiful star that you are. Feeling the presence, feeling the essence, feeling the joy, feeling the peace. Surrender, trust, allow and receive.

Do not allow yourself to be fearful or to discount all that you are receiving. Regardless of what you sense, feel, or believe is your truth, you are being given this gift as you move forward into your crystalline light body, as a new earth being, because you are the messengers and the way showers, you are here by divine appointment, and you are serving the Living God. So today as you call in what we call the Violet Flame of Transmutation, St. Germaine and Merlin are here, both eager to assist you in shifting your consciousness and allowing your physical body to become lighter and lighter as your light body begins to shine even brighter and brighter and brighter, as you are burning away the density, burning away any disharmonic frequencies, burning away any fear, and now bringing only joy into your being. So breathe in the vibration of joy, joy to the world. As you prepare yourself to receive, open your heart to this remembrance, open your heart to this peace, open your heart to this tranquility, joy to the world. Joy to you and me, joy to you and me, breathing in this vibration of joy into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. It is time to rejoice as a new earth being, to be joyful, be peaceful, to be centered, to be calm. Joy to the world. Merge forward into this light and into this love and into this power, feel the freedom, feel the love, feel the joy, prepare yourself to receive. So once again deepen your connection to your I AM presence as if you are aligning yourself now, your consciousness, to your Higher Self, to your I AM presence, feeling and seeing your new earth body, perhaps you are seeing your spirit for the first time, recognizing and honoring the beauty of you, the power of you, the magnificence of you, and so today allow your heart to open and your mind to be healed, once again prepare yourself to receive.

Yeshua and I stand with you and we stand beside you, and Mother continues to hold the space of love for your heart, so you can shift from fear to love and bring in peace and joy. And Merlin and St. Germaine are transforming and clearing and recalibrating your energies, so that you are able to manifest, to create, to feel this sense of freedom, to feel the magic of your new Earth Body that you are lighter and lighter and lighter in your consciousness, and you are holding the space of love for all to receive. As you share your light and your joy, it becomes contagious, and this is the new earth energy, this is the energy that you are bringing forward, peace, love and joy, peace love and joy. Now bring it into your body, bring it into your consciousness with another breath, as you open your heart to truly receive. Today this is a new beginning.

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