7-8-19 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say to you Dear Ones that the energy that is on the planet is quite intense at this time, and the transformation of the earth is shifting most rapidly. For those who live in the United States of America, and who live in the State of California, the intensity of the seismic activity, of the earthquakes, are a prelude to what is forthcoming. There is more intensity of energy that is building upon the planet, and as Mother Earth begins her own resurrection and as she begins to shift into a higher frequency, her energies are now beginning to rumble and her energies are now becoming more intensified. So we say to you Dear Ones that you may begin to feel this energy inside of you, of intensity that your own transformational process and your own resurrection is near, for there will be many who will make their ascension through physical death and there will be many who will now begin to resurrect and shift their energies into a higher frequency while remaining within the body. So the energies of the earth, is now affecting so many of the souls here on the planet, for all is in alignment, for the ascension and resurrection of your current civilization to move into the fifth dimensional frequency at a collective level. So therefore, know Dear Ones that what you are sensing or what you are feeling is simply a letting go of the old and a making way for the new. And allowing your own resurrection process to move forward.

I ask you at this time to take a deep inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God, simply begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God. And call in the beautiful flame, the sixth ray of the resurrection flame, of the seven sacred flames. Simply know at this time as you call in this energy, begin to breathe this energy into your heart, feeling the energy of the resurrection flame as it now begins to stir within you. So Dear Ones we ask you to breathe in the energy of the resurrection flame to begin to ignite within your own soul and within your physicality the transmuting of the energy of a lower vibrational frequency that each of you are now holding and carrying as you begin to shift into a higher frequency of divine love, mercy and peace. As you begin to allow your body to begin to shift and transmute, and to release all of the density that no longer serves you, including any mental beliefs, any emotional patterns, any outdated vows or imprints of energies that are held within your own Akashic records, and through this energy we ask you to now begin to transmute and allow your own frequency to be resurrected, into the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and into the eleventh and twelfth dimensional frequencies, as you begin to transmute and move through your earthly plane of existence, simply allowing yourself to rise above the mundane. Letting go and letting God.

We ask you to breathe in this beautiful flame, of the resurrection flame. Begin to feel your body begin to vibrate, as you begin to resonate with this powerful flame, for this flame has a vibration of its own, it has a powerful frequency of tremendous strength and power. Just as Yeshua my beloved used this flame to resurrect his physical body after the crucifixion, we ask you now to call in this flame to resurrect your life, your mental, your emotional, your etheric and your physical bodies, and all of your subtle light bodies, so that your own etheric blueprint and your own auric field are now glistening with this beautiful flame. As you begin to breathe this frequency into your heart, know that the light of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. So breathe in this energy and begin to allow these frequencies once again to clear all that no longer serves you. For the flame is transmuting lower vibrational frequencies. This is the energy that Mother Earth is now moving through. This is the energy that Mother Earth is now shifting her vibration and clearing lower frequencies on the surface of her back. And as each soul aligns themselves with the energy of Mother Earth there will be peace, there will be harmony, there will be balance. Those who are in a discordant state of energy or in a distressed state, that are not in a peaceful state, will begin to feel the effects within their own soul. And on the surface of the back of this planet, as she clears these lower frequencies from her own embodiment as Mother Gaia.

So today as you call in this flame of resurrection and you align yourself to the energy of Mother Earth, as you rise into the fifth dimensional frequency and beyond with Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, you will begin to feel this sense of lightness and peace and transformational love that is felt within your heart. As if all is well and all is in order. That regardless of what is happening around you, you are now centered in peace and tranquility, and at the center of your core there is love, there is peace, there is light, there is hope, there is renewal. May you be at peace. Know at this time as you begin to feel this shift of energy within you, may you call upon the essence of your divine self and allow yourself to now resurrect and merge into your divine self, into your I AM Presence, into the energy of the Christ Consciousness. You are ascending from your lower frequencies into the I AM Presence, into the Christ Consciousness. The energy upon the planet is now conducive and supporting all souls to shift in consciousness. Regardless of what you understand, regardless of what you may feel, your own energies are ascending into this higher frequency of love.

For the rest of this year of 2020, there will be many changes not only physically on the earth, but there will be many changes occurring for this planet. More and more people will begin to awaken to returning to a conscious state of honoring the earth, and honoring their own physicality. People will begin to awaken to the realization that we truly are one, and what we do affects another. Collectively as a civilization we affect the energy of our planet, our Mother Gaia. Our collective consciousness is affecting the earth, the collective consciousness is changing the trajectory of the future of the planet, and until each person can return to oneness and peace within their hearts, and resurrect and ascend into the fifth dimensional frequency, then there will continue to be earth changes, there will continue to be a state of imbalance that is felt upon the earthplane. It is not to cause fear or confusion, or even to bring a sense of discouragement, it is simply for you to be aware, so that you can be responsible for your own actions, thoughts, words and deeds, and be sovereign over your own self. So today the resurrection flame is here for you to use to resurrect your life, so that you may move forward into the pathway that you so desire, being at peace, living in harmony, living in balance, allowing this energy to come into your mind, body and spirit.

So today as the resurrection flame is transmuting this frequency, my beloved Yeshua is standing with you, and he is helping you to resurrect your energy, just as he did his own after the crucifixion, so that he could return back to perfect health, and return to a perfect state of being in his physical form. He is gifting you this gift today as he is holding the energy for beloved Mother Gaia as she resurrects her energy to emerge in her perfected state, and return back to peace and glory once again. So Dear Ones know, to remain in a place of peace within your heart at all times. To stay centered and present, and to begin to listen to the still, quiet voice from within. The voice that will guide you and assist you through your ascension process with this resurrection, for a part of this energy is awakening not only your kundalini, but it is awakening your own psychic senses, awakening your ability to tap into your own truth, and tap into your own divinity. Living from a place of centeredness and living from a place of tapping into your own innate wisdom. So the energy of the resurrection flame is helping each of you to move into mastery, to master your emotions, to master your mental beliefs, your thoughts, and to be able to master your physical body so that it may return back to balance. So today as you feel this energy shifting through you like blood running through your veins, the resurrection flame is now running through you, and you may feel this sense of tranquility upon your soul.

This is the time, this is the now, this is the moment that all of you have been waiting for. You’ve been waiting for this energy now to come to a pinnacle. The energy is more accessible for all humans to resurrect and to ascend into the Christ Consciousness, into the I AM presence. And to return to oneness, to all that is. At the time of your inception, as you entered into this planet, when you entered in with your full awareness, you will return now to the state of full awareness which will allow you to have access to information, to energy, to frequencies, what you may call extraordinary or supernatural, for truly they are your divine birthright. It is just that you have forgotten how to remain in this ascended state. So today Yeshua brings forth the energy of the resurrection flame, as if you are being ignited. You are being flamed, like setting a match on fire, you are being ignited. So today as you feel this energy moving through you, may your heart open to this energy of grace, peace and tranquility upon your soul. May you feel that the light of God truly embodies you. You will begin to see and feel and sense your own inner truth and strength. So once again allow the resurrection flame to enter into your being.

So Dear Ones as you feel this sense of calm coming over you, a healing balm placed over you, you are able to shift out of the lower frequencies of your limited self into your immoral self. Tapping into your higher self with greater ease. During our lifetime 2,000 years ago, Yeshua and I would sit quietly to merge our energies and resurrect our energies so that we could bring forth this ascension. Hour upon hour, day upon day, week upon week. Today we gift you with this frequency, for the energy is much easier for you to access than in our time. So regardless of what you understand, each of you are shifting in consciousness at a very rapid rate. All is in order and all is as it should be. Those around you will begin to feel the shift within you, those around you will begin to feel the peace, those around you will begin to feel the calm, those around you will begin to feel the serenity. So know that what you bring forward is affecting another, and help assist the planet and each of you are powerful vortices, and you are connected to the earth through the ley lines and the grid lines of your location. So today, we anchor you into the planetary grid, and we anchor you into your individual grids, and we anchor you into your regional grids. So you hold the light and the peace, bringing forth this resurrection onto the earth, and assisting Mother Earth in her own ascension. As light workers you are plugged in and anchored into the earth, helping Mother Earth to stabilize her energies and to ascend in consciousness, just as you are being assisted by Mother Earth through these planetary grids to shift your own energies and to stabilize your frequencies.

Your energies are felt by the collective, the peace that you bring forth, the power that you bring forth, the serenity that you bring forth is felt by the collective. This is how the collective will change, like the 100 monkey syndrome, your energy affects another, and collectively this energy, as all of you are plugged in to the planetary grid, begin to see the change upon the world. So many will begin to shift from the lower consciousness into higher frequencies and ascend into the light of their I AM presence. Just as you are doing today, just as you are receiving today. You are here helping others to do the same. So know at this time that you are holding the energy for divine love to be felt upon this planet. So as you call forth this beautiful prayer for divine love to enter into your being, may you receive.

So today as you allow this energy of the resurrection flame and the energy of Divine Love, pure love, to enter into your being, may you feel this sense of tranquility upon your soul, and know that the beautiful energy of the resurrection flame is now igniting divine love through you, and on the planet, and all shall return to this state of glory, and the earth will return back to its divine perfection. Your current civilization will return to peace and love within their hearts. All of life will resonate to this vibration of the divinity of God’s love and light. So Dear Ones receive this gift of the resurrection flame upon your soul upon this day, know that you are a blessed being of light who has chosen to be here at this time, to use your energy at this time to assist and to be assisted. So truly know Dearest Ones that we stand with you, we stand beside you, and that my beloved Yeshua is here bringing forth the resurrection flame into your physicality, into your energetic field, and into all aspects of your being, just as he did for himself he is doing for you. You will see and feel a shift in your energy, this is the gift for your devotion, and it is time for all souls on this planet to return to peace.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your attention, thank you for the beloved light that you hold, and so know at this time that you are the way, the light and the truth, and that all that you bring forward is indeed filled with peace. All is received with love.