7-29-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here with me today as well. We wish to call in the vibration of HOPE, help our people evolve. This is of great importance at this time, for there are so many souls that are now awakening to the energy that is being brought forth upon this planet. At our last gathering we brought forth the energy from Kathmandu, and brought forth this powerful transmission into the hearts and souls of so many beings here upon this earthplane. It is of great importance Dearest Children that you understand that hope is a vibration, hope is a frequency, and as each of you hold this within your essence, you shall begin to bring forth this essence into manifestation. As you begin to call forth your hopes and your dreams, and that which you wish to bring forward into your life, we ask that you call this vibration into the essence of your being, and to begin to feel the power now as you align to this beautiful frequency of hope.


As Yeshua and I come forward to open your beautiful sacred heart, we ask you to let go of any doubts, fears or concerns that you are not worthy to receive, that you are not worthy to receive, that you are not worthy to receive. Take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to deepen your connection to the vibration of hope, to this powerful frequency that is now aligned within your heart, with your hopes and your dreams and your desires. Simply take a deep inhaling breath, Dearest Children of the Light, and feel this essence and presence of our love as it is transmitted into your own being. So now Dearest Ones open your heart to this frequency of hope as you begin to align yourself to the truth and the love that you are. So allow Yeshua and I to stand before you, and as I stand behind you and Yeshua stands in front of your heart, and we begin to open your sacred heart, your merciful heart, your tender heart, so that you may begin to feel this vibration of hope, as it enters into your physical consciousness and it enters into your auric field, entering into your physicality, as you begin to allow this frequency now to merge with your subconscious, and you are able to align yourself to the frequency of truth.


Take another deep breath and bring this vibration in, as you hold the energy of Divine Love within the essence of your being. You are worthy to receive, you are worthy to receive, you are worthy to receive. So Dearest Children we ask you to call in this frequency into your subconscious so that you can begin to shift any energy of unworthiness, fear, lack or discouragement. Begin to open your heart to receive. Open your heart to this vibration of hope, as you begin to shift your consciousness and your mindset into the frequency of hope, you will begin to align yourself to the aspirations, to the dreams, to the desires, to the manifestations that you wish to create in this incarnation. All of you are Dearest Children have a mission that you are to bring forth upon this planet at this time. We ask you to align yourself to your current mission, to your hopes, your dreams, and your desires. As we begin to clear your subconscious, and to clear the imprints and the frequencies that no longer serve you, that are holding you back from manifesting your hopes, your dreams and your desired birthright of manifestation of your mission.


Once again we ask you to breathe in this frequency and to begin to align yourself to the truth of who you are, as you align to the light and to the love and to the power of hope.


Dear Ones yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step forward once again, I ask at this time that you allow Yeshua and I to open up the vessel of your heart chakra, so that you may begin to feel this vibration of hope, as Yeshua has brought this frequency onto the earthplane. As you begin to embody this frequency into the consciousness and subconscious of your heart, mind and soul, and physicality, may you feel this energy as it begins to stir inside of you, that this year of 2019, and as you merge into the year 2020, you’ll be able to leave behind all the struggles and the strife, and move into your true ascension process, being able to manifest and create your desires easily and effortlessly, as if you are like a snake that is shedding its skin. Please allow the energy that no longer serves you, of all the old imprints, beliefs and patterns that you’ve held within your conscious and within your subconscious minds now to be shed like a snake that is shedding its skin, or like a butterfly, a caterpillar that is merging into a butterfly, into the chrysalis state, you are emerging as a beautiful new being of light, and the opportunity for you to create and to complete your mission work, and to complete your soul pathway and your soul purpose on this plane is now coming forth with grace and ease, without effort, without struggle, without strife. This is our covenant onto you, for all of you have been devoted to this planet since the beginning and the inception of time, just as Yeshua spoke about the Great Conclave where you came as the earth volunteers eons and eons ago, stepping forward to assist this planet, you are now being gifted with the blessings of your own soul pathway and renewal, with this powerful frequency of hope, for you are all here to help our people evolve, HOPE, all of you are here to help our people evolve as you all take the hand of your brothers and sisters and lift them into the ascension process, one by one by one. You are all ascending to the higher frequencies, and just as you have been studying the sacred flames and sacred tools, please use this vibration and please use this book the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ, as Jesus Christ reveals the true essence of his teachings, this is small manual that Lea has brought forth. Call forth these tools in your own ascension process, for this is the time, this is the now, this is the beginning of a new era and a new dawn, the gateway has opened, and this new Lion’s Gate, and at this time we are in the process of opening and closing doors, both from the past and yes opening doors to the future, step forward now into this frequency, and as you allow your heart to open to this energy of love and this frequency of hope, know that as you step into this new level and to this new vibration, that is living inside of you, you’ll begin to feel the passion begin to stir within you, and they’ll be an excitement and an anticipation that is coming forward within you that cannot be stopped. You each will now move forward very quickly in your divine purpose, in your divine pathway, once again Dearest Chidlren this is our covenant onto each of you, for all that you have done, all that you have been, and all that you have brought forth through the many incarnations from the inception of time, again from the time that you stepped forward at the Great Conclave to say yes, we are now blessing you and honoring you for your service and your devotion to this beloved planet and to all of creation.


Go my children with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, as you feel the presence of peace and the love of hope and faith filling your beautiful heart upon this day. We thank you, we honor you and we gift you with this beautiful frequency of hope as you too help our people evolve. Go in peace.