Mary Magdalene

7-24-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings, yes, it is I, Mother Mary. I wish to speak about the power of forgiveness, and yes, in particular the power to forgive yourself. I would like for each of you to take a deep and inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in my compassionate and merciful heart. Please begin to breathe in my compassion and merciful heart. It is of utmost importance, Dearest Children, that you begin to embody and embrace the vibrational frequency of forgiveness, forgiving yourself and forgiving others. For today, I will focus on how to forgive yourself, to forgive and release within yourself all that is not of truth. I shall repeat, I ask that you forgive and release all that is about yourself that is not of truth. And so I ask that you hold this vibration in your heart, and call in the power of forgiveness, the frequency of this, the essence of forgiveness. For you see, Dear Ones, forgiveness holds a powerful vibration. It is why it is one of my Son’s 12 teachings, forgiveness, the powerful tool of forgiveness. And so, Dear Ones, hold this frequency in your heart. I ask that you begin to truly breathe it in, call it into your heart chakra, and hold this frequency for you. This is about you forgiving yourself, for judging yourself, for judging others, for what you may feel are your human frailties, and all that you have believed about yourself that is not of truth. Perhaps you have lived your life in regret, or a sense of failure, or that you are not good enough, you have not served enough, that you have not been the best that you could be, regardless of what you speak or think about yourself, I ask you, Dear Children, now to call in this powerful vibration of forgiveness. And breathe in the power of love. Trusting and knowing that all is in divine order and all that has occurred within your lifetime and all dimensional time and space has been in perfect alignment. Every decision that you have made was based on the moment, that moment, Dearest Children, you have based all decisions from the highest of frequencies that each of you were able to choose. In another moment you may choose something different, and so, Dear Ones, it is not for you to have regrets, it is not for you to say that you’ve made mistakes, missed the boat. What if? What if? What if?

And so, Dear Ones, please call in the vibration of forgiveness in your heart, and feel this strength, and feel this power, and feel the love, for you, Dearest Children, are precious. And I ask that you come forward into my circle, into my inner circle, and we all stand together, and we bow our heads, and we hold the frequency of God’s living light, into our vessel with humbleness and with grace. With great strength, we all are the living light of God, every decision, every action, every word, and every deed, from this point forward, is now to be received only with love. And so, Dearest Ones, let go of the judgment of yourself. And so, Dear Ones, please hold this frequency close to your heart, because you are precious, precious, precious souls, and you see we here on our side of the veil are in need of you being whole and complete, and balanced, and loved. We are asking you to this day to consider dropping all pretenses about yourself that you are not worthy. That you have made mistakes. That somehow, your life is not lived as you felt it should have been. Every moment is precious, every moment is precious. Every moment that you live in regret, you are not living in the Higher vibrational frequency of love. Every moment that you judge yourself you are not honoring you or the God within.

I know it is difficult to be on the Earth plane, but we are here to remind you that we understand what you are going through. We are right here with you, walking beside you, through every moment of your life. And so, today, I ask you to drop all pretenses of who you believe yourself to be. Drop all pretenses that you are not good enough, you are not worthy enough, you are not lovable. Whatever it is that you have placed upon yourself, let it go, let it go, let it go. And so, can you see all of us standing in a circle, and we are holding hands, and we are sending our love and our energy to one another? We are building the force field for all of you to receive my compassionate and merciful love within your physical embodiment and upon your soul. I’m sending you this energy to strengthen you, so that you will become stronger and stronger and stronger, and not be afraid to stand in the light and the love. And when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see a beautiful, beautiful spirit, with bright, shining eyes, and the glowing essence of your beautiful spirit. You will be able to walk through the rest of your days in this physical incarnation, living in the true essence of your spirit, being joyful, being at peace, and reconciling what you have believed about yourself that is not of truth.

And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to breathe in this frequency of forgiveness, and breathe it into your body, breathe it into your mind, breathe it into your soul. Breathe it into the essence of who you truly are. You see, Dearest Ones, it is hard for you to comprehend all the good deeds and the rich blessings that are etched within your Akashic records. If you could see all the good deeds, and all that has been etched in your Akashic records, you would be in awe of yourself. You would be in awe of your magnificence, you would be in awe of all those that you have touched, and those who have touched your life as well. And so, Dear One, I ask you know to consider letting go of the judgment and forgiving. Each time you judge yourself or another, please hold the thought forms, that this does not serve, and it is not of truth. It is very important that each of you begin to value yourself, because you are all needed to serve the living God and the living light, helping Mother Gaea ascend into her full beauty. When each of you stand in your beautiful radiance, and you love yourself and you honor yourself, and you proclaim your own divinity, there is a brilliance and a magnificence that will shine through you that others will see, and you will begin to feel your magnificence. This is not about arrogance, it is about self-love. It is within the kindness and richness of your own self-love that you gift yourself this today. This is a gift that you are giving yourself today. It is the greatest gift that you can give, self-love, respect, honor. And this, Dear One, is how you will be respected and honored by another.

And so, Dear Ones, when you look outside of yourself and you see that others are judging you, please allow yourself to not take on their energy, to transmute it, sending love to yourself and knowing that the frequency of kindness, compassion, tender mercy and love are the true essence of life. This is strength, not weakness. Many have misconstrued a tender and loving heart with weakness. It is why I come today to bring the message of the day, for you see, many see me in my quiet strength. But I have a strength about me that is balanced, the energies of both unconditional love and unconditional power. Love and power. These are the first two lessons in my son’s book, the 12 Mastery Teachings, love and power. How do they go together? What does it mean? If you did not listen to these messages, please listen to them again, love and power, love and power. You see, Dearest Ones, what is often within your world, is that power and greed have overshadowed the compassionate and loving heart, it is why we bring this to your attention today. Forgive those who do not understand. And forgive yourself for what you have believed to have been your own trespasses, that love and power are the stronger essences that you are to embody at this time, Divine love, Divine power. Feeling strong in the vibration of God’s love, this is how you will master and conquer all of what you consider to be your problems in this life. When you are to forgive, and to live in your strength and your own Divine power, you will hold a great influence, and you are the teacher, a powerful way shower of the Living Light of God.

As each of you step forward in what we call the game of life, reexamine in this exact moment who you are, and how you wish to proceed from this day forward. Whatever you have been conditioned to believe about yourself from your family, from your society, from your friends, from the world at large, from your own perceptions of your beliefs about yourself, I ask that you forgive, release, and let go. It is an illusion, it is simply a false perception. You are not limited by your past, present or even the future. You are limited only by the mental mind or the ego, that says this is how it is, and will always be this way. The greatest transgression is that you have missed the mark for yourself. Some call this sin, if that’s what you wish to call it, then so be it, missing the mark, meaning you have not understood your brilliance and your magnificence, your Divine job of light. And so, Dear One, there is nothing to forgive. There is nothing to judge, and yet you see, Dearest Ones, you are in your human form, and so I am asking you today to forgive, forgive yourself. Why did I do this to myself? Why did I berate myself? Why did I, as they say, cause a mental battle about myself? Please do not say, oh yes, this was the choice I made, perhaps I can make another choice. You see, humans tend to linger and to ponder, and to ruminate, and they hang on to emotions of negativity and pain. In some way this is an addiction, it is not healthy, an addiction to pain, an addiction to suffering, an addiction to living in the lower vibrational frequencies, living in the duality here on your Earth plane. Dear One, rise above it. Please call in the frequencies of Divine love and Divine power and rise above it. As they say live in this world but not of it. Live in this world but not of it. Oh, I understand, oh I see now. And as we have said before, believe and so shall you receive. Believe and so shall you receive, believe and so shall you receive. Believe and so shall you receive.

Dear Ones, I just want to finish our message here today saying that you are never alone, none of you are ever alone, and the grandness of your being is so brilliant and so magnificent that any and all perceptions that you have about yourself, I ask that you now begin to shatter them. And that the illusions of what your parents or anyone has done to cause you to disbelieve your magnificence, I ask that you shatter it now, as if you are breaking a piece of glass. Just imagine that what you call your past is past, and imagine that you are just throwing down a piece of glass or a mirror, of what others have shown to you that is not of truth. If you can imagine in your mind’s eye that you’ve now thrown the piece of glass on the floor, and there are shards of glass shattered, and now picking up the pieces and just miraculously it is now reformed, and you look in the mirror and you’re seeing a new you. Oh, I have fresh eyes. And I will never let another soul cause harm onto me. Nor will I let myself believe that I am less than my true magnificence. And so, Dearest Ones, I thank you for your time, I thank you for your attention, I thank you for holding vigil and honoring the true magnificence of who you are, and call in the frequency of forgiveness, and breathe in the beauty of all that you are. Go now in peace, and be still and know that you are loved.