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7-17-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

July 17, 2017

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to tell you, Dear One, that Dear Mahri is here with us, she is celebrating the moment of your celebration of her life with you today. She is standing here smiling and rejoicing, and is very happy to be free from her body. It is very painful for those who have been left behind, but it is a great celebration of life, and a celebration of the spirit when one returns home. And so, she sends you her love, she sends you her gratitude, and your loving thought-filled wishes for her, which she is truly free and is most grateful for your loving thoughts and concern for her.

Today, our message is about living in the fullest essence of your spirit as you physically reside in your physical vehicle. Many remain confused regarding their life pathway and why they are here upon this planet. But from the beginning of time, the time that you were born, until the end of your life cycle, and the day of your physical transition from your physical body, it is to be a celebration of your life. To honor the gift called life, to honor the spirit that lives inside of you. I ask each of you, if you so shall, to take a deep breath, and begin to connect to your spirit, connect to the essence and the fullness and the richness of who you truly are. A powerful, powerful spirit who has chosen to come onto this Earth plane as you know, many times before. Living in a physical body and celebrating this gift called life. Today, we ask you to truly begin to celebrate your life, as you celebrate the life of your Dear Friend Mahri, and all those who have passed before you, all of your friends and family, and even acquaintances, and your ancestors, and all the spirits who have come to prepare the way for this true ascension period.

And so, I ask you, Dearest Ones, to take a deep breath and to feel the power of your spirit, the strength of your soul, feel the essence of the light that you are, and honor yourself. It is what Mahri is saying to us and saying to you, please honor yourself, honor your beautiful spirit, live in the richness and the fullness and never look back, never look back, never look back. Feel the excitement of your life and how you are contributing your beautiful light to the world. Know, Dearest Children, that this is a time of great importance as each of you are holding this light frequency for this planet, not only for her to ascend, but for all to ascend into higher consciousness, to ascend into full mastery, being the masters, the way showers, the teachers, the messengers of light that you are. Each of you are a shining diamond, sparkling with your brilliance. And so I ask you upon this day to remember your brilliance, remember the power of who you are. You are love and you are light. And today, as you come together in celebration of your friend Mahri, know that you are family, that you are from the family of light, and that each of you are sparkling and you are contributing to the whole, contributing to the energy of the ascension of this planet and all of creation. Do not allow any negative thought forms to creep into your consciousness. Simply understand that as you hold the highest of vibration, you will draw to you all that is yours. Can you visualize yourself as this sparkling diamond particle of light? As if you are looking into the sky and seeing a star? You are as brilliant and as shiny as the brightest star in the night sky. Can you begin to feel it and to realize it and to honor yourself?

It is what your Dear Friend Mahri did as she lived her life, shining brightly, living in the essence of her beautiful spirit, bringing love and joy, kindness and generosity to the hearts of so many. And yes, Dearest Children, this is of great importance. That you live truly from your spirit and honor yourself. You have not always been taught to appreciate or love yourself, but I ask you today to do it. To hold yourself in high esteem, and to love yourself, to honor yourself, to be in gratitude that you have chosen to be here on this Earth plane with all of the challenges that you have remained, you have remained to hold your light, and to stand in the brilliance of who you are. You have chosen to hold the frequency so others may shine and be a way shower for others, helping others to move forward into their own ascension process. You see, each one teach one, each one lead one. You have taken the hands of your fellow brothers and sisters, each of you have done this, awakening their spirit, awakening their soul, awakening their consciousness, awakening the true essence of their being.

And so, each of you have influenced another, as many of you know, Dear Cecilia was a catalyst for me to awaken, so many years ago. You see, Dearest Ones, the power that each of you hold. What you bring forth, it is to be honored. Even the smallest of gestures, the kindest of gestures is to be honored, your kindness, your generosity. Always hold the frequency of what we call pure love and integrity of the soul within your heart. Pure love and integrity of the soul within your heart. What does this mean? It simply means, Dearest Children, that you’ve allowed your beautiful sacred heart, your passionate heart to be your calling card, the signature vibration of who you are. We will say always err on the side of kindness, and you can never go wrong. You see, Dearest One, it is what many do not understand. That your current civilization and its population have difficulty holding the frequency of pure love, integrity and kindness, because so many are threatened by their fellow human beings. What a sad day to be afraid of your fellow human beings, you are all beautiful spirits, every one of you are beautiful spirits, regardless of how you choose to express. And so, Dearest Children, it is an honor to be on this planet, Jeshua and I felt this with every breath of our life. And we did not take anything for granted, especially after Jeshua survived the crucifixion, and even before. For his recovery was most difficult, and yet at this time, we continue to honor the power of our own spirit, and the essence of our being. And so, Dear Ones, today as you celebrate life, celebrate and live in the fullest essence of your beautiful spirit as richly and as fully as you possibly can.

The gifts that God has given you, please ask them now to step forward, all of the beautiful gifts that God has given you, ask that these gifts now begin to magnify, the gifts that you are bringing to the world to share, allow them to step forward and to magnify so that you will have the clarity and the strength and the understanding and the power to share with the world the gifts that you were gifted with at this time in your incarnation. Many of you are teachers and healers, you are all powerful souls and spirits, sharing your light with the world. One beautiful essence, all held together by what we call the energy of pure love. When there are moments within your life that you wonder and you question yourself and your life, please, Dearest Ones, call upon your spirit to show you the way. We know that these incarnations can be difficult and confusing. But it is the mental mind that causes the confusion. Always tap into the essence of your heart, tap into the essence of your soul, tap into the essence of your beautiful spirit. That is the guiding force.

It is truly unfortunate that you have not been taught to tap into your spirit. Your current civilization does not honor the spirit. And yet, Dearest Children, I say this is the essence of who you are, it is time to live in the fullness of this essence. Can you remember a moment, or perhaps many moments, when you were standing in your power, standing in the essence of your spirit? Can you recall what it felt like? Call it forth again, and again, and again, and again. This is a very, very powerful day, as you celebrate your life and the life of Dear Mahri, who lived in the essence of her spirit, and honored her life, and lived in the fullest, with joy in her heart, with gratitude, with tender mercy, and kindness for others. And so, Dear Ones, when you find yourself up against an obstacle, a struggle, we ask that you push through this and call upon the power of your spirit. You are not limited, Dearest Ones, I know we have talked about this many times before, and I am repeating it again. It is simply your mental mind that limits you, there are no limitations in your life, only what you believe them to be. And because you cannot mentally find your way out of the situation that you are in, does not mean you do not have the power, and that your spirit cannot help to guide you. Listen, listen to the still quiet voice from within, perhaps listen to the loud voice from within, listen, all is your guide, all of life is your teacher. Every living expression is there to show you, that perhaps you do not understand.

And so, Dearest Ones, consider this, and I’ll repeat this again, please consider this, that you hold the power to all that you do not understand, all that you feel limits you, you hold the power. And I repeat this again, please consider this. That you hold the power to all that you do not understand, you hold the power. And perhaps you can ask yourself, or tell yourself, it is time to get out of my own way. It is time to get out of the box I have put myself in, the limits and limitations that I have placed within my own psyche. Remember all things are possible, all things are possible. As you tap into yourself, your soul, your oversoul, your spirit, all things are possible. And I say to you, Dearest One, never underestimate the power of who you really are, you are the living expression of God. And you are powerful and dear souls. We thank you for coming together in this collective energy, and holding the space for others, so that they can feel this essence. They can feel the power, they can feel their magnificence, they can feel the strength of their spirit, this is how peace will prevail on our planet, this is how any problems that are on your planet will be resolved, from tapping into the spirit. Now at this time, the importance of looking past, your own limitation, can you truly objectify and look at yourself? Can you take inventory of yourself and see where you are holding yourself back? Where you are not living in the full essence of your being? Not living in your magnificence and brilliance. Every day is an opportunity for growth, every day is an opportunity for change. And every day is an opportunity to stand in the brilliance of who you really are. And so, Dearest Children, I’m going to step back and allow Mother Mary to speak to you, as I take my place here next to the Holy Mother.

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mother Mary. I come to you on this most auspicious day and say thank you, for the love that you are sharing and bringing to this planet. And Joseph and I again in our lives together, we did not fully understand all that was being asked of us. And yet, when Jeshua was born, and I received the knowledge that my son was a prophet, it was of great significance that I began to truly honor and love myself in a greater and more profound way. I had a huge responsibility to my son and to my other children as well, as well as to myself and to my husband, and to the world at large. It was during this time period that I began to pray incessantly for guidance so that I could show the way, the truth and the light, and receive clarity so I would know what I was to do each and every day of my life, to guide my family and to guide myself. I’m asking you to do the same, to pray for guidance, to pray for clarity, to pray that you live fully in the essence of your spirit, as Mary Magdalene has said, you are not taught to live in the full essence of your spirit, but we are showing you and asking you today to call this forward, because this is how you will bring all of the blessings that you are, that you have been gifted with and you are to share with the world, now in fruition, calling it in to manifested form, living from the true essence of your spirit, calling it into manifested form. And so, Dear One, I ask you to feel your heart opening, your sacred heart, your merciful heart, your tender heart. Can you feel the love for yourself? Self-love. Can you honor yourself and love yourself? Being in gratitude for all that you are. For the choices you have made, and the gifts that you have brought, and the beauty of your essence to shine forth. Can you honor yourself in this moment? Can you feel the silence of your soul, and feel the freedom to truly love yourself?

And so we ask you, Dearest Ones, to consider that you are here to serve the Living God, to be the expression of the light and the love, and that you are here to serve your spirit, because you are a spark of the God essence, and so you are serving your spirit, you are serving God, living in gratitude, living humbly, peacefully, joyfully in the essence of your spirit. Can you feel this in this moment? That you are here to serve your spirit. And yes, your spirit is housed within your physical vehicle, you are not separate, you are one. But my point that I’m trying to make, is that you are honoring yourself. And so, Dear One, the transition of your friend Mahri, who honored her spirit, who said I will honor my spirit above all else, she did so gracefully and beautifully, and she was the living example for each of you to remember on this day, the enthusiasm, the radiance, the gratitude, the grace, she is here as a living example for all of humanity, those who knew her in physical form and those who did not, perhaps you can feel the power of her spirit, and she will help guide you so that you will feel the full power of your spirit and the full essence of your being. It is as we have said, why my son, myself, and our entire family came to this Earth plane, to show humanity the power of the spirit, that the spirit lives on, and yet you are to live in the fullest essence of your spirit, in the now, in the moment. And be in gratitude, for the living expression of who you truly are. This is a grand opportunity for you to restructure your life, and to recalibrate your life, and to relive your life, from the fullest essence. If you are living, or what you may call just existing, we ask you to rethink this, you have been given this gift called life, there is a responsibility to use your vehicle wisely, taking care of your physical body, and taking care of the energy and the frequencies around you that are not of the highest vibration. And so, surround yourself with this vibration of pure love and pure peace and pure joy, and we will call the word ecstasy, calling in this frequency of ecstasy of living in the joy and the excitement and the anticipation that all is in order and all is as it should be. And you are connected to the living light of all that is. This is a powerful, powerful, powerful day, we pray that this is etched within your memory and within your consciousness. To remember to live in the fullest essence of your spirit. It is why you came.

On the day of the Great Conclave, when you chose to come and to forget your oneness, the excitement of your spirit to come to this planet and to go through the cycle of life was etched within your being. And so, today, we are re-sparking your spirit, igniting it again, so that you can re-remember why you came here, and re-remember the power of your essence. And so, Dear Ones, it is of great importance that you feel the strength of this moment, because you are the living expression of God, and you have the power to create and to manifest all that you are. And so, Dearest Ones, I repeat myself again, but please do not limit yourself, and understand at this time, that each of you have great missions to accomplish, and every day is precious, and you are holding your light for others to awaken, you understand how dire it is for this planet to awaken to the living expression of the living light of God in its fullest expression. You are familiar with the Lemurians who live in Telos, and how they live in balance and harmony, and you, Dearest Children, have been given this information and this understanding and the responsibility to share with others that this is how your surface population is to live. And it is how you are to be the models and the representation of living in balance and harmony with yourself, with your spirit, and in your physical incarnation. Everyone’s journey is different, everyone’s journey of balance and wholeness and unity holds a different expression. We ask you to live simply and honor the beautiful attributes that you hold and that you honor within yourself. I want each of you to unconditionally learn to love self, unconditionally. This is a tall order, but I’m asking you on this day to celebrate your life by unconditionally loving yourself. This day is a celebration, a celebration of your life, the celebration of your own ascension and living consciously as a living expression of God. Walking on this Earth plane gently, tenderly, with love within your heart, helping others and being a beautiful way shower of love and light.

Today, it is of great importance that you understand the power that you hold, and do not give away your power to another, or allow another to diminish you, your brilliance is magnificence. And as you honor yourself and you respect yourself, then more and more of the brilliance will then begin to merge and submerge itself onto this planet. Meaning that the love that you bring to the Earth will continue to heal her and allow her to stand in her full essence and brilliance as well. And so, Dearest Children, this is a celebration of the love of this planet and all of creation. And as you stand in this brilliance, know that your heart holds the beautiful essence of the light and the love that you are.

As we now draw this to a close, we ask you to stand with us, and we pray for all those who are in need of awakening, to find the brilliance, and to live in their full spirit essence. Your Dear Friend Mahri now is standing in her full glory. Be not sad, be not afraid. For she is here to shine the light upon you, that you may find your own way as you live on this Earth plane and share your magnificent spirit with all the world. Go now, my children, be at peace, be still and know that you are loved. And understand, Dearest Children, that you hold the essence and presence of magnificence and beauty and love and feel it, feel the strength within you, call upon it each and every moment of your day, to get you through any trials or tribulations, feeling the strength inside of you, one moment at a time. And so, Dearest Ones, we know how important it is to come together in groups to magnify the energy, it is how we lived, we came together, our family, our friends, we came to unify and strengthen our energies together, so that we could hold the frequency of love and peace for this planet, and so my son could accomplish his mission, and we could all accomplish our missions as well. And so, we do this for you today, we come in unity, and we are all here, we are all here surrounding you and strengthening you, and building the force field around you so that you may complete your mission, live in the full essence of your spirit, and live in the joy and the harmony and the blessings of the essence of who you are.

Go now, my children, and be at peace, and truly know that you are loved, as you stand in the living light of God. Go now, and be at peace.

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