7-1-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you, beloved souls, that this energy that we speak of that is now being immersed upon the planet, is from the photon belt, and it is being emitted upon the earth in waves and waves of healing, light and love. For this energy is coming from Great Central Sun, and the beautiful energy from Great Central Sun is now emitting a healing balm of energy over the planet and all of creation. This powerful frequency is now being immersed into the hearts and into the minds of all sentient beings, including those who have allowed themselves to submerge into darkness. This energy is now being emitted into the hearts and minds of all beings, as we say, including those who have been immersed in darkness. This is clearing the energy field of those souls who have refused to be connected to the light, and who have refused to open their heart to Great Central Sun, and to the Creator Gods and Goddesses. So this is a powerful frequency that is now being immersed upon the planet, as it is a powerful frequency that is now beginning to clear the dark energies and the misguided energies and what some may call evil energies that are being allowed to be on this planet. Now these energies are being cleansed and cleared by these frequencies from Great Central Sun, coming through the photon belt, as if it is a powerful healing vibration of love and light, of great intensity. You may have begun to feel this energy within your own system, feeling a bit of heaviness, or a bit of sadness, or perhaps you felt your own emotions upsurging, that you were not aware, that in a sense were hidden in your subconscious mind. So these frequencies are clearing the subconscious mind, and are clearing the energies of the planet as these frequencies have been held within the collective consciousness of the planet, and have been held within the subconscious minds of all souls.

And so today as you begin to breathe in this frequency, and allow the energy of Great Central Sun to begin to heal your subconscious, to begin to heal your consciousness, to begin to heal the collective energy that has been immersed over this planet. Begin to allow this frequency now to come over you as a healing balm, allowing your heart to be opened, your mind to be healed, and to begin to release those frequencies that again no longer serve you. For the time period from the inception of this planet there has been much separation and fear and discordant energies that are affecting not only this planet but the entire grid system of this earth, to the very crystalline core of Mother Earth. These frequencies of separation and fear and darkness are permeating, or have permeated this planet, and now this frequency, as we say, is clearing and lifting all of these energies that have been brought forth from the inception of time. This is a powerful statement, and may seem to be a bit implausible, but know that the power of this energy in a sense is potent, and if you so accept this within your own mind, body and spirit, your physicality shall be cleared of dark energies, and the subconscious memories that again, as we say, do not serve you. For we are here bringing this purity of energy and the purity of innocence, of the origination of the love vibration back to this planet in its fullest form. And so today as you begin to take in this breath that you hold within the essence of your being, may your heart be healed, may your mind be consoled, and allow your heart to feel this energy of Great Central Sun, as if this powerful frequency from Great Central Sun is coming to you like an elder, an elder that is coming to comfort you and to restore you, and simply to show you the way.

So now it is very important for each of you to realize that the frequency of Great Central Sun is the guiding light that has directed and created this planet and now the powerful frequencies are coming to assist this planet to return back to its course and its trajectory as the planet of love and the planet of light and the planet of healing. So know at this time that as you hold the light and the love and the remembrance of this powerful, powerful, powerful frequency into your heart, may you feel the joy. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May you feel the joy. Calling this energy now to be brought forth into you, as a healing balm, and allowing all that no longer serves you now to be cleared. Releasing, letting go and letting God. Allowing your beautiful light to shine. Can you imagine when the planet returns back to its original state of beauty and pristine perfection? And this beautiful planet is no longer affected by the dark energies, by the discordant energies, and that all souls, all sentient beings are filled with love and light and healing. Please allow yourself, as they say, to be the first wave of individuals and beings who are now holding this frequency of purity within your being, clearing all of the darkness, the misguided energies, all of the karmic fear and patterns that you have held within your energetic field since the beginning of time, from the inception of your soul.

So take a deep breath and begin to breathe in this energy of the white light of God, begin to breathe in this frequency. Feeling the power and the love and the transparency and the illusions that you are not a pure light frequency now to be released. So many individuals have felt or have been taught, or been told, with the understanding that they are not of the pure white light, and somehow they have felt that they are less than worthy, they are sinners, that they are not worthy. Today Dearest Ones we say to you that this energy, coming from Great Central Sun, through the photon belt, clears all of these negative patterns and energies so that all souls can remember the beauty and the perfection of who they are. So as you allow yourself to feel this sense of potency and power coming to you and through you, may your heart be healed, your mind be restored, may you feel the presence of God’s living light upon your soul. Can you feel this calmness and this peace now being centered within your being? It is merging into your heart and you are feeling this energy and this freedom, as you are now released from bondage and the entrapment of the collective consciousness, and the collective energy that has been held for eons of time. There have been clearings upon clearings of the collective energy of this planet, but there is nothing that has taken place upon this planet like what is happening today. The energy of Great Central Sun bringing this potent frequency as if it is as they say zappng and clearing the original energy from what you call the fall, separation, from Great Central Sun. As you begin to feel this and to receive it, you’ll begin to see a change within yourself, you’ll begin to see a change within your world, you’ll begin to see a kinder and gentler planet. You’ll begin to see a shift in peoples’ attitudes, you’ll begin to see a shift in peoples’ behavior to gentleness and kindness, and respect for this planet and respect for themselves. Even those who have darkened hearts, who have been misguided will now begin to feel a shift and a softness, an openness, a compassion. And peace and tranquility.

So imagine, Dear One, a world filled with peace. Can you imagine a world filled with peace? This is the time, this is the now, this is the gift that is being given to all souls and to beloved Mother Earth by Great Central Sun and by all of the Creator God and Goddesses that are flooding this planet at this time, with tremendous healing energy. Know as you feel this presence within you, may you allow yourself to align to your beautiful soul and to your beautiful oversoul, aligning yourself to this frequency of love, feeling the energy of your soul now beginning to return to a state of peace and tranquility. The soul as you know it has housed all remembrances, and the oversoul is the collective of all that you have ever been, and all that you shall remain. So now the soul and the oversoul are truly aligned, in true alignment, to Great Central Sun, as you feel this alignment of your own strength return back onto you.

So today as you take a deep, inhaling breath and you allow yourself to align to this frequency and to this energy of Great Central Sun, may your heart open. And may you begin to feel what it is like to align yourself to the truth of who you are. As if you can take a deep breath and now begin to relax, your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and your soul and spirit are in alignment to the purity of your innocence, to the energy of your Higher Self, aligning to the God essence. Again, Dearest Ones, this will shift your consciousness and you will begin to feel a sense of relaxation coming into your mind, and your body and your spirit, and you will begin to relax. Knowing that truly you are aligned to the God source, without interference, without the collective energy of human consciousness affecting you. So today we surround you with the blue ray of light, as Archangel Michael steps forward to surround you with the blue ray of light, to heal you and to clear you, and to restore you back to Divine perfection.

You are truly the children of the light that have accepted and acknowledged your brilliance and your Divine perfection. So today as you hold this energy within you and you breathe in your innocence, your brilliance and your Divine perfection, begin to feel this energy being restored upon your soul. Can you feel this within your system, that truly all is well? Everything is in divine alignment and in divine purpose. So as we said Dearest Ones, this energy that’s being emitted has brought forth a beautiful healing balm upon the planet. I will step back and allow my Mary to speak, and so I thank you for your time, I thank you for your attention, I thank you for allowing your heart to open to this beautiful, gracious energy of Divine alignment to your Divine innocence and perfected self. And we thank thee.

Greetings Dear Ones yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I say to you at this time that the frequencies that are being emitted upon the earthplane are like droplets of rain, that are cleansing and purifying even the hardest of hearts, as Yeshua has said. Today as you begin to feel these droplets of energy, like a purification upon your soul, you will begin to feel lighter and lighter within your mental mind and emotional body, and through all aspects of your being. That which has troubled you will begin to fall away, both physical, mental, emotional or energetic frequencies that are not in alignment to God perfection will begin to fall away. So you shall begin to see clearer and begin to have greater clarity of your life pathway and your journey without interference from the collective karma and the collective consciousness that has been held over this planet, over your own souls. As if you have been freed from entrapment. So I ask you to please open your heart upon this day, so that you may feel this sense of lightness and joy as the beautiful spirit that you are, a free spirit, a powerful spirit that has come to use their energy into their physical body without entrapment. You are not entrapped into the physical, into the earthly realm, you are a free spirit now, and your spirit will move through your body and you will be able to grow, you’ll begin to shine, you’ll begin to fly, you’ll begin to release all limitations and fears that you’ve held within your essence. The sky is the limit, Dearest Ones.

You are able to master and to perfect the essence of your beautiful spirit into your physical form with grace and ease, with beauty and peace within your heart, and tranquility upon your soul. This is a day that God has made, and it is good and it is rich. We are honored and we are pleased that you’ve opened your heart to receive this collective clearing and energy that has entrapped you from the beginning of time. You are free. So we know that this may be difficult to understand or difficult to comprehend, but simply open up your heart to receive. Know that this planet and all of creation is being cared for, it is being nurtured, it is being loved by so many beings of light, including our beloved Great Central Sun. Can you truly imagine a world filled with peace?

Can you imagine that you are filled with peace? Can you imagine all souls filled with peace? And what it would look like if this was to be? Yes Dearest Children you do indeed remember those lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis when there was no separation, there was only oneness. Now Dear Souls, it is time to return back to this perfected state upon your planet. It begins today, into this moment of time, where you are entering into this state of acceptance, that this is truth, that this is a real probability, or potential for this planet, that it is not an idealistic philosophy or ideal, but it is truth. So today the planet is in the beginning stages of returning to peace. So Dearest Children feel this within your own consciousness, and allow it to be bathed into your subconscious, and allow your body to receive this peace and to feel this peace so that you are strong and vital, and every particle of your body returns to its divine perfected state, that you are healthy and you are strong and you are physically now enlightened with the love and the light of God. And you are brilliant, brilliant souls who have chosen at this time to receive this divine perfection.

So today as you align to this frequency, allow your heart to open and your mind to be healed, and regardless of what you can understand or comprehend, simply allow yourself to receive this beautiful gift that has been offered to you, offered to all souls, offered to beloved Mother Earth, to all of creation. Feel the presence of God’s living light within your being. Feel the love, feel the light, feel the perfection of your divine soul. So Dearest Ones I ask you to feel this energy in its divine, perfected state. Even if it’s momentarily, bring it into your being and feel the peace. Feel the presence of God’s living light upon your soul. So we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the love that you are. As you enter into this state of divine perfection, may your heart open to this love, and may you feel the peace and go forward with an open and beautiful heart as you accept this gift upon this day. Go now my children, be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved.