6-9-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings my beloveds, yes we are the collective voice of the Essenes. We want to share with you that we thank you for attending today, and for coming together in this final group session. It is no accident that each of you have come and been assigned to this particular group session, for all of you Dear Ones are part of the family of light that lived with the Master Jesus during his lifetime. All of you are very highly evolved Essenes and you are deeply committed to the energy of The Way, you are deeply committed to living in universal balance and truth with nature and with all of life. As you lived your life during those times you also knew that you were in many ways misunderstood, that you were in some ways feared, and yes you were persecuted against for after the perceived death of our Master you were forced to leave the area and to find safety. For many of you this remembrance of not feeling safe, feeling persecuted, feeling different, and somehow feeling not understood still reigns within your soul. It is why today we want to clear the energy and to clear again the Akashic record frequencies that are in your collective soul group. Simply meaning, as a soul family and this pertains to all of us, this vessel named Lea will begin to clear the energy for our Essene community and for our ancestors that moved beyond us, and as you are reincarnated as Essenes, we are now being compensated, or we are being allowed to clear this frequency from over 2,000 years ago.

This may sound a bit unusual, but it is extremely important that this clearing be done on a soul level, cleared from the Akashic records of your individual souls, and cleared from the collective of the soul group that each of you are from. All of you are from the family and soul group of giving, all of you are highly evolved beings of light who have come in and stepped forward to bring your healing, knowledge, wisdom, strength, and your truth onto this earth plane at this time, and it is time now to clear the collective energy that has been entrapped within your soul essence, and also held within your individual and collective karmic records. So Dearest Ones, we say to you that as you stand now in the presence of your own light, for each of you are bright lights on this earth plane, and as you have lived through many incarnations since your Essene incarnation with Master Jesus and after he left the fold, you all became a bit frightened and there is still a bit of fear that is held within your collective consciousness or collective energy. This work is clearing all of our frequencies, and so I am the voice for all of the Essene community, and this oracle with the assistance of Archangel Michael will begin to clear the frequency from all of us so that we can begin to be free, that we can finally be free of the restraints and the oppression and the fear, and yes the persecution that all of us went through as we had to go through our life journey at that time 2,000 years ago, being afraid to be seen, heard or persecuted. This is why we have all come together, all of you, the individuals in this room are a part of this collective community that has gathered today. And so, if you so shall, I will step back for a moment and allow Archangel Michael to begin the clearing process, and we shall now begin.

Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, yes it is Archangel Michael. We ask you if you so shall to begin to allow me to clear these frequencies within your individual soul patterns, and in your own individual Akashic record, and also to begin to clear the collective Akash of the Essene soul community, for you are all a part of this family, and you all have suffered, and you all have committed your lives to the purity of God through that lifetime and through the journey of your soul. So if you so shall, I have been given permission by the Great Creator God to clear this frequency so that this energy can now be free. This will simply also help we will say the energy of Israel, it will also begin to clear the fear and the frequency that has been embedded into the country of Israel with all the violence, all the chaos, all the warring, and all of the distrust and anger that has been imprinted within that country for over 2,000 years and even prior. This clearing will begin to help the Jewish community, it will begin to help our fellow brothers and sisters, it will begin to heal the country of Israel and begin to bring peace and harmony back to the Middle East and to Israel, for this is deemed of great importance upon this day, that this frequency now be received and be acknowledged.

This imprint has been infused within the land of Israel, and has been infused into the regions of the Middle East, and even many of you have traveled as far into the Motherland of India, where this energy has also been infused. But with less intensity, for the Motherland has absorbed much of this vibrational frequency of the Essenes, that had come to live in that region of Southern and Central India, and so I ask each of you if you so shall to begin to take a deep breath, and begin to align your soul with the soul and the energy and the consciousness of your Essene collective oversoul, for it is the oversoul that is now connected to the energy of all that is, and so now allow yourself to begin to feel this clearing, as if I am taking my sword and clearing and cutting these dense, heavy energies: fear, persecution, lack of understanding that has entrapped each of you into these lower frequencies, so that you no longer are entrapped into the lower human ego, third-dimensional frequencies of fear, lack, misunderstanding and a sense of isolation and loneliness. We are now beginning to clear these frequencies within your individually, collectively and within the entire family of light of our Essene brothers and sisters who followed our beloved Jesus, and followed Dear Mother Mary and all those who have served the living energy of the God spirit essence, including clearing the energy of Mother Gaia and these imprints that have been infused within the earth, particularly in Israel and in the surrounding regions that have allowed these frequencies now to be embedded, and have taints the hearts and minds of so many men, women and children. And even the life forms of the animals, mineral, plants and all the elements, so please allow yourself to feel this sense of suppression and oppression begin to be released from your soul families. This will also, as they say, clear you and will begin to feel this sense of freedom within yourself. This will help each of you to be able to expand into your soul and into your higher self, and into the true essence of what you’ve come to do with grace and ease, without resistance, and you will become now embodied as a pure physical/spiritual being of light, where you will not be restricted by your fear or lack of acceptance, that you will be persecuted or harmed or misunderstood.

This clearing continues to work within the heart of Israel, into the land, and again this powerful clearing of the violence and negativity, the war, all of these frequencies are now being imbued with love, peace and tranquility, into the heart of our homeland Israel. As if it is running through the ley lines and the grid lines, and is running through the heart of Mother Earth, through the crystalline core of Mother Earth. As if there is tremendous relief, as if this clearing of toxicity is now being cleared on multiple levels from Mother Gaia, from humanity, from the collective energy of fear that has been placed over this planet, there is a collective consciousness of fear that is placed over this planet, including that collective fear that was held during Jesus’s crucifixion, where his life was misunderstood, his death was misunderstood, and even you as the Essenes, many of you did not understand that he did not die upon the cross on that day, he lived on, this was all part of the Great Design. His death was in many ways, the perception of his death was simply there, for he was not to be recognized after what was perceived to be his death, as this would have placed him and his family in danger. Many of the Essenes did not know this, they felt a sense of betrayal, and yet they held vigil to their beliefs. So at this time, all of this energy is now being cleared, and this will personally help each of you to move forward in your pathway, so you will begin to accelerate at a very quick and fast level, because we are in a time and space and energy where time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste. All of your skills, abilities and your service is needed for we are at a critical time, like no other in human history.

For the acceleration of time and the acceleration of energy is clearing so much on this earthplane, clearing the karma, clearing the energy frequencies, and clearing the collective energies of fear. Much is being transmuted, and so today you are being gifted with this gift of transmutation on a collective soul level. So now we ask you to deepen your connection to your breath, and begin to feel this clearing within your physical body, within your mind, within your heart, within your soul, as if you have been freed from prison, freed from your limiting beliefs, and you can now move forward with great prosperity and abundance, joy, peace and love within your heart. The Motherland of Israel shall now return to its rightful place as peaceful place, as if by magic the energy that has been imbued and embedded there will now begin to bring forth the energy of peace, the energy shall be infused with peace, harmony and balance. The people will begin to respond to this frequency as they feel it coming up into their bodies through the souls of their feet, feeling the essence and the energy of renewal. We ask that you gently return your energy and your essence back into your physicality, back into your heart, and beginning to feel this freedom now on multiple levels, allowing yourself to be present in this understanding. You are now free, the energy upon the earth is free, the homeland of Israel is free, and we as the collective consciousness of the Essenes, now allow yourselves to be free again, so we can return back to the true essence of our purity, that which we have come to do, and each of you now moves forward to do the work that you’ve come to do with grace and ease. We thank you, we honor you and we are most grateful for your dedication and your service. Blessed be, beloved ones.