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6-26-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

June 26, 2017


Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. The Holy Mother is here as well. We wish to speak about compassion and mercy and the meaning of the sacred heart. Today we ask you to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence of your own sacred heart. Begin to breathe in and connect to your own compassion and mercy. It is of great importance at this time that all of the children on the planet begin to open up their sacred heart, their compassionate heart, their merciful heart, and truly begin to love. Allowing the vibration and frequency of love to be emitted into this planet, into the hearts of all sentient beings, and opening the living light of God inside the essence of all souls. And so, Dear Ones, please take a deep inhaling breath and begin to open up the chamber of your own sacred heart. There within your own physical heart, your etheric heart is held in the chamber of the sacred heart. It is a living, breathing essence that both Jeshua and the Holy Mother have brought forth to humanity to awaken their compassion, to awaken their essence to this beautiful frequency. And so, Dear Ones, as you hold this remembrance of your compassionate and merciful self, begin to hold compassion first for yourself, and then you are able to hold it for another. So please take a deep breath and allow Mother Mary to speak.

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mother Mary. I come to you on this beautiful day to celebrate the energy of the sacred heart, the merciful heart, the beautiful heart of God’s love. At the time of your inception as a beautiful spirit, you were infused with this essence of compassion, love, and mercy. It is within this essence that you were created. It is within this essence that you hold this frequency so brightly, so purely, and yes, Dearest Children, it is held within your heart chakra, it is held within your etheric body. There this frequency is all-encompassing. And as you may have seen pictures of Jeshua and I with our sacred hearts and you have wondered what does this mean? It means, Dearest Children, that we are holding the essence of pure unconditional love, compassion, mercy, and grace, for all of humanity. And in your beating hearts, you too are holding this vibration with every moment that your physical heart is beating. This vibration is emitting out into your own physicality, and in and out onto the world. With every heartbeat, with every moment of your life, the vibration of love, compassion, and mercy is emanating like a frequency out onto the world. Perhaps you have never thought of this, or you are not aware of this, but this frequency is sending waves of love around the globe. Every heartbeat. Can you imagine this frequency of all the souls that are living on this planet, including all the sentient beings, the animal kingdom, and yes, Dear Ones, all the little creatures, not only of the sea, but those who are living as what we call your creepy-crawlers, your insects, your bugs – all are holding this vibration and the essence of the living light.

Your planet was created in love, and so each sentient being is holding this frequency of the sacred heart, the merciful heart, this vibration. And the planet, all beings are surrounded, as we say, with love, always being emitted into the ethers. In the energy of every sentient being. It is why my son and I bring this to your attention, perhaps it has been a bit confusing, but I wish to explain this now. Can you imagine, can you feel your heartbeat sending love to your body, onto the world? If each soul would understand and realize how powerful they are and what they are bringing forth onto the planet, they would never question themselves or their role on this Earth plane. And when you make your transition from your physical body, you take your breath and your heart stops beating, you have encompassed all that energy back into your spirit, as if you have drawn all this energy back into your spirit, and everything that you have given, all the love that you’ve given, the compassion, the mercy, is now brought forth back into your full spirit and you return into wholeness, all that you have given, as if like a swoosh of energy, all the goodness that you have brought forth on this planet is brought back to your spirit, and you return to oneness, you return to wholeness, and there, Dearest Ones, you are in your full glory, and your beautiful oversoul is filled with completion. Yes, Dearest Children, the sacred heart is a gift, a gift from the creator for you to remember the true essence of why you are here, why you came to this planet to give and to receive love, to be loved, and to hold the essence and the presence of the living light of God inside of you. What a powerful remembrance that you are the creation of the living God and Goddess, the hope and the frequency of pure, unconditional love. Can you imagine every soul on this planet being consciously aware and sending out the intention that the power of love will heal this planet? Can you imagine if every soul consciously chose to send this frequency? Your world would change instantaneously, the negativity, the violence, the war, the hatred, the misdirected energy would begin to vaporize, would simply be extinguished. The vibration of misdirected energy would no longer hold any power. You see, the power of love is stronger than any other energy, it is the frequency of God. And it is encoded within you, within your sacred heart, within your merciful heart, within your compassionate heart.

And so, Dear Ones, we ask you to consider this, when you are feeling discouraged about the world, and what will happen to your planet. Like the hundredth monkey syndrome, this vibration, consciously now being emitted around the globe. People will begin to understand this, and they will intentionally be aware that they are a key component for the healing of this planet. Every soul, every sentient being, is interconnected. We are all one, and we come with the same purpose and the same image, and the same frequency, to bring healing to this planet so that Mother Gaea may return to her rightful place of beauty and perfection, returning to wholeness, returning to love. And so, as you feel your heart, know that you are contributing by your presence, your life force is bringing forth such power that you cannot even comprehend. As I have said, the magnificent glory that you bring forth to this planet. I ask you to feel this brilliance and allow it to emerge into your consciousness. We know, Dearest Children, that being on the Earth plane is most difficult and confusing at times, and yes, heartbreaking. For so many suffer and there is no need for suffering. When we lived 2,000 years ago, we held vigil and connected to the sacred heart, our merciful hearts, and we knew that our journey was both tenuous and was necessary. We held strong to the resolve that my son would merge his energy of love and compassion into the energy of not only this Earth plane, but into the essence and energy of all souls, that were not only present on the day of his crucifixion, but those that he ministered to before and after.

And so, Dearest Ones, my son has gifted you with this frequency and we come to share this vibration with you today, to remind you how powerful you are, that you are able to change the world within intention, conscious intention. One heartbeat at a time you are sending out waves of love. Every soul who comes in contact with you will be touched by this frequency. Every soul that you come in contact with will also be sending this frequency onto you, even if they are not aware of it, or even if they hold a vibration that is not of the highest and purest frequency. Every soul holds this essence, and so we ask you not to judge another, we ask you not to be afraid of another. This is difficult to comprehend, how all of this frequency and vibrational energy manifests itself, but I tell you, Dearest Ones, it is truth. Every soul is contributing to the whole, of the healing of this planet. The beating of their hearts, their compassionate and merciful hearts, and in due time, this vibration will awaken even the most dense and confused and misdirected souls. We patiently hold this frequency, we patiently wait. It is why my son has brought forth his teachings of the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ. He is patiently waiting for all to understand the teachings of the God essence, from love to joy. And so, Dear Ones, as you feel your heartbeat now, and you begin to feel your body begin to vibrate, can you feel the essence of your love emitting out into the ethers? Sending love to all that are in need? All who are suffering, all who are alone.

I know, Dearest Ones, it is difficult to watch the suffering on this Earth plane, but there is hope and there is faith and there is perseverance. And we are here to help you to persevere. We are here to help you through the difficult stages of your life. But as you embrace this frequency of love, let it be the guiding light that not only anchors you on this Earth plane, but connects you to your Higher Self, to all of your master guides and teachers, and to the Great Creator and Supreme One. You have all that you need inside of you, you are complete individuals that are unified in Oneness. Not only are you a collective energy of all that is, but you hold this frequency and vibration of the unified consciousness of love and peace and tranquility. And so, Dearest Children, be not afraid of what you do not understand, but persevere, hold vigil, and remain patient, for the world will return to its rightful place of peace and love. As you know, there are many who are leaving this planet, and many new arrivals each and every day. And the new souls that are coming on this planet are holding the frequency of pure love. Many of the new souls have already come into full mastery, and they are bringing their pureness onto the Earth plane, and so the world will change rather quickly in this new generation, for these new souls are coming forward and truly operating from their heart, their sacred and merciful hearts. Can you hold vigil for yourself, that all that you do is coming from your heart, your sacred and merciful heart? Every action, every deed, every thought is heart-centered. When you become angry or confused, or disillusioned, please turn into your sacred heart and be compassionate to yourself. And let your heart lead the way, let your heart show you the way. It is why my son’s ministry was called “The Way.” For his beautiful heart, his merciful heart, always guided him, instructed him as to what he needed to do, when to move forward, when to remain silent. He was guided by his internal knowingness to show him the way.

And so, today, Dearest Ones, I ask you to take a deep breath and connect to your sacred heart so that you may follow the way, the truth, and the light that lives inside your being. It is of utmost importance that you allow yourself to hold vigil, first for yourself. Your soul and your spirit are dictating your pathway, and the remembrance of why you are here. And as you consciously connect to the sacred heart, there you will find peace, for peace, Dearest Ones, is your birthright. Breathe in the essence of peace, and breathe in the essence of love, breathe in the essence of the living light of all that is. And so, Dear Ones, I will step back and allow my son to speak. I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to bring forth the living light of the sacred heart.

Greetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Jeshua. I come to you at this time, I ask you to allow me to take your hand, and I will show you the way. As my Mother has said, as you open your sacred heart and your merciful heart and your tender heart, I ask to show you the way, the truth and the light. When I first entered into my incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, I was not fully conscious of who I was or my mission. But over time, as I began to understand the nature of my soul and my mission, I began to listen to the still quiet voice from within, and with the energy and the assistance of my mother, I began to listen to my sacred heart and merciful heart, and I began to feel and understand my way, towards the ascension and the evolution of my own soul journey. As you know, I spent many days and nights in solitude. And even though it may appear that I was deeply connected, it was difficult at times, for it was confusing to me. Why me? I could not understand the power of love and the principles of love. Those times were difficult, as they are now. But you see, your world has now awakened exponentially to the power of love, and it will continue to grow and grow and grow. And those who open their merciful hearts, their sacred hearts, will feel the kindness of love that God has gifted them with, that will fill their presence much more potently and powerfully than you can imagine. Simply meaning as you begin to tap into the power of love, you will begin to feel it changing the world. And so, as my Mother has said we hold vigil, we are patient, we stand with you, and you are never alone. We will continue this journey until the last soul returns to love, the very last soul awakens and returns to love, and operates from their heart, not from their head, not from misguided beliefs, or thoughts, the ego. But from the heart. And so, Dearest Children, all the beings will operate from the heart.

Just like your Lemurians who live in Telos underneath the glorious Mt. Shasta, they live in harmony and balance with each other, the surface population will return to listening to the beautiful frequency of harmony and love, and respect for all of life. This is not improbable, for it is already is in existence. And so, Dear Ones, focus on this in your personal lives. In your professional life, and in and around your community. Be only love. As my mother said with every heartbeat, you are emanating this powerful force field, and as you say, with all of the humans emanating this frequency intentionally or unintentionally, why is there not peace and love upon this planet? For the collective whole must come together. Simply meaning there are gaps of energy, pockets of energy, of density, that are needed to be healed on your Earth plane. Different pockets of energy that are located in different parts of the world. These energy frequencies are affecting the whole, and the collective. Kryon, the Pleadians, the Arcturians, and many of their galactic brothers and sisters, as well as the angelic realm, are working diligently to clear these frequencies upon your planet, and the collective whole will soon be healed. But it takes each soul to consciously remember this. Perhaps this is all new to you, and will be new to many who listen or read about this. But it is necessary that we bring this to the attention of the masses so that they will understand the importance of the role that they play as messengers and healers and children of the light, who have been called to serve the living God. And so, please do it consciously, please do it respectfully, please do it with intention. In every moment of your life, you are changing the world. Every moment of your life, you are changing the world. As we have said many times, be in the world but not of it. We do say at this time, be in the world and love it, be in this world and love it. Feeling the power of love, it will soften and heal all the discordant energy.

On that day upon the cross, my oversoul was hovering over the crowd, and I was sending healing waves of love to all those present, I would change their hearts, to hold compassion and mercy, even the Romans, and Pontius Pilate. And so, Dear Ones, please do not disregard the power that you hold, for it is important, this is what you’ve come to do. We know how powerful the presence of the living light of God is so needed upon this Earth plane. The power of the living light of God is so needed to heal the hearts, and to awaken the hearts of so many. You have been dedicated foot soldiers, as we say, and you all have beautiful and open loving hearts, and this warms our hearts, my Mother and my Mary’s heart. We stand with you, we are always by your side. We shall never forsake you. We come to be with you always, in service, today as you allow yourself to feel this essence and presence of the living light of God inside of you, may you awaken to the tender and merciful heart of who you truly are. As we take our leave, we again ask you to open your heart, first for yourself and then for another. Please honor the living light of God inside of you, and be at peace.

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