6.22.20 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear One yes it is I, Yeshua, Mary is here as well. As I bring this information to you about the transformational process that is occurring within the human psyche upon the planet at this time, I ask each of you if you so shall to begin to take a deep, inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in the vibration of peace, truly begin to breathe in the vibration of peace, letting it settle into your heart, and simply allowing this transformational energy that is occurring upon the planet at this time to now enter into your very essence so that you may be frequency, breathe in the vibration of peace, allowing your heart to be open, your mind to be healed, and simply allowing yourself to feel this sense of freedom, as if you are clearing your energy field from at peace and return to a frequency and an energy of tranquility and equanimity. And so take a deep breath and breathe in this light, breathe in this any distractions, overstimulation, and energetic frequencies that are not for your highest good. So please take another deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy and the vibration of peace, feeling this energy, feeling this power, feeling the love, feeling the joy.


So today as you begin to understand at this time, that what is occurring upon the planet, with all of the influx of energy that is being brought forth to your planet from the Galactic Federation, from the Heavenly Hosts, the essence of the God an Goddess frequencies, of Father/Mother God, all souls are returning to balance and the transformational energy is of great enormity. There is balance that is returning back to the earth and to all of her kingdom, as we have mentioned before, the life streams of energy are being rejuvenated, but within the consciousness of the human psyche there is a powerful frequency that is being brought forth. To simply begin to change what we call the reptilian brain of survival to thrive. Within each of you there is an innate response of survival, from the moment that you have come onto the earth, this need to survive is innate within the physicality of the brain, to keep one alive, and yet now this transformational energy is about returning to balance and thriving, not just survival. This is about living in balance and harmony and equanimity and joy, and living from a place of peace, without the fear of survival. And you say, how can this be, with the energy that is being flooded into the energy of the human psyche is helping each of you to live in a higher state of consciousness, to live in oneness and understanding that you are connected to the universe, you are connected to the energy of all that is, and that all of your needs, all of your desires, all of your wants, can be manifested without fear. That the energy of survival that is innately programmed into the human consciousness, into the human brain, into the human physicality at the inception of the human race is now being recalibrated so that the human race can now live in peace and harmony and be free. Knowing that they are able to create and manifest at will what they need, what they desire, what they want, without fear of reprisal and fear of survival. For you are to live on this earth plane in joy and in remembrance of who you truly are. This is how peace will come to your planet, this is how all kingdoms will live together in harmony and balance. This is how all of you individually will begin to shift your consciousness from a sense of fear to love. Of me versus you. Coming together in unity consciousness, helping your fellow brother and sister because you all have more than enough, and you all have all that you need. There is no separation, there is no fear, and so in this time of what you call the quarantine, has allowed the frequencies to enter into the human consciousness of all souls on the planet who are choosing to receive this frequency.


So by your own free will choice, you are receiving this shift in your physical brain and allowing the energy of prosperity, and the energy of hope to be brought forth into your frequency. Therefore, you are simply able to now shift your consciousness, readily, into a state of creative manifestation, as if a switch has been turned on in your brain, and what you may call your reptilian brain, that which is of simply survival, you will still have the desire and the ability to continue to want to physically survive, but it is not out of fear, it is not an automatic response that is controlling you. You will begin to feel this sense that all is at your fingertips, as if you are truly connected and you are connected to the abundance of the universe. Again, all that you need is in your reach. As if by your mere thoughts you are able to create, you see this is how it is done. This is how you did this before, before you came into your physical bodies as humans, as spirits you created what you wanted instantaneously, you thought something and it was created. And you see the shift of energy now is allowing the density upon your earth plane to be cleared so that instantaneously your thought forms can be manifest. So with what we call the lack of activity upon your earth with the scurrying and the hurrying, and the bustling, and the distractions of life to keep all of you entertained, you are simply being forced to be quiet, and your physical body, your mental mind, and yes your reptilian brain is changing, being altered. So that you are able to now tap into the connection of telepathic communication, and be able to create and manifest at will.


Perhaps this is a new concept to you and you perhaps may seem a bit confused. But know as you think, so shall you receive. That you have and you have always had the ability to create and to manifest, and yet now the energy upon the earth is allowing each of you to do it more easily and quickly. So be mindful of your thoughts, be mindful of that which you are bringing onto the world, holding the space of love for yourself to create and manifest at will. You see, what has been happening is all of you are being purified, and that which no longer serves you is being cleared away. The subconscious mind has been clearing out fear and anger, and disharmonic frequencies, so if any of you have been feeling off sorts, this is a part of the clearing. This is a clearing that is needed within your own etheric body and into your consciousness. Any suppressed anger or fear is upsurging to be cleared. Now, call in the vibration of peace, call in the energy of tranquility, call in the energy of equanimity, and be at peace. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved, be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved, be still, be still, be still and know that you are loved. This is an important time to focus on clearing that which no longer serves you. This is an important time to allow yourself to continue to purge, to heal, and to be restored back into Divine Balance. The key is held with your intention. How do you choose to live your life, how do you choose to hold and carry the light in your physical frequency, with the purity and the intensity of love, peace, joy, harmony, equanimity? Or do you choose to hang on to the past? So this is a time of transformation. This is a powerful time of transformation. Letting go, letting God. So I ask each of you once again to take a deep, inhaling breath, and breathe in this vibration of peace. Now, my Mary will begin to speak.


Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your energy field I bow to each of you, for you have agreed now to step forward into the strength and the power of your spirit. Simply meaning, that you have allowed what you call some of your humanness to fall away. To allow some of the limitations that you’ve had in your human self to fall away, and begin to emerge into your own over soul, and to be able to access your over soul. To be able to access all the energy of the essence of your spirit, as you are able to telepathically communicate with one another, with all of life, and be able to draw forth the energy of abundance, creative manifestation, into your life stream. As if you are tapping into what we call the Cosmic Bank, of the abundance of the universe, what you need shall be brought to you, a force field of energy that is brought to you shall be brought forward. So know at this time that as your heart is open and your mind is healed, you should begin to feel this energy and this essence of peace and tranquility upon your soul, letting go, letting God, letting go, letting God.


So simply if you can imagine that you are allowing your over soul now to encompass your consciousness and you have access to unlimited potential, you have access to unlimited potential, that your human brain, your reptilian brain of survival that has limitation or fear or lack is no longer operating. You are tapping into unlimited potential, you are tapping into the unlimited energy of the universe. What you need will come to you instantly, you say this may seem far fetched, but we ask Dear Ones that you try it, and see how it works for you. The energy has been cleared from this planet for each of you to access it. So this is an exciting day of transformation, it is a powerful day of transformation, and so it is of great importance that you receive this and understand this and call it forth. As you remember union, you are calling forth the energy of union, I remember union, as you are able to remember and union with yourself and partner with the universe. I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. You are able to partner with the energy and the essence of your God essence, with your I AM presence, and your over soul is assisting your physicality, your human consciousness, and directing you again to be at peace and truly to manifest at will. Letting go, letting God, as you are able to manifest at will.


Calling in the energy, calling in the essence, calling in this vibration, it is of grave importance that each of you begin this process, for all of you have work to do, your missions are not complete, and your soul is ready to push forward into this transformational process so that you are able to access all the unlimited abundance and potential that you are to receive at this time in your life. So give gratitude for what you may call your quarantine, for you have been quarantined for a purpose. Not simply because of the virus, but because you were needed to change and to shift your consciousness into your unlimited potential. Many will not understand this nor even have access to this information, but we share it to all those of you who are ready to receive and understand that this is of truth. It is our gift to humanity, it is that which is needed. It is how you will return and ascend into your true potential as Ascended Masters, as spiritual beings who have chosen to sacrifice your Oneness, to return back to the earth time and time again. So we are gifting you this transformational process, because it is your right to receive it, it is your right to remember it, it is your right to access this at this time, and so even though this may seem a bit preposterous, again Dearest Ones it is of truth. It is your time to receive.


So may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. It is your time to receive. Prepare yourself. For this energy and this frequency, and this abundant light. Prepare yourself to receive this energy and this abundant light. Allowing Yeshua and I to now hold the space of love for you so that you can receive this. I stand on your left, Yeshua stands on your right, St. Michael stands before you, the Blessed Mother stands behind you. And we integrate this energy into your auric field, and into all aspects of your being so that you are able to receive this and to acknowledge it, and to feel it, and to connect to it as you telepathically are able to manifest what you need at will. There is no need to worry about survival, for you have access to the energy of the abundant universe, always have, but now you are re-remembering and you are able to do so by your thoughts. So today, Dearest Children, prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive. This is a day that God has made, it is good and it is rich. So as you enter into this state of grace, open your heart, feel the peace, feel the joy, feel the love, feel the tranquility, opening your heart to the energy of all that is. Opening your heart to the energy of all that is. Go now my children, prepare yourself to receive. Place your hand over your heart and allow this frequency of transformation to enter into your consciousness, enter into your heart, enter into your belief system, for that which you need can be manifested through your thoughts instantaneously, there by the snap of the fingers you are able to connect to your over soul, to the energy of all that is. The time is now for all of you to live and to thrive in your true potential, in your true God essence, as spiritual/physical beings of light on this earth, it is time for your lives to become easier, effortlessly, and in divine grace, as you live in the joy and the remembrance of who you truly are, living with this light and this potential and this energy in the essence of your being. You see, Dearest Ones, you are just remembering, remembering how it is, thought forms can be transmitted instantaneously, now in your humanness, the density has been cleared and you are able to do this with the assistance of your over soul, give gratitude, that you are now connected to your over soul and the energy of all that is, your multi-dimensional self that you are. You do not have to live in a state of limitation, for the creation of your thoughts are abundant and truly each of you hold the power to create and manifest at will.


So go now my children be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. We send you this energy, we bow onto you, we are truly grateful. Go forth and create what you need in your life as you will be supported and brought forth this frequency with great love, with great appreciation, with great joy within our hearts. We assist you upon this day, go forward into the light and the peace and the union of your own Sacred Self, live in joy, live in remembrance of who you truly are. Go now my children and be peace. And truly know that you are loved.