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Lea Chapin

6-19-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

June 19, 2017

Greetings my children yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Today I wish to talk about the power of gratitude and the frequency and the vibration of this powerful energy and this powerful essence. It is indeed, Dearest Children, a beautiful remembrance of the glory of what we call the infinite love and gratitude that is to be brought forth into your consciousness, into your life stream, infinite love and gratitude. It is of extreme importance Dearest Children that you embrace, and you re-remember this powerful frequency of infinite love and gratitude. This is a powerful powerful frequency that is of grave importance, holding the space of love first for yourself and then for another, infinite power, love and gratitude. As each of you came forth as powerful spirits onto this earth plane, you held this frequency so beautifully, so powerfully, so effervescently upon your soul. Infinite love and gratitude. Gratitude that you are able to be here on this earth plane. I know that you do not remember what it felt like in your beautiful spirit essence to enter into this beautiful planet. But you were excited and you were delighted to be here with the anticipation, holding the light, holding the frequency and being love and what we call infinite essence of light. The infinite essence of light onto this planet. There was great excitement when the spirits came to this earth plane. Beautiful beautiful love surrounded this earth and all the beautiful spirits were in deep appreciation for the opportunity to come to this beloved planet. And you Dearest Children held the same excitement, the same joy, the same anticipation, and so Dearest Ones we ask you to remember this, and not be complacent about living here on this earth plane. We know it is difficult in the third dimensional reality, and all of the troubles that seem to pervade your current civilization and this planet, but it is of grave importance that you re-remember the love, and the power and the joy in which you entered into this earth.

You have been on this earth plane many incarnations, and your spirit is still alive and well, and it is holding the frequency of light and the essence of infinite light and love for this planet. Can you call this in? Can you call in the joy into your life force, and begin to live again, and to shine your light as the beautiful essence of love. Dear Ones the essence of your energy is glowing. You are glowing. Can you feel the light inside of you? Can you feel the love inside of you? Can you feel the frequency that is emitting from your being? We know we have spoken of this many times before, but you are like stars, brilliant stars, illuminating your piece, your light, your love for this planet and all of creation. And so Dear Ones know that today as you embrace and embody the frequency of the power of infinite love and gratitude, that your heart is opening to this essence, and your heart is opening to this love, and your heart is opening to this power, and your heart is opening to this frequency. And so Dear Ones feel this presence and it is embodied upon you and within you, feel this energy as you feel the power of this light emerging upon your soul. Infinite love and gratitude, for all of life, for yourself, for your family, your friends, for all that you have and all that you’ve ever been given, and all that you shall receive, infinite love and gratitude.

So many are unhappy, angry, and feel that they’ve been robbed or cheated of what they believe is their birthright. And we say Dear One, that the power of infinite love and gratitude will bring forth to you greater abundance than holding resentment or anger or fear or loss. Infinite love and gratitude. You Dearest Children are richer than you can imagine. You’ve been given so much, and yet at times it is still not enough. Infinite love and gratitude. You’ve been given the spark energy of the God essence. You are God, you are a Goddess, you hold the power of God, the creation energy inside of you. You are magnificent beings, brilliant beyond your understanding, and you cannot accept this, it is difficult to receive, it is difficult to understand perhaps, but we ask you to accept your magnificence and to let your light shine so others may see. Let your light shine so others may see the magnificence of your brilliance. Let your light shine so others may see. You are powerful, powerful souls and I am asking you today to let us open the chamber of the frequency of infinite love and gratitude as if you are opening up a beautiful doorway and this powerful frequency is now pouring to you and upon you. Perhaps at this time in your life, gratitude is a concept, a philosophy, and attitude, a belief. But we ask that you embody this frequency as it is a living being. It is a frequency, it is an essence. Just as my beloved Jeshua brought forth his twelve teachings from love to joy, they hold a powerful vibration of healing. And gratitude holds this most significant vibration as well.

Remember Dearest Children, that you are not always in your physical bodies, and your powerful spirits hold the energy of all that is. Simply meaning, Dearest Ones, you held the essence of all of creation, the supreme Creator created you in magnificence. And your power and your light and your magnificent and brilliant essence is more powerful than you can comprehend or believe it to be. I know I’ve said this but I’m saying it again. You are more powerful and more brilliant than you can imagine yourself to be. If you can see yourself as the powerful soul and spirit that you are, you would never question or doubt yourself again. And you would never be ungrateful, you would never feel lack. You would know that you are holding the power and the keys to life, the keys to life in the palm of your hands. You have the keys to life in the palm of your hands, the mysteries of life. The simple principles of life, love and infinite gratitude are a part of these keys that are offered onto you today. And so I ask each of you to breathe in this frequency of gratitude. Breathe it into your body and be grateful that your body is healthy and strong. That you are capable and yes I will use the word capable, of connecting to your spirit essence. You have the wherewithal and the understanding that you are more than just your physical body and your mental mind, and that your spirit, your Higher Self, your over soul, is present, alive and yes, willing to serve you. All you have to do is say yes.

Please guide me in my individual life, and with gratitude and with love your spirit gently comes forward and you begin to feel the strength inside of you. We talked before about being a free spirit, and yet today we talk about the strength of the spirit, the power of the spirit to guide your life. To navigate you through your journey and to feel the excitement and the anticipation that you are in co-collaboration with your spirit, you are in co-collaboration with your spirit. The infinite wisdom is accessible, infinite wisdom, you have infinite wisdom that is accessible to you, infinite love and gratitude, infinite wisdom. If you truly could accept this you would never feel lack or fear or loss or worry ever again. You have the power of infinite wisdom. It is a matter of taking time as they say to listen to the still quiet voice from within. Listening to your inner wisdom. Listening to your Higher Self, listening to the callings and the stirrings that are inside of you, and being grateful that you are able to feel and to sense and to know, all of the senses that God has given you, all of your intuitive senses, and your physical senses as well. We ask you to not take for granted these abilities that are your birthright. Some say, Oh, I cannot hear, I cannot sense, I do not know. But they are there and as real to you as your physical senses, your physical sight, your physical hearing, your physical ability to touch, to sense, to feel.

Many may not have thought of this, that the intuitive senses that are given to you are just as real and at your fingertips as your own physical senses. Call them in and be in gratitude that God has given you these spiritual gifts to help you to navigate through your life. You are never left here completely alone. When you originally came as a beautiful spirit onto this earth plane, in awe and wonder and excitement, you had all your full capacity as a powerful spirit. And then as you know, over time, the separation came. And with each successive incarnation, many began to fall further away from their own truth, their own knowingness, their own magnificent brilliance. But today, we are asking you to begin to feel the wonder and be in gratitude again. Feel the magnificent gratitude and be in wonder again. I remember union with my spirit, I remember union with my spirit. You are one with all of life, and you are one with all of the creative life force energy. I remember union.

What is happening today, it is as if we are plugging you into the circuits so that you can remember. So that you can hear, sense, feel and know that all of your intuitive and psychic senses are being reawakened. Not only are they being reawakened, they are being heightened, intensified. It is as if you are being reactivated into your magnificent spirit. And so with the power of infinite love and gratitude that is now being embodied within your frequency, within your beautiful essence, you may humbly and most graciously receive the power of your spirit, and embody it and anchor it into this earth plane. It is why you came to this earth, to anchor your frequency and your light into Mother Earth, bringing your brilliance so that she may ascend and return back to her own brilliance. It is a co-collaboration, and all are interconnected and all are one. This you know. You know you are inter-galactically connected and the earth plane does not operate just on her own vital life force frequencies. You do not operate solely on your own vital life force frequencies. Without your connection to spirit and to the energy of the Great Creator, your physical body would not be alive. This is what happens when you leave your physical body, you return back to Source. And you transmute your energy into another form, another experience, another dimensional opportunity awaits you. This is exciting because you’ve anchored your energy here, you’ve done your work, you’ve completed your mission and then you are on to another adventure. Life goes on. It is not death, as many of you call it, but it is life. It is the energy and the essence of the pure light that you are, that never is extinguished.

And so we ask you Dearest One to embody this frequency of gratitude for your life, for your life force energy, for your vitality, and yes for your willingness to serve, and your willingness to be served. You are far more than what you understand yourself to be and yet as we come together every Monday morning, it is my desire that you feel this and you embrace it and you understand your brilliance and you know how powerful you are, how beautiful you are, how brilliant you are, how magnificent you are. I am magnificent. And as you call this frequency you are able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You are not limited by the outer world and its limitations. As they say, if there is a will there is a way. And we are here to help you and to guide you. If there is a will there is a way, we are here to help guide you. Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t be afraid to embrace your magnificence. If there is a will there is a way. Hold the power of your magnificence close and dear to you. Today we are infusing the energy of peace inside of each of you so you may feel this essence and presence of peace and begin to embody it and to begin to embrace it.

Infinite love and gratitude, each of you are peace makers and you’ve come to this earth to walk upon this earth plane gently. And so Dear One we ask you to embody the energy of peace, walking gently, holding your light, carrying your power, like a torch, carrying your light and power like a torch as peaceful warriors. It is so needed, because as you know, within the next 10,000 years there will be peace on this planet, and this planet will return back to its original state of peace and balance. I know it seems like a long time but it is a blink of an eye. And the inhabitants upon your earth plane will eventually return to balance and peace shall prevail. This in many ways for your current civilization is the final struggle of the human will. This is why sometimes people are confused, why is this all happening, and many blame God. Why is this being allowed. It is the final struggle of the free will of humanity. And when humanity understands there is to be no struggle, that your spirit is to guide you, and you embrace this energy of peace inside of you, there is no need to force the human will upon others, causing violence or chaos or wars, detriment upon another soul or life force energy, any kingdom, be it animal, plant, mineral. Peaceful, spiritual warriors of light, walking gently on this earth plane, bringing your light onto the world. Peaceful warriors, gentle souls, all of you are gentle souls, and so we bring you this power of infinite love and gratitude because we are in gratitude to you, and we love you deeply and dearly. We want you to feel this inside of you and to embrace its totality.

And never give up hope as you see the darkness upon this planet rearing its ugly head and trying to control the world. It will not be allowed to succeed and it will not be allowed to continue on much longer. It is the final struggle of the free will of the human. And if you find yourself trying to control through your mental mind, then we ask you to surrender to the frequency of infinite love and gratitude of your powerful spirit. When you are struggling with decisions, or if you need clarity, or if you are feeling confused emotionally, we ask you to surrender to the Divine Will of God. To the infinite power of love, Divine Will, and the infinite power of love. It is of grave importance that you stand tall and proud. Do not worry about what you do not understand. The infinite power of love is your guiding force. As we have said many times before, Jeshua and I would enter into the Cave of Creation and we would sit and pray for hours for guidance. And it was this powerful frequency of infinite love and gratitude that we called upon to show us the way, to help us to know what direction we were to take in our lives, how were we to cope with what was before us in the Great Design.

Today I ask you to breathe in this frequency. It will strengthen and it will help you, just as it has helped Jeshua and I during the most critical time of our lives. Infinite love and gratitude, holy grace and holy union, infinite love and gratitude. It is of this powerful frequency that love will heal, love will heal all and grace will heal all. And so today as you find yourself in this remembrance of your beautiful spirit, can you feel your spirit essence, can you feel the love running through you and the grace and the remembrance that you are one, connected to all of life, connected to the Great Creator. Can you remember, can you feel, can you be grateful? Grateful that your spirit was sparked by the Great One. Your spirit was sparked and you have lived on and on and on and on. And the dwelling light within you never extinguishes. We say never, even when this incarnation is complete, your light is never extinguished. And so can you be grateful? Can you honor the light that you are? Can you give yourself a pat on the back and say I have done a tremendous job of returning to my own knowingness and awakening to my light. And so Dear Ones, this is our message for the day, infinite love and gratitude. Infinite love and gratitude. Infinite love and gratitude.

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