5-4-20 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear One it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you Dearest Ones that we thank you for your due diligence and we bow onto you. For yes, this is a very important time, as has been said, the shift of consciousness has occurred within humanity’s consciousness, as ¾ of humanity has now, as they say, tipped the scales to return to love. And so now the planet can move forward, as each of you can move forward into your ascension process, at an even greater and more rapid level. You may begin to feel this sense of deepening within your own soul, you may truly begin to feel the essence of your soul matrix, and begin to feel the energy of your own soul as you begin to feel this sense of lightness within your own mental and emotional body. What we mean by this, Dear Ones, is that you are now being able to clear the lower vibrational frequencies that you’ve held within your own consciousness, and begin to access your soul at a deeper level. You’re able to access your own internal guidance, your own soul at a deeper level. Therefore know at this time, Dearest Ones, that your soul has been waiting for you to catch up with itself. For in this particular incarnation all of you have awakened to your beautiful spirit and soul essence, and yet now your consciousness can truly begin to align itself with your soul, thus allowing you to begin to feel other aspects of your soul lifetimes, other essence pieces or fragments of your own soul. Therefore the shift of consciousness and Mother Gaia is allowing each of you to access the energy of your own Akashic records, to be able to access your own Akash. Therefore when you came to this planet, you entered into a state of amnesia and therefore you were as they say allowed to go through your soul journey with free will choice to reawaken again to the true essence of your soul at your own rate. At your own level. So now that the shift of consciousness has occurred upon this planet, it is as if a veil has been lifted, and each of you are able to tap into your soul, be able to tap into the different lifetimes, and the essence, and the fragments of your own soul, and be able to use those memories, those gifts, those talents to be able to access them in this lifetime. Simply meaning you have more tools, more knowledge, more wisdom, more energy from the soul matrix, meaning that you will have more power, you will be more empowered. You will have a greater sense of confidence, and a greater sense of ease, and a greater sense of understanding that you are much more powerful than you realize yourself to be, you are simply able to access your soul.

Other lifetimes where you have held great wisdom, talents, and knowledge, you are able to call in those essence pieces of yourself into your consciousness now. So say you were a great writer or a musician, or a healer, you can call in those fragments of your essent selves at a greater level. Therefore the shift of consciousness is allowing all of you to move into the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth dimensional frequencies at a greater ease, as if you are able to access frequencies that you’ve had no way of accessing. This is an unprecedented time in human history, and you may not understand this, but perhaps we’ve said this before, this period of time on the earth is unprecedented, and your souls have access to knowledge and wisdom that you’ve never had access to before. Therefore, even during the highest of civilizations, you did not have this energy that is privy to you now. Therefore truly Dearest Children, you are moving into heaven on earth, you are moving into a state of consciousness that has never been present upon this earth plane, not even during Atlantis or Lemuria, or any of the high civilizations in your previous ancestral remembrance. Therefore Dear Ones, please accept this gift, that what is happening with the shift of consciousness, and yes, we have said this before, but the pandemic is causing a slowing of energy of humanity, to return to be still. And yet despite what is happening, this reset for Mother Gaia has allowed her to shift her vibration and her frequency into a higher level so that all of humanity can move up a notch. So that you can, as they say, be lifted up into the ascension process and moved up a notch. Therefore, Dearest Ones, you all are on the wave. So do not despair, do not despair, all of you are on the wave of ascension, do not despair. Therefore you will begin to see this shift of consciousness within your own mental mind and as we have brought forth our daily meditations for each of you to tap into, so that you can return to peace, and allow yourself to settle into your heart, and honor yourself. Honor yourself, honor yourself, honor yourself. That you have chosen to be here by divine appointment, honor yourself, honor yourself, honor yourself. That you have chosen to be here by divine appointment, you have chosen to be here at this most auspicious time, and that what is occurring with this pandemic upon the globe is for purpose and good.

We ask you not to get entrenched into the worldly affairs, and into the mass consciousness of what you see on your television or what you hear on your radio, or what you hear through your computer. Simply turn within and listen. Begin to understand the truth as you understand it to be, as you know it to be within your own heart, that you are able to discern what is happening for you individually and for the planet collectively. This is why we come to bring these messages to uplift you, to inspire you, and to help you to understand that you have more power than you give yourself credit for. This is the day, as they say, that God has made, it is good and it is rich. Do not succumb to the lower vibrational frequencies of fear, anger or even mistrust. All things happen for purpose and good. So today as you feel this energy, as you are shifting into a higher frequency, know that today, as you enter into this state of grace, and as you place your hand over your heart, allow yourself to feel this sense of peace, that you, all of you, are holding the light, the love and the energy for this planet and its ascension, you are all pivotal players and are key for this process to occur. All that matters in this moment is that you honor yourself. Stay grounded, stay centered, and be not afraid. I’m going to step back at this moment and allow my Mary to speak, as she brings this energy forward at this time.

Greetings Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I say to you Dear Ones that allow yourself to feel the energy of the Sacred Mother coming to each of you, allowing the energy of the Sacred Mother, Divine Mother, begin to comfort you. It is of great importance that you do not allow yourself to feel this sense of isolation, separation, or fear. For this is of grave importance, Dearest One, that as you move through this ascension process, you continue to release all of the old energies of fear and separation from your consciousness. Each of you, as Yeshua has said, has served this living planet, and you will continue to serve this living planet with love within your heart, with dedication within your heart, with perseverance within your heart, and so do not give up. Do not allow yourself to fall into the false trap of illusion of fear and separation. Stay centered into your heart, know that you are loved, and that we, here, on this side of the veil are supporting humanity, supporting you. Can you feel it, can you sense it, and can you believe it? You are not alone, you have never been alone, you are a part of the Great Conclave of beings who have chosen to come to this planet at the time of its inception, and you have been spiritual warriors, many, many, many times before. And yes, Dearest Ones, we say and we know how tiring it can be.

When Yeshua and I lived 2,000 years ago, and we had created the template for Divine Union for this planet, as if we had created a grid of sacred balance for this planet, we knew that over the course of time it would be difficult for humanity to rise up to return to balance. To return to the sacred union, to the oneness of all that is. And so we understand your struggles, for our struggles were difficult then, and we were not understood, and as you know we were persecuted against. Today, you have each other, and there are many, many souls who understand and who are assisting in shifting the consciousness of this planet, as Yeshua has said. But you see the shift of consciousness, the plateau, the tipping point has occurred. As of yesterday, May 3, 2020, the hearts of many souls have opened, because what has occurred, many souls whose hearts had been closed off to their fellow brothers and sisters, their hearts are open now, out of fear, out of concern, out of love. Humanity has opened their hearts to their fellow brothers and sisters. So do not allow yourself to be caught up in what you see as truth. Trust and know within your heart, as Yeshua said, the truth of that which you understand to be. This is the tipping point, as they say. The planet is in a state of ascension, its frequency is rising at a very rapid rate, and so understand that all of the light workers upon the planet are here by divine appointment, and that many of you have been specialists in assisting the planet’s ascension, you have done it thousands and thousands of times before. Helping other dimensional frequencies rise up, and planet earth is just one planet.

So Dear Ones, feel the energy of the planet as she, too, becomes jubilant, as she ascends into a state of lighter and lighter consciousness, for indeed, Dearest Ones, this is a gradual process, and for you, your consciousness will change, as they say, gradually, as if like they said, in a twinkling of an eye. You will begin to shift in your consciousness, and you will feel different, you will feel lighter, you will feel more connected. Again, you will have access to your soul at a deeper level, as Yeshua had spoken of earlier. This is the joy and remembrance of who you truly are, that you are in reunification with yourself. This is what is happening with the planet, she is reunifying to her original state of being. I know this is all confusing, and what does this have to do with me, what does this have to do with the world affairs? Yet understand, Dearest Ones, that this is all a part of the plan. When you all chose to come to this planet to assist Mother Gaia, to help her ascend as the powerful spirits that you are, you forgot your Oneness, and you came to serve. Today you are being gifted your memory, as you say. You are being gifted the remembrance of your soul, your spirit, of why you came. Because we can see that many are discouraged, many are distraught. Find the still point within you and be at peace. Find the energy of your soul that wishes to be expressed.

As we have said this is an opportunity for all of you to turn within and to listen to the still, quiet voice, and begin to rebirth your lives. For you to start anew. This is an opportunity for you to turn into your soul, and to ask, what is my soul calling? What is my soul asking me to do through the rest of my life? What is my soul wanting from me that I have not done? This is a time to reinvent yourself. This is a time to step forward and say yes, I can, I will and I shall. If you are being called forth to teach, then step forward and teach. If you are being called forward to do healing work, step forward and do healing work. If you are being called to just simply remain silent at this time and continue to incubate the consciousness of your soul, then sit quiet and incubate the consciousness of your soul. Do not become angry that you are not moving forward, and that life has stopped. No, you are constantly evolving, you are constantly shifting, you are constantly changing. Just because you cannot see change in the world as you wish it to be does not mean that it is not happening, and that is not happening for you. Be creative, work around your obstacles, work around your challenges. Yeshua and I clearly had to do that in our time. We did our work in secret, and the obstruction and the energy never stopped us, even during the crucifixion, before, during and after, we were holding the Great Design, and knowing that all of that energy, of persecution, was not going to kill Yeshua or stop us from moving forward. We were able to create what we needed to do with our lives. So you all are capable of creating your life as you so choose. Yes there may be some limitations, but work around them. Let it not affect you, let it not annoy you, let it not anger you. This too shall pass, and you will come out stronger, wiser and more powerful than you can imagine yourself to be. Remember, this is a time for you to tap into your soul essence, your soul is calling you to step forward. Your soul is now being brought forward for you to access all the wisdom, all the knowledge, all the talents, all the gifts. And so this is a time to move through your fear and embrace your true self, let go, let God, let go, let God and allow your beautiful light to shine. Let go, let God, let go, let God, let go, let God and allow your beautiful light to shine. Your light is needed upon this planet. And as we have always said, be the change you wish to see. Do not stop yourself, do not allow anyone to tell you what you can and cannot do, allow yourself to shine, you are brilliant, be the shining star. Simply surrender, trust, allow and receive. You are that star, surrender, trust, allow and receive You are that beautiful star, surrender, trust, allow and receive.

So today as you feel this energy within your heart, can you feel the comfort? Can you feel the joy, can you feel the tranquility? I let go and I let God. I let go and I let God, and allow my beautiful light to shine. There, Dearest Ones, you begin to feel this energy of gratitude, gratitude, infinite love and gratitude. That you are grateful to yourself, you are grateful to this process that is occurring upon this planet. Not all people will understand it, but it is still happening. Not all will receive it as you will, but that does not mean it is shifting humanity’s consciousness. For the energy and the seeds have been planted. But you, each of you, have the wisdom, have the knowledge, and you’re being given this information as your consciousness is being seeded with your own sense of empowerment. You are being purified. So continue to call in the energy of fire, the power of the violet flame of transmutation, the energy of the resurrection flame, to purify pieces within you that continue to feel out of balance, weak and fearful. Indeed this is a day that God has made, it is good and it is rich. And you are given this information because you are beloved souls, you have done this before, you will carry on, and you will teach and lead others, and show them the way. Each one teach one, each one lead one. Before you know it your lives will be at a different vibratory frequency, and the planet will continue to start anew.

This is a new beginning, this is rebirth. Trust this, honor this and as we say, feel this within your heart as you use your discernment that which is being brought forth to you upon this day. Go now my children, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved. Yeshua and I stand with you, we stand beside you, we honor you and we bless you. We adore you, we are truly, truly grateful for your dedication and to your soul for all you have done in this incarnation and through all incarnations of time to assist Mother Gaia. This is done out of love and commitment, yes, it can be difficult. But you have the tenacity to see it through, that is why you are here, that is why you have been called forward. That is why we are reminding you, that is why you are here on this call today, as a reminder that you are stronger, more powerful, more potent than you can understand yourself to be. Dearest Ones, you are the spiritual warriors of light, and you have chosen to serve, and we have come to serve you, as we love you, we honor you, we truly truly bless you for your dedication, and your commitment. Infinite love and gratitude, give yourself this gift upon this day, breathe in the energy of gratitude, it is a powerful vibration, infinite love and gratitude, breathe in this vibration, it is powerful indeed, Dearest Ones, be grateful to yourself. Honor yourself, love yourself, that you have given and given, and truly Dearest Ones it is your time to receive. All will be given, as we have said before, a special blessing for your dedication and your commitment, each of you will receive a blessing upon you that is yours, that is unique, that which you deeply desire. And so Dearest Ones you are not forsaken, you are not forgotten, blessed be, are those who serve with deep love within their heart. You are those souls, remember, as they say, the meek shall inherit the earth. Simply meaning, the meek are those who are humble, who are pure, go forward now Dearest Children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved.