5-18-20 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you Dearest Ones that this is a powerful, powerful day. What many of you are feeling in terms of what you may call ascension symptoms, is simply this great shift of energy that is now pouring upon the planet. There is a tremendous shift of energy, of love that is being sent to this planet, and it is breaking through the force field of the collective energy of the dark frequencies that are on this planet at this time. Know that each of you that are holding the frequency of this Great Awakening, of this great shift of consciousness, are being called to be even stronger conduits, holding the living light of God’s essence upon this planet. And so we thank you for your due diligence, we thank you for your strength, we thank you for your love, we thank you for all that you have brought forth on this planet at this time. As you see, the force field of energy is indeed quite strong. I will tell you what has occurred upon this day. Mother Earth has lowered her vibration to reach down to humanity’s collective consciousness, and she has opened herself to radiate peace and love to humanity. Mother Earth is a living, breathing entity and her heartbeat will now begin to touch the heartbeats of all souls, her gift to humanity is truly an awakened heart. At her very crystalline core, she holds peace and love. She is extending the essence of her being to humanity at this time, as a healing balm to clear and heal the collective consciousness of all humans, in order for humanity to now hold the love vibration and frequency of the divine, sacred feminine essence. She has come to help humanity to embody and to embrace the love vibration that she was meant to hold, and so Mother Earth is now helping to clear the lower frequencies of the lower vibrations of greed, hatred, negativity, sorrow, fear and pain in order to hold the frequency of love within the very essence of her being.

Mother Earth’s healing power of love and nurturance that is held within the crystalline core is now coming forth onto this planet at a very rapid rate, as if the stagnation and the energy of the quietness that is being felt upon this planet can now allow the energy from the core of Mother Earth to bring forth her love and to begin to heal and to regenerate the earth, all species and all of creation. And so Dearest Ones, despite all who refuse to honor and respect the energy of Mother Earth, she is giving and will continue to give her love to humanity and to all life forms. Her essence of love will continue to be felt for the next 10,000 years, for within this time frame, of the energy of the next 10,000 year cycle, peace will be felt upon this planet. Love will be felt upon this planet. Hope will be felt upon this planet. And so Dearest Ones, know that hope and change and unity will be felt within the human psyche. This is a significant and powerful time in human history, for the opportunity for humanity to ascend to a higher frequency of love and ascension has never been available in this form before, not even during the time of Atlantis or Lemuria. And so Dearest Children, begin to feel the essence and the presence of this energy as humanity’s collective consciousness is in need of elevation, in order for peace and unity and love to prevail. No longer will people speak of love and unity, but they will begin to embrace and embody the true essence of love within their beings. You see, all that is happening, the declining economy, the global state of affairs, will drop people to their knees, to a spiritual wakeup call. There they will begin to shift their consciousness. There they will begin to shift their beliefs. There they will begin to shift their archaic ways of thinking that will allow them to move forward into the next 10,000 year cycle of peace.

Please accept this gift that Mother Earth is bringing to humanity. For she is here, and she has sacrificed herself, allowing humans to inhabit her, and also she has allowed herself to be sacrificed for the greater good, of assisting humanity in their ascension process. And yet Mother Earth will no longer continue to sacrifice herself, she will now begin, as they say, to begin to regenerate herself, she will begin to allow the true essence of her frequency, of her energy, to now be brought forward onto the surface of this planet. And so for those who may begin to feel this clearing, we ask you to begin to call in the energy and the essence from the crystalline core of Mother Earth, bring it up through your earth star chakra into the soles of your feet, and bring this energy into your heart and be at peace. For all that is happening upon your planet at this time is for purpose and good, it may be difficult, it may be laborious, but as we have said many many times before, this is a rebirth. This is the energy that Mother Earth is now shifting her vibrational frequency in alignment to the energy and the essence of peace onto the surface of this planet. Time and time and time again, this great awakening that you have all been waiting for has now arrived. And as we have spoken so many times before, the year 2020, many looking in excitement and anticipation of this new year, a year of clarity. You see, Mother Earth is now bringing forth her clear essence, her clarity, the frequency of pure love, unity, harmony and peace.

And yet you may see again the collective consciousness of humanity’s fear, anger, base emotions. But do not get caught up in this. Know that Mother Earth’s energy is now bringing forth this regeneration, and like a healing balm over the surface of your planet. Love will prevail. Peace will prevail. There is a healing balm of Mother Earth’s love that will be sealed over the surface of this planet. So know at this time that each of you as earth volunteers have chosen to be here at this appointed hour, to continue to hold your light and love, to continue to anchor the peace upon this planet. It is why it feels heavy, perhaps it is why you feel fatigued, perhaps it is why you feel agitated, and alone. Because you are all pillars of light that are anchoring this frequency through your physical vessels, that is why it is important for you to keep as calm, as peaceful, grounded and centered as possible. For those who have difficulty with their emotions, they will find themselves being in some ways unbalanced, and others will begin to deepen their connection to the energy of the earth mother with peace, love and harmony within their hearts. Simply know that the energy of this golden age is indeed a time of great glory. And as each of you move forward into the ascension process, you may move forward with grace and ease, with the awakening and the understanding that you have the clarity, you have the vision, you have the strength, and you have the tenacity to move through this most auspicious time.

We do not call them troubled times, we simply call them these times, an awakening time, this is the great awakening. Peoples’ eyes are being opened, peoples’ consciousnesses are being cleared, that which is seeded within each human soul will be passed forward. Love will conquer fear, fear has no place in the heart of any of God’s children. Fear has no place in the consciousness of any of God’s children. Fear has no place upon this planet, for you see this planet was created in love, and in love it shall remain. Mary and I have held the balance, the sacred template, the sacred marriage, of the divine father/mother God energy, and if people do not understand this, then they have not fully understood what this really means. It simply means that we are holding the energy for each of you to return to oneness. To return to the essence of peace and unity and harmony within yourself, so that nothing or no one can take you off center or off balance. That you are living in the full expression of your spiritual essence, just as Mother Earth is now bringing forth the true essence of her being, from the very crystalline core of her being. So now it is time for humanity to awaken to the understanding that Mother Earth can indeed regenerate herself, and her survival is no longer in danger. You, your personal soul, can also regenerate yourself. There is nothing to fear, that you are here in alignment with beautiful Mother Earth and the energy of all that is, standing in your power, standing in your grace, standing in the frequency and the totality of all that you are.

So do not succumb to this time, that is difficult. But embrace it, for this is a glorious time for the planet and all souls. You have called forth this time of reawakening, you have called forth this transition, you knew the ascension was coming forward, you knew that this year was going to be pivotal, and yet as we have said many times before, you were not expecting this to be this way. And yet, Dearest Ones, it is a minor inconvenience. You will look back through the course of time and see that you were here holding the light for the planet to regenerate herself, and for all of humanity to regenerate themselves, and you will be proud that you were here, you will be proud that you held the energy, that you had the tenacity and the strength. And so Dearest Ones I will step back and allow Mary Magdalene to speak, and so I thank you, I thank you for your attention, I thank you for the love that you are. Go in peace, go in peace, go in peace.

Greetings, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I say to you Dearest Ones, to now begin to take a deep breath and begin to open your heart, and simply begin to breathe in this vibration of peace and tranquility, that is being brought forth upon this planet at this time. The Great Awakening has occurred. Now begin to awaken your heart. So Dearest Children, this energy of the Golden Age is truly a magnificent frequency, and so Dearest Ones, begin to embrace this, feel this, and acknowledge that powerful frequencies are being brought to the planet at this time, to break through the fear that has been held within the collective consciousness of humanity and within and upon the earth. We know it is difficult to comprehend what is really happening, but there are many, many, many galactic beings of light, the Archangels, the angels, the Celestial Realm, the galactic forces of light, that are overseeing this planet’s evolution are working heavily to clear this collective fear. So we ask you not to succumb to this frequency, but hold your frequency as a guiding light and a beacon of light, and truly be the change you wish to see. Each day is an opportunity for all of you to remain grounded, centered and at peace. And regardless of what is happening within your individual lives, your essence, your oversoul is indeed bringing forth peace to this planet. You are anchored in your individual homes, states, regions, countries because you are needed there. You are anchored there for a reason. And so as if, like a puzzle, you are all being connected, and you are all one. So we thank you for your due diligence, we thank you for all that you bring forward. The energy that is now being brought forth from the Himalayas, Kathmandu, that powerful vortex is now opening and allowing a greater sense of spiritual wisdom to be brought forth on this planet, a Great Awakening, people are being awakened in their hearts, in their minds, spiritual awakening, this is the freedom.

Many people feel that their individual freedoms are being denied, and yet now, more and more people are awakening to their spiritual freedom, having greater access and wisdom and knowledge that is coming forth through their own intuitive senses. So call upon this energy of your own spiritual wisdom that is now being heightened, being accelerated upon your own soul. Do not miss the opportunity, as they say, by being in anger or fear or frustration, this is a grand time, for this time period is allowing each soul to awaken to their own spiritual connection, as we have said, even deeper. So it is important that you come together in these groups to support each other, so that you do not feel alone, you do not feel isolated, and that you have a greater understanding, that we are all one, and all of life is connected. So Dearest Children there is purpose and good in this Great Awakening, in the awakened heart, you are the awakened hearts, Dear Ones, Beloved Ones, you are the awakened hearts. So each one teach one, each one lead one, and step forward into this gift of grace, that all is in order and all is as it should be. You are the awakened hearts. So you can live in the universal principles of love and oneness, this is what this planet was destined to be. For all to live in universal love and oneness, and so do this for yourself, call in this energy of your oversoul, call in this energy of the essence of your true self, and allow yourself to be contained into this energy of universal love and oneness. As if you are embodied and encapsulated in this frequency of universal love and oneness, as if within your auric field, this is all that is, universal love and oneness. Universal love and oneness, universal love and oneness. Can you feel the strength and embodiment, can you feel the force field of energy around you surrounding you with universal love and oneness? Can you feel it now beginning to build a force field of energy around you, as if your auric field is strengthened in this universal love and oneness. This indeed is a part of your enlightenment process, as they say. This, indeed, is why you are here, building a force field around you, of universal love and oneness. Wherever you go, you will leave that trail of energy, of love, peace and oneness.

So, Dearest Children, as you are the earth volunteers who have chosen to come here, we thank you, we honor you and indeed we bless you for having the courage to come to serve the Living God and Mother Gaia. So Dearest Ones, as you know, planet earth has been a training ground for many experiments, for the wheel of incarnational karma to be completed, and now you are in the last 10,000 year cycle of its completion. The wheel of karma will be completed and all will be over. This is why you are here, you are in the last phase of that karmic clearing, and after the 10,000 years, the spiritual journey of Mother Earth will return to its original state, of peace and love. The earth volunteers will return back to their original home planets, the cycle of human life will cease to exist as we know it, as peace and love will finally prevail upon this planet, and planet earth shall return to its original state of utopia in which it was created, for only energies and spirits of good nature will exist upon the earth. So Dearest Ones, this is why you are here, and you say, that is a long time, but we say, no it is just a glitch, a moment of time, and you are anchoring your energy here at this pivotal time of the Great Awakening, for Mother Earth is regenerating her energy, bringing it to the surface of the planet, as if like a pipeline, she is bringing it to the surface and all of you are now able to receive.

So, this again is the beginning of the first 1,000 year cycle of peace, this will mark the beginning of 1,000 years of peace, the next 10 cycles of 1,000 will carry a powerful vibration of love that will supersede the previous 1,000 years until the 10,000 year cycle is complete and the wheel of karma is complete. Human life as you know it will only exist in a state of love, and the next chapter for Mother Earth’s evolutionary process will begin. You see, Dearest Ones, it is a journey, you are all on a journey, Mother Earth is on a journey, you are here by divine appointment and you have accepted this assignment with love within your hearts. So be strong, be patient, and receive this powerful gift of this awakened heart upon this day. Yeshua and I open your hearts and we send the energy of unity, universal love and peace upon your soul, strengthening your vibration, strengthening your heart chakra, strengthening your auric field, strengthening all aspects of your being into universal love, peace and oneness. This is why we are here, this is the Great Shift, this is the awakened heart. This is the power of now, go forth my children be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved. For Dearest Ones, beloved ones, you are the awakened hearts, that have brought forth this change for this new ascension and the year of 2020 has now begun, starting the journey of Mother Earth’s new and awakened evolutionary process of returning home again to her original state of love and peace. We thank you, we honor you, we bless you, as Yeshua and I stand together again, holding the space of love for each of you to awaken your hearts. This is Mother Earth’s gift to humanity, an awakened heart, go in peace, go in peace, go in peace. In this we thank thee, and so it is.