Mary Magdalene

5-15-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, the Holy Mother. Mary Magdalene will be here momentarily. We say to you Dearest Children that there is much, as you know, that is happening around the globe and within the consciousness and the collective consciousness here on this planet. We wish to speak about releasing the obstacles of fear and separation that are holding so many back from moving into their true mission. I know we speak of this quite often but it is very important, and in my lifetime, as we were preparing for my son’s crucifixion and resurrection we held vigil each and every morning so that we could hold and bring the clarity onto ourselves of what we were to do for each and every day. It was important during those times when we were very frightened for our son’s safety and for the survival of all of our families that we remain committed, that we remained devoted to the voice of the living God that lives inside of our being. We would come together in sacred circle and we would hold vigil, holding the clarity, holding the frequency of the living light of God, within our consciousness so that we would be able to bring forth the clarity that was needed for our mission. And today I ask you to consider this, that you pray, hold vigil, spend time in quiet meditation, so that you receive the clarity, receive the light, receive the love, and that you receive the frequency so that you can move forward into the energy of that which you have been called to do on this planet.

Remember Dearest Children each soul has a mission, each individual has a purpose, and each soul has come upon this planet to assist this planet regardless if they understand why they are here and what their purpose is for the collective. And so today we ask you to hold this frequency for yourself, and yes for Mother Earth herself, but today we are focusing on each of you individually. It is important at this time that as you hold this frequency within your heart, you will begin to receive what we call the new downloads of information that is being brought to each of you specifically. Each of you, as we have told you before, have four guides that are specifically working with you at this time so that you will move forward into your mission and your life pathway with divine, sacred purpose. And so today these four guides are standing with you, and we are bringing this energy from the great Godhead onto you. So much energy is being poured to you and through you, that allow yourself to quiet your mind, to quiet your heart, to quiet your soul, and begin to listen. What is the inner calling that is urging me to move forward? Can you feel the passion rising within you, can you feel the excitement of the dawning of a new day, a new opportunity, a new life. Today as you enter into this new life stream, of living your life in full capacity, be not afraid of that which is standing before you. We knew at the time of my son’s crucifixion that there was much pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally that would take place for my son and for all of us, and yet we held vigil, knowing that this was part of the great design, and that we needed to hold our faith, we needed to remain calm, we needed to remain centered.

And so today Dearest Children, your situation is not or perhaps is not as crucial as a matter of life or death, or perhaps it may be, but we ask you to hold the energy of clarity so that you may receive the clarity of mind and feel the passion rising within you so that you may move forward with the understanding of what is being asked of you. When each of you first incarnated on this planet as the beautiful souls that you are, the lightness of your souls, the beauty of your spirit was of great magnificence, and remains to be of great magnificence. And Dearest Ones, over time each of you have lost the spark to some degree of the remembrance of your magnificence, the remembrance of your mission, why you chose to come to the earth plane. We know that the earth plane can be difficult, and yet Dearest Ones, know that through determination, through hard work, through perseverance, through faith, through hope, that all shall fall into place, and all is in divine order, and all is as it should be. This is a beautiful day of remembrance, and it is why I have come to speak to you on this day, so that you may hold vigil for yourself. This is a day for you to hold vigil for yourself, to honor yourself, to honor the commitment that you have made to come to this earth plane, to serve and to be served, to love and to be loved, holding your light, holding your magnificence, holding your brilliance so that others may see. And so I ask each of you to take a deep breath and relax into this moment, relax and begin to find the centerpoint, the stillpoint within you of peace. Finding the still point and the quiet point of peace, letting your heart open to the remembrance that you are magnificent, that you are strong, and that you are a vital part of the design for this planet to return to peace. Each morning we ask you to hold vigil and ask that your four angels that are assigned to you assist you. Do not forget them, honor them, you have many more master guides and teachers that are working with you, including your guardian angels, but these four are assigned to you at this time. They are your guides, they are your protectors, they are the particular guides that are guiding your mission. And so Dear Ones, this is of extreme importance. I will take my leave and allow Mary Magdalene to speak, but I wish to share the importance of holding vigil for yourself, it is what we did in our lives 2,000 years ago, and as we continue to hold vigil for all of life, we wish for you to know that you are not forsaken, you are not alone, and that you have more beings of light that are assisting you then you could ever imagine, and remember Dearest Children, there is always a solution to all that concerns you, hold your concerns in the presence of love and feel the passion and the commitment that you are bringing to this earth plane. You are honored, and we love you and we bless you for the Divine light that you bring to this planet.

Greetings my beloveds yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. It was during these times, when Jeshua and I would go into the cave, and we would enter into sacred silence, we would hold the clarity, and receive our divine guidance. We are asking you at this time, for those who are seeking to find the balance inside of themselves, and to find the guidance and purpose, for your direction, enter in to the silence. I know we have spoken of this many times, but this is of great importance, just as mother has said, this is an auspicious time in your history, and there is much fear that is taking place in the hearts of so many men, women, and children. Even the animal kingdom is feeling the fear, and the mineral kingdom, and the plant kingdom. It is unfortunate that this vibration is running amok, as they say. Remember Dearest Children, the light will prevail, peace will prevail, love will prevail. And if you were overcome with fear, and feeling paralyzed in your own lives, or feeling concerned about the state of affairs of the world, we ask you to turn within and be at peace. Live peace, embody peace. As Jeshua and I would enter into the cave, and we would go through what we call the resurrection process of our soul, we would simply let our fears die and fall away, releasing and sending all that no longer served us into the cave, into the darkness of the abyss. We would feel what we needed to feel, and allow our emotions to heighten until we were able to transmute them.

We would sit together, holding hands, merging our energies and allowing our fears to transmute. And so today we ask you to focus on letting it all go. Allowing yourself to be the purest vessel that you can be, letting all of your emotions go, all of your fears, all of your concerns, transmuting the energy into love, transmuting the energy into peace, transmuting the energy of your fears into harmony, and returning to the simplicity of life, to the freedom of holding your mind and your body still, and being at peace. When one is at peace, there is clarity, when one is at peace there is harmony, when one is at peace there is balance, when one is at peace the body and the mind work in tandem, and all is balanced and free. And so today Mother and I are asking you to hold vigil for yourself. Hold the energies so purely within your essence that that which no longer serves you will simply transmute. It is with your intention that you remain strong, both mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically, that you remain strong for you are needed, all of you are needed to hold this light for the planet. What is happening at this particular time is that the light workers are anchoring their energy into the earth plane with such richness and such propensity, and such force that the earth is stabilizing herself.

Remember my daughter Sarah spoke at our last gathering of the recalibration and the anchoring of the energy of the North and South poles, keeping the earth stabilized. All of you are working overtime to help this planet remain centered and balanced so that there is not a cataclysm of the shifting of the poles, and today we ask you to hold this balance within yourself, just as you’ve held it for Mother Earth, so that she may return to balance. We are asking you to do this for yourself, and this is why the four angels are here, every soul is to receive the blessings of peace and balance. I repeat, every soul is to receive the blessings of peace and balance. If you choose to accept this within your heart, then that which no longer serves you will fall away. And there within your heart, you are set free. Free to serve, free to love, and free to be.

And so Dearest Children, we ask you to love yourself enough to gift yourself, while holding vigil for yourself, keeping yourself as they say, centered and balanced and self-contained emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically self-contained. We need you to be healthy and strong. We are calling all the light workers to come together to continue to anchor the light into the earth. More and more souls are awakening and the living light of God is pouring into the hearts of all. Yes, Dearest Children your work is not for naught. Everything that you have done, to hold vigil for yourself and for this planet is recognized, both in the heavenly realms and in the heart of Mother Earth. And so today Dear One we are blessing you with this remembrance, can you learn to honor yourself in every moment? Can you accept the brilliance of your energy and say to yourself, I honor me. I honor all of life, I am blessed beyond measure, and I’ve held the richness and the fullness of my spirit to the greatest of capacity that I can hold to serve and to be served. Today it is all about you, we want each of you to honor yourself, as you love, respect and honor yourself, and you’re able to love, respect and honor another. And then you give your hand to your fellow brothers and sisters, and they are able to love and honor the living light inside of themselves, and give it freely, and share their light with the world.

It is why Jeshua and I held our energies so richly and so fully for all of you to step into our footprints. Many may not understand why we have been so committed, why would we have gone through so much suffering for humanity to evolve? We have heard this before, that it seems futile that peace will never prevail upon this planet, that humans will never return to peace or balance, but this is not true. We will never stop helping humanity, we will never stop helping you, we will never stop loving you, we will never stop honoring you, and so we want you to never give up, we want you to love, honor and respect yourself. Love, honor and respect your brother and sister, love honor and respect the living light of God that lives inside of you. There is such a bright light that lives inside of each of you, if you could see your brilliance you would never question yourself again, and you would never question your fellow brother and sister. This is a very very powerful time for each of you, many of you are on the verge of moving forward exponentially and moving very rapidly into an entire new force field of energy. There is a completely new vibration that is now being made manifest upon this earth plane. It is a lighter vibration, a more potent and powerful frequency of love, peace and balance that has ever been emitted on this earth plane in human history. This is a tall statement but it is true. The frequency that is being emitted onto the earth is so powerfully strong that many of you are being affected energetically by the frequency, and that is why we are asking you to remain at peace, to remain positive and centered, hopeful, and focused on your mission.

If you do not know what your mission is, I ask you to move into the still, quiet place, just as Jeshua and I did when we would move into the cave and transmute our fears. Pray for all obstacles to be removed, and we will clear them. Doorways are opening for each of you, step into them, and do not be afraid. Open your heart to peace, open your heart to love, open your heart to the stillness. You are the teachers and the healers that are making a difference upon this earth plane. You are all the teachers and healers that are making a difference on this earth plane. We know we have said this before, each one teach one, each one lead one. You are the new crusaders, you are the new messengers of light, step into your power, step into your strength, step into the commitment of the living light of God. Can you feel the energy of the living light of God emitting from your heart chakra? Blazing the light. I ask you again, can you feel the energy emitting from your heart, blazing the light of the living light of God through you? You are all like a lighthouse, and you are emulating the light of God through your physicality, and there is no place for fear, there is no place for restriction, there is no place for obstacles. Push forward with faith, love and hope. Be the light of the world and seek love. Be the light of the world and seek only love.

We ask you Dearest Children once again to understand that fear has no place within your vessel, and today this may sound strange to you, but if you so allow us we are actually going to pull out the roots of fear that are held inside of your being. They are like anchors that have anchored you down to this earth plane. Many of your fears are part of the collective consciousness of humanity, and many are held within your subconscious. And of course, many are held within your consciousness. But if you so shall, we and your four angels are going to release all of your fears as if they are being released like balloons, no longer anchored onto you, no longer anchored onto you. So please take a deep breath and release them and let them go. Please take a deep breath and release them and let them go. Fears are simply illusions, it is an illusion of separateness. Remember Dearest Ones, my daughter Sarah has reactivated your energy to oneness. You are all connected to source, even greater than you can imagine. And so you are living your life on purpose, and with deep commitment. And so at this moment, the angels are lifting your fears, let them go, let them go, let them go. Remember your fears are an illusion, masking your brilliance, your connection to God, to your clarity, to your purpose, to the force field of light that you are.

It is how Jeshua and I remained centered during our lifetime, as we prepared for the Great Design. I must admit it was not easy, but we needed to remain diligent. And so I ask you today to accept our gift of releasing these frequencies that no longer serve you. Allow them to vanish as they have no hold upon you. Can you feel the lightness of your soul, can you feel the lightness of your spirit, you are free. Remember Dearest Children you’ve come to be the physical spiritual essence of God, residing on this earth plane in your full capacity of knowingness. And so today we ask you to honor that, accept this as truth, once and for all, say to yourself, I claim my own divinity, I claim my own divinity. And what does that feel like? To live in your strength and your power, claiming your own divinity. You will remain centered and strong and not be able to be put off center or balance. Return to the still point within you, rebalance yourself. What I’m trying to say, is that if something troubles you, return to center, you’ll be able to recalibrate yourself with greater ease, and return to center. Your angels are pleased that you’ve accepted their gift to help you to release your subconscious, conscious, and collective conscious to fear. Once again you are being unplugged, disconnected from fear. And you say how can this be, we say it is your choice. It is your choice to live in freedom.

Your life is filled with many choices, each and every day you can choose peace, you can choose love, you can choose love, and you can bring all these energies into your life. And you are able to be the light and the brilliance and the magnificent child of God that you are, living in your full potential without fear, without the obstacles that you have constructed in your mind. Yes Dearest Children you have placed the limitations upon yourself, and allow those limitations to go. No more limitations. You are set free. The universe is abundant, it is yours to step into. The universe is abundant, it is yours to step into. You are free, you are free, you are free. And so today the living light of God is held within your essence and within your very presence. This we ask you to honor. To honor yourself above no other. Honor self first, love self, and give your light to you. We are honoring you, we are holding vigil for you, we are centering you in peace and balance and harmony and joy. Go about this day and choose peace, choose love, choose joy. We say Dearest Children to try this for one day and see how you feel, and try it. I choose peace, I choose love, I choose joy. Be in this world but not of it, holding your light so strongly, so purely, so effervescently, so that no one or nothing can take it away. You are the divine children of holy grace. Yes Dearest Children, you are the children of Grace Elohim, the frequency of the powerful frequency of love. This is a powerful frequency, Grace Elohim, Elohim Grace. And as you live in this grace and you center yourself in grace, and you surround yourself and embody yourself with Grace Elohim, then you remain centered and calm and balanced. And the release of the fears will no longer creep into your consciousness or subconscious, what I’m trying to say, please surround yourself with the vibration of Grace Elohim every day, for we’ve done a major clearing on each of you today, a powerful healing on each of you today, and now the power of Grace Elohim is surrounding you.

And her love, her light, her frequency is the healing balm that will calm your nerves, and center you when you are in need of strength. And so Dearest Children as I take my leave, I ask that you hold vigil for yourself, as Mother has said. Today is your day to gift to yourself. As you celebrated your Mother’s Day, here in your civilization, and in your own family units, honoring the sacred feminine, honoring the Mother, please honor this powerful frequency of the sacred feminine within yourselves, of giving to yourself love and nurturing and divine grace. Honor the love that you are, and all that you have given, and all that shall be received. Step out of fear and live only in love. And this is the gift that we give you today, live in the joy and the remembrance of who you truly are, and step into the living light of God with peace and love and joy within your heart. This is a new day and once again, you are being rebirthed into the energy of Divine Grace. Go in peace my children, go in love, and go in the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should. And until we speak again, allow the power of the living light of God to shine so brightly through you, letting your light shine so others may see. Be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. And now go forward in the living light of all that is.