Mary Magdalene

5-1-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings my beloveds yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Grand is here as well. I wish to say to you at this time that Grand has been invited again to speak about his connection and will be assisting you with connecting each of you to your own particular Master Guides and Teachers. And so, I will step back and allow him to speak, and then I will step forward once again.

Yes it is I, Grand. It is of great and grand opportunity for me to speak to you again, for I have wanted to make my presence known more readily, and so I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share with you how we work on the other side to make our connection with you. Perhaps all of you may already know this and perhaps you do not, but I would like to explain, so please allow me to begin. At the time of the soul entry, when your soul entered into your physicality and you were born upon this earth plane, you immediately were connected to the guides that had been assigned to you. Each of you may understand that you have what we call a silver cord of connection, that connects you to your Higher Self, your God Self, but there are also connections and strands and frequencies like cord connections that connect you to your guides and master teachers, this is in essence your life line. It is of what we call a channel in which you are able to receive the guidance that we were assigned to help assist you. When you were a young baby and a young child, you each were held in the essence of such purity that it was very easy for you to be able to communicate with us and to receive our guidance and instructions. As the young children, you needed to sleep in order to make communication and to be able to receive the instructions about your earthly life, this was and continues to be very important, and also important for you to receive your instructions while you are resting and sleeping.

You may or may not remember your connection to your soul family and to us, your spiritual guides and master teachers, but we are always aware of you, we are always watching over you, we are always protecting you, making communication with you. This is why it is important that we bring this to your attention to you today, because in these times it is very important that you begin to listen. It is very important that you begin to hold yourself in what we call a very quiet and tranquil space, through meditation and through just mere silence, so that we will be able to bring our information to you, not only telepathically, but also to give you information through your own sense, through your own knowingness, through your own intuition, through your own physical body. Some may call it a gut reaction, or sensing or feeling us, or simply knowing that we are present, or literally seeing us. This may not be new to you, but I’m bringing it to your attention to remind you that this is of great importance for we are always there. So many individuals feel as if they are totally alone and have no guidance to help them, and that they are on this journey and this pathway simply trying to figure out what the next step is, and so Dearest Children know that we are there, we hold the light for you, and it is simply your responsibility to begin to listen, to begin to make communication with us, not only with your Higher Self, but also with us, each of you at this time have many guides, but at this time there are four primary guides that are assigned to each of you, that are working with you very strongly to help you to move forward in your pathway, and so at times it can be confusing, but it is to be of ease and not a struggle, and so Dearest Ones I say to you, that I come to you to help you to understand that I Grand am here to help you and if you do not understand who your guides and Master Teachers are you can call on me and I will help you to connect to your guides and I will help connect you to your Higher Self. This is an assignment that I have been asked to participate in and because you are the students of my Dear Lea, I am here to help assist you.

And so this is very important that you receive, and also I am very happy to give onto you, so please don’t be afraid to call upon my name and again I will help connect you to your angelic team, they are waiting for you to call upon them for guidance, remember they can only assist you if you ask, and oftentimes people do not know they are there, they do not know to ask, and oftentimes they are afraid to connect to energies that are not of purity, but I tell you Dearest Ones that if you call upon your particular team then there is nothing to be worried about, there is nothing to be afraid of. Begin to listen and allow the channel to open within you. Begin to hold your connection so dear to your heart that you begin to feel their energy and their presence within you and around you and yes you may literally hear your name called, you may literally feel their guidance as they are there always bringing you comfort and bringing you peace. During these most difficult times it is most important that you surround yourself always with the angelic presence for the angels are there to protect you and know that as you call upon their energy, they are more than willing to assist you, to guide you, to help you. I will take my leave now and allow Mary to speak, I just wanted to bring my assistance to each of you as I stand at your right side and I am watching over you, it is my pleasure to make communication with you and to have you acknowledge that I am here to assist you. Blessed ones know that these times can be most tricky, but know that as you stand in the light and the love and your power, connecting to the spiritual angelic team, you will never be forsaken, always protected in the living light of God.

Greetings my Beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. It is of great importance to understand how we worked with our own master guides and teachers during our lifetimes. My particular guides as many of you know were the no-names, also the Holy of the Holies. It was of great importance and great significance that I learned to connect with them at an early age, for this was very important for my mission, just as it was important and is important for your mission as well. Those times were difficult and learning to master my own inner guidance and gnosis, receiving the guidance for the instructions of my master plan and my destiny was oftentimes of great difficulty, but we would sit quietly and commune with nature and this was of great importance. And so I advise to you to take time and sit in nature, and listen to the sounds of the earth, this will help you to deepen your connection to your own inner wisdom, to your angelic team, to your spiritual team, and to your own higher self. Jeshua and I spent many days and many nights also being secluded in the caves in which we entered into, into complete silence, this may seem a bit extreme but this is a part of what we did to connect to the earth, and also to open up our own channels, you see Dear Ones your psychic senses, and the portals that are actually aligned within you, your skin is a living breathing organ and yes the sensitivity that you are receiving through your own sense and your own skin is quiet tremendous at this time, and so as you go into silence and have quiet, regardless if you are completely secluded or if you are sitting or standing for a moment, feeling silence, you will begin to open your senses most readily, and begin to allow the download of energy to come through you.

I ask you not to be afraid of what you receive, nor question what you hear, sense, feel or know. Begin to trust and this is how you will develop your ability to connect not only to your Higher self, but to your angels and angelic team. Again, as Grand has spoken, these are important times, and most auspicious times, these are times when you are needed to trust your instincts and your intuition. We are not trying to frighten you, but it is very important that you trust your instincts and intuition, for oftentimes you may see, or sense, or feel what we are trying to tell you. And so pause and check again, pause and check again. What I mean by this is if you feel something, or sense something, or see something, please do not discount it. Take a moment to pause and ask for further clarification and further guidance. This is very important that you do so, because this can keep you out of harm’s way and also can bring you what you may call opportunities that would have been missed. So listen carefully, because all of your guides and master teachers are working overtime at this time, we are wanting each of you to step forward and to take your rightful place at this time in your mission. Your soul’s purpose is manifesting very rapidly at this time in your lifetime, all of you, you are mastering your mission that you came in to do. And so this is why we are bringing this to your attention today, this is why Grand has come, for remember her was Lea’s primary guide and remains as one of her primary guides even to this day. And so Dear Ones we ask you to connect to your primary guide and listen. What are you sensing, feeling or knowing? Do not allow your days to go by idly and missing the messages, the cues, the instructions of what you are to be doing. Silence is key. Please keep your life quiet and as pure without distractions as much as possible. The noise pollution that is rampant upon your earth plane and the idle chatter that many of you have in your mental mind keeps you from connecting to your own angels, master guides and teachers, and to your Higher Self. And so take time to clear the mind and to let your mind simply rest, not thinking about anything, not worrying about anything, not doing anything, just simply being and clearing your thought forms.

This will help to open your channel, for you to receive. If you are able to do this periodically, once a day, or once a week, simply allowing your mind to be clear of anything that you think you have to do, must do, or should do, clearing the mind and resting will help you to return to balance and center, it will help you to return to what we call the neutral point where you are able to receive. Just like newborn babies that sleep, they are receiving guidance on how their soul will move forward into their lifetime. They are open channels and they know exactly what they are needing to do. And so Dearest Children be like the newborns who are innocent and are receiving without interference. And so Dearest Ones please consider this of utmost priority, to allow the mind to be clear, for today as you know, there is so much that is expected in your individual lives, but it is for you to receive, and it is your soul’s pathway, it is your soul’s purpose, there is nothing more important than your soul, the growth of your soul, the pathway that you came to bring in the mission of your soul on this earth. Yes you have your jobs, your family, and other responsibilities, but your primary reason that you came onto this earth plane was to accomplish your soul’s purpose and mission. So many people do not even think about this or know this or understand this. They go through life worrying about the material aspects of their life, and this is indeed important, but it is not your primary reason for being here. And so you see Dearest Ones so many have gotten lost in the material world, and have lost their connection to their angelic team and to their inner gnosis.

Today I am asking you to rethink this and reconsider this, that your soul pathway, your soul connection is of utmost importance and the reason you are here. It is what Jeshua and I learned to master in our lifetimes, this is a part of self-mastery. This is a part of what we came to teach you so that you may follow our footprints, to begin to listen and to understand your life pathway, for you see, in our book we have instructed you in the importance of listening and trusting despite all obstacles, and the ability to find union with yourself, peace with yourself, contentment with yourself, and know that your life is rich and full because you are deeply connected to your own inner gnosis, to your Godself, and to your own angelic team. This is the richness of life, being at peace and knowing that you are deeply connected, so that no one or nothing can take that away except for yourself. Yes Dear Ones, the connection begins to thin as one gets older, and are no longer little children, but it does not mean that you cannot reconnect, it does not mean you cannot reestablish a strong connection, and so many as I have said do not know how. And so I am encouraging you to listen, this is of grave importance. I am going to step back for a moment and allow Jeshua to speak and then I shall return.

Greetings my beloveds yes it is I, Jeshua. I come to you on this most auspicious day to tell you that without my connection to my own Higher Self and to my spiritual team, and to my soul essence I would not have been able to have survived my crucifixion and continued on with my ministry. Those early days of preparing myself to remain quiet and still were indeed a serious matter. I was oftentimes afraid that I could not remain connected and that I would not be able to control or master my own vital life force energy to remain physically alive. And so today I ask you to reconsider the importance of your own physical life. So many of you take it for granted that you are a living breathing entity, and you do not take the consideration of how valuable you are, your life pathway, your connection to your own angelic team and to the Great Design. The point I’m trying to make is that you are here by divine appointment. You are here as an earth volunteer, you have a soul’s purpose, you have a mission, your life is not to be idle. Your life is not to be idle. Please now make the effort to once again step forward into your soul pathway and say yes, I agree to complete my mission with the greatest of ease, and with the greatest of assistance from my angelic team and my own Higher Self. That is why we are coming today, so you can call upon your angels, and your master guides and teachers to assist you on this pathway, just as I had my own guides and it was necessary that I remain connected, because my pathway was most difficult and your pathway is most difficult. But it is necessary that you move forward and complete what you’ve been asked to do. Again the confusion of what you do not understand about your life can once again be reclarified by asking the angels, why am I here, how can I serve, please assist me, please show me the way, it is as simple as that. It does not have to be difficult, it is just clarification, help me to know my true pathway, help to show me my Divine presence in serving for the Greater Good. Each individual has a purpose, and as long as you are on this earth plane you are serving and you are to be served.

And so Dearest Ones we are here to serve you and we ask you to receive. We here the Holy Family, and all your Master Guides and Teachers are here to serve you, and we are standing with you on this day, and all you have to do is ask. Ask and so shall you receive, ask and so shall you receive. This is of grave importance that you stand in the essence of your truth. That you come forward and you bring your gifts of love and your light and your healing onto the world. And so today as we assist you and help you to open up the channels even deeper inside of you, begin to feel the connection opening within your heart, feeling this channel opening from your heart chakra, and seeing it being activated through your crown chakra. It is there that your heart will tell you what your soul’s purpose and pathway is to accomplish, is to receive. Today we are opening up the heart chakra and opening up this channel so that you can further understand and move forward with greater ease, there is not to be confusion, and we understand the distractions, the stimulations, and what we call the noise pollution that distracts you from listening to the still, quiet voice from within.

And in these coming days and weeks and months your angelic team will be pushing a lot of information, and energy and telepathic communication to you and through you. Do not be afraid, you are just being downloaded and receiving a great deal of information that is for your highest good, and also for you to receive. For your own soul to move forward. So we ask at this time that you take a deep inhaling breath and if you can, begin to open up the channel from my heart chakra, now to your crown chakra, as if there is a direct line of communication, and your heart will begin to expand, and you shall begin to feel, feeling the peace, feeling the love, feeling the calmness and feeling the joy. This is indeed an opportunity for you to receive. Allowing this energy to flow through you most gently at this time, and clearing away any blockages or restrictions that you may have placed upon yourself. What I mean by this, is that some of you feel that you cannot feel, hear, sense or know and that you need to depend upon another. This is not of truth. We are opening up the channels so that you can feel, hear, sense and know for yourself, and not be dependent upon another. And so take another deep breath and breathe in the energy of the living light of God, and prepare yourself to receive.

And so feel the expansion of your heart opening and your connection to your angels and master teachers expanding most beautiful and exponentially, and blossoming, as if you are connecting to your own energy. Feel this expansion, feel this expansion, feel this expansion. Perhaps you may feel like you are floating and allow yourself to sense this vibration of peace. It is there that you are receiving this energy of peace and tranquility as you move into this exalted state of pure love. It is there within this frequency that you connect to all that is. And so Dear One, you each have connected to what we call the still point. Yes, each of you have connected to the still point. This is the place inside of you that’s been reconnected again. It is as if the channels have been reactivated inside of you and you each have mastered this today. This will allow you to be able to connect to your angels, master guides and teachers with greater ease, comfort, and knowingness. You have mastered this and this is good. I will take my leave and allow Mary to speak to you once again.

Yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. At this time as each of you hold this energy within your heart, we ask you to as they say covet it, keep it close to you, begin to nurture it, begin to cultivate it, begin to access this connection and you shall be amazed at what you shall receive. It is your springtime and so it is your time to blossom. It is springtime, it is time for your soul to receive, it is springtime, it is time for your soul to spring forward. This is our gift to you today. Your soul is blossoming, and your soul is holding this powerful frequency of strength inside of your being. Simply what I’m trying to say is that your soul is now going to become stronger and stronger, and you will feel the calling of your soul, as if your soul is calling you to move forward, to act or to behave, or to make decisions based on the soul’s knowing and the pathway of the soul. So if you receive guidance that perhaps you feel that might be a bit unusual, do not be confused by it, it is your soul calling you to act or behave or to do or to live in a certain way. Remember the strength of your soul is calling you and is now coming forward. This may feel a bit unusual for you, but it will feel as if it is an outer influence or source, but it is your soul. You may not recognize the presence of your soul, and do not be alarmed, do not be afraid, simply call in your soul knowingness, and your soul will bring you the direction, the guidance. If you so choose to live a soul-driven life and a purposeful life, can you feel the energy and the essence of your soul, can you feel the power of it as I speak? Can you feel it touching and opening your heart. Can you feel the presence of the living light of God within you?

Be not afraid but allow your heart to open to all that is, prepare your heart to receive so much at this time. We’ve told you that 2017 is a very powerful year, and you are moving forward into your soul pathway, and the door shall open for you to move forward, one by one by one. Stepping forward into your life journey, into your pathway, one by one by one. Each one teach one each one lead one, each one taking the hand of your fellow brother and sister, helping them to awaken one soul at a time, one individual at a time, because you have chosen to awaken to your soul’s purpose, and this is how peace shall prevail. This is how love shall prevail, this is how all of the souls will return to love. Standing in their sacred power and moving forward into their mission. This is your God-given right, this is why you came, it is why your angels have been assigned to you and why Grand has come today to help you. He is there to assist all of you to connect and to receive.

These are powerful times and just as with our lifetime, we made the commitment to connect, for it was necessary for our survival and for the safety of our family, and for Jeshua to complete his mission, for all of us to complete our missions, and so Dearest Children as we take our leave we ask that you consider this to live from a soul-driven purposeful life and allow your soul and all of your Master Guides and teachers, including your Higher Self to guide you from this day forth. Allow your mental mind and your concerns and worries to fall away, listen to your soul, it will not steer you wrong. It is why you came to this planet, it is the essence of who you are. Live in the purity, be at peace be at peace be at peace, and may you know that you are loved. We stand with you, we stand beside you, call in the living light of God to protect you, for you know that on this most auspicious day we are always here to serve you. Call upon us, we are just one request away. We stand with you and guide you, for it is our duty and our mission to serve and to assist you, for as you move forward into your soul pathway, it brings with it the evolution and the ascension of all souls, and the ascension of this planet to return to peace and love, and so Dearest Ones it is our duty to serve you with love.

We thank you for your time, we thank you for the beautiful energy and essence of who you are. Allow your light shine so others may see, and allow yourself to feel the essence and the presence of your soul guiding you. And now, go in peace.