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4-9-2018 Mary Magdalene’s Message

April 9, 2018

Greetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. My beloved Mary is here as well. Today, we wish to speak about the ascension that is taking place on so many levels. First and foremost, we ask you to begin to relax and to begin to embody the beautiful frequency of the ascension flame, calling in this frequency, calling in the light, calling in the love, calling in the peace, calling in the energy of the ascension flame as you allow your heart to open and to awaken to the energy of All That Is. And so today, Dearest Ones, I ask you to hold your energy and your essence so purely, and so strongly, as you now begin to ascend into this new frequency that is now upon our planet. It is time, Dearest Ones, that each of you let go of the past and move forward and ascend into the new level of consciousness in which you are now operating from. This is of grave importance, for I ask you to begin to let go of the past and to embrace the light of All That Is, let go of the past, and begin to embrace the light of All That Is. And as you hold this light into your heart, of the ascension flame, may the energy of the three-fold flame, and the violet flame of transmutation now begin to bring healing onto your soul.

And so, Dearest Ones, we shall begin, if you allow yourself to receive this frequency, you will now begin to operate more fully from the new frequency of what we call the new paradigm that is now operating upon your Earth. It is simply the energy of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth levels of dimensional frequency that are now overlaid upon your Earth, as if it is a New Earth, an etheric energy that you are now able to tap into more freely. As the energy has shifted, from the time of your Easter, as the resurrection flame has brought forth this new frequency upon this Earth, many are able to literally bring their consciousness into the form of true ascension. We ask you, Dearest Children, to bring yourself to this point as you may understand that ascension does not require the doing, but it is about becoming, embracing, and remembering to live your lives as the Gods and Goddesses that you are. It simply means fully embracing the Divinity that already exists within you through the expansion of your consciousness, as beings of love and living from the wisdom of the heart. It is that simple, Dear Ones.

Understand that each dimensional frequency represents a certain vibration, and these dimensions become accessible to you when and only when you obtain that level of frequency within your consciousness and have the ability to maintain it at all times. Therefore, we say, Dearest Ones, live from the heart, talking and acting like a master. Ask yourself the questions, what would a master do or say, and then go within and find the answer. What would the master say and do, and then find the answer. We ask you to let go of the third dimensional consciousness of separation, duality, polarity, and drama in all forms, and now begin to believe in the power that you hold, as you now are living in these higher dimensional frequencies, in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensional frequencies. And stop giving your power away to that which no longer serves you. I would ask you to establish a conscious union with your I AM presence, and the fulfillment of your Divine plan, the ascension, we say, Dearest Ones, is truly the reunification and the merging into the Divine union with your magnificent I AM presence. In order to embody this glorious aspect of yourself, it is truly time to let go and to let God.

And so, today, we ask you to release all the programs, the mental programs that have been running through your life, and all negativity that has been stored in your consciousness, subconscious, and conscious minds, and we ask you to let go and to release, and to begin to breathe in this frequency of love. Letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God. And so, Dearest Ones, in the name of the beloved God presence I AM, I ask you to receive this initiation, needed for your ascension, and we ask that you call forth the energy of the Cosmic, pure flame, to remove from your thought forms and all subtle light bodies any vibration of human creation that is impure in substance, and is less than the divine perfection of God. May the purity transmute all negative energies and all disharmonic frequencies, and allow the energy of the ascension flame begin to awaken the memories of your Divine blueprint, so that you may become free from all discordant energies that you have ever created, and now begin to live in the essence of the purity of who you truly are. And so I ask you, Dear Ones, to begin to breathe in this frequency of Divine love and Divine peace. It is of grave importance that all lightworkers move forward into the ascension flame, in the three-fold flame, and call forth the violet flame of transmutation, to begin to heal and to move forward as you live in the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth level frequencies at this time in your incarnation.

You may say, how do I access these frequencies? And we say, simply ask that you hold your intention, that you allow yourself to ascend and to receive, and to become like a master, to be a master, for you are all masters. You all are master teachers, you all are ascended beings of light. And it is time, Dearest Ones, that you begin to embody and embrace this consciousness and understanding of that which you are holding upon this planet, that you are holding the frequency of peace, love, and Cosmic Grace upon your soul. And so I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the light and the love and the peace and the tranquility, as you begin to relax into this vibration, holding the light, holding the love, holding the peace for this planet. You see, Dearest Ones, Mother Earth is ascending and each soul is simply needed to ascend into their own mastery. It may be difficult to understand despite all that you see, sense, or hear in your worldly news, media, and in your daily life upon this Earth. But we say, Dearest Ones, there is so much that is happening behind the scenes that is shifting the vibration of so many souls. So many souls are awakening, one by one by one, the ascension is occurring rather rapidly. And you, Dear One, are also moving rather rapidly in your ascension. It is why I am bringing this to your attention again, because it is happening very quickly here, in your year of 2018, so much is shifting.

Do not be afraid to change your life. Do not be afraid to allow the flow and the energy of your Higher Self and your higher dimensional frequencies to begin to guide your life. If you are feeling called to leave your old life in any way, shape or form, be it physically moving, letting go of a relationship, changing old habits, old beliefs, whatever it is that you are needing to do that no longer serves you, we ask that you now surrender and begin to ascend into this frequency of living in your true mastery state. This is of grave importance, and I know that so many might become frightened of allowing their lives to change, but we say, Dearest Ones, this is the agreement that you have made at this time, to stand in the light and to be at peace, and in alignment with All That Is. For you have come at this time, at this appointed hour, as you may recall, at the day of the Great Conclave, when I, Lord Sananda, spoke and asked each of you if you would forget your Oneness, and now come forward to assist Mother Gaia. And each of you eagerly chose to serve, and you’ve eagerly chosen to continue to serve, living in the Living Light of All That Is.

And so today, I am asking you once again, for today, it is simply another Conclave that is being brought forth, and I, Lord Sananda, make the clarion call to each of you. Will you choose to ascend, will you choose to move forward in your conscious state, and live as a beautiful being of light, and opening your heart to this level of freedom. We invite you at this time to call forth the elixir that will charge you, called the Golden Liquid Light. Call this energy in as you bring your energy into the Golden Liquid Light. It is a form or a force, or a frequency, shall we say, that will now begin to ignite you, that will allow you to now bring forth all of the blessings that are bestowed upon you, that are your birthright. As you call in this beautiful, Golden, Liquid Light, this elixir, you are now raising your consciousness into this frequency and this beautiful essence of living in the pure, exalted state as an Ascended Being, an Ascended Master, shall now be brought forth into your consciousness with ease. Yes, Dearest Ones, it is as if you are taking a drink from an elixir, a Golden, Liquid Light that will now begin to shift your consciousness, your mental, emotional bodies so that you may begin to feel this energy and be free of the limiting beliefs, thought forms and energies that have held you to the third dimensional frequency.

And so, Dear One, we ask you to hold the light, the love, and the peace in your heart so fully, so richly and so effervescently that no one or nothing can ever change this beautiful frequency that you are now holding. As if you are now suspended into pure Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace. And you’ll begin to walk through your life with grace and ease, without any discomfort, pain, suffering or disharmonic energies. And so allow yourself to simply go into the depths of the recesses of your own mind and begin to clear away the cobwebs, as they say, and allow yourself to be set free. And so, Dearest Ones, drink from the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir that will reactivate you to the remembrance of why you came to this planet, and on that day of the Great Conclave, when I, Lord Sananda, asked you shall you serve, today I ask you once again to remake that vow to serve, for this is an important time in the evolution of this planet. It is an important time in the evolution of humanity, it is an important time in the consciousness and the evolution of all souls. And so each of you are needed to step forward and say yes. Breathe in your light, breathe in the Golden Liquid Light, into your consciousness. And you will begin to feel the shift of consciousness, you will begin to feel this sense of relaxation, you will begin to feel a sense of peace and tranquility upon your soul, knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. For you truly are set free.

And so imagine that the anchors that have been tying you to the third dimensional frequency are now being released. As if there are anchors or hooks that have kept you suspended into the third dimensional frequency, with the limitations of the human consciousness, of the mortal mind. And so simply send these binds or bonds or limitations, it is like a binding, which has bound you to the Earth plane. And so free yourself from these limitations. And now feel yourself ascending in consciousness, as you are merging your beautiful energy into All That Is. It is a beautiful, beautiful time for each of you to step into this frequency, as you are truly ascending into a band of consciousness that is anchored in pure non-duality. This frequency of non-duality is called the Mother of All Things, and is the underlying fabric of all of existence. And so, Dearest Ones, call in this frequency of non-duality, the Mother of All Things. This is the underlying fabric of all existence. And so we say to you, Dearest One, you will find the path of least resistance, as you allow yourself to emit the frequency of these powerful vibrations into your being.

Allow yourself to feel the vibration and to call forth the harmonic frequency of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensional frequencies that are now being exuded upon this planet at this time. Do not worry, you are all anchored into the energy of Mother Earth, safe and protected from any harm. We ask that you ascend in consciousness and allow yourself to begin to receive. And so, Dear Sons and Daughters, this is a day of graduation. You see, after my resurrection and my own ascension process, this has been honored on your Easter Sunday. I am here to help you to ascend and to resurrect your own consciousness. And to bring this frequency forward. This is a powerful day, Dearest One, to let go of the limitations that no longer serve you. This is simply what ascension and resurrection mean, resurrecting your mortal self into higher consciousness, into the energy of the Christ Consciousness and beyond. Merging yourself into the energy of the energy of non-duality, of the Mother of All Things. The energy that underlies the fabric of all of existence, all Oneness.

And so today, Dearest ones, call in this light, call in this peace, call in this joy as you center your heart on this powerful light, the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir of life that will allow you to open yourself to receive. And allow your heart chakra now to begin to open, so as you fill your heart with the love of God, as you open your heart to the energy of Cosmic Freedom, and as you renew yourself in the embrace of the eternal flame of love, opening your heart chakra to this beautiful flame, and magnifying the love of the Divine and the human self, now merging the two as one, calling forth in your divinity, into your human self, calling forth the flame of love, and calling forth this powerful frequency so all will receive, and to feel the love that is now merging through your soul. This powerful flame of love is one of the seven flames of God, acting upon the planet for humanity at this time. And so, Dearest Ones, begin to receive and to feel the flame of love as you begin to open your heart, to begin to heal yourself. For love is the ultimate healer and regenerator. It is time now that the beautiful flame become ignited, not only within your own heart, and magnifying the energy upon the planet.

It is truly a time where there is what we call a parallel frequency of the New Earth that you are truly living in. You are living in the world but not of it, this is what we have meant. You are living in the world but not of it. You have now stepped forward into the Earth, the etheric frequency of the New Earth, where all is possible and all is created, and there, Dearest Ones, you may go to any of the temples that exist in this frequency. The Temple of Healing, the Temple of Love, the Temple of Resurrection, the Temple of Rejuvenation. The Temple of Prosperity and Abundance, the Temple of the Light. There are many mansions, as they say, and so we say to you, Dearest Ones, place your attention on that in which you need healing upon this day. Begin to resurrect and call forth the Temple that will allow you to move forward, so that you may now live and embody the frequency as the beautiful Ascended Being that you are.

And we ask you to take time to honor yourself, to begin to move forward in this ascension process, so that you may actively create and pursue all that you are to receive now in this new vibrational frequency. And so we say, Dearest Children, honor the God within you, the honor the God within you, honor the God within you. And honor the light that you hold as you are powerful children of the light. And once again call in the Golden Liquid Light, the elixir into your being. And let all energies that you have held within you now begin to fall away, that are not in alignment and concordance with your true ascension process. Do not be surprised by what will shift and change within your life. Expect the unexpected, and call forth in Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace.

Know at this time, Dearest One, it is time for you to begin to speak, and to speak the truth, and to honor the divinity of that which you hold, holding the light, holding the love, holding the peace, holding the tranquility of all that you are. And so, Dearest Ones, as you stand in this frequency, and you are now living in this higher dimensional frequency, there is a responsibility to yourself and to others, and onto the world. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask you to hold the peace so strongly and so effervescently within your being, that you will be able to shift the consciousness of the frequencies around you, and you will begin to see miraculous change that is occurring within your own individual lives. You are the change you wish to see. You are the miracle you’ve been waiting for. And so we say to you, Dearest Children, that it is time, it is time, it is time to let your beautiful light shine as you now emerge into this powerful frequency, as you merge into the beautiful essence of the ascension flame. And so, Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this light and begin to transmute all that no longer serves you, because today, each of you are receiving a healing and a blessing from the Supreme Creator. You have called forth your own ascension and you are now ready, the planet is ready, and all who stand in the Living Light of God’s energy shall move forward with the power of love within their heart.

There are many, as they say, old souls that are here as the pioneers, and many new souls who are stepping forward who will now step in to these levels of frequencies. And you have assisted these beautiful loving souls who are pure, angelic beings, who are entering upon the planet at this time, incarnating on the planet. You’ll begin to see these new souls making the changes that you see for the old souls have held the template and the frequency for them to make the changes that are needed upon this planet. You’ve all come together in Divine timing and Divine purpose, Divine alignment, and this is of indeed great truth. We ask you to hold the light and the love and the peace within your heart so that you may receive the essence of God’s love, and prepare yourself to be the change and the template for this New Earth. We are all walking forward now with you, one by one by one, we are all walking forward with you, because you see the Earth is now going to shift and change rapidly, your own consciousness will shift rapidly, and your own individual lives will shift rapidly if you so allow to be in alignment with the new frequencies that are now merging forward upon this planet.

And may the flame of purity transmute all energies, and may the love of the ascension flame, and the power of the ascension flame resurrect within you the memories of your Divine blueprint so that you may be free once again to create Heaven on Earth. As you affirm, I AM purity, I AM love, I AM light, as you allow yourself to call in this frequency of the I AM presence within you, may all those who come into your presence now begin to feel the kingdom of the New Earth, as you bring this frequency into the vibrational essence. And so, Dear Ones, be the change you wish to see, and know at this time that you have made such a difference upon this Earth. The power of change is here, go now, my children, and allow your heart to open to this essence and resonance of peace, and this ascension that is taking place now upon this beautiful day of April 9, 2018, the day the beautiful ascension is occurring globally, individually, intergalactically, for all to receive. Go now, my children, and be at peace.

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