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4-4-2018 Celestial Messages

April 4, 2018

Greetings, yes, it is I, Ramu. I come to each of you on this most auspicious night to say thank you for allowing me to enter into your realm of consciousness. Each of you present are old Atlanteans, and you are familiar with my energy, for my energy was used during the time of Atlantis. Many of you were there during the final days of Atlantis, and there was such a cataclysm of energy, that when the final fall occurred, all were taken by deep surprise, and the hearts and the souls of all those who were submerged into the waters were left, as they say, with a great deal of sadness within their hearts that the beautiful continent of Atlantis had fallen to darkness. I say to you, Dear Ones, do not allow yourself to hold this frequency of sadness within your hearts any longer. For Atlantis will rise again. And begin to realize that your beautiful city of Sarasota is one of the cities of light that are a replication, and will continue to remain holding the frequencies of our beloved Atlantis in the energy frequencies of the land.

As has been said, fragments or fractals of my energy are emitting off your Sarasota Bay, into your Siesta Key and into the surrounding region. For those who may feel me, sense me, or begin to hear me, I welcome you to begin to allow me to begin to work with each of you. My purpose tonight is to begin to awaken all of the Old Atlanteans, so that they may begin to use their conscious minds, their hearts, their souls, and their physical embodiment, to begin to allow the pure frequency of my energy and my essence to begin to radiate and embody through them. For it is now time that all the souls from Atlantis begin to re-remember the power and the beauty of the energy that we lived in. I was the generator crystal that was used for the technology, for the weather, and for the civilization in which all energy was supplied by my frequency. Tonight, I ask you if you wish to call my energy in, it will begin to awaken you, and you will begin to feel a sense of excitement inside of you that you are now allowing yourself to also regenerate your own frequencies, clear all discordant energies from the time of that civilization, and return to Oneness and balance within yourself. This is of key importance to return to balance, to not live in the past, but live in the present, as you are holding a fractal of my energy within you. And as you begin to feel this strength of my crystalline energy, you are able to begin to manifest your life pathway with greater ease. As I have explained, expect the unexpected. Expect miracles to now come forth.

My energy had laid dormant for over 10,000 years, but now, at this appointed hour, when the cities of light are now ready to emerge upon your planet, it is of great importance that the beautiful Atlanteans and the beautiful Lemurians and all the beautiful spirits begin to sparkle and to shine with their brilliance as crystalline beings of light in their pure light bodies. And so, I ask each of you to take a deep, deep inhaling breath, and if you so choose, begin to breathe in your magnificence, breathe in the brilliance, and if you so allow, begin to feel my energy and essence within your being. As if you have come home to yourself. And begin to breathe in the energy of peace and tranquility, knowing that the Earth, knowing that all inhabitants, shall return to their brilliance. That these beautiful, beautiful spirit brothers and sisters that are now stepping forward, all of the ascended beings of light, all of your galactic brothers and sisters, are all coming to your aid to help awaken this planet and to help you. For it is of great importance that all return to Oneness and balance, and begin to feel this centered-ness within your soul. It is my purpose tonight, if you so choose, to call in my energy so that you may return to this sense of balance. And there is always hope, hope for your beloved civilization.

And so I ask you to not allow yourself to be submerged into any fear, doubt, or hesitancy that the beloved planet and all souls will return to peace. Tonight, your beautiful city of Sarasota, Florida, the beautiful energy that is being overlaid over your city, as the etheric city of light, now begins to fully emerge into the physicality of the land, of the water, off Sarasota Bay, into the physical Earth of the city, the county, and the surrounding region. The energy of Sarasota and all inhabitants will begin to feel a lightness and a clearing and a purity, and each of you, Dearest Ones, are also being purified with this frequency, if you so allow yourself to clear away all discordant energies. As you may realize, there is a new etheric frequency upon the Earth plane that is now allowing for the Earth and all souls to move forward into the fifth dimensional frequency and beyond, thus allowing each of you and all of you to move into your rightful place and position, and that is why I, Ramu, am coming. I am here to help accelerate that. My energy as the crystalline generator crystal, is simply like a generator that is generating you, all of you, to now move forward into your life pathway and into your life mission. As if you are being placed on a magic carpet ride, and you are being whisked forward very quickly and very rapidly into your life purpose, into your mission, into that which your beautiful spirit has called you to complete in this incarnation.

It is of extreme importance that those souls in the new cities of light become fully integrated with their mission, and not be confused, but have clarity and crystalline pristine understanding of what they are here to do. And so I ask you to take a deep breath, and if you so allow, allow me, Ramu, to infuse within you the strength, the wisdom, the clarity, and the power of your own knowingness to move forward with grace and ease. And so tonight, as you begin to feel the energy of the crystalline frequencies falling upon you like fairy dust, begin to feel the magic as if you are surrounded and shrouded with crystalline pure energy. I am sending this to each of you, as if you are now embodied, and your aura is embodied with the pure crystalline frequency. Because it is now that you are needed. You’ve all been preparing for this moment of time, but as has been said, both the frequencies of the Divine, Sacred Mother and the Divine, Sacred Father energy, Father/Mother God energy, that is represented in the balance inside of your being, is now to be recalibrated. And so, Dearest Ones, I ask you to simply breathe and allow me to assist you to clear the frequencies that are disharmonic and not for your Highest Good to be released from your system.

I know, Dearest Ones, that these times are difficult, and yet each of you have had the courage to reincarnate and to once again step forward and to say yes, I choose to serve and to be served. And to once again step forward into this current civilization and re-remember the beauty of how you once lived in Atlantis, and also Lemuria. But also, at this time, the frequencies that are needed to call the balance of the Sacred Masculine in conjunction with the Sacred Feminine energies are truly being united. So that is why I am here tonight, to reunite the Divine Masculine energy within you, to reawaken it, so that the power of the Sacred Feminine can merge, and you shall return to balance. It is of extreme importance that as many souls, including the Atlanteans, return to balance quickly. There is much that is happening for your Earth and for its inhabitants, and you may begin to feel this sense of urgency, as you may begin to feel that time is speeding faster and faster and faster. But I ask you to calm yourself, and do not lose control, staying balanced and centered, focused. This is of great importance that you stay focused. Focused on the moment, focused on the now, and focused on bringing forth the energy of joy into your being.

And so tonight, I ask you to hold the light, if you so choose, of my energy, for I choose to awaken you to the brilliance of your pure spirit essence, and you are all like beautiful, beautiful diamonds sparkling, and if you could see yourself, you could see the brilliance of your auric field, and the dazzling light show that each of you are emitting now, as you are receiving my energy and my essence. As each of you travel in this beautiful city of light of Sarasota, Florida, and to other regions of the country and around the world, you will be leaving your imprint and your particles of light for others to step into, and with intention, you will leave your energy of balance and joy. This is of great importance, Dearest One, to use your intention and your focus on what you are able to bring forth into the world, calling in the beautiful attributes that each of you hold. Tonight, I ask you to breathe into your heart, and feel the power of your brilliance. And know that I, Ramu, stand with you, and that my energy is now awakened and activated within your essence. And the land and the waters of your region of Sarasota, Florida, have now been elevated, and the frequency is now operating from the eighth and ninth dimensional frequencies, at the etheric level. And if you so shall, your own intuitive abilities shall begin to awaken at a very rapid level. And many of you will begin to have visions as your third eye begins to open, and there, within that clarity, you will be able to begin to manifest the dreams, the desires, and the purpose of your particular incarnation, which will rapidly come into fruition.

And so at this time, allow your third eye to open. For it is focus and clarity that I assist you with tonight. And so, Dear Ones, hold this frequency that you are love, and you are the beautiful beings of light who have made the choice again to reincarnate and truly understanding that you are able to bring your frequencies, as you’ve once held them in Atlantis, back to this planet in its purest essence. I know it has been spoken about the Lemurian energies, but tonight it is about Atlantis. And merging the two, and holding the frequencies so pure within your being that you are at peace. I thank you for your time, I thank you for your attention, you may call upon me at any time, I will help you to hold the clarity and the focus, and to bring your purpose and mission into fruition. I am always with you as you are one of my own, and I indeed send blessings of prosperity, peace, love, and joy into your hearts. And in this I thank thee.

Dear Ones, as I have said, I am opening up your third eye because it is time for focus, it is time for clarity. It is time for all of you to see your vision for your life purpose. This is the year for the energy is now at a new level of frequency. And all of you are to live in what we call this New Earth energy, as if it is like Heaven on Earth. And all of you are stepping forward into this frequency. That is why your third eye is opening, so that you will have the vision and the clarity to receive what your next mission or assignment is on this Earth plane. You are not to be idle, as they say. Some of you are complacent, and yet that is fine and well if that is what you choose, but you’ve all come to serve, and many of you are not serving in full capacity, and therefore the third eye is opening so you have clarity of vision and purpose.

I say to you, Dear One, that you activated, yes, your own merkabic field, and yes, you have accelerated your own vehicle, simply meaning your own consciousness. And this is what I am saying, that the consciousness within each being will be awakened, and you will be guided to what you are to be bringing forth at this time. Just as I have said previously, you have been ignited, and it is good that you have listened because your own merkabic field is, we will simply call it, working overtime, and you will be using your energy to clear particles of, I will call it, darkness, but disharmonic frequencies, as if you are like purifying energy. And you will be guided to other places and working with people individually to clear their disharmonic frequencies. So in simple terms, you are like a blender or a purifier, and this will help the collective consciousness energy that has been saturated with what we call negativity. I hope I have answered your question, but you are using your consciousness now, you are in tune with your higher wisdom, and your merkabic field is now working overtime.

You will be traveling throughout the State of Florida most readily, but a part of what you will be doing, you will be clearing energy through astral travel, and so less so in physical form, then in your astral travels, for you can reach so many more as you use your spirit to travel into other frequencies and dimensions.

These Cities of Light, at this time, there are 48 active cities of light that are etheric, that are now beginning to manifest into the physical. Within the next 20-30 years, they will begin to manifest within the physical Earth. At this time, as I have said earlier, each of you who are now being activated into my frequency are what we call portals. And if you think of yourself as a pure portal of crystalline light, and you use your body, your consciousness, and your energy, let’s say for example, now in the Sarasota energy, you are intentionally holding your pure frequency so that that city, all of its inhabitants, all life forms, begin to sparkle with purity, energy, and balance. These cities will emerge with souls such as yourself who will be living in sacred balance with pure heart and pure intention, and they will inhabit these cities of light, and they will honor the Earth, honor all life forms, and there will be small pockets of people or communities at first, but then they will grow larger and larger as if like people migrating from a city to a suburb, and it will begin to evolve into other regions. At this time, these Cities of Light are already built etherically, and yet you, all of you, are being called to hold this intention to create these cities of light, to manifest them, and to create Heaven on Earth. Just as you are creating the portal there in your cosmic center, you have created an intention there of purity, as you now begin to hold this frequency for your city and your surrounding region, and other souls upon the planet are doing the same in New Zealand, Italy, Germany, and in Brazil.

Some of them will, some of them won’t. Some of them will be absorbed into the light, and what I mean by this is that some of their disharmonic frequencies or misdirected energies will be able to be nullified or recalibrated into the light, so some who are ready to receive more light will use these frequencies and be able to change their energy into a lighter form. Not all souls will simply be cast aside, because it is about helping all souls to return and merge with the light. And the seed of light in which you spread, you may see it germinate and flourish. And yet, there are times you may not see this occur, but know that what you are doing by holding the frequency helps the collective evolve, so do not discriminate.

You are a teacher, and you are a teacher of light and enlightenment. And you have been hesitant to teach, for you are afraid to share what you know. A part of you is afraid to share the wisdom for it to be misconstrued, and so you hold back this great knowledge and wisdom and deep enlightenment. So please, we say, forgive yourself, and move forward, and share the wisdom, for there are many who are ready to receive that which you hold dear within your heart. So please forgive yourself for being hesitant or afraid. There is no need to hold your pearls of wisdom close any longer, share, share, share. You are a beautiful soul, be not afraid.

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