4-20-20 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings My Beloved, yes it is I, Christ, I come to you on this most auspicious day, and I ask you, Dearest Children, to begin to expand your minds, to begin to expand your mind, to begin to expand your mind. Can you allow yourself to believe and to receive, that this is the first wave of ascension. We have spoken of this many times before, but this truly is the transformational time of the ascension that many have been waiting for. Despite what you believe or understand is the process of ascension, the frequency that is now being brought forth upon this planet is the first wave of ascension. What does this mean for you? It simply means, Dearest Ones, that you are letting go of your human ego, and the lower vibrational frequencies that no longer serve you. And you are living, breathing and existing into the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth higher dimensional frequencies of light. And you say, how can I expand and ascend at that level and at that rate. We say to you, Dearest Ones, that you all are existing multi-dimensionally, and that you all are living in these dimensions already, in various aspects of your soul essence, and today as you are living in your third dimensional frequency, and you are finding that it is quite uncomfortable, it does not match your vibration, it does not please you, it does not allow you to feel safe, or harmonious, then I ask you Dearest Children to move your energy in to an ascended frequency that brings you pleasure.


And you are saying, what is he talking about, I am saying to you Dearest Children that you have the choice to raise your frequency into another dimensional frequency, even if it is momentarily in your consciousness, and begin to live from that higher state at all times. What do you choose? Do you choose to remain in the third dimensional frequency where there is fear, separation, limitation, lack, or do you choose to raise your frequency in this moment of time, into a state of harmony and balance. This is the first wave of ascension, and this energy is present to you at this time, as if you are being swept up into a new vibrational frequency, into a new energy field, and you are able to live from your divine perfected state in your physicality and in your consciousness. This will allow you to remain on earth if you so choose and to be detached from the outcome of the third dimensional frequency and all of this disharmony and separation and fear frequencies. As if you are living in a state of Divine Grace, knowing and trusting that you are in alignment to your own divine perfection.


And as your affirmation calls forth, I call for all discord and activities on earth, and within myself that are not reflecting the highest light and God’s holy purpose to be miraculously swept and transformed by the power of the violet flame into divine love and harmony, for the restoration of my own soul, for the restoration of earth and all kingdoms into their original blueprint of perfection, that was originally intended. So, Dear Ones, as you call in this energy and you call forth the energy of the violet flame, you can make that choice to transmute all energies that are not in alignment to your own ascension process, into the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensional frequencies. So Dear Ones, I know this may sound preposterous, but you are miracle children of the light, we call you miracle children because you have transformed your frequencies in other lifetimes, other planets, other star systems. You have done this before. Again, this may sound preposterous, but you have done this before. You have transmuted lower frequencies in other time periods, in other dimensional frequencies where you were and are at this moment of time. Simply meaning, that here you are on earth, going through this period of time where you are being challenged once again to rise above the lower frequencies, just as you have done many times before, in other planetary systems, in other civilizations on earth, and now, in this year of 2020, you are being challenged again to raise your frequency into another level. And not be caught up in the fear, the separation, the anxiety, and yes we will say, the ignorance of those who do not understand. We say ignorance only in the sense that it is a misunderstanding.


You see Dearest Children, how the power of your energies have come together. This powerful frequency, yes, as you felt and heard the disruption of energy simply was the violet fire purifying your frequencies, simply was the violet fire purifying your frequencies, again this transmission may seem to be a bit far-fetched today, but we say to you, Dear One, that there is much that is happening in the celestial realm and in the astral realm and within your atmosphere, to begin to purify the lower frequencies upon your earth plane. Know that all of the intensity, all of the chaos, is truly necessary because as we have said before, this is a period of purging. This is a period of purging. And this is for each of you to begin to purge those energies, those emotions, that do not serve you. This is a time for you to choose to step forward into your own ascension and live on purpose in your divine perfection, to live in a state of grace. We know this is difficult, and it is difficult for each of you to hold your patience, your tempers, your judgments, your fears, but we say this, too shall pass, and when we here are finished with the purification process, then your life will return back to a new normal. And many individuals are being called, as they say, to reset, to purify, and to reexamine the lives that they have been living. This first wave of ascension is necessary for as many as possible to raise their consciousness and their frequencies into the higher realms of light, to merge there energy into unity consciousness, into oneness. You see, as I teach my class tomorrow evening on oneness, this is divine timing. That each of you are moving forward into oneness, oneness with yourself, oneness with all of life, that you are re-emerging and reconfiguring your soul and your spirit as one light and one powerful force field of energy.


This first wave of ascension has never happened upon your planet before. Many have spoken and have read about this, and even in your biblical teachings they speak of the rapture, the first wave. And yet Dearest Ones, this is what is happening now. That many, as you know, are leaving the planet in their physical forms, and ascending as we have spoken about many times before, through death. And yet many are having the opportunity to ascend in consciousness by remaining on earth, and understanding that this is a part of the Christ Conscious, Unity Conscious ascension process. So as you allow yourself to be patient with those who do not understand, and you hold your light for those who are in need and those who are, say, struggling to move through their own fears, and those who are in authority who are doing in many ways the best that they can to navigate through this period of time. Do you wish to be a part of the problem or do you wish to be a part of the solution? The solution for you, if you so choose, is calling forth your force field of energy and transmuting your energy into your divine perfection. So call upon the energy of the violet fire, the violet flame to transmute and to restore every thought form, every particle within you that is not of light and love, into divine perfection. As if you are now letting go of the old and making way for the new, as if you are shedding your skin, as if you are like a caterpillar that is going through the chrysalis process and turning into a beautiful butterfly, it is springtime, it is rebirth, it is renewal.


Mother Earth herself is shedding her energy frequencies, and she is being reborn and rebirthed again. And so Dear Ones, just imagine, that you are walking and shedding your earth suit, as if you are stepping out of your body and you are merging into your light body, but remaining in your physical form. If you choose to leave your body and ascend that is fine and well, but you can ascend by remaining physically in your current incarnational experience. But stepping out of the old programming of you. Many of you have been sleepwalking through your life, as they say. And so this is an opportunity to merge into your light body and to allow your consciousness to now be, we will say, ruled or navigated by your light body. By your I AM presence. You are simply allowing your divine perfection to be the calling card of your new signature vibration. Will I engage in the third dimensional thought forms, fears, anxieties? Or do I choose to move forward into this first wave of ascension and be free, despite what is happening around you. Can you hold your peace, can you hold your tranquility, can you be the change you wish to see? Can you master you? Indeed Dearest Children, you are all masters. I am going to step back and allow my Mary to speak, for she wishes to call in the energy of Divine Mother, and calling in this frequency of love, as you allow yourself to transform these energies and to be at peace.


Greetings Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to you on this most auspicious day, and I say thank you, I thank you for allowing your hearts to open, to the truth of who you are. And as you merge into this first wave of ascension, I ask that you feel the power of your soul and your spirit merging together as one unified force field of light. As if you are now feeling stronger and stronger and stronger, as if the energy is now moving into a force field of light, into your etheric body, into your consciousness, into your subconscious, into all aspects of your being. Aligning your spirit and your soul as one force field of light. As if you are now encompassed in the tube of light, merging your ego with unity and Christ Consciousness with your I AM Presence. There you are protected, there you are insulated, there you are encapsulated into the tube of light, and nothing or no one can affect you as you have chosen to remain in this beautiful state of grace. This is what Yeshua and I are asking you to do in this first wave of ascension, to simply acknowledge that you have chosen to lift your consciousness, to lift your vibration, to lift your force field of energy into another dimensional frequency, as if you are going on an elevator and then looking down below you and having the view. Do you choose to stay at the lower level of consciousness or do you choose to ascend, living in a state of truth, of oneness? Not being obscured by your fears, anxieties, or your misunderstandings. And there you hold that energy for others to raise their frequency, so they may be able to be the change they wish to see, that you are holding the frequency for others as if you are taking each other’s energetic frequency by the hand, each one teach one, each one lead one, as you are helping your fellow brother and sister to ascend, to rise above the mundane.


So today, Dearest Children, you are the first wave of light bearers. Remember you have done this before, it is why you are being called forth, why you understand. So Dearest One, there are many who do not understand, but you will plant the seed of consciousness and your concern is for your own ascension. First, allow yourself to receive the higher frequencies in your consciousness, and you will know that you have achieved this when you do not feel attached to external outcomes. And I repeat you will feel this as you will not be attached to external outcomes. You can allow the world to go about its business and you can navigate it with grace and ease. What you need will come to you, as if you will be able to bypass the obstacles that keep you from living your daily life in a state of divine grace. This, Dearest Children, is our message for you today. To live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are, living in this divine state of grace, and not being obscured by what is happening externally. Not being affected by what is happening in the world, that you are here by divine appointment, to be the change you wish to see. So Dear Son and Daughters, know that you are here for you have chosen to be the messengers of light, to assist others, and so prepare yourself now to receive this golden gift of light that is being presented within your heart. Yeshua and I bring to you this golden light, be the change you wish to see, be the change you wish to see, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace and truly know that you are loved. So as we send this energy to you, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you beloved Children of the Light, for you are the first wave of those who have moved into the ascension, and as you lift your energy, you will be able to help assist your brother and sister in their own ascension process as well. Go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace and truly know that you are loved.