Mary Magdalene

4-17-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings, yes, it is I, Christ, as I come to you today on this day of my resurrection, I speak to you about the resurrection of the soul, how important it is to take the time to honor the soul, to bless the soul, and to give attention to your soul’s journey. It is of utmost importance that as you receive my message upon this day, that you understand the importance of living as a free spirit, honoring your soul, honoring the journey of the soul. When I was given instruction about the Great Design, I did not know how I would be able to honor my commitment to my sacred contract and to my soul’s journey. I held my devotion, I kept my focus, and with the help of my Mother, my Mary and all of my disciples, I was able to carry on and to complete the work and the mission in which I had agreed to do. And so today as you celebrate my life, and my resurrection as the Living Christ, I ask that each of you and all of you take a deep breath and begin to breathe in the living essence of the living light of all that is, breathe in the living light and the essence of all that is, breathing in the energy of the manifested light.

Today as I step into your energy fields, and with your permission, I will send the love and the peace and the transformation of the living light of God upon your soul, so that you may move forward into your life path and into your life stream, preparing yourself to receive. Today as you enter into this beautiful state of grace, and you feel the magnificence of your beautiful soul, and in the resurrection and the ascension of mastering your life and living from your soul purpose, take another deep breath and allow me to deepen this connection so that you can begin to feel on a conscious level, the clarity that is so needed to live a soul-driven life, receiving the light of God’s grace, receiving the light and love of God’s healing, and preparing yourself to be free, free of all the entrapments of your third dimensional life, living in a state of awareness and glory to all that is.

And as my Mother and my Mary stand with me, we place our hands upon your heart and we feel the essence of grace and the loving presence of the living light of God now begin to emerge into your auric field. And you will now begin to feel the magnificence of your soul and the resurrection of the way, the light and the truth, as you walk your pathway with purpose and with grace, honoring the light that you are, honoring the love that you are, honoring the devotion that you have carried within this lifetime and all generations of time, your commitment to the higher realms of light, your commitment in your soul’s journey is honored and graced. We honor thee for all that you have traveled in all of your soul’s incarnations, and today the soul is receiving, your soul is receiving a special blessing. As we send healing to your soul, and you are set free. Free to love, free to serve, and free to be. You are set free. It is of great importance at this time in your life that you follow your soul’s calling and do not allow your mental mind, or the distractions of your third dimensional life to distract you from your soul’s calling. This is of great importance, that you take time and listen.

Today as we are lifting the veil of heaviness over you, it is a veil of heaviness that has kept you from fully accessing your soul, and this is the gift that we bring to you today of the resurrection of the soul, lifting the veil so that you may fully live in alignment and in attunement to your soul. Take a deep breath and allow us to lift this veil, preparing yourself to receive.

May the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. Prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive. As you enter into this beautiful state of grace, we come today to assist you, letting go of all that no longer serves you, and setting yourself free. Today the opportunities will come pouring forth as the remaining days of your soul’s journey shall be filled with glory, peace, love and all the fruits of the spirit. What we are saying is that we are bringing forth an energy of peace and grace, no more struggle no more strife, simply ease. And so as you hold this frequency of grace within your heart, the energy of Grace Elohim steps forward and graces your life, graces your soul, and as my mother and mary and my father stand with you, we stand in the circle of light and we are all joining hands for we are the family of light that supports you and graces you, and protects you. You are the light of the world, you are the light of the world. Prepare yourself to receive the love and the transformational light that will assist your soul in this resurrection and prepare yourself to receive.

I will take my leave momentarily and allow my mother to speak at this time.

Greetings Dear One yes it is I, Mother Mary. Today as we celebrate the resurrection of my son, I wish to ask that you hold steadfast in celebrating your own life and the renewal of your own soul and your own personal life journey. Each of you have given and given and given and it is your time to receive. You have given so much from your soul, from your heart, and it is time to receive the blessings so that your journey may move forward without strife or struggle. When my son was born I knew that a special soul had come to this earth plane, but little did I know the magnificence of my son, the grandness of my son, the glory of my son. And so the day that each of you are born, we were there for you, and we reveled in the excitement of your birth upon this earth plane, the anticipation of all that you would bring forward in gracing this planet with your beautiful spirit. And so today as we come to honor you and to bless you and to repair you, for your mission and soul’s journey to now move forward. You will be emerging into this next phase of your life with great excitement, great anticipation, and with ease.

Today as we stand with you and we place our hearts in alignment with your hearts, your passion, your intention, your soul’s journey will emerge now for we are aligning our energy frequencies so that you may complete what you’ve been called to do, just as we all did for Jeshua. We all held vigil for him, we all held the energy for him, our lives were devoted onto him and his mission. And yes, we had our own purpose, our own individual missions, but we collectively held our energies for him. And so we are doing the same for you, we are aligning our energies, Joseph, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and myself. We are aligning our frequencies to your soul pathway so that you may move forward with the momentum and with passion that will allow you to step into your life stream with greater ease. And so today the resurrection of your soul is now an activator and aligned for you see the personality and the third dimensional life force can be confusing and distracting, but we want to align you to you full purpose, so that you may accomplish all that you have agreed to, and so today as you hold this beautiful energy close to your heart, know that Joseph, myself, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua are here living and breathing inside of you. We are one with you, as you know you are our family, and you assisted Jeshua in his mission. We are here to help you complete your mission and so call forth that which you desire, that which you wish to manifest and create, and bring it into reality, and create peace. Peace in your life, create peace in your life, peace in your life, create focus in your life, and create love in your life.

Seeing that the doorways are open and that all of your needs and desires are provided for, like a stream and a flow of energy, we are here opening the doors for you one by one by one, and you are stepping into the flow, and manifesting the living light of all that is.

And so today is the day of rebirth, it is a time of great acceleration, it is a time of great peace. We stand with you and we honor the essence and the presence of the living light of God within your being. And as you hold this frequency close to your heart, it is passion, it is renewal, it is rebirth, it is why my son’s celebration is celebrated at your Easter, in springtime, rebirth, it is symbolic of the resurrection of all of life. And so Dear Ones know that we are with you, and we hold you close to our hearts and we prepare you for the greatest journey that is now ready to unfold. Our hearts are open, our energies are aligned, and we are preparing you to receive.

As we step into this frequency, yes it is I, Christ, we ask that you step into this alignment that we are gifting you today, preparing you for the renewal and the resurrected life of an ascended being, a master, as each of you are stepping forward, preparing yourself to receive. Go now my children and know that all is in order and all is as it should be. The life that you know is soon to begin to change. Prepare yourself and honor the light of the living God that lives inside your being.