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4-10-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

April 10, 2017

Greetings Dear One yes it is I, Christ. As you enter into the energy of the resurrection of your own soul, in our holy week, we ask you to hold compassion and mercy first for yourself. As I have spoken so many times before, I wish to say once again, I did not come to save your sins, nor to be your Lord and Savior. I came to show you the way, the light and the truth. And today as we move forward in celebration of my own ascension process, I am here holding the space and energy for each of you to ascend and raise your consciousness, so that each of you may move forward and bring peace, love and forgiveness into your own soul. We know Dearest Ones that the soul’s journey has been very long and difficult for so many. And the earthly plane is not as you wish it to be. But today we are working very diligently and very powerfully on bringing peace to this planet, it was always our intention and shall remain so, but today we are bringing this energy of peace, compassion and mercy for each of you so that your hearts will expand and you will be a vessel of compassion so that you can begin to heal the world. You will be able to touch lives and change lives and bring the love and the compassion and the mercy to this planet and all in need.

At the day of my own crucifixion, when I was laying upon the cross, as I lifted myself out of my physical body and I traveled and astral traveled, hovering over the crowd in my oversoul, I sent waves of love, healing and compassion to those in the crowd. For those who were devastated by what was devastated, and those who were cheering my death, those who were reveling in my torture. And so on that day when I seeded the energy of love, forgiveness, and compassion into the hearts of all souls, this powerful frequency, this essence, was etched into the earth. It was etched into the hearts of all present. And this seedling of energy, which I dispersed is continuing to grow in the hearts of all, from that day forth.

And so today I wish to reinfuse this on my holy week, I wish to infuse the seed of compassion, love, mercy and forgiveness into your hearts, so that you may touch and send healing waves of love to others who are in need. So much pain, so much suffering, and yes Dearest Children, there is great joy, there is great love and peace within the hearts of so many. But until every soul on this planet is in balance, and returns to love, and unity and oneness with all of life, our work is not done, your work is not done, we are here holding the space of love for each of you, and as my mother and my Mary stand before you, we ask that you open your beautiful, compassionate and merciful heart, and allow us to touch you and to bring your heart chakra and your physical heart into balance.

We are simply healing and releasing all suffering and we say all suffering, that you’ve ever experienced in this incarnation and all incarnations, and through the essence of time, we are gracing you and healing you from all suffering, and yes Dearest Children, the seed has been planted, and if you so choose please receive this, so that your soul may heal and that your soul may be restored to perfection and oneness, to the love in which you were created. It is that which I brought forth on that day as I hovered over the ground, it is that that I bring onto you now, my gift onto you. And yes Dearest Children, it is to assist you in the resurrection of your own soul. Can you feel yourself being lifted and catapulted into a frequency of peace? It is there Dearest Children we are holding you in this vibration of peace so that your soul may rejuvenate, resurrect and restore itself from the powerful energies that we are bringing to you upon this day. So many of you have suffered and gone through so much, and yet you are still strong, still willing to serve, and are beautiful, gracious and loving souls. We thank you for your dedication to this planet and to the great creator, and so we are gifting you this beautiful gift of healing onto your soul, the powerful energy of your soul returning to unity and oneness and balance.

It may be difficult for you to comprehend how we can simply grace you and grace all of the suffering from the beginning of time, but this is what is happening today. We are gracing you and so Dearest Children, this is our thank you, this is our gift for your dedication, for your willingness to serve. At our last gathering as we activated you with the initiations of moving and ascending and transversing, and standing at the right hand of God, today this healing with catapult your consciousness, your mental and emotional minds and bodies, and it will catapult you to be able to hold your frequency and receive the activations with greater ease and balance and unity for yourself. Today it is all about you, today we gift thee with this powerful frequency of the seedling of love that I bring onto you, so that your heart will grow with compassion and you can reach out and be a conduit of love and peace and light, in which you chose to be. Every man woman and child upon this earth plane are here by divine appointment. And we do not wish to see the suffering continue upon this earth plane. So much has happened since our life 2,000 years ago, and yet it may seem as if peace will never prevail. But hold strong, be diligent for each soul brings forth their own gift. And so Dearest Ones, each one teach one, each one lead one, we are gifting you and gracing you with the healing of the soul, with the resurrection of your soul, and you will begin to feel lighter and lighter and lighter and happier and happier and happier, and freer, freer and freer.

Your energies are being lifted from you and you are able to hold your energy and your essence with such purity, with such love, with such grace, that you will no longer be affected by the troubles of the world. Today it is as if you are being lifted from the lower vibrational frequencies from your third dimensional reality, meaning that which troubles you will not have the hold or the effect upon you, because the healing of your soul no longer will be affected by the emotional turmoil and chaos and distractions that you may experience or encumber upon this earth plane. What we simply mean is that your soul will be able to transcend from the ordinary to the extraordinary, meaning what once affected you will no longer affect you. You will be able to slough it off, shake it off, and not be affected by the emotions of others or even by your own emotions, we are gracing thee with the healing of the soul. When the soul returns back to its purest state, it is as if it is a new cycle and you are pure and you are fresh, and there are no memories, no imprints that will affect thee. I know it may sound difficult to comprehend or to conceive of this but this is truth. And we are here to grace thee. I will allow Mary to speak, I wish to bring you this gift and this healing upon this day, for it is that which I seeded upon all who were present upon the day of my crucifixion, and now Dearest Children I gift you and infuse you with my love as well.

Greetings my Beloveds yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step into this vibration upon this day, it is a very powerful vibration. There will be much acceleration that will be taking place, much excitement, and much energy will be as they say rapidly changing and expanding within, through and around you, as many of you may feel, time has sped up, and there is no time to waste. It is as if one moment of time is moving as fast as the speed of sound. And so Dear One this is what’s going to be happening with all of you. There will be many changes, so much will be shifting and changing within your worlds, and we say for the good. And your soul now in its exalted and perfected state will be able to serve in greater capacity, for you will be held and are held in a pure Divine, exalted state of pure unconditional love and grace. And when you are asked to speak, to share, to lead, to teach, your vibration at this time will hold a more powerful frequency, a more pristine frequency. And this is of extreme importance, because what you will speak, what you will share, what you will lead will have a pure vibration and they will feel it, they will sense it, it will resonate in their hearts, that your soul is pure, and what you are bringing forth holds the purity of unconditional love and truth. And so Dear Ones can you feel this within your heart, can you feel this penetrate within your soul, can you feel your heart chakra expanding in compassion and love and tender mercy? First for yourself, and then for another. Every day and in every way each of you are becoming stronger. And as has been said, time is of the essence and there is no time to waste.

There is no time for imperfection, there is no time for imbalance, there is no time for you to go through the cycle of karma and retribution. It is as if we’ve purified you upon this day, and purified the soul, yes we have been preparing you for the resurrection of the soul. And this is the pinnacle of the work that we have been preparing you for. Some of you may feel different already. You may be experiencing a greater capacity to hold love and forgiveness and peace within your hearts. No longer being affected by the energies of others, as you stand in the purity of your frequency, you are a beautiful child of God. And you Dearest Children are standing in your perfected states. We are sending healing to all of you, into your physicality, into your mental, emotional, and all of your etheric and light bodies. The purification that is taking place today is what each of you have earned the right to receive. You’ve earned this right to receive it, and so we gift you with our love. I’m going to step back momentarily and allow the Holy Mother to speak at this time.

Blessings my children, it is I, Mother Mary. As I come to you upon this most auspicious day of the Holy Week, I ask that you hold within your heart the power of forgiveness, to forgive yourself, and to forgive all those who have trespassed against you. As you know it was difficult for all of us to watch Jeshua suffer upon the cross, and to watch him during his recovery process. We needed to hold our faith and our emotions in steady resolve, for we had a mission, and the mission was to be completed. Today I bring this to your attention that you are to hold your emotions in check and to hold your energies in the highest of frequencies as my son and Mary Magdalene have spoken of. You are the teachers and the way showers and the messengers of light. And how you hold and carry your own energy affects the world. What you bring and what you share affects so many. It is a ripple effect, it is why we come week after week after week, sharing our messages of hope and love and resurrection. Because every soul is precious. And we wish to touch the lives of all who are ready to receive our word. It is truly time to return to Divine Union and unity consciousness with all that is. And with each breath that you take and with each step that you take it is of great importance that you set yourself free. Be free to serve, be free to serve. And so we’ve come with this commitment to infuse love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and healing upon your soul. It is that which Jeshua went through as he ascended into his beautiful diamond light body and emerged into his full mastery self. Today the illumination and the resurrection of your own soul connecting and aligning to the Christ Consciousness and to the energy of all that is. Today as we stand with you, we take your hand and we walk you through what we call the dark night of your own soul, assisting you to let go, to let God, and let all that no longer serves you fall away. All that no longer serves you, will begin to fall away.

It is today your gift to receive. Gifting yourself with such love and compassion that you are gifting yourself this healing and receiving it. That you are more than worthy to receive and to return back to unity and oneness and harmony and balance, and the soul will no longer suffer. You see it is what Mary and Elizabeth and I were doing, holding my son’s soul so that he would not feel the pain during the crucifixion. We were holding his energy so he would not feel the pain, so he would not suffer on a soul level. And today, we are healing your soul of all of your suffering, for those times when your soul suffered from traumas. As you merge into your pure, perfected state, and you live with the maturity, a spiritual maturity, you will have the greater understanding that all is in Divine order, and at this moment, this is your Divine order. You are in Divine alignment to all that is. Your higher self is pleased and your soul is bathing in the healing and the restoration. And your personal, physical self will now begin to shift and change. We understand how important it is to let go and to let God. To let our soul and our spirit direct us as we trusted in the Divine plan, preparing for my son’s crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. And today you are being prepared, we are here supporting you, loving you, honoring you. And so Dearest Children honor yourself, love yourself, receive these gifts that we bring to you upon your soul. We are placing a beautiful pink and blue ray of light upon your soul, bathing it, and bringing healing to your soul. A powerful healing balm that will allow you to feel the resurrection of your soul and your powerful spirit. And so Dearest Children, as I now take my leave, as Mary Magdalene wishes to speak again, I come to send you the compassion and the loving presence of the Mother energy so that you may be at peace with yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself, as your soul heals and restores itself, and returns back to full glory. As I’ve said it may be difficult to comprehend this, but it is a gift we offer you, please accept it with an open heart, and begin to be the change you wish to see, letting your light shine so others may see, being the pillar of strength and the lighthouse for others who are in need of your strength, your compassion and your mercy. And so I thank thee, and I will take my leave.

Yes Dearest Children, it is I Christ again. My Mary will speak. But I say to you, as these new light codes that are now being activated upon this planet are bringing peace to the earth and to all of its inhabitants, your soul is fully illuminated, and is vibrating with peace. Your own light bodies are sparkling like beautiful diamonds, and you are emanating peace, love, compassion and mercy. People will feel this within your presence, and within your very essence. And the love and the hope and the tender mercy that has been gifted to your soul will allow you to shine. May your heart open to this remembrance of love, as we stand with you and bring grace upon your soul. During the time of my own resurrection I was merging from my physical body into my ethereal light body, as if I was being reborn again, rebirthed, merging from my lower self, my human self, into full Christ consciousness. And today this is symbolic of what is happening to you. You are rising from your mortal self to your mastery self. And the birthing process is not to be painful. It was difficult for me, for my body was wracked in a great deal of pain, but for you Dearest Ones, we are gifting this to you with grace and ease. We hold each of you in high esteem, and we see the beauty of your exalted self. So many tears of joy being shed today, for this powerful day of rejuvenation and resurrection of your own soul.

I come at this time as the Living Christ to help you to show you the way, the light and the truth. I came as a forerunner, as a pioneer, as a way shower to help assist you, nothing more, nothing less. And you Dearest Children are here to help your fellow brothers and sisters. Take their hand and show them the way, take their hand and show them the way, take their hand and show them the way. There will be so much that will be brought forth to your attention and to your awareness. And you will begin to feel the shift within your body, and in your emotional body. And you feel greater peace and strength, and you will no longer be affected by the third dimensional frequencies that have plagued you. This is our promise, this is our covenant, and I will now allow Mary to finish our message, and now Dearest Children, be still be still be still and know that you are God. I thank you for honoring me and trusting in me and loving me as I hold great compassion for you. And the love that is in my heart is sent directly to yours, feel the seed of love growing, first for yourself and then for another. Go now my children and be at peace.

Greetings yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As we finish our message of the day, it is of great importance that you understand how the power of love can heal all. It may sound simple, but it is most profound, the love that you’ve gifted yourself today to receive the healing of your soul, you are here by divine appointment and all those present have received this. Your soul knew what you have been asked to do. And so we thank you for being present here and receiving this powerful gift. Mother Mary, Jeshua and I stand with you and hold the energy of the trinity, Father/Mother God and the energy of all time, anchoring the energy of Father/mother God into your very essence. You are strong and you are devoted souls and we thank thee for your commitment and your dedication, for you see Dearest Ones without you our work cannot be completed. This is why we come to awaken all who are ready and willing to serve the living light of God. Your planet will return to peace, your planet will return to the balance in which she was created, and you Dearest Children have been given this gift today.

What a blessing to receive on this holy week as you receive it warms our hearts. As we have seeded the energy into the hearts of all who are ready to listen and to awaken. It warms our heart and we are grateful to all. You are able to embody and to embrace the principles of God’s light and love. You are created in light, you are created in love. The energy of Father/Mother God inside of you is now restored in its divine perfected state. Walk this earth plane with greater ease, confidence and resolution. That all is in order and all is as it should be. Go my children with the understanding that every moment of your life is Divinely orchestrated. And you are the creator of it all. And what you choose and how you wish to live, and how you wish to embody these energies that we bring to you today of peace, love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness, and the healing of the soul are yours to receive. Accept our gifts and feel the power that is now being infused within you. This is a day that God has made, it is good and it is great. And we wish for you to open your hearts to this powerful blessing. You are being reborn again, rebirthed into the true essence of your nature. Yes it is springtime, and you are springing forward into full bloom. Allow the excitement of returning back and restoring your soul be the greatest gift that you’ve ever received. We grant this to you and we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for allowing us to serve you, we thank you for being the living light that is holding the frequency and the power of love, peace, joy, compassion, mercy, forgiveness. These powerful frequencies are held within your essence, and you Dearest Children are the children of God, you are the children here on the surface that have chosen and have been chosen to receive the return and the resurrection of your soul this time, this incarnation, to its exalted state.

Go now my children, and truly know that you are loved. We thank you for this opportunity to serve, you are the living light of all that is. Go in peace, go in peace, go in peace. And so it is.

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