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3-6-2017 Mary Magdalene's Message

March 6, 2017

Greetings Dear One yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. The Holy of Holies is here as well as the Lemurian Council of Light. I come to tell you that there has been a major shift of energy that has taken place during the time of the Great Conclave. There was a beautiful convening of energies of many of the galactic federation of many that had convened in the beautiful energy of Mt. Shasta and the beautiful city of Telos. It was of great importance as these galactic beings of light merged their energy onto the planet at this time. It has been in agreement for eons of time that at this appointed hour the balance of the energy of the magnificent frequencies of Divine Sophia would become elevated and activated and reawakened through the crown chakra and the portal there on the beautiful mountain. This powerful awakening of the Divine Mother energy is now and has been infused with the assistance of the galactic federation into every soul that is living here on this planet. We will say once again that the energy of Divine Sophia has been activated and awakened into the living heart, into the living soul of all who are here on this planet at this time.

You see, Dearest Ones, the energy of Divine Mother has come to assist this planet. It has come in a greater acceleration, and yes what we call a greater furor of energy. It is the reunification of the Mother Energy that will step forward and take her rightful place upon this planet. So many have been misguided with the understanding of the energy of the Mother Energy. She is indeed very very powerful, and she will come, as we have said, to heal the world. She has come to bring a loving arm and wrap it around each of you. It is there during this time of February 2017 that the Great Conclave occurred and the galactic brothers and sisters stepped forward and said yes, we are here to support the Mother Energy. And it will move forward with great anticipation, with great excitement, and yes the powerful frequency is running through the crystalline core of the Earth Mother, into the ley lines and the grid lines of this beautiful planet. And Dear Ones it will help to soften you, help to heal you.

That which is not of balance will be brought forth with love and grace, within the arms of the Divine Mother. As each of you step forward in this rightful time, and call forth the energy of the mother to begin to balance you, it is of great and beautiful significance that you stand in your power and you hold the light of Divine Sophia, Divine Mother Energy, holding the love for all those who need to return to balance, for the planet herself, for all souls who are misguided, who are angry, who are confused, and who do not understand the true nature of surrender, of letting go and letting God, and being held in the powerful light of the energy of Mother Love…are reborn and brought forward into your beautiful frequency by your own birth mother, just as you entered into the birth canal and you were brought forth with love and peace and grace, today Divine Sophia calls forth her energy of peace and grace and she warms you with her arms, she is your mother, call her forth, allow her to heal all that disturbs you, all that no longer is balance, allowing you to stand in the truth of who you truly are. And so Dear Ones, each of you have been assigned a beautiful angelic keeper of the light, each of you are being gifted with an angelic presence that holds the frequency of Divine Mother love.

This powerful being is standing with you, and if you so shall, receive her into your heart, and allow her to clear any concerns, any worries, any fears that you might have, that life is harsh, difficult, unfair or unjust. Simply surrender to the grace of life, to the ease of life, to the flow of life, allowing yourself to stand in the love, and allow the energy of flow to move through you. All is in order and all is as it should be. If you become disturbed, distraught, and do not understand the flow of life, and do not understand that each moment is a creation, of opportunity, of beauty, of grace, of Divine flow, literally all things are in order, breathe in this frequency as the beautiful energy of Divine Mother comes through you, as she is assigned to you at this time, helping you to feel the strength of your love, and allowing you to feel the love of yourself, so that you may embrace the love of all that is, holding your heart, your physical heart, your etheric heart, your merciful heart close to the remembrance of “I remember Union, I remember Union.” What do we mean by this? It is returning to sacred balance, it is returning to sacred union, it is that which we bring forward with our new book Divine Union, returning to union with yourself, honoring self, forgiving self for that which you perhaps may not understand, that all things are divinely orchestrated, even that which may seem to be out of balance or chaotic, or frenetic, or not to your liking. There is Divine Unity and purpose to all things, and so grace all situations with the beautiful energy of Grace Elohim. Grace all energy with the grace of grace Elohim. And as you stand forward in this frequency, that the beautiful galactic brothers and sisters have convened and brought forward, there is such a loving acceptance and a loving vibration that is being emitted into the airways.

As you allow yourself to attune your intuition and your inner knowing to the beautiful frequency of love that is in the air, begin to transmute all negativity, all thought forms, all energies that are not of this vibration. Transmute with love the discordant energies of fear and chaos and confusion, and surround yourself in this beautiful energy and bubble of love. For every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being is being infused with this beautiful energy of Divine mother love. And at the time of your physical birth you were created in this Divine love. And it is time to be recreated, it is time to embody it, not only to bring forth what you call self-love and unconditional love, but the powerful frequency of Divine mother into your energy. Because each of you are the caretakers and the stewards of Mother Earth, and you are here holding the frequency of love for the ascension of this planet, and for all inhabitants. So call it in first for yourself, allow the stillness and the quiet to bring you peace, allow the stillness and the quiet to bring you peace. Be still be still be still and know that you are loved.

And allow your heart to open to the remembrance of all that is. I remember union with myself, I stand in my strength, I stand in my power, I stand in my truth, and allow the beautiful energy of the angelic presence that is assigned to you to help you to remember. I will step aside for the Lemurian Council of Light wishes to speak.

Greetings yes we are the Lemurian Council of Light. We are here in Telos with Adama and Aurelia. And we are stepping forward to speak to you at this time to advise you that during the changes that have been agreed upon for your surface population to expand in consciousness we have made an agreement that we would begin to bring some of our fellow Lemurian brothers and sisters to the surface of the planet to assist humanity in bringing our frequency to the surface population to awaken their hearts. If you so agree, we will come to you in your dream state and in your meditative state and begin to infuse the balance and the harmony in which we embody. We are calling all the light workers who are truly open and willing to receive our assistance. It is why we came to the great mountain, for it was a beautiful beautiful sanctuary and a powerful healing temple of light.

When Labrador migrated and brought forth many of the original Lemurian brothers and sisters to this area we knew we had much work to do to rebuild and bring civilization back to balance. Just now on your surface population there is a transformation one by one by one, each of you will take the hand of your brother and sister and help them to return to balance. It must begin with yourself. The mountain, the spirit of the mountain will either bring you peace and tranquility or it will stir up within you that which needs to be healed. And so Dear One, be not afraid of examining and honoring the imbalance that needs to be healed. If there is excess emotion that is need of being healed and restored to balance, then please call us and we will help you to bring that balance back into your system. And we will also help you to continue to bring the harmony, the peace and the grace that you received at the mountain. And so now Dearest Ones this vibration is being brought to you even though you are not physically there. You are receiving it into your etheric blueprint and physical template at this time. It is imperative that you acknowledge our presence, and yes Lea was very fortunate to be able to see the Paleadean star ship on the last day of her stay in Mt. Shasta, when she looked into the sky and saw the Paleadean star ship it brought her great surprise and great delight. Please know that the energy of the Paleadeans are bringing harmony and balance to this planet, and in that moment, they infused their harmony inside of her physicality. It was a gift they gave to her for her sojourns at Mt. Shasta. And this energy can also be brought to you as you call it forward, not only the Lemurians, the Paleadeans have ascended upon the earth plane. They have brought forth their powerful frequency so that this planet can return to the exalted planet in which it was once created.

It has been told you are in the golden age of transmutation and transformation, and within the next 10,000 years peace shall prevail upon this planet. There is a time line and regardless of how long you physically live on this earth plane, you will be holding these frequencies within your physicality, if you choose to hold the frequency of balance, love, and harmony within your being. Know that the time has come, the time has come to receive the blessing and the restoration of Divine Love. Prepare yourselves to receive this powerful activation within your heart chakra, for yes the Paleadeans are here and we the Lemurian Council have infused our frequency in conjunction with the powerful frequencies of Divine Mother Love. And so call this into your heart, and let your heart shine and sing with joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. Be the living expression of love, and be the living expression of peace, and be the living expression of tranquility.

You Dearest Ones are the keepers of the flame, yes Dearest Ones you are the keepers of the flame. The flame of the living light of God. This is the eternal flame that burns inside of you, inside the heart of Divine Mother, the eternal flame of God. Your presence brings forth this eternal flame of the living light of God, bringing forth the balance of Father/Mother God upon this earth plane. At this time, the Paleadeans are infusing balance inside of you, that you may come back to center, to return to wholeness and oneness with the eternal flame of God that lives inside of you. It is all about sacred union, it is all about balance, it is all about returning home again to yourself. Do not allow the outside influences to affect you, you are responsible for keeping your own eternal flame ignited and balanced and filled with love, wholeness, and joy. It is within this time period Dearest Ones that you are being gifted so much by the beautiful spirit of the mountain, which is calling you home again. Remember Lemuria, remember Lemuria, remember Lemuria, in its purest essence. The peace, the love, the harmony, the balance is to be embodied by you. You are to be the walking expression of balance, unity and love.

Nothing more, nothing less, simply be, and allow. You each have given and given and it is your time to receive. It is time to bow to your magnificence, to be true to who you are. Bow to your magnificence, honor the truth of who you truly are. You are the living expression of God, and yet Dear One, you are all fellow Lemurians. And your connection here to the heart of the mother grows exponentially with each breath that you take and with each step that you take. You are the living expression of all that is. Honor the love and the peace that has been offered onto you today. Honor the love and the peace that is being offered onto you this day. So Dear Sons and Daughters, we will now step back and allow Mary Magdalene to speak again. We welcome you into our family of light, we are the Lemurian Council of Light here in Telos, go in peace.

Yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As Jeshua and I step forward we stand beside each of you, I stand on your left and Jeshua stands on your right, just as we have made an agreement for each of you to walk in our footsteps, into sacred balance with all that is. We ask if you so shall that we place your hand and take one foot forward, and we will carry you until you are able to carry yourself and bring yourself back into sacred balance, just like your own mother and father did to help you begin to walk, to balance yourself, we are here to help you to balance yourself so that you are not disturbed by what we call the petty concerns of life. You are to rise about your humanness and your ego and to walk in love with Divine Mother and Divine Father, and the energy of Grace Elohim, this is why your angel has been assigned to you, to open up your heart to receive. Again I repeat, this is why your angel has been assigned to you so that you may open up your heart to receive.

It is a powerful powerful day of transformation. And you are being gifted so much love and so much healing, and this is an opportunity to begin anew, to move forward with grace and ease. Step into your body, step in and embrace the love that you are. Again we repeat, I remember union, step forward and call in the energy. I remember union. And as was stated during a gathering in Mt. Shasta, when Mother Mary stepped forward and said oh there you are, there I am, Jeshua and I are taking you by the hand and asking you to step forward into the remembrance of who you truly are, living in balance and grace within your life. And as you do so, you are able to feel the essence of your Higher Self and the truth of who you truly are, oh there I am. As you step forward into the remembrance of your I AM presence, stepping forward into your I AM presence, walking in grace, walking in truth and walking in the Divinity of the truth of who you are. Prepare yourself to receive the living grace of all that is. Prepare yourself to receive the grace of all that is. And remember Dearest Children, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM.

And step forward in the living grace of all that is. And now that your Pleaidian brothers and sisters are standing with you, and just as they made their appearance and welcoming to Lea on her last night in Mt. Shasta, I come to welcome you and to grace, and to bring you that balance that is your Divine birthright. Stand in the living light and the presence of God and all that is. Even in this moment you are infused with grace, standing in the living light of God in this moment, so activate your heart so that you remember union. Even if it’s for an instant, it will activate your cells and your molecules and your electrons, and your body will begin to vibrate to the energy of oneness and unity, and transformational light of the living God. This is the day that God has made it is good and it is rich. As you stand in the strength of your divinity, may your heart open with grace, and may you truly welcome the love and the balance that we bring to you on this day, as the beautiful mountain has brought forth her powerful energy and she wishes to share her message onto the world, it is no accident that the energy of the three were there, calling the energy of Father/Mother God, infusing the energy into the earth, and so Dearest Ones, the divinity that was found in the presence, in the embodiment of Don, Lea, and Bonnie, Bonnie representing the earth, Don representing the energy of Divine Masculine and Lea the energy of Divine Feminine, each serving as conduits onto the earth plane for all to receive. This was an important activation, and each soul was used as a portal, to bring these frequencies onto the earth. So much has occurred beyond your comprehension, but so much has been received by the Earth Mother and all of her inhabitants, we are pleased we are honored to bring this balance back to the planet, and now that our book is being brought onto the world, it is time for us to turn to Divine Sophia, Divine Mother, the energy of holy grace and Holy Father, to return to be unified into all of life, including the beautiful mother.

We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the living light of God that each of you hold the expression on this earth plane. We are pleased to serve and honored to be present with you to explain why the three were called to the mountain. It was no accident, all is in Divine order, there are no accidents, all is in divine order. So bring this energy into your consciousness, to grace all that is in need to return to balance. Allow it to come into your physicality as you each serve, and now all of you are serving as the living expressions of peace, love and unity upon this planet.

Go now my children and be at peace in all things, and truly know that you are loved. We thank you we honor you, and until we speak again, go in peace.

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