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3-5-2018 Mary Magdalene’s Message

March 5, 2018

Greetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Christ. I step forward today to speak about the new cities of light. We have spoken of this many times before, but it is getting closer and closer and closer in this new age of enlightenment for these new cities to emerge. Enough of the civilization, and enough of the human consciousness has risen for these beautiful cities to now be constructed, they will simply be like the city of Telos, underground at Mt. Shasta. They will be encapsulated and insulated from the elements and from the weather, as if everything is in underground, as well as contained in tubes of light, like skywalks, as they say, in many cities that have skywalks where people go from place to place. Like in the city of Minneapolis, where people are able to go from city to city and even operate without dealing with the elements. And this is very much what these new cities will be built upon. They will be built ergonomically, and they will be built with great precision to the grid of Mother Earth, as they will be aligned to the ley lines of Mother Earth and to the vibrational frequencies of the axiotonal lines and of the Inner Earth. Simply meaning that these new cities will be energetically aligned to the heart beat of Mother Earth and will be in Divine alignment to her natural heart beat and to her natural harmonic frequency. Therefore, these new cities will draw to them those individuals who are of the purest of vibrations, who wish to live in an environment and to live in community where it is all Earth-based, and everything and everyone who lives in these cities will be of higher conscious frequency, thus preserving the energy of the Earth, and using the elements and the resources in balance and in harmony.

Again, these cities are now being established around the globe, and there are many who are being called forth to begin to create them. This is a time where so many have returned to the understanding that the New Earth, which we call the New Jerusalem, it is the New Earth, you see, that is now being created upon your planet. And these new cities are there to encapsulate the higher conscious frequencies that the galactic federation and the Ascended Beings of light and the Galactic Realm are bringing forth onto this planet. There is such an excitement that these cities are now going to begin to be created, and you will begin to hear more about this and see them created around the world. Many of you already may have seen or heard about these communities that are now being established where people are coming together to serve the greater good and to live in alignment with Mother Earth.

There is so much that is going to be brought forward into this new year of 2018, so there will be many new ideas and many new, we will call them, inventions that will be taking place to help assist the human population as well as to assist Mother Earth at this time. Many of the scientists are working to create a transportation system that will be generated by solar use, and we will begin to use less of Earth’s resources. And there will be less demand and greed and corruption that begin to disseminate, for the new souls that are coming on this planet, and many of the old souls, are now awakening to this understanding that the Earth’s resources are indeed quite precious, and they are to be preserved, not to be misused for those who wish to serve their own gain, but the collective energy for all people. This is truly a time of unity consciousness, this is truly a time when people are coming together and making the choice that they will work in unity with one another. Again, Dearest Ones, this is a spark of energy that has now been ignited, and these new cities of light will begin to emerge at a rapid rate.

Originally, we had spoken of 48 cities of light around the globe, and these frequencies are aligning to the grid of the Earth, and as Mother Earth progresses within her own frequency, these cities of light will begin to emerge as beautiful crystalline cities of light, as the energy there will be a pure crystalline frequency and many of the new children that will be born in these cities will hold the vibration that they will truly be as if there are angels that are coming onto this Earth. And so, there is indeed hope, Dearest Ones, that your current civilization is moving forward. Do not become discouraged that your planet is going to be destroyed or fall prey to another cataclysm as other civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis. Know, at this time, that this is the great experiment, as they say, and yet, this civilization has risen far enough in consciousness to be able to supersede the lower vibrational frequencies that have tried to take over this planet and the human freedoms. Simply know that the light will conquer the dark, and what you see, what you feel, what you sense, is now coming into reality. What has been told, what has been foretold, will now emerge. We are indeed quite excited to share with you these beautiful cities of light that are now stepping forward, and those individuals are being guided, and are in divine alignment with their higher self and true mission.

So much is being given to this planet, Dearest Children, far more than you can understand. Far more than you can understand. There is a beautiful energy and frequency that is being called forward for your current civilization. As we have told you before, time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste. As you begin to enter into this state of reawakening, the New Earth energies upon the planet, the energy has been overlaid with Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace, and you will soon begin to see a calming effect within the hearts of all souls. I’m going to step aside and allow my Mary to speak, and I thank you for allowing me to bring this information forward about the new cities of light that are now soon to emerge upon your own planet.

Dear Ones, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to each of you at this time to imagine a world filled with peace, as they say. Can you imagine living in a community, living in an environment, living amongst other people who are of pure intentions, where each soul is aligned to the purity of the energy of the Oneness and connection to all that is? You are all used to your current civilization and your current world being full of negativity, fear, violence, and greed. It is how most of you were raised, and so it has tainted you, it has tainted your perception of the world, it has tainted your own belief systems, it has tainted your heart, it has tainted your mind. But when these new cities are built, and you begin to see the purity of the hearts of those who wish to bring the greatest good to all, your heart will begin to meld, you will begin to see that there is hope for this planet, as Dear Yeshua has said. There is hope for the people, and not all people are here because they are self-serving. There are more and more and more beings of light that are stepping forward and serving the Greater Good. And so, please place your attention and your focus, that this is the future, please place this in your heart, that this is the future. And this is the now. Instead of focusing on the dread of the world, and what you think is the end of the world, and the end of human civilization, please begin to hold your intention to know that what you are about to see will begin to surprise you. You will begin to see and hear so much about these individuals who are creating cities. And there, people live in unity and harmony and balance. Living in balance with the Earth, living in union with each other, that is why it is so important that our book Divine Union be brought forth onto the world, for you see, it is necessary and it is timely, everything that we do is in Divine timing, and your planet is truly emerging at a very rapid rate within the solar system and the galaxy. It may sound implausible, but your planet will speed up her frequency, and you will begin to see a greater purification of the dark energies, as if they are now being evaporated and literally being dissolved right before your eyes.

All of the Earth changes that are taking place, with your current storms that are moving across the country, in your United States of America, is creating a cleansing for your continent, and this cleansing will continue to occur, as people are in need of being reawakened, reawakened to the principles of unity consciousness and stepping forward into the vibration of love and Cosmic Grace. And so, realize at this time, Dearest Ones, that you are all privy to seeing these changes occurring upon the Earth. You may not understand how quickly this purification is taking place, but there is much that is happening energetically, and as we say, behind the scenes here, and so we want you to understand that this is all for purpose and good. This now is helping others to reevaluate what has happened to Mother Earth through the greed and negative thoughtforms of those who wish to be self-serving. And so, welcome this time of unity consciousness. This is a grand experiment for your planet, you see, but she is accomplishing this, Mother Gaia, Terra, to return to the form in which she was created. She will return back to her rightful place, and the beautiful cities of light will begin to emerge, and the individuals who live and breathe in these higher frequencies will begin to access higher knowledge, and how to use the crystals and the elements of the Earth for purpose and good, and so do not feel discouraged about your life or your life pathway. The future is the children, the children who are stepping forward, and these young souls come in with such, what you may call, grandiose ideas, and yes, thoughtforms and inventions that they will help your planet and your current civilization to move quickly into the crystalline civilization. This will be a time of powerful frequency, we call it the crystalline technology, and people will begin to use the crystals to access the frequencies that are needed to keep your current civilization operational.

And so, Dear Ones, realize that this is such an exciting time, and we are here helping and assisting the planet, along with the Galactic Federation and your fellow galactic brothers and sisters, including the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, and the Sirians, are stepping forward and bringing this frequency of higher knowledge and higher wisdom onto this planet. Every 24 hours and within every millisecond there is energy that is being emitted onto this planet, and this powerful light frequency is awakening more and more people, they will begin to realize that they are in need of change, for there is truly a crisis upon your planet. This is a tipping point, as they say, and don’t look backwards, look forward, extend your thoughtforms so that you can begin to hold this frequency and know that there is a new day that is dawning upon your Earth plane. And these beautiful cities of light will be living in harmony and balance just like the Lemurians live in Telos and those who live in the Centurion cities beneath the Earth, there are many other civilizations and communities as they say, that are living underneath the Earth in harmony and balance. This may sound implausible, but it is of truth. And it is time now for your surface population to live in the same frequency. It will begin in small pockets, as they say, and small groups will begin to form, but more and more people will converge and this will become communal living, where each person is accountable to another, what one’s action does affects another. And the communities will be governed by the people, there will not be elected officials, they will simply be governed by the people, and the people will come together and make the decisions in a democratic consensus. What is good for one is good for all.

And there will be so much cooperation, as they say, because the souls there will certainly see and realize that what one does affects another. And people will now begin to step forward and use their financial resources to begin to create these small cities around the globe. There are already cities of light that are being formed in New Zealand, and in Italy, and in Southern France. There are small communities and pockets of individuals that are now beginning to create these communities, that are going to attract more attention and individuals will begin to be drawn to these communities to serve from the Highest Light of their Living God essence. Indeed, Dearest Children, know that this is why we have come today to speak of this. To give you hope. For the discouragement that many people feel, of the chaos upon your planet, and the energies of disharmonic frequencies will no longer control your general population. Every human, every sentient being, is being awakened to these new frequencies, and we call them crystalline frequencies, particles, pure white light frequencies that are now being emitted. They are crystalline frequencies, and they are now breaking through the barriers, and the old paradigms, how people live. People will begin to think differently, and feel differently, and behave differently. And you can tap into these frequencies to create perfect health and balance within your system. This is very important that you create these frequencies within your system, that you can access this energy to create a perfect balance in your own physicality.

Can you imagine your physical body being in complete balance? Can you imagine your mind being calm and centered? Can you imagine yourself connected to your Higher Self? To the angels and galactic masters? That you have access to higher wisdom that is now consciously accessed into your conscious mind, where you are able to see the bigger picture and to understand the importance of living in integrity and in alignment to the energy of Oneness. This is how many civilizations including Atlantis and Lemuria lived. And the surface population at that time, in the highest days of the purest frequencies of those civilizations, those souls lived in Oneness and integrity. And this again will occur upon the surface of your planet. You, Dearest Children, are those that are the forerunners, and you are able to share this information, as this information is now seeded today, so much is being brought forth, so much is being given, so much is being shared, this information today is seeding within the hearts of all women, men and children, that there is hope for a new day and a new dawning, and that life as you know it can be different. Yes, Dearest Children, planet Earth can return to paradise, to the land of Pandora. This is her destiny. It is not for you to become discouraged and to say that your planet is losing the battle. So, Dearest Ones, realize that what you do not know, and what you cannot see, does not mean that the world is not progressing. And today, as you center your heart into this remembrance, that you have once lived in these predominant beautiful cities of light, you’ve all lived in them, allow this to re-spark your remembrance of how you wish to live, and how you wish to bring your beautiful gifts and your talents upon the Earth.

There will eventually be a time when people are not separate, and live in separate houses. They will not be isolated from one another or be afraid of their neighbor, and so, Dearest Ones, begin to see, as you come together collectively, that you are holding the template, as they say, holding the template for the New Earth. It is here, this is the energy of now, the energy and the frequency and the love for the New Earth, this truly, Dearest Ones, is the New Jerusalem, it is happening now, it is being created, the souls are here that will begin to make this happen. And it will begin to emerge rather quickly. And so, Dearest Ones, feel this truth within your heart, that there is truly the Golden Age of Enlightenment. The Golden Age of Enlightenment has arrived. Many are awakening and understanding the importance of bringing these beautiful crystalline cities into existence, into creation, for this is truth, that all can live in harmony and balance with one another, without violence, without separation, without abuse, for those souls are now here, and they will begin to change the world. Please, Dearest Ones, hold this in your heart, and do not become discouraged. We advise you to stop listening to your news as much as possible, for it taints your beliefs, taints your consciousness, and we want what you hold within your energy field to be love, Cosmic Love, Holy Grace.

Today, as you enter into this frequency, we call the crystalline frequency into your heart, so that you can bring this energy out onto the world. As you are sending this frequency out through the soles of your feet, out through your very essence and in your divine presence, you are now bringing this powerful frequency of the crystalline frequency onto the Earth. This is awakening and Mother Earth is pleased, she is pleased that you have awakened to this frequency, and there, Dearest Ones, as you walk gently upon the Earth, feel the presence of the Living Light of God within you. Know, Dear One, that these beautiful, beautiful cities of light will become a reality, and you were a part of creating them through your thoughtforms, by holding the template and the energy for this new world to emerge, this New Jerusalem, as they say, the New Earth to be created. This is the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment, this is the beginning of the change that all are excited to see. Know, Dearest Ones, that you do not have to wait for the next 10,000 year cycle for peace to emerge upon your planet. For it is beginning now, time has sped up, as they say, and all that has been promised shall now begin to be made manifest. All that has been brought forth through our teachings can now be made manifest. Begin to realize that there is hope, and do not see the discouragement in the eyes of another and make it your own. Keep your hearts open and send the love and feel the frequencies and feel the light of the Earth as she is so pleased that these beautiful cities of light shall now emerge, and the people are ready, even if it is small numbers at first, this is the beginning, and more and more people will follow. More and more people will realize this is the way of living in the world, to be connected, not separate. Not to be isolated, but simply to be a part of the Greater Good. For truly, Dearest Ones, you all know, you are all one, and what one does affects another. And so, Dearest Children, as you center into this time, please allow your heart to open to these frequencies, for freedom shall ring in the hearts of all men, women, and sentient beings. Freedom shall ring. And we are so delighted to share this beautiful news today. There is good news, there is hope, there is hope, there is always hope. And so, Dearest Ones, as we take our leave, we wish to thank you for holding the template for these new cities of light to emerge, you may not be privy or understand all of what this means, but we say, Dearest Ones, place it into your thoughtforms, hold this energy, and know this is possible, that the world can live in peace, and people can live with one another, in peace, harmony, balance, and grace. Divine Union, Holy Grace, this is the gift that has been given to this planet, and we are privileged to share this with you.

Go now, my children, be still, be still, be still, and know that you are here by Divine appointment to serve the Living God, holding the energy for peace to prevail, and balance and love to emerge upon your planet once again. We thank you, and we bless you.


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