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3-27-2017 Mary Magdalene's Message

March 27, 2017

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. As we stand with you, my Mother and Mary, we ask that you stand vigil for your own soul, for today it is a very very powerful day, it is a powerful day of ascension. Those who have chosen to be with us on this day will be moving, if you so choose, through a powerful portal, a portal of entry into the sixth dimensional frequency of light. It is of great significance and great importance that you hold your energy with the greatest pureness and with the greatest energy that you’re able to hold, for Dear One we are bringing you into an initiation into the sixth dimensional frequency, where each of you will begin to receive the powerful alignment of your physicality, your spirit, your over soul and into the multiple dimensional cells that each of you are now experiencing on multiple dimensions. I do not wish to confuse you, but we are aligning all aspects of your being in alignment to this powerful frequency upon this day.

And so please take a deep inhaling breath, place your feet in the beautiful energy of the crystalline energy of Mother Earth’s crystalline core, as you are connecting your energy to the crystalline energy of Mother Earth, imagine that you are connecting to the new frequency of the fifth dimensional frequency of light that is here upon this planet. You are anchored into the fifth dimension energetically, and yes we are moving you into the sixth dimensional frequency where these initiations shall occur upon this day, this is in preparation for the resurrection of your light into the higher dimensional frequencies of love. And so Dear Ones take a deep inhaling breath, and breathe in the white light of God, breathing in the energy of peace, breathing in the energy of love, and breathing in this frequency of Holy Grace and holy union. It is of great significance Dearest Children that all aspects of your essence are being unified into Divine, holy union. It is what Mary and I are bringing to this planet at this time, as we have brought the initiation and the awakening of Divine Union to the beautiful Temple in Mt. Shasta. We are bringing this into your physicality, into your consciousness, and into all aspects of your being, for today…

Yes Dear One, as I have said, I ask you to take a deep breath and begin to move your energy into the sixth dimensional frequency of light, we are here to bring the initiation so that all of the aspects of your energy frequencies are aligned with the powerful frequency of Divine Union and Holy Grace. So I ask you Dear One to take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in what we call the first initation, of bringing in the powerful frequency of Divine Mother Love. Breathing this and beginning to imagine that you are now ascending and holding your frequency into the sixth dimensional frequency where all energies are in alignment with harmony and grace. And so I ask you to take a deep breath, knowing that you are supported, you are loved, all of your Master Teachers are here with you, your spiritual team, as you are being lifted into the sixth dimensional frequency of harmony and grace, balancing all aspects of your energy frequencies, from your third dimensional body, your third dimensional mind, your third dimensional consciousness, aligning your higher self with your many dimensional selves, in alignment to the sixth dimensional frequency of Divine Union.

It is there, Dearest Children, that I went through these initiations in preparation for my own resurrection and ascension process over 2,000 years ago, when I lived as Jesus of Nazareth. And today I come to you onto each of you, I am gifting it to you, simply so that you may return to unity, and return to Divine Union, balancing the aspects of your male, female frequencies and aspects. And balancing all that you are. This is of great importance, for as you know, the planet earth is ascending, and she has now risen far enough in consciousness, that each of you who are holding this frequency of Divine Union, in the sixth dimensional frequency in your energetic field, in your merkabic field, in all aspects of your being. Once again I am simply bringing you into balance and into harmony, just as the beautiful Lemurians in Telos, who hold balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives, and they live in harmony and peace with themselves and one another. You are now being gifted this first initiation of bringing for the balance and unity inside of your being, so that you can live with happiness, peace, joy, balance, forgiveness, love, allowing your energy to be unified to the powerful frequency of the Great Creator. Dearest Children, this initiation that I went through in preparation for my resurrection and ascension was much more involved, but I’m gifting it to you today, in what we call a simplified version, and all you have to do is say yes, and you are moved to the sixth dimensional frequency of this beautiful beautiful moment, with harmony and balance and grace. And so please surrender your light and your love, and remember that you are of greatness and of grandness, and as you hold this powerful powerful frequency into your heart, may you feel the blessings that you are at home at last, home at last, home at last. Feeling the energy and the blessings as you feel at home at last.

And as we now move you into the second initiation I ask that you imagine that you are standing in the brilliant light, in the sixth dimensional frequency, and there you are meeting the Great One, and the Higher Council who are working with you so that you may obtain your ascension process in your third dimensional consciousness, living freely, and living as a beautiful spiritual/physical being of light, and so now, your Council of the Higher Realms of Light, your particular Council of Light, are in front of you, and can you imagine this brilliant brilliant frequency of what we call oneness and unity, being emulated into your consciousness. I use the word emulated only in the sense that it is being reflected into your physical eyes, into your etheric eyes, and this powerful powerful frequency of potent love and energy is being infused into your essence. You are holding the power of love and light and joy and the potential that you are moving into this frequency with the joy and the remembrance of who you truly are. This is truly the stepping stone towards this second initiation as your beautiful Council is holding the frequency of the living light into your essence. This initiation is a joy. It is your birthright, it is a totality that connects you to all that is. And so Dearest Ones take a deep breath and breathe in the joy, breathe in this powerful light force that your spiritual council are reflecting onto you, like the brilliant Sun shining upon your face, you are receiving this initiation of joy into your essence, as you now stand in divine unity and harmony in all aspects of your being. Into all of your dimensional selves, yes Dearest One, there are many aspects of you that are aligned into unity consciousness, and everything, including your soul is now being rebalanced, recalibrated, and re-restored into perfect union.

This is the work that Mary and I will be doing as we will be teaching and traveling, helping return so many back to this joyful state, just as we brought this energy into our own lives, and now we bring it forth to you, as our new book, Divine Union is a portal to help people awaken to this frequency and to move through this initiation process with ease. So, Dearest Ones, we want you to take another deep breath, and as we move into the energy of the third initiation, I ask that you feel and breathe in the living light of God, breathe in this powerful frequency of the living light of god, as you bring this energy into your conscious state, into the remembrance of who you truly are. You are a God, you are a Goddess, you are a powerful way shower and teacher. Yes, Dearest Children, you are all way showers and messengers, and as you bring this energy and as you are now lifted as we say into the arms of God, you are standing before the creator and the powerful frequency is being brought to you and anointing you. Anointing not only upon your soul, but on all that you are. All that is. It is hard to conceive Dear One, in your limited mind, your magnificence and your brilliance, and it may be difficult for you to conceive that you are standing before the face of God, and that you are standing in this brilliance and this awakening, that you are holding the power of the light of the God frequency into your essence, bringing forth the brilliance of the light, bringing forth the brilliance of the peace, bringing forth the brilliance of the magnificence of who you are. And so Dearest Dearest Ones allows this powerful frequency to hold you into a state of glory.

And take a deep breath and feel the power of God and the energy of the Goddess and the energy of all that is, merging into your oversoul, merging into your Higher Self, bringing this energy back into your physicality, back into your conscious awareness, allowing the energy of God to emulate and to again, illuminate through you, as your eyes shine forth the brilliance of the Great Godhead.

es Dearest Ones, it is the energy of these initiations, that I am gifting to you today, for you see, you are the sons and daughters of God, just as many call me the Son of God, the only begotten son, you Dearest Children are the brothers and sisters, the children of the Great Godhead, and you are illuminating your soul today so that you may receive this power and this brilliance as it comes through your physicality, through your skin, through your eyes, through every aspect of your being. You are shining the brilliance of God through you most potently and most powerfully and most exponentially, and I say to you Dearest Children do you understand, this day is a powerful powerful day.

Prepare yourself Dearest Children for this opportunity to ascend. Please call this powerful frequency into your heart and know that this today, as you feel this resurrection, and you feel it, know that you are holding the space of love for all to receive, blessed ones, stand in your light, stand in your love, stand in your remembrance of who you truly are, for all the essence of your light so potently, that you are holding this frequency with the greatest of ease.

And so Dearest Children as you are holding this light, and you allow it to illuminate, to awaken the essence of all that is. And so Dearest Children, I ask you to step forward and receive. It is of great Importance Dearest Ones that regardless of the interference you are receiving today, you are receiving this at the purest light, in the purest form, so please Dearest Ones do not be afraid that you have not received this upon this day. It is of great significance that you receive upon this most beautiful day. Please now take a deep breath and return back to your consciousness and receive the energy of the living light of God within your essence and within your presence, holding the space of love for yourself, preparing yourself to receive. I will take my leave at this time, for this is what we have come to do, to bring this initiation to you, for you to receive, and gift you with the living light of God. Go now and be at peace.

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