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Lea Chapin

3-20-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

March 20, 2017

Greetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Grand, I am so excited to be here on this most auspicious day, for you may not recognize me or know me, but I am the spiritual guide of Lea and also, she and I have been incarnated in many previous lifetimes, I watch over her as she was my life in many lifetimes, and so I’ve asked to be her spiritual guide in this particular incarnation. I was gifted with the opportunity to be the first being to speak through her clairvoyantly, and now I am honored to be here with you upon this day. The message that I wish to bring to each of you is to never give up, to continue to hold faith regardless of what is happening within your life. Determination, persistence, devotion is what I bring to each of you this day. I know that these times are most difficult, and it may appear on your earthly plane that chaos is rampant. And yes Dear One, in your outer one, it appears as if life has gone awry, but I tell you, if you so trust in me, your personal lives are in Divine Order. Everything that you are doing is divinely orchestrated by what you call your Higher Self, your connection to God. And this is my message for you today. Trust that within every moment you are divinely guided by your Higher Self.

I began to work with Lea over 24 years ago. She was not aware of this transmission that was going to be occurring for her. She was not aware of me, or of this information that has been gifted to her on a conscious level, but because of her commitment, her dedication and her willingness to serve the living light of God, she has grown exponentially, and today I wish to honor her, as I wish to honor all of you for being dedicated and committed. This is how one develops, and I will say that this is how you will now begin to develop your own intuitive and spiritual abilities. You have been gifted this by your birthright, you have been gifted with this information and this energy, and today is a partial awakening for you. And so we thank you. I also want to tell you, and perhaps you are surprised, your son was my son, and Lea’s son in another lifetime. It is why he was born on our anniversary of our channeling, this may surprise you, but he was our child in another incarnation, he too will hold those special abilities that you have, he holds tremendous power and peace within his small body, and as he continues to grow, he will bring peace to this planet. You are a fine mother, a good mother, and he chose wisely to incarnate to you. So please understand, all of you, that everything that happens in your life is divinely orchestrated by your Higher Self, given what you may call that thing that things, or chaotic episodes that occur in your personal lives, but know just as I am Lea’s guide, each of you have guides that are watching over you. Each of you have teachers and master guides that are instructing you through your Higher Self each and every moment of your life.

I know that this is a simplistic lesson today, but it is necessary to remind you how I came to be working with Lea, and how I come to work with Lea today. If you so choose, please continue to trust in your higher wisdom, in your higher self, in the spirit of God, and know that your life, if you so choose, is all grace. And so Dear Ones, the powerful energy of Grace Elohim is held within your heart and your soul. This is a powerful frequency, and with each step that you take and each breath that you take, we ask you to continue to breathe in the energy of Grace Elohim, to grace all situations and all of life. Again, grace yourself, grace your physical body, grace grace grace. Continue to grace so that your physical body will remain strong and healthy, free of disease, that your mental and emotional mind is graced with peace, that your spirit is graced with the understanding that you are Divine, and that you deserve all goodness that is yours. That you call forth the abundance and the richness of all of life. And call it in and grace it. Today we ask that you anchor it into your heart, as you call in the energy of Grace Elohim, and bring in this powerful energy of Grace in your breath, anchoring all that is yours as we call your spiritual birthright, everything that you chose to do in this lifetime, in this incarnation, that you have agreed to come and serve, breathe it into your heart and embrace it. Embrace it, embrace it, embrace it.

This is a powerful day Dearest Ones, it is the first day of many of the rest of your life. It is also the spring equinox and it is a powerful day of change and awakening, and transformational light. So I ask you to hold the energy for yourself and your lives, and grace everything on earth, and hold the excitement and the anticipation that the rest of your life is to be joyful, at ease, free of any discordant energies. Yes we say free of any discordant energies, be it mental, emotional, spiritual. And any energetic energies that are not in concordance to your higher self, to your divine self, please allow these energies to now be released. You have that power Dearest Ones, it is for you to realize that you have the power, and I know that it has eluded some of you, not understanding that you are more powerful than you realize yourself to be. Truly, truly powerful.

And each of you are beautiful souls who have chosen to come to this planet to bring your light. And my message for you today is that I want you to honor yourself, and embrace yourself, and value yourself, and love yourself. It is what I come to do for Lea. I have been dedicated to her for many many moons, as they say. And this 24 year anniversary is just a small snippet of time of awareness, of consciousness in this lifetime. But I am dedicated onto her as I am dedicated onto her. Each of you may call upon me if you feel connected to me, or if you need to have a bit of reassurance that you are not alone, and that you are divinely guided. Even if you do not feel, sense or hear your own spiritual guides or master teachers, they are there. And so I offer my services to each of you upon this day, I offer my services to each of you upon this day. And so know that at this most auspicious time, that I come to you with love, and I come to you with grace, and I come to you with tender mercy.

It is of great importance that you begin to honor your spirit, and this is the part of what has happened to the world, they have gotten away from the true spirit of their nature, just as native Americans that live in your northern continent are deeply devoted to the Earth Mother and great spirit, honoring all of life, this practice and this energy is embedded in the earth, here in the United States of America. However, the sadness has come because the white man and humanity have disregarded the beautiful spirit that the Native Americans truly honored and worshipped. I bring this to your attention because it is time now that the white man, the black man, the yellow man, the red man, the brown man, that all of humanity return to honoring the spirit within themselves, and of the earth, and of the great spirit of the oneness of the Great Creator. This is the separation and the chaos that is happening upon your planet, humanity has separated themselves from their true Oneness, I know we have spoken of this many times, with Mary Magdalene and the Holy Family, but I come with this very simplistic explanation, that the separation is the disease, or dis-ease that is causing so much unrest and chaos in your world. So each of you are open and willing and responsible, or trusting in your spirit, letting your spirit, your Higher Self, and the spirit of God, and the spirit of all of life to guide you.

When you put away the words and the fear and the dissatisfaction that life is not joyful, or safe, or peaceful, or whatever other concerns that you may have, I want you to begin to reassess and trust in the knowingness that all is in Divine Order and that you are Divinely guided, you are divinely protected, and that everything that happens has purpose and reason, and a rhythm of life to it. There is the beginning of what we call the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. There is a cycle of life that happens, and yes, Dearest Children, you are in this beautiful cycle of life, in the prime of your life, and I say this to all of you. You are in the prime of your life, if you live every moment as richly and fully as your spirit, allowing your Higher Self to guide you, you are living in the joyful experience of the prime of your life. And then, nothing or no one can take the joy from you, nothing or no one can take the joy from you, and you will begin to trust in the beautiful synchronicities, just as Joanne was speaking of the synchronistic event of the two coming together for Lea’s new book. And now the book will go to France and be encoded with the powerful frequency of the energy of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua on a more profound and deeper level. And this will help the book as well as help Lea feel the energy more profoundly, of sacred balance and union. And so I say to you Dearest Children is trust. It is surrender, it is holding the faith that you are in control, you are Divinely guided, and so trust in your Higher Self, trust in your spirit, trust that you will receive all that you need. That it will come to you without worry or stress or struggle, or trying to figure it out mentally. I’m just asking you to breathe in the energy of Grace Elohim, and all things will come into place, breathe in the energy of Grace Elohim and all things will fall into place, one by one by one by one. This is how life is to be. This is how life is to be. Like dominos, you’ll push one domino and everything falls in beautiful order, and now as we have spoken of, or has been spoken of, the year 2017 is an extremely powerful year, and all of you who choose to step into your power and into your light, will move into the energy and move forward rather quickly, and the doors will open for all of you, one by one by one. And so once again today we ask that you push the domino of your life and trust.

Calling in the energy of the white light of God, surrounding yourself with peace and with the presence of your own knowingness, and trusting in the energy of the living light of God. And so breathe, breathe and breathe. All is in Divine Order, all is as it should be, so simply breathe. All is in Divine Order, all is as it should be, so simply breathe. Breathe in the living light, and know that as you surround yourself with this powerful Grace, there is nothing to fear. I come at this time to open the doorways for all of you. I’ve been opening new doorways for each of you, each of you on this phone call are being graced with a new doorway that is being opened onto you, trust in it, and if you so choose, please accept it. It is a new opportunity that is coming to you. It is specifically designed for each of you, it is in your spiritual pathway, and the opportunities will come to you, opening the door for Grace. And so I am honored to open the door for each of you. Know that it is for your highest good, as you awaken to the beautiful spirit, you are opening to this energy and this essence of all that is. And so open yourself to this powerful frequency of Divine Love and Divine Grace.

At this time we open the doorway for all the beings of light upon your planet, all of your guides and master teachers, all of those, all to receive and open the doorway, for their pathways to open, and all those who listen to this message and receive this message, we ask that they open the doorways for them as well, and open the doorways for the powerful frequencies of love, for all to receive. To receive, to receive, to receive. And may the spirit of the earth receive her rightful place now, into her ascension and evolutionary process, that she be honored, that her spirit be honored, that all of life be honored, all of creation. And today may we spend a special compensation and healing to the Native Americans, so they may be honored that they may be honored, that they may be honored, and the Great Spirit honors and blesses them, and there be no more abuse or destruction for these beautiful people, or the land that they love, and the spirit of the energy of all life, including all of the elements, the earth, the fire, the wind, and the water.

Today Dearest Children it is about coming into union, and everyone returning to Oneness, coming back to center point, the beginning of what we call the Alpha and the Omega, coming back to one, coming back to the beginning. What I mean by this is returning to the remembrance of your powerful spirit, and that you are connected to all things, and what you do affects another, and another and another. And each of you have gifted your beautiful energy in helping this planet and all of creation to move forward. And so today I ask you to hold your head high, and be not afraid. Hold your head high and be not afraid as the doorways open for each of you you’re going to be asked to create and to manifest and to step into a new area of your life, perhaps this may surprise you, but you are being asked to step forward with faith to do the work of God. Your higher selves are calling you now, this is time. As you know, as I’ve said earlier, the world seems to be chaotic, and all of you are needed more than ever, to stand in the truth, and the living light of who you are. And I repeat, to stand in the truth and the living light of who you are. This is of great importance, and this is of great significance. And so prepare yourself to receive, and to honor all that you are being gifted with. I know I may be sounding a bit vague, but it is your journey, and it is for you to discover and yet to receive all the blessings. There is so much goodness coming to each of you now that the doorways have opened, this is a gift that I have been blessed to give each of you today, God has given each of you a special blessing, with the doorways opening, and so I want to thank you for coming forward and recognizing this and receiving this.

And it is my honor to bring this to you. I ask that you do not give up, that you continue to hold faith and trust within yourself. This is a time of inner resolve, this is a time of inner strength, now more than ever you are being asked to be strong, to be strong in your spirit, and trust in your knowingness. It is not something to worry about, it is just something that we are bringing to your attention, because as you connect to your Higher Self and your spirit more deeply, you will be called to do perhaps some things that you may feel uncomfortable about or you may feel out of your comfort zone. And so it is important that you hold strength and trust in yourself, always listen to the still quiet voice from within. Take time to be quiet, take time to listen, take time to hear the signs and to see the messages and to feel the energy within your heart. If something crosses your mind, if a thought comes through, you are being downloaded with information. Don’t discount it. Listen, always trust within your intuition. Always trust your inner guidance. Always trust that your Higher Self knows how to guide you. Remember, you are living in your physical body on this earth plane. We know it is difficult. That is why you have your higher self, it is why you have your master guides and teachers. There is a hierarchy here, you are not alone. And so every moment you are being guided.

It is simply trusting this. If you do not understand, take a pause, and listen. Take a deep breath and listen. Take a pause and listen. Waiting for the moment to be heard. Perhaps you have not understood this, but if you deepen your connection to your higher self, you will have all the answers that you need, they are gifted onto you. Be not afraid. They are gifted onto you, and so prepare yourself dearest children to come into this awareness and this understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. I know I am Grand, and I come to tell you the importance of receiving this message. The importance of receiving this message. The importance of receiving this message. Prepare yourself to receive. Prepare yourself to receive. Prepare yourself to receive.

I’ve come to be with you. I honor you, I love you and I grace you with the energy of the living light of God. I honor you and I grace you with the energy of the living light of God. This is of great importance that you now begin to listen to the still, quiet voice from within. Listen to your voice, to listen to your Higher Self, because it will guide you and protect you and show you the way, for the rest of the days of your incarnation, it is why I came to Lea 24 years ago, to help her, and just as each of you, I am here to help you as well. I don’t want you to live in fear or discomfort, or lack or loss. I want you to live your life joyfully and peacefully, and graciously. And I want you to honor the light and the love that you are. And so today, Dearest Children as I stand with you, we prepare you for this beautiful time in your life, as the doors open one by one by one for you. It is the first day of spring, and yet this is a great anticipation, it is a blossoming and an awakening for all of you, it is extremely important that you trust that new rebirth is happening for each of you. New life, new rebirth is happening for each of you.

And so today it is a celebration, it is the first day of the rest of your life. And so allow yourself to feel this freedom and this happiness, as you move forward into the living light of God. Prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive. I will take my leave, and allow each of you to stand forward into the light and the love and the blessings that are gifted onto you upon this day. I thank you for your time, I thank you for your attention, I’m grateful to come forward in this anniversary period to help you to connect to your Higher Self again, it is of great importance, for 24 years ago this came forward to shift the consciousness of Lea, and so much has been brought forward since that time.

So I bring this to your attention because I’m going to help you to move forward into your Mastery Self again. If you so choose, step forward and prepare yourself to receive. Go now with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. I love each of you dearly and I wish to help assist you if you call upon me, I am there to help you to move forward into the beauty of the light and the love that is there for each of you. And so Dearest Children now please go in peace. Be still be still be still and know that you are God.

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