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3-13-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

March 13, 2017

Greetings, Dear One, it is I, Christ. As I step forward into your energy field dear children of the light it is great importance that each of you pause for a moment and begin to feel the beautiful essence of your energy, your beautiful light form that is holding the space of love for this planet and all of creation. So please take a moment and begin to breathe, breathe in the energy of the living light of God, breathing in the energy of the living light of God, breathing in the energy of the living light of God, and simply breathe, holding the space of love that is held within your essence, and within your presence, and the seed of the light within you. Yes Dearest Ones, the seed of the light in which you were conceived, may you hold the essence of this beautiful love, as we begin to speak about the resurrection of the soul in preparation for the time of celebration of my own resurrection and ascension process. So Dearest Children as you hold the essence of my love and God’s love within your heart, we begin to multiply, may you begin to feel the essence and the presence of peace, which will allow your heart to awaken to the living light of God, and so Dear Ones, as you stand at this time at the joy of living as a free agent, as a beautiful beautiful soul, living in the expression of your exalted state, it is that which is of utmost importance at this time, living in your exalted state of love. Allow your heart to open and to expand to the energy of the living light of God within you, encompassing all that no longer serves you, letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God. So breathe in this energy and this essence of peace, breathe in this energy and this essence of peace, for you see Dear One, during the time of the preparation of my own resurrection and crucifixion, I was in need of peace, for I knew that I would never be the same again.

And as I moved and shifted my consciousness into my oversoul, and expanded my abilities, stood in my power and the light of who I am, I ask you to hold the space of love for yourself. And accept this beautiful energy that is being gifted to you at this time, for each of you are being resurrected, the essence of your being is being held now, and many of you are moving through a rapid change, of your consciousness. That you will no longer be the same again. And so take a deep breath and breathe in the living light of God. Take in a deep breath and breathe in the living light of God. Allow your heart to open and your mind to be healed. And understand that at this beautiful time of the resurrection of your own soul, that you are stepping into your empowerment as an exalted light being, you’ve come to this earth to serve and to be served, and we bow to each of you, for giving forth the energy of your own vital life force to serve this planet and all of creation. Yes Dear Ones we bow to you for giving your life force to this planet and all of creation. We know Dear Ones that it is a sacrifice, a sacrifice of your spirit and your soul, and yes Dear Ones, each of you comes with a mission and a purpose, and we know that this life is not always easy, for yes, Mary and I understood this well.

We come to stand with you to support you, as what we call stewards of Mother Earth. We step forward to bring your light to the darkness, and allow your beautiful light to shine, regardless of what is happening around you. So today Dearest Ones we are calling forth a unified force field of light around you, yes a unified force field of light around you that will help during this time of resurrection, because this is a new year, a new dawning, a new beginning. It is a new beginning for many, and as you leave what no longer serves you behind and as you step forward into your full glory, may your heart open in peace. That is your birthright, that is why you are here, this is why you step forward to assist this planet and all of creation to live in peace, in joy, to be the living expression of the God essence. So today as I bring the vibration of forgiveness into the equation, I ask that you call this powerful energy into your heart so that you may forgive all those that transgressed you, as well as for what you transgressed against yourself. This powerful equation of forgiveness is of great importance, to be able to call the living light of God, the essence of compassion. On that day on the cross when I hovered over the crowd, I emitted the energy of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness into the hearts of all who were present that day. Today I bring this into your heart, compassion, mercy and forgiveness, so that you may move forward and be free. Free to love, free to serve and free to be. The day of my crucifixion so many people were confused and angry, they were crying, it was necessary that I hold the space of love for those who were witnessing the crucifixion.

This may sound strange to you but it was needed, the seed of love and forgiveness were seeded in the hearts of all that day. And so Dear Ones I seed that energy inside of you so that you too may carry on and forgive all that have ever transgressed against you. And so Dearest Ones it is a time to transmute and resurrect your energy and live in the pure essence of your heart, to feel the joy and the excitement and the anticipation that your life is unfolding in a most beautiful and powerful way, letting go and letting God, surrendering to Divine Will, not thine will but Divine Will, surrendering to Divine will. As your soul and your spirit, as your beautiful essence, as the incarnation of the living light of God that you are now feels the power and the strength to move forward. So much has happened over your lifetime, and yet Dearest Children you are still here. We ask that you take this into your consciousness and begin to surrender, and to allow the resurrection of the soul to step forward, preparing yourself to be free. Free of all attachments, all frequencies that are not in the highest alignment for your soul journey. Letting go and letting God.

Prepare yourself to be vessel of Divine Love, you already are, deepening this in your heart and committing yourself to your soul. You see Dearest Ones your soul is calling you and even more than ever before, are you listening? What is your soul trying to tell you? What is your soul reaching out and crying out for you to do? It is difficult to listen and to feel, feel your heart and the urgings of your heart’s callings, calling you to move forward and to accept the freedom of knowing that your life is of great importance. And as you hold this beautiful energy of love in your heart, imagine your soul being cradled by you, saying yes, I will ascend, I will follow, so forgive me, I have not followed my soul’s journey. Yes Dearest Ones, I say, forgive me for I have not followed my soul’s journey. You see Dearest Ones, you are following through your mission and your commission, that you agreed to come forward into this lifetime, a soul’s journey, and in your fear, your anger, your misunderstanding of what your soul is calling you to do, your confusion, and even rage. But Dearest Children it is time to let your soul feel the urgings in your heart, open yourself to this moment, to be the living expression of God’s love and light, that is all that is required as you answer your soul’s calling.

Be the expression of the living light of your soul’s calling. We accept and honor you just the way that you are, and we ask that you accept yourself, that you love yourself, that you honor yourself and take a moment to listen. What is my soul calling me to do? To not do? The mental mind is quite tricky, and how I know, for it was difficult for me to stay out of my mental mind as I was preparing for my crucifixion, and even in the moments leading up to it. Staying centered, being focused, remaining disciplined, and so Dearest Children, the soul’s journey is about joy, but it is also about discipline. Honoring, focusing and staying on course. There is no judgment Dearest Children, that is not what we are trying to say. We are just asking you to begin to listen carefully, so that you can find peace and love and joy within your heart once again. If you feel disgruntled or angry or confused, the soul is calling you, so listen and feel the peace once again within your heart. It is a powerful day of reclamation. And it is a powerful journey, and so don’t be frightened by what you do not understand. Trust Dearest One, there are so many that are standing over you, watching over you and helping you along the way. Your guides, angels, and master teachers are bringing information to you through your higher self, into your dreams. You are not alone and you never shall be.

And so Dearest Ones please honor yourself, and honor the living light of God that’s inside of you, and prepare yourself to receive. The powerful frequency of love is being emitted upon you upon this day, your soul is calling forth in love. And your beautiful spirit is emitting the powerful frequency of healing for you at this time. It is time for you to prepare yourself to receive the essence of the light that you hold. And so Dearest Ones as you prepare yourself, allow your heart to open as Mary and my Mother are here infusing thoughts within your thoughts and your essence. Without the power of love and the power of forgiveness I could not have mastered my soul’s mission and journey. And it was the power of my Mother’s love and my Mary’s love, and the love that I felt from all sides, during that most difficult time in my life.

And so Dear Ones as you are preparing for this magnificent shift in consciousness, and yes the resurrection of your own soul, you are moving exponentially and your consciousness is ascending to higher frequencies, and many of you are working on multiple levels, both on the earth plane and in the galactic federation, bringing your light and healing so many. Today was ask that you bring it to yourself and assist self first, so you can feel the calmness and the peace, and the healing, letting peace enter into your heart. I will step back and allow my Mary to speak at this time, for she will continue to speak regarding the resurrection of the soul.

Good morning my Dear Ones yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Today Jeshua and I stand with you and we pray for peace upon this earth. It is why we come together, it is a part of my soul contract, to stand in Divine Union in which we merged to bring balance within ourselves so we can share and bring balance onto the world. You see the chaos that is running rampant in the collective consciousness of mankind and is affecting many of you as we speak. It is why Jeshua is assisting you to resurrect your soul, so that you may live in the higher realms of consciousness and be at peace. No longer being afraid of standing in your power and living in you light, and being the light of the God essence that you are. Remember Dearest Children you are the God essence, you are the peace of that beautiful creation, and you are powerful powerful beings of light. So today, Dearest Children, we ask that you hold this frequency of Divine Unity within your heart, sacred balance in all things, bringing balance into your life, emotionally, physically, galactically, energetically, financially. It is of great importance Dearest Children that you hold the frequency of love within your heart. At this time Jeshua and I stand with you and we imprint the energy of Divine Union into your heart and into your soul, coming together in union with yourself, returning to balance so that your soul and your soul’s essence are balanced.

We have spoken of this many times before, but for many of you this will be your last incarnation, and it is of great importance that you return to balance. It is why we are bringing this to your attention at this time, for the resurrection of the soul, the balance is needed, for you are the way showers and the teachers, and the emissaries of light. You are our representatives, you’ve been given so much, so much have you been given, and yes Dearest Children, much is expected. And so Dear Ones there is a level of responsibility if you so choose of returning to balance, and being a way shower and a messenger of light. Bringing peace to this planet. It is why we here on this earth plane now, we are coming to assist humanity at a very rapid rate, opening the hearts of so many. It may be difficult to feel us or to sense us or to know that we are there, but we are here working with you far more than you could understand.

And now we ask that you surrender and allow us to help you to balance your soul, because we need you to help this planet evolve and for peace to prevail. This has been a long and difficult road, and as you know, many of you have gone through this before, during other civilizations, during the fall of Lemuria, the fall of Atlantis, during the heights of those civilizations, there was tremendous glory, and yet you see, the falls still besieged humanity. Open your heart and receive the gift that we are bringing to you on this day.

It is why our book is now being brought forth at this time, for so many are ready to receive the union and the balance inside of themselves. So many have awakened and have joined the legions of light, bringing peace to this planet, and so we, Jeshua and I, are able to call forth our foot soldiers to assist us in bringing Divine Union and returning home to themselves. Keep the peace that’s within your heart, because as Jeshua has said, it is the seed of love and light that you are seeded with, and now Jeshua and I touch your heart to allow that seed to grow. Prepare yourself to receive the living light of God, being that expression of Divine Love.

Between now and the time of the celebration of Jeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection and ascension, each of you will go through a major transformation if you so choose. There will be a major resurrection of your energies, and you will see a surging of energy, of Divine Union within yourself, coming home within yourself, and feeling free again. I ask that you prepare and allow yourself to receive, as you prepare, it is simply saying yes, I surrender to the living light of God within me. I surrender to the peace that is my birthright. I surrender to the love that now awakens my soul, calling forth the resurrection into higher frequencies of love. And so Dearest Ones as you hold this space of love for yourself, prepare yourself, and bring love so the soul may ascend and resurrect.

We will leave you at this time, and we do not wish to belabor the point any longer. As you may understand, this process is of great importance, it is a process Jeshua mastered before his crucifixion, during and after his ascension process. We are asking you to be as he was, and have the courage to surrender to divine love, and let go of all that no longer serves you, and live in an exalted state of your beautiful soul’s essence. It may be difficult for some of you, and some of you may refuse, but we bring this to your attention this day for it is necessary. For you see, the evolutionary process of ascension is calling each of you to surrender.

Prepare yourself to receive God’s living light, and so your heart will open with love for yourself, and remember, I remember union. I remember union with myself. I remember union. The soul is calling for this, remember it. And so the soul shall return to balance and be at peace, I remember union. The union and the partnering of the beautiful essence of my spirit, the energy of the divine masculine, the energy of the divine feminine, coming together in union and balance as one. It is what we are here to teach and to lead and to share with others. And so Dearest Children we thank you once again for your willingness to serve, and be the living expression of God in your incarnate form. You are needed here on this earth plane, regardless of how you feel, each of you are very important and powerful emissaries of light. And so prepare yourself to accept the gifts that we bring to you on this day, preparing you to resurrect your soul so that you may return to unity and oneness and balance, it is a gift that we bring to you, that we will work with all souls, and assist them in returning to balance, until peace prevails upon this beautiful planet.

Thank you for your time and your attention, we thank you for the living light of God and the expression that you are. May you be at peace in all things, and may you know that you are loved. Prepare yourself, Dearest Children, for we are here assisting here in your grandest glory and transformation of the living light and expression of all that is. Now go in peace, be still and know that you are God.

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