3-10-20 Mary Magdalene Message

Good morning my fellow friends, yes it is I, Grand. I come to you on this most auspicious day and I bow to each of you, and I thank you for your excitement, for your jubilation, for your willingness to serve and to connect to your inner light. This is of great importance that each of you continue to connect so brightly to the inner light, that is your I AM presence. As Lea’s spirit guide, and as the original guide that came to her 27 years ago, we say that during that period of time, Lea’s light was shining brightly, but she was not aware of how bright her light was shining at that time, for when I came into her life, I reawakened the remembrance of her connection to her light, and her connection to great spirit. So today what I wish to do, is to continue, if you so shall, to assist each of you in helping you to reconnect to your own spirit guides, and allowing your own beautiful light to shine even brighter than it is already shining. This is a very important time that each of you begin to hold the frequency of Divine Love and Divine Light within the essence of your being, so that you are radiating this frequency for all the world to see and all the world to know. Because as you know, this is a time of chaos and some may call troubled times. But really this is a magnificent period of time, because each individual has the opportunity to turn within and listen to their own inner truth, and allow their beautiful light to shine, and begin to carry on in the trust and in the knowingness that they are protected, that they are loved, and they are divinely guided every moment of their life. Just as I came to be with Lea in conscious form 27 years ago, she and I were in regular communication, but she was not consciously aware of it. When she became awakened and aware of this communication between she and I, it was as if it was like an old friend that had come to be reacquainted with her, and to help assist her, and this is truth.

Lea and I, as many know, have lived many incarnations and we were once husband and wife and lived very happily and abundantly in our love for one another. So I have chosen to be her guide out of loyalty and love to her, and I will continue to be with her throughout eternity. Each of you have your own spirit guides that love you, that are loyal, that are there for you for eternity. It is a matter of listening and quieting the mind, and allowing this opportunity to take hold. Even though the world may seem to be chaotic, this quieting of the energy allows many to turn within, and to allow the distractions of the three-dimensional world to go away so that one can begin to listen to the still, quiet voice of their own inner guidance, and to begin to hear their own spirit guides, masters and teachers, through telepathic communication, through their own claircognizance, through their own clairsentience, and allowing their intuition and their knowingness to become full center, as if your own psychic abilities are now being ramped up. This is what is happening, the energy is very very powerful at this time, the energy is very potent at this time, in some ways it is explosive, in the sense that what is happening within all of your individual lives, if you so listen, will become magnified, that is why unfortunately the fear is being magnified, but all energies are being magnified. All of your psychic abilities, all of your intuitive abilities are all being magnified. And if you so shall, your own spirit guides will make themselves present to you. Some will feel them, some will see them, some will hear them, some will sense them. But know that they are there, just as I have always been there for Lea and will continue to do so, your own guides, master teachers, are able to make their presence known to you with a greater sense of potency.

So today we ask if you so shall to begin to take a deep breath, and begin to breathe in to your heart, and begin to feel the connection of your own inner light connecting to your master guides and teachers. As if you are able to plug in your energy field into the energy of your guide and master teachers. Like plugging in a light socket, plugging in an electrical charge into an outlet. Plugging your cellphone into a charger, you are now being charged into the frequencies of your own inner knowingness, and connecting your energy to the powerful beings of light that are guiding you, protecting you and serving you. Oftentimes you forget that you are surrounded by many angelic beings of light, many spiritual beings of light, for many become distraught and they feel lost and afraid and alone. And feel disconnected from their own inner light. So indeed there are many, many lost souls who are wandering this planet confused, and unaware that they have the ability to connect to their own inner gnosis, and to connect to their spiritual guides and teachers. And just upon that day on March 21, 1993, when I began to speak through Lea’s voice, indeed it surprised her, but she has remained loyal and committed to me and to the process of connecting to spirit since that time. This is an energy of devotion, your guides are devoted to you. Will you be devoted to your guides? Will you be devoted to your own inner connection to the Great God Source. To the energy of all that is. Are you willing, are you able, to make that commitment that you will open up your heart center and begin to listen from a pure place of love, devotion and dedication. We know that this takes practice, we know that this takes time, we know this takes patience, but we say Dear One that the energies upon the planet will allow each of you to connect and awaken at a very rapid rate, as you know, the new earth energies are now being overlaid upon the planet, just as Linda and Fred were able to psychically see, and to hear and to sense the Telosians at Mt. Shasta, California by going into another realm, and dimensional frequency that perhaps they did not think that they could do. Yes, they understood that this existed, but did they have the power, did they have the connection, did they have the opportunity to see, feel, sense and hear what they had experienced? Some will so, oh this is imagination, this is not truth. Others will be in awe and wonderment of how they were able to connect. Each of these beautiful souls, Linda and Fred, as well as the rest of you have the ability, and yet now it is about being aware. Yes, I am able to connect to the realms of light, to my angels, guides, master teachers. To other dimensional frequencies, yes, to the Telosians, Atlanteans, Lemurians, Sumerians, the Egyptians, all previous civilizations that lived before, and other dimensional times and spaces that are living currently and existing, including your magnificent connection to the Ascended Masters and all the Gods and Goddesses that are now present upon this earth plane.

You see it is limitless, and what you are choosing to do on this day is say yes. I, Grand, come forward to tell you that you are grand, and that your life is grand, and the opportunities that are for you are grand indeed. So do not feel as if you have no connection, you are unworthy, you do not know how, and so on and so forth. I come, if you so choose, and will help assist you if you feel a connection to me, as I have said at our last gathering, yes it is was a year ago, that I would be there to help assist you. Perhaps you have forgotten. But I am making that offer again today, to help assist you so that you can begin to feel your grandness and your magnificence, and to tap into the spiritual powers that each of you hold that are unique for yourselves. You all have unique abilities that are now going to become even more expanded, for many of you are feeling, as you have said, that this year of 2020 is a year of greatness and grandness, and one of great expansion, that there is magic that will be occurring and this is truth. Despite what you see in your media, and all the panic of this coronavirus, and the fear that is manifesting, we ask that you hold your intention, knowing that the energy is being shifted and changed, that the clearing is happening as we speak in every soul’s psyche and within each individual heart stream. People are being touched and changed regardless of their own fear, regardless of the love and understanding that they have about who they are and their own power.

And so today we ask you, do you wish to move into your magnificence and live in grandness and in the brilliance of your beautiful spirit, tapping into these beautiful experiences that are now coming forth? This is the year, as has been said, that many of you have been waiting for, waiting for the change to occur. Waiting for the purification again of your own spirit and soul, as if you are now being of your lower frequencies and moving into your grandness and into your magnificence. As I come to you at this time, and ask you to hold the space of love for yourself, allow your heart to open to the beauty of all that you are. Today it is about allowing yourself to feel your beauty, to feel your loyalty, to feel the magnificence of all that you have done through this lifetime and all lifetimes, through all incarnational cycles since you have come to the earth plane. You have sacrificed yourself time and time again, you have gone through many cycles for the soul development and soul ascension process, and yet you are here today, excited, jubilant, feeling these awakenings that are happening within your own psyche. Feeling the magnificence that is happening within you and around you. This is the excitement, Dearest Children, that you are to hold and carry, not fear. It is for you to hold and understand that even what you do not understand, all is for purpose and good. Even this virus, even the chaos is all for purpose and good. You see, the phoenix in a sense is rising from the ashes. The Old World Order is crumbling, crippling many in fear, but the Old World Order is now being disbanded, as if all the institutions, everything is crumbling, madly. Rapidly. Because this new energy of the New Earth Energy, the energy of the sacred balance, of Father/Mother God, that is being overlaid upon this planet is creating a new earth and new paradigm for all to live in.

Just as that day when I came to see Lea, her old way of living, in a moment, was changed. One moment she was not aware of me, did not hear me, did not sense me, did not really remember, and in another moment her whole world changed. She was awakened. She was ignited. And she chose to continue that pathway of awakening her soul and feeling the connection onto me at that time. And so this virus and the ways of the world are changing rapidly, as if all is crumbling, all of the institutions are crumbling, people are being forced to change their ways. Yet Dear One it is not a bad thing, the dust will settle, some will carry on as if nothing had happened once the virus goes away and the chaos is over, and others will be changed forever, feeling the kindness and the compassion, and the connection to their inner knowingness. So today it is what I am offering. I am offering to help lift you into a higher frequency so that you can live from the magnificence of your soul. Not from fear, but from your magnificence, knowing that you are deeply connected, and all is in order and all is as it should be. I, too, have risen in my frequency since that day of 27 years ago. And as I raise my frequency, I am able to help Lea raise her frequency, and so on and so on. Each one teach one, each one lead one. So today you are the teachers, you are the leaders, you are the wayshowers, and as you allow yourself to merge into your magnificence you are raising your frequency to assist others who perhaps do not understand and are in fear. It takes a village, as they say. And you are the village of the seekers and the seers of light. You are the soul-seers, the spirit brothers and sisters that have chosen time and time again to serve and to be served. So today I, Grand, am here to serve you. What is it you wish? What is it you desire? As if you are ordering from a menu. And you can choose. I choose and there you go, you have a choice, you are able to manifest. You are able to create, you are able to bring into your life what you choose.

Simple as that, as they say, but it is true. This is not false promises nor is it misinformation. So today we say to you, do you choose yourself, do you choose to remain loyal and dedicated to your own spiritual evolution? Because your own master guides and teachers are dedicated to you, assisting in your evolution. Your guardian angel. Have you thought much about your guardian angel? Have you looked past many of the signs that are pointing you along your pathway? Do you refuse to change your ways because you are stubborn, fearful. Are you willing to simply surrender, trust, allow and receive? And allow your heart to open, to the grandness of life? The joy of life, the jubilance of life, the excitement of life? Today there is excitement in the air for each of you, all good coming to all of you. For yes this is the celebration of Lea and I re-remembering together, helping her to re-remember. So I come to help each of you to re-remember that it is about joy, it is about love, it is about peace. It is about surrendering into the energy of oneness, allowing the energy of Grace Elohim to move into your life with grace and ease. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. This is what I am proclaiming, that the world not be in fear but in joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world, this is the vibration that I am sending out, and many of the angelic realm, including the Seraphim and the Cherubim are sending out this vibration of joy, for joy is the totality of all that is.

It is the last lesson in the book the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ. Why is it the last lesson? Because it holds the lesson of God, joy holds the vibration of God. And when you merge yourself into joy, then every cell becomes awakened. Laughter, joy is healing to the body, healing to the mind. Live, love and laugh, they say, and live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. So Dear Ones this is my message to each of you today, that you live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. Sununu, Dear Sununu the angel of giving, that was her message, as she brought her message through Lea and called in search of the Goddess within. So today as you begin to tap into this energy of joy, you may call upon Sununu, you may call upon myself, you may call upon your own master guides and teachers, your own Higher Self, your own connection to your I AM Presence to live in this joy. Because this is what is being emitted at this time upon this planet, joy, joy, joy. Raising the frequency so all may feel their magnificence and their connection. I love this time to be able to bring my message forward, even if it is one time of year. I am honored and blessed to be in the presence of the Magdalene, and of Yeshua, and of the Holy Mother, and all those who stand watching and guiding over Lea and the rest of you. It is indeed my honor to be present with you today to bring my message of grandness and joy so that you may feel this excitement and feel this joy, and feel the earth shifting, and as you see the crumbling of the old falling away, the new is coming forth, the new energy is here to stay. This is the year 2020 this is the year of clarity, allow yourself to have that clarity, allow your third eye to open, allow your heart to open, allow your ancient wisdom teachings and your pineal gland to open, and truly begin to feel the energy and essence of all that is. Because today as you feel that magnificence, you are feeling your energy, you are feeling your energy of the excitement and the jubilation of your beautiful spirit, and so today as I take my leave and I bow to each of you, I honor you, for all that you are bringing forth, and understanding that you are the change that you wish to see, that you are the soul seekers and soul seers assisting this planet and all of creation to move into this new frequency and return to love, return to joy, and to be at peace. I honor each of you and I make my covenant and promise onto you that if you call upon me I will assist you to feel the grandness of your spirit, no longer feeling second-best, but feeling grand, honoring and trusting in the loyalty of you, that you are loyal to yourself, that you are loyal to your commitment to God, serving this planet and all of creation, that you value self, love self, and honor self, because I am here sending my love to each of you. Indeed you are all grand, and so I ask you to breathe in your magnificence. Go now my Dear Ones and feel the peace within your heart, knowing that you have the opportunity, you have the connection, and I am here to serve you, as well as your own Master Teachers and guardian angels. Remember, remember, remember your divine union with all that is. Oneness, love, peace, joy, remembrance. Bring this forth now into your psyche and feel the love.