Mary Magdalene

10-22-2018 Mary Magdalene’s Message

New light codes, and a limitless supply of new frequencies are now emerging upon the planet through the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is a purification of the collective consciousness and the dark energies that have permeated this planet. The Galactic Council of Light and the Golden Federation of Light are bringing forth this energy, and this is of great significance, for the Earth is in need of immediate assistance. Mother Earth is going through a major transformation. The pollutants and the collective energies on the planet are affecting her in a dire fashion. The Great Pyramid of Giza is a transmitter from the Galactic Federation, bringing in frequencies from the Higher Realms onto the Earth. The Pyramids have always acted as the generating power and force that brought forth the higher spiritual frequencies onto the Earth, and since they were created, they have been used for that purpose.

The primary purpose of these new light codes is so the planet can heal. And all sentient forms, including all of the kingdoms, the animal, the plant, the mineral kingdoms, as well as all of the Earthly beingsboth those that exist on the surface of the planet and in the Inner Earth, are receiving the energy of healing and balance that is so needed at this time. Powerful changes will continue to occur, and these energies will bring forth a powerful purification. You will continue to see an intensity of energy that will bring this planet back into balance, and do not be alarmed by changes that will be happening in your life. Very quickly, you will be accelerated into a lighter and lighter form, and within your physicality, and within your own auric and etheric fields, you will begin to see a lighter and lighter frequency that is being held within your essence and your presence. 

When Lea entered into the King’s Chamber she began her work most potently and powerfully, and the energy of the new frequencies was immediately emitted through the King’s Chamber into the physical bodies of those present and then through the Pyramids into the Earth, into the ley lines, into the grid lines of the Earth. This was like an electromagnetic charge. Some felt this energy or electricity in their body and became energized. Others felt a sense of grounding, a sense of peace, and a sense of completion, as if there was great satisfaction bringing these frequencies to the Earth. Each person responds to the light in their own way. All Earth beings, all sentient forms of life, are receiving this energy regardless of whether they sense it, feel it, or know it on a conscious or subconscious level. 

The planet is undergoing a transformational clearing process, and the energies on the Earth are intensifying. In due time, this will subside, but for now, these energies are very potent. The energies that were brought forth through the Pyramids are running through the ley lines and the grid lines of the Earth. These energies are also merging with and clearing the energies in the waters, cleaning the pollution that is held within the elements of the Earth, the water, and the air. The darkness and chaos that have been created on the planet will now begin to dissipate, and the frequency will become lighter and lighter, as if people are responding to what we call Heaven on Earth. People are responding to these frequencies of harmonic peace and joy within their being and within their essence. It is important to honor the energies you are feeling inside of your being. If you are feeling a sense of weariness or heaviness, please allow yourself to transmute this into lightness. If you are feeling overly energized, please allow yourself to ground into these energies to begin to return to sacred balance. Each soul will receive their new light bodies as they are now merging into the frequency of these new codes of light.

In the King’s Chamber, I laid in the sarcophagus and transformed my own physical body into my light body. I emerged into the Christ essence, and resurrected my energies into the frequencies of the essence of the Christ Consciousness and the Christed One. As I walked upon the Earthplane, the light frequencies that were emitted through my physical body were most potent and most transformational. Just as others were able to feel, sense, and see the light that I held within my essence, it will be the same with each of you. Others will begin to feel your essence, your energy, and your light. Please allow yourself to receive this once again. Even if you were not physically present within the Great Pyramid, please allow yourself to feel this energy on a conscious level and receive it within your being, as you are transformed into these new energies of the New Earth. So many are concerned about the Earth and her survival, and these new light codes and new energies will help the planet to be set free and to begin to heal.

The body, mind and spirit are now evolving at a very rapid rate. Allow these frequencies to heal your own soul, as you allow the light to merge through any and all spaces and energies within you that hold darkness, as if there is an entrapment of energies that have been encoded within you, or trapped within you from previous lifetimes, or from this lifetime. Heal those parts of you that are in need of the light. Perhaps you have emotions that are trapped, past life memories, or griefs. Perhaps your own emotions are coming up to be healed. Regardless of what is surfacing for you and within you, it is very important that you allow the light to transmute and heal these aspects of yourself, as you clear your body, mind and spirit of all that no longer serves you. Be aware of what you wish to accomplish and manifest within your life, as well as what you wish to clear from your life. Prepare to move forward within intention, clarity, and purpose, and much will shift and change for all of you individually and for the world collectively.

Now all can receive this same encoding as they follow our Sacred Journey and receive these initiations. It is extremely important that you receive this gift and honor the remembrance of the truth of who you are. Here in this moment, I will bring forth this energy into your vessel once again, as if you are in the King’s Chamber at the Pyramid of Giza. I will activate and infuse the energies very gently, for all of you to receive, as your bodies hold the capacity of light in which you are able to receive. Please take a deep breath, and begin to breathe in this energy and essence of peace and tranquility upon your soul, breathing in the light, breathing in the light, breathing in the light.

Allow the light to enter into your body, feeling the presence and the essence of peace entering into your system. As you allow yourself to be transformed, may your heart open to the remembrance of the truth of who you are. You are a Divine Child of Light and you are at peace. Feel the unity upon your soul, feel the light of God surrounding you as you feel this essence now embodied within your soul. As you move forward in your life’s journey, you shall remain at peace, and may you hold this presence of love within your essence, and may you feel the strength of the power that you hold and carry as a Christed being of light. As a divine child of the light may you hold this within your essence, of the truth of who you are. 

Accept this within the essence of your being, that you have received the gift of transformation. You have received the gift of transformation, and from this day forward, you are now the New Earth beings, the New Earth species that are holding the codes of light for the New Earth. Continue to allow yourself to receive so that the body may respond accordingly, and you may merge into your light body and your luminescence, and your physical body will become stronger, more vibrant, and you shall begin to transcend and return back to your youthful energy and your vibrance, in your own light body frequency. You will transcend time as you hold the space of love for yourself and for this planet. You are now operating as a physical/spiritual being that you, as you remember the essence of all that you hold and carry. Now be at peace