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2-26-2018 Mary Magdalene’s Message

February 26, 2018

Greetings, my beloveds, yes it is I, Mother Mary. I come to each of you at this time to ask you to begin to place your hand over your heart and begin to feel your heart begin to open and to expand. Today, I wish to speak about compassion, and the compassionate heart. With each breath that you take, Dearest Children, I ask that you open your heart chakra even further to compassion, first for yourself, and then for the world. It is of grave importance, Dearest Children, that you begin to focus on compassion, true, unconditional compassion. This is of grave importance and great significance that the world now begins to shift into compassion. These times are most important, and the world is changing rapidly, and this is of great significance that all souls begin to open to compassion. And so, Dearest Children, begin to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the energy of the White Light of God, begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace, and begin to breathe in the essence and presence of compassion.

The vibrational frequency of compassion holds a very powerful frequency. And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to hold this energy and this essence within your own heart chakra, and within your own energetic field. It is of grave importance, Dearest One, that you begin to allow yourself to connect to this frequency, because it holds a tremendous, tremendous level of strength. As each of you have centered your heart into this moment, and opened your breath to the energy of compassion, allow yourself to feel this energy merging within your own energetic field, and surrounding yourself with this powerful frequency of light.

As you entered into this Earth plane so many eons ago as a beautiful spirit, you held this tremendous compassion for your mission. You held tremendous compassion for Mother Gaia, you held tremendous compassion for all of your soul and all of the volunteers who came to serve beloved Terra. And somewhere along the line, Dearest Children, this has become a time of complacency, a time of turning your head away against your fellow brother and sister. The compassion that you held when you first entered as beautiful spirits onto the Earth plane, somehow has seemed to now elude you. And so, I ask you at this time, if you so choose, to reopen your heart to compassion, and I, Mother Mary, come to awaken your compassionate and merciful heart. Your sacred heart. As we begin to prepare for the Holy Week, we ask you at this time, Dearest Children, to begin to open your heart to compassion. It is what my son embodied for all of humanity as he left his imprint of love and compassion and mercy for all souls to awaken to. So today, as you begin to prepare for your Easter, for the celebration of my son’s ascension and resurrection, I ask that you now begin to resurrect your own essence of your true spirit that held compassion for your spiritual journey here on this Earth. Remember the compassion that you held and the excitement that you held as you came to the Earth to serve. And yes, Dearest Children, there is a level within you that some of your own desires and passion, continue to serve from a place of love, has eluded so many. Many serving self, serving self only. Turning their heads and their cheeks against their fellow brother and sister. This is not how your Earth or the inhabitants were meant to be. And it is certainly not what is now being called forth from the heavenly host.

We are all here helping you to awaken to now return to unity and Oneness and to open your heart to all of life. To value and to love yourself first, so that you may begin to value and love another. And today, as I and my son and Dear Mary Magdalene step forward, we ask that you step in to this frequency of compassion. As if you are now expanding your frequency into our energy field. For we hold compassion for all of life, it is our dedication, it is the service that we bring forward onto this Earth plane. It is through the Sacred Heart that one begins to feel the energy of compassion. So please allow us to open up the Sacred Heart of mercy for you, so you can begin to feel. Feel this tremendous energy of love, and the excitement that you are being renewed again, once again on this day, you are being renewed. Your spirit is being renewed with the essence of why you came to this Earth plane in the first place. We know, Dearest Children, that it has been a long journey, and it is not easy, but we ask you to hold your compassion to your fellow brothers and sisters, to the Earth, to all inhabitants. To all kingdoms. And yes,

Dearest Children, do not allow yourself to be separate from another, because of your own beliefs or thoughtforms or judgments. Hold compassion that you are all one, and you are all spiritual brothers and sisters of the light. You are all spiritual brothers and sisters of the light. Every soul is a spiritual being who has chosen to come to this Earth plane, along with you, to serve Mother Gaia. Some may not be awakened to their purpose on a conscious level, and some are yet to be awakened, but we say, Dearest Children, do not judge anyone.

Allow yourself to walk in this frequency and understand that all are moving toward the same pathway, to the remembrance of Oneness. This is a very critical time within your own civilization, that compassion now be brought forth once again. You see so many suffering from all of the ills that man has been plagued with, the suffering of the mind, the suffering of the soul, the fear and the separation from love. As you surround yourself with this frequency of love, and you surround yourself with this frequency of light, and you surround yourself with this frequency of peace, it is of grave importance that you honor the love that you are. Today, can you begin to feel this energy swirling within you? Can you begin to feel your compassionate and merciful heart, your tender heart opening? First to yourself, and then to another. When you came as the beautiful spirits that you are, your essence was sparkling with the purity of the light that you are. You see, Dearest One, at that time, nothing or no one could affect you. Your light was so pure, your frequency so light, that you were able to transmute any darkness, any energy that was not concordant with the true essence of you. And so, we ask you to return to this remembrance that you have the ability, you have the choice, you are being given this remembrance today, that your beautiful spirit can transcend all that your soul journey brings to you. Yes, you can transcend all energy along your soul journey. You are able to simply transcend and be free again.

I ask you to take a deep breath, and begin to breathe into your heart, and begin to call in the energy of your compassionate and merciful heart, and begin to feel this energy as it resonates inside of you. Begin to feel this energy as it resonates inside of you. How can I serve the living God inside of me? How can I best serve the light that I hold? And the light that I carry, and the light that I am here to share, how can I serve? So I ask you, Dearest Ones, place your fears aside, letting go and letting God, and allowing your beautiful light to shine. Know, at this time, how important it is to feel the energy and the essence of love, in its purest form. To feel the energy and the essence of love in its purest form. And so, Dear Ones, open your heart to this frequency and feel the love. Open your heart to this frequency and feel the love. And truly begin to settle yourself into the remembrance of the light that you are.

As you leave the essence of compassion on this Earth plane through your own energetic frequency, you will begin to change the world. Compassionate hearts open, compassionate hearts. As you hold compassion for another it is like a ripple effect, paying it forward, the kindness and the compassion that is brought forth to your fellow man will then be carried forward, and on and on it goes, a rippling effect. You may not always be aware of all that you have done through your merciful and compassionate heart, but hold this within your consciousness. To be compassionate, to be kind, to always be tender in your thinking. Do not allow what you call harshness or rudeness to overcome you. Allow yourself to feel this energy of the sweetness of your soul, to now be ingrained within your essence.

Allowing the harshness perhaps of some of the pieces of the fragments to now be embraced and embodied and immersed into this frequency of compassion. Some of you have had difficult lives where you have hardened yourselves, and you say, I am only taking care of me. Why should I worry about someone else, I need to take care of myself first. And to a degree, Dearest Children, this is of truth. But as you begin to open up your heart, and love freely and generously, you are taking care of yourself, and you are serving the Living Light of God in which you were called here to serve Mother Gaia and all of creation.

And so today, Dearest Ones, I ask you to feel this energy, and to feel the presence of it upon your soul. And now, I ask each of you to collectively hold this frequency as one thoughtform. As my son and Mary Magdalene and I call in this powerful frequency and we are now emitting the frequency upon the Earth, so that all beings, all life forms can feel the kindness and the compassion and mercy. The collective consciousness of the planet is in need of compassion. The collective consciousness of humanity is in need of healing, and so we send this collective energy of compassion and mercy for all to feel. It may be difficult to understand, but in your atmosphere, in your ethers, these frequencies are like radio waves, and for those who are open to receive and feel the compassion, will open their heart to receive. And others it will bounce off of, but you see, Dearest One, this is the energy that we ask you to help assist us to bring forth onto your planet. This is how Mother Earth will shift her vibration, as well as all souls. For the caring of the human spirit, the caring and tending of all of life is of extreme, extreme importance, always has been, always will be.

It is unfortunate that many have fallen away from community, from their families. This has caused a downfall in your current civilization of the separation of families, living in separate parts of the world, or separate parts of the region of the country. There is isolation, and a great deal of stress and anxiety when people are not connected and feel loved. This is why I bring this frequency today to the world, so that people can return back to being with their families, if not physically, then energetically, so that they feel connected to those that they love, and those that love them. And even feeling the love from strangers, or so-called strangers. Feeling the connection with the community in which you live in, no longer feeling separate or alone. So many people live in glass houses, as they say, isolated from the world. And yet, this is a mentality, you are isolated in your mind. And so, Dear Ones, please allow yourself to accept this gift as we open you to this expression, that you are never alone, and you are always loved.

And so, know, Dearest Children, that you are a part of the family of light, and this gathering of souls, each of you will gather week after week after week, and have created a family of light, a force field of light that is affecting so many, and what you do here, and what you bring forth, is far beyond what you can understand or measure. And so, we applaud you for your willingness, your determination, your discipline, and the light that you bring to awaken the world. And so, because of your own compassionate and merciful hearts, you are serving in this beautiful capacity, and the light that you bring to awaken the world. And so, because of your own compassionate and merciful hearts, you are serving in this beautiful capacity, allowing this forum to be brought forth. Yes, Dearest Ones, you are here helping to bring this forum forth. Without you, this would not be. We need your energy to hold the template for these vibrational frequencies of compassion to be emitted onto the world. And so, Dearest Ones, this is of great significance, this is of grave importance, this is a time that each of you are stepping forward and saying yes, I choose to re-remember my beautiful spirit, the reason I came, with compassion and with passion, with compassion and with passion. I come to serve the Living God, and so, Dearest Ones, with each step that you take and with each breath that you take, you are leaving your frequency for all to step forward into.

And so, Dearest Ones, know that as you hold this frequency, you are helping so many to heal. You are helping so many to heal, your beautiful compassion helps so many to heal the wounds of the past. And memories that haunt so many of all of the trials and tribulations here on this Earth plane. And so, Dear Ones, know that this frequency is uplifting every soul who is able to receive it within their heart.

I, Mother Mary, open and awaken your merciful and tender heart once again, and I ask you to re-remember the beauty of you, to re-remember the beauty of you, opening and awakening your merciful and tender heart, the beauty of you. And so, allow yourself to feel this frequency, as you step forward into this powerful light. I come to soften the edges around each of you, where there has been fear or pain, for I wish for each of you to be free. To be mentally and emotionally and energetically free. I wish for each of you to be mentally, emotionally, and energetically free. So hold the essence of this beautiful light within your soul. Like a candle, you are the light that is never extinguished, and far beyond your time here on the Earth plane, your spirit will continue to be bright, and you will say to yourself, I have done well, I have done well to serve, as the beautiful spirit that I am. And so, Dear One, realize and understand that your spirit is much more powerful than you can imagine, but consciously choose to re-remember the power of you, and the power that you hold, and how it affects another.

Each one teach one, each one lead one. Every new spirit that comes, and every new spirit that leaves will serve and bring their light. So, Dearest Ones, it does not matter how long or how short you stay on the Earth plane, you are bringing your light and you are serving in full capacity. And so, do not be afraid that your spark will grow dim, simply now call it forth again, and allow us to reignite the beautiful spark and essence of you, for you are serving in full capacity, as the God and Goddess that you are. So today, begin to feel your heart begin to expand, sending love to yourself, honoring the light that you are, and honoring the love that you are. You are living in full capacity now, in these marvelous times. Yes, Dearest Ones, so many of you are living in full capacity of your multi-sensory self. You have the capability to feel, sense and know so much of the truth of who you are. These are amazing times, and these are powerful times, and so we call forth for you to feel your powerful, compassionate heart. Know that you are never alone, and that with each breath that you take, you are serving the living God, and you are serving the light, as you are all part of the matrix of the family of light. I come to you now, Dearest Children, offering you a beautiful bead, a pearl, to now begin to germinate within your heart, as a beautiful pearl begins to expand, and the beauty begins to ignite. So, Dearest Ones, accept this gift, as I gift it onto you, as your heart expands into this frequency, igniting as the beautiful pearl that you are. Admire the essence of the living light. And so feel the joy, feel the joy, feel the joy as you expand your consciousness into this beautiful frequency. Living, serving and being the true essence of your soul.

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