12-30-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear Daughters of Light, and sons, and masters of all creation. I say to each of you that at this time, it is of great importance that you begin to clear out the aspects of your soul that have been damaged and traumatized. For yes, Mary Magdalene and I are here with you, and I may sound a bit different to you today, for you see I, too am ascending in consciousness, and my energy continues to be purified, just as your energy continues to be purified. You may wonder why do I need to be purified, for we are all growing in oneness, growing closer to the great Supreme One, to the energy of all-that-is. So Dearest Children of the Light, yes it is I, Christ. I come to you just as I have come to you before, as your brother, as a way-shower, as a messenger of hope, and renewal. And my Mary stands with you, today, holding the energy of the Sacred Mother, holding you in her arms. Cradling you into the energy of the Divine Mother.

As each of you are being uplifted into the true brilliance and magnificence of who you truly are, and so today it about letting go and letting God. So today as you feel this energy of renewal within your soul, allow this day to be a day of purification, a day of release, a day of healing. Letting go and letting God. Letting this day be a day of purification and healing. Letting go and letting God. So as Mary and I stand with you, we call upon each of your souls to come forward and to be renewed. As you move through these pieces of your essent self that are holding on to darkness, holding on to the shadow, holding on to the imperfection of what you believe is your truth, from all of your experiences in this lifetime and through all incarnations of time, where you have been traumatized, you have been hurt, you have been pained. Letting go and letting God. Now it is truly time to let your beautiful light shine, letting go and letting God. So as you call in this beautiful frequency of the Divine Mother energy, begin to open your heart to the love of unconditional love that is being sent to each of you upon this day. Unconditional love and acceptance, we ask that you begin to bring this into your heart, and to begin to love yourself and accept yourself, accepting all that is good, all that is good.

So we ask that you call in the aspects of your soul that are needing to be healed, that are needing to be received in love and acceptance. So today as if once again it is like a soul retrieval, but you are bringing these aspects of yourself in integration and union with yourself, with that which is conscious and subconscious, and all that is of superconsciousness, all the integration from all aspects of your being, calling this energy into you and being free. Letting go and letting God. As Mary and I stand here with you, as we hold the sacred balance of the union of your beautiful soul, of your beautiful spirit, you stand in the integration and the energy of the sacred balance of love. Calling in the energy of the sacred balance of love, calling this within every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. Calling this energy in, and feeling the peace. Breathe in the vibration of peace, breathe in the vibration of peace, breathe in the vibration of peace. Letting go and letting God. Breathe in the vibration of peace. Integrating these aspects of your own soul that are in need of reconciliation. That are in need of integration. So you can now begin to feel this wholeness within yourself, begin to feel the strength within yourself, begin to feel the richness within yourself, as if once again you are merging into your magnificent self, your divine self, letting your mental thoughts of what you believe you are not, to begin to fall away, beginning to call in the magnificence so you may move forward into this new year, into this new decade, into this new life stream with grandness and richness and love within your heart, celebrating you. This is a time of celebration, as you have honored me at this time of my birth, may you honor yourself in your rebirth, as you have honored my birth, Mary and I stand with you to honor you in your rebirth. Allowing yourself to feel this centeredness, and this peace, and this tranquility.

Allowing the energy of the Divine Mother to begin to heal you. Calling in this frequency of love, so allow your heart to expand into its magnificence. So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, as you feel the brilliance of your Divine Self now merging into your consciousness, as if it is coming up out of your heart into your throat, you are beginning to feel and express your magnificence, your power, your voice will become stronger, your energetic field will become stronger, you will begin to feel this energy and this essence within yourself, as if you have never felt it before, as if you have become a new you, your personality, your energetic field will become stronger and stronger and stronger, and your aura will begin to radiate love, unconditional love, first for yourself and then for another. As Dear Quan Yin is here as well, bringing the energy of compassion into all of your souls, as she holds the frequency of Divine Mother Love, holding compassion for all of you, as you’ve made this long journey through many incarnations of time.

Through your sacrifice, you continue to serve. So today Dearest Ones, allow the energy of the Holy Mother to continue to cradle you and support you, and to love you. So can you feel the energy moving into your heart, into your throat? Now into your third eye, you’ll be able to see your inner beauty, your outer beauty, and to see the beauty of the world. Seeing the magnificence of all that life holds, all the beauty, all the brilliance, that is held in a blade of grass, the splendor of a beautiful sunset, or a majestic mountain, may you begin to feel this beauty inside of yourself, and feel self-love and compassion for yourself, for all you have brought forth, and all you shall continue to bring. So hold your head high, Dearest Children, as Mary and I stand with you, and we continue to support and bring divine sacred balance and union within you. So feel the presence of the love that you are, and know that during this time, this transitional time, as they say it is like the changing of the guard, from one energy frequency into another, it is why we are gifting you today at the end of this year, at the end of this decade, at the end of this new paradigm shift that is occurring upon the planet, as you are moving into the new earth as new earth beings, you are becoming lighter and lighter, more filled with love and grace, compassion and peace. Letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God.

And so Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, it is I, Christ. As my Mary is holding the energy of the Divine Mother for you, I am cradling you just as the energy of Mother Gaia, I too stand here as the representation of the sacred balance of Father/Mother God. As I have merged into my Christ Consciousness, into the essence of my own oversoul, and I infuse upon you this same gift of Divine Union, with Divine Mother cradling you until you are at peace again, finding comfort and balance within your own soul. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May you feel this presence of the Divine Love within your own soul. May you feel the strength of my Mary and I as we stand each at your left and right sides. Mother Gaia is at your felt, and Divine Mother is standing at your crown chakra. The frequency of the Supreme Creator stands before you. So breathe my children, breathe. Breathe in this energy of unconditional love, acceptance and peace, so that you soul may integrate and you may return back to oneness, allowing the magnificence of who you truly are to shine. Letting all of these frequencies go as you move into this new year, merging into your oversoul, merging into your merkabic field, merging into the energy of all that is. Returning back to divine, sacred union. This is the gift that we give to you upon this day. As you merge forward into your own divine brilliance, as a shining light upon this earth plane, shining your light so others may see, for indeed Dearest Children you are the change you wish to see, you are the light of the world, your light, if you could see it, is so magnificent, so brilliant, do not allow your earthly frailties to overcome you. Simply hold in the brilliance of your light, and truly be at peace. Go forward Dearest Children with love within your heart, knowing that you are supported, by all the loving guides and spiritual teachers and angels that are here to help you now. We are all here to help you, to assist yourself, and allow yourself to release once again all that no longer serves you, from the deepest core of your being, allow this healing to take place now. Divine Mother, Holy Mother is here to support you, just as your own physical mother supported you in the womb, Divine Mother, the deep recesses of the Divine Mother energy is here holding you in the womb of creation so that you may be rebirthed again, into the new light being a new earth being that you are. Go in peace, go in love, and surrender to the love and the light and to your brilliance and to your magnificence. Stand forward and be the light of the world.