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12-26-2016 Mary Magdalene’s Message

December 26, 2016

Greetings Dear Ones, yes it is I, Jeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We wish to speak today about the legacy of our children and how we have left our footprints for each of you to step into. It is imperative at this time in history that all souls return back to sacred balance and awaken to the energy of all that is. As Mary and I lived our lives and brought forth our energy for this planet to now prepare the future generations and the golden age to emerge, just as each of you have made that choice to awaken your heart to the living light of God, we ask you to be the template in which others can now begin to feel, sense, and acknowledge that you are holding the energy of Divine Union, sacred balance, wholeness and unity within your own energetic frequencies. And so Dearest Children I ask you to step into what we call your true self-mastery, begin to awaken to the energy of the love that is held within your heart, and at this time as you begin to feel the presence of our love for you, may we assist you, may we awaken you, may we restore you, to bring you back into balance as the beautiful spirit that you are.

As my Mary and I left our footprints for each of you to step into, we had dreamed that each soul would find peace, be at peace, and live in peace. It is of utmost importance at this time that your conscious mind and your physical bodies be at peace. Your earthly world has so much in which it wishes to bring forth. Yes, Mother Gaea has so much she wishes to bring forth to the children upon the planet. And Dearest Children as you step into this balance, the beautiful energy of Mother Earth can begin to transcend herself into the living light in which she was created. You see, the world as you know it is going to change most rapidly. And you Dearest Children are to be the pinnacle of the peace and the calm of all that change that is to take place upon this planet. It is of grave importance that as you center your heart into love, you re-remember your primary mission. Simply to be peace, to be love, and to be light. And so Dearest Children I ask you to hold this frequency within your heart, and know that you have chosen upon this day to be present with us so that we may help you to return to sacred balance.

When Mary and I lived 2,000 years ago, we were walking as they say between worlds, living in a world of density and fear, and mastering our own fears as we became enlightened and moved through our own ascension process. We know Dearest Children how difficult it is to be of this world. We ask you to hold the faith and know that time is truly on your side. Never give up hope, and know that hope and change, hope and change, are imperative to live in the hearts of all men, women, and sentient beings. Hope and change. For you see Dearest Children, without hope and faith, the energy of this planet and all of its people would remain in a fear-based world, and it is your energy, your hope and your faith that the path to change will manifest onto the globe. And so Dearest Children as we have stepped forward to bring to you our love, and as you step forward into our footprint, I ask that you accept our gift, as we have gifted you so long ago.

I will step back and allow Mary Magdalene to speak, for I thank you for your dedication onto me during the celebration of my birth. I wish to bring you hope and faith and love and my devotion as I gift my love onto you.

Greetings Dear One yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As Jeshua and I stand together, we stand together in strength, in the resolve that what we wished and desired for the future generations, to be a world of peace so that all of life could return to the sacred balance of Divine Union, Holy Grace, in union with the Great Godhead. I know we have spoken of this many times before but it is extremely imperative as you move into the year 2017 that your focal point be on returning and balancing the aspects of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within your being. Calling forth those attributes and those strengths, and returning to Oneness. The imbalance that is happening on this globe at this time is paramount for each of you to accept your mission, and yes the responsibility that you have for yourself to be in balance and to be free of discordant energies that no longer serve you. Peace is your birthright. And in this new year, we ask that you breathe in the energy of peace, breathe in the energy and tranquility, breathe in the energy of union, and allow yourself to feel this strength. I remember union. What does it feel like to hold and carry this frequency within your essence. It is that which Jeshua embodied during his time as Jesus of Nazareth as he ascended into Christ Consciousness and emerged into true self-mastery. It was important to him at that time that he accomplished what he had agreed to do. To be the template for all of you, to step forward and to receive the vibration of the Christ essence within your own vibrational field.

His energy is felt within the very heart of the Earth Mother. He’s imprinted his energy into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, and the excitement, and the awakening of the peace and the love and the energy of all that is comes alive when each of you step forward and say yes, I agree to be the living light. I agree to awaken to the living light. I ask you to breathe this in and begin to visualize your crown chakra and allowing and opening the living light of God and the energy of my Jeshua to pore through your crown chakra, and through every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being, with the living light of God. Sending the energy of peace into the crevasses of the darkness that you have held within your soul’s essence, and now allow the living light of God to emerge and to re-emerge and to assist you as an awakened being, fully enlightened, fully empowered, fully embraced with the expression of all that is. And so Dearest Children as we step forward Jeshua and I step forward, we gift you with this grace of remembrance that you have walked in this pathway many times before, and what you seek is obtainable. What you desire is at your fingertips. Allow this year of 2017 to be the year in which you obtain your true self-mastery over your own emotions, over your own fears, over that which has haunted you.

And so as we stand with you at this time, Jeshua and I are infusing within your heart the energy of the sacred balance, as if you are returning back to center, you are centered, you are renewed, you are as they say reborn again. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, each 24 hour period is a time of renewal. Today as you renew yourself with the resolve that you are stepping forward and accepting our gift of grace, for you see each one teach one, each one lead one. You are now needed more than ever to step forward and to take your position, your rightful position as teachers, as way-showers, as messengers of light. And prepare yourself to enter into this new powerful frequency that Jeshua and I are leaving you for all the world today. Yes, Dear Ones, a new vibrational frequency of the Christ essence is now being left and gifted to you upon this day. It is as if it is an energy of union, strength, devotion, commitment, peace and love. It is a blueprint we are offering to you. For you see Dearest Ones you each have your own etheric blueprint. We are asking you to step into this new blueprint, this new frequency, this new template, as if you were putting on a new pair of shoes. As if you are now new earth beings, with a new template.

What we mean by this is that if you accept and receive our gift of your own etheric blueprint, the new template, as the new earth being, as walking reminders of the living light of God, held within your physical vessel, Dearest Children today this frequency will now overshadow and replace your old template, your old vibrational frequency. Each of you have lived your life with certain thought forms and patterns and frequencies that you have deemed comfortable to your vibrational frequency. Today you are being gifted with a frequency that will allow you to manifest your physical body, your conscious mind, and manifest the life in which you have desired to live, as an awakened being of light in full self-mastery, with the opportunities and the gifts that are yours, that have been waiting for you. Yes, Dearest Children you each have a spiritual bank in which your new etheric template can now bring forward, meaning that this new vibrational frequency, if you choose to step into you, will match what is in your spiritual bank. You’ve all lived for many years within this understanding of your true nature and your true power. Today we are gifting you with this energy and allow it to unfold gracefully, bringing you all that is yours. At the end of this year of 2016, you are simply dropping your old frequency and stepping into a new vibration today, December 26, 2016, you are stepping into a new vibrational frequency that matches the true essence of your spiritual nature, as powerful children of the light, as manifesting Gods and Goddesses.

It is your choice if you wish to receive the gift that we are giving you, but this is what we left for each of you 2,000 years ago to step into. And yet it has been difficult for many to embrace the totality of the truth of who they are. And so we offer this new frequency to you today, this gift of love. As if you were wearing and caring and holding a new frequency, a new consciousness, a new body, a new mind. Your vibration will draw to you all that is good, connected to the Divine Creator. Simply Dearest Ones you are magnets, magnets for all that is good. All that is blessed shall manifest in alignment with your vibration that you are now carrying in your new etheric blueprint or template as we call it. You are no longer the same individual as when you first entered this call, unless you choose to remain where you are. We are not here to frighten you, we are here to give you, and to accept the energy that we have left for you to receive. 2,000 years ago when our children were birthed with their full knowingness, and they carried the bloodline of King David and the lineage of the Magdalene, they were the gift that we brought to the world, for their light was seeded in the very DNA, and today we have seeded it, and burned you into this powerful frequency as well.

It may be confusing to you but your physical body and your energetic bodies are responding to the light codes and the ascension codes that we have gifted you as the new earth beings who are balanced, and return to sacred union. Your life path will become easier and that which does not serve you will fall away, all energies that are discordant and not for your highest good will begin to fall away, one by one by one. As you enter into the beautiful state of grace that we’ve gifted onto you this day, we ask you to receive this with an open heart. It is the true reason why Jeshua and I united, the balance of our energies, to bring peace, love, harmony, to this planet and all of creation. As we’ve said before, Jeshua did not come to save you from your sins, nor to be your Lord and savior, but to show you the way, the light, and the truth. We are opening the doorways for you to step into, please accept it, allow us to gift you with the remembrance that you hold the energy of our legacy. You are the messengers, you are the teachers, you are the prophets, you are the way showers of light. It is why my Jeshua said that all have the power to do greater work than he. It is your choice to step forward and accept that you may simply carve a new earthly body, a new etheric body, a new template. You see, the vibration that you hold will begin to become stronger and stronger and stronger and will become brighter in its glory with each passing day. You are the light of the world, you are the new wave of teachers and leaders, as the golden age of enlightenment begins anew.

You are the pioneers you are the way-showers. As I said, and as Jeshua has said, never give up hope, for hope is your birthright. Hope and change is your birthright, as the inspiration of a new day, of a new dawning, of a new era of the beautiful balanced world, just like the Lemurians who live in Telos, you are the living expression of this. We have never given up hope that humanity will return to Oneness. We ask you to not give up hope and to not be in despair. Simply to know that joy is needed now more than ever, to show the way. We’ve come together as a collective with each of you, and we stand behind each of you, as they say we are the wind beneath your wings. We are the wind beneath your wings, so that you may fly and move forward with grace, dignity, with love and with deep devotion. We are the wind beneath your wings, and we are so proud to bring you your new earthly bodies, your new template.

As you allow yourself to move into this frequency, do not discount the power that we are bringing to you, as we are helping you to birth into the new you. If you are comfortable where you are, that is fine and well, but we are offering you this opportunity to merge into your higher light body and live in your full glory as an ascended master, as a physical spiritual being of light, living on this earth plane in full remembrance of who you truly are. This is a day that God has made, it is good and it is rich. So we ask you to accept our gift, for it is why we have come to be with you. Jeshua and I are one energy, one light form, we are twin flames, the other half of each other’s spirit, but we are one essence. And we ask you now to merge your frequency within your own essence, to be sovereign within yourself, to return to Oneness. It is as easy as calling it forward in your mind, I return to my true Divinity and Oneness. I remember union, so Dearest Children we are standing with you and we are bringing you back into wholeness, no longer separated from your Divine remembrance of the power that you are, the peace that you are, the Grace that you are, the joy that you are. And so Dearest Ones, feel the freedom, and be at peace. Feel the freedom and be at peace, feel the freedom and be at peace.

This is the freedom that all of you yearn for. True freedom, it is what your country the United States of America has been based upon – freedom. Today you are gifted with this freedom, freedom from the separation of your lower self, your ego, your mental mind, and now you’re exalted as the beautiful spiritual beings that you are. Now call in your spiritual bank and reach up as they say and accept it. Call it into your heart, and now as you have a new blueprint, you are able to step forward and make manifest all that you desire. This is truth, this is truth. It is important that you receive this, for the vibration of your 2017 is the vibration of one, new beginnings, and you are each stepping forward into these new beginnings. Accept the gift we offer onto you on this day, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for your gift of remembrance, for we are honored to be with you and to assist you on your journey. Glory to you, glory to you, glory to you. Go in peace.

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