12-2-2019 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings my beloved, it is I Yeshua, Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you, Dear Son and Daughters of the Light, that we wish to bring forth the true essence of Divine Union. This was our mission over 2,000 years ago, and continues to remain our mission to this day. To bring the sacred balance for all souls, for all sentient beings, to return to Sacred, Divine Union within themselves. And you may ask, what does this mean? It simply means that at the time of your creation as a beautiful spirit, you were created in the blend of the richness of the energy of Father/Mother God. Created in the energy of Sacred Union, of Divine Mother, Divine Father. And there within your spirit, held your perfect I AM Presence, held the perfection of your divinity, held the light of oneness, of all that you are, and all that you shall ever be. As this great experiment, of the Great Design, of Mother Earth’s ascension, when each of you chose to volunteer to forget your oneness and return to a place of amnesia, forgetting your oneness with all that you are, and making the brave choice to come to the earth, and continue to the earthly cycle, through incarnation after incarnation, some with great success and others with great struggle, of forgetting who they were and are. So you see, now it is time for all souls to re-remember and to return to the Sacred Union, the Sacred Balance of all that they are. To return back to the oneness of the love that they are. So this is the time, and this is the now. This is why we have brought our story of Divine Union forth, and why it shall continue on, and continue to awaken others to the understanding that the essence of their true divinity lies inside of themselves. The essence of peace and joy and happiness and contentment resides within yourself. It is finding that balance within yourself. Finding that love within yourself, finding that union within yourself. Feeling the strength of Divine Mother, feeling the strength of the Divine Masculine. Feeling this partnership within yourself, as if it is the merging of your essent self and all aspects of your being into alignment. We know that this has been difficult for people to comprehend, to understand, and even to embody. It is why Mary and I have come, and why we have asked for our story to be brought forth, so others can begin to be awakened, to be sparked with the remembrance of their Sacred Union, of their connection to the Supreme One.


Yet through eons of time this separation has caused great confusion in many. The imbalance of the Sacred Feminine, the imbalance of the Sacred Masculine within all souls throughout time has created distortion upon this planet, and has created a distortion within human consciousness or within mass consciousness. What each of you have been focusing and what each of you have been receiving, as the download, as you receive the energy of Sacred Union, is returning to that still point from within, as if you are returning back to that still, quiet place from within, and becoming centered again. Stillness, peace, tranquility. Allowing the energy of the voice of Father/Mother God to begin to ignite within you. Begin to feel this essence and this presence, of the divine light of all that is. So today as you feel this energy and you feel the compassion, and you feel the peace, and you feel the oneness, may your heart open to the gift of life. The life that has been given to you, open to the gift of life, the life that has been given to you. We say to you Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, with each breath that you take, you bring forth this sacred balance within you, because it is your life force, it is the vital life force in which you were created. It is the breath of life that is your spirit. When you begin to realize that through your breath, you are able to return back to sacred balance. It is why, within my book, of Divine Union that I have chosen to bring forth the tools of enlightenment to help each of you to return to sacred balance, through this meditation that I have offered to each of you. Bringing forth this balance and the breath of the 12 tools of enlightenment. It I the beautiful energy and the essence of the breath of life that connects you to all that is.


So Dearest Children of the Light, as you begin to breathe this frequency in, and begin to work with the tools of enlightenment, you will begin to access this energy of sacred balance and union within yourself. It is why I created it, it is why I brought it forth. It is why I have come, to assist all of you, for it is my mission and it is my beloved Mary’s mission. So today as you stand tall and you stand proud, and you begin to feel this energy of excitement, that is now moving through you, through your breath, I remember union. I remember union. So perhaps there is a quiet remembrance within you, when I speak those words, I remember union, what does it spark within you. What does it ignite within you? Are you able to feel the essence of the balance within you? Are you able to feel the essence of love inside of you? So Dearest Children of the Light, know at this time that as your heart opens to this remembrance, that you are feeling this energy and this frequency of Divine Union within yourself. By simply acknowledging it, calling it in, it holds a vibrancy and a frequency, and a life of its own. Simply, by calling in the essence of Divine Union. For many, this has been a struggle, of finding the balance within yourself, finding the peace within yourself. Finding the joy within yourself, so today as we bring this frequency forward to you, it is of great importance that you honor the light that you are, and you honor the peace that you are, and you bring forth the tranquility of all that you are. Divine, Sacred Union. Divine, Sacred Union.


So we ask you to begin to take a deep breath, Dearest Children, and begin to use your breath to connect to the essence of all that you are. Simply begin to take your breath and honor the energy of the essence of Father/Mother God that is held within the very breath that you take, within the essence of your being, you are in Divine, Sacred Union. So you see, Dearest Children, that this is a time where each of you are moving forward into this powerful frequency, within intention, so that you may return to that Sacred Union and partner with yourself. And as we have said in our previous transmissions, the twin flames will come together and reunify, many of the twin flames will come together and reunify and move through their missions for this planet in unison. But today it is the focus, for each of you, to begin to union and partner with yourself, in preparation for some of you to be connected to your twin flame. And some of you to be connected to the energy of the Divine Presence that lives inside your being. For all of you are coming forward into this Great Design, that Mary and I had prepared, at the time of my life as Jesus of Nazareth. So today, Dearest Children, I ask you to allow yourself to open your heart, to allow Dear Elizabeth, who wishes to bring her words forward from our book Divine Union.


So Dear Ones, yes it is I, Yeshua. I say to each of you as you stand in this frequency of the love that we bring to you, of the Sacred Union that we bring to you, that you bring this energy into your consciousness, in through your breath. If you so desire, begin to work with the 12 tools of enlightenment, this will help anchor the energy into your physicality. And help you to be brought forth back into balance. Today as you enter into this state of awareness, that it is of utmost importance that each of you return to balance in your individual lives, because each of you are being called into this new year of 2020, to begin your life’s mission at a greater rate and greater purpose. So the balance is needed within yourselves even greater. So I ask you once again to take a deep breath, and I ask you to breathe in the energy of I Remember Union. I remember union. Can you feel it within your heart? Can you begin to feel this energy within your heart as you say this to yourself quietly, I remember union. As if it is triggering and activating your remembrance. I remember union. There is peace, can you feel the peace? Can you feel the tranquility? Can you feel the love? I remember union.


So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, as you hold this frequency within your heart, this will begin to shift within your consciousness and within your subconscious, and will begin to heal and clear those memories of separation, that you are alone, that you are lost, that you are confused. Perhaps feelings of abandonment, of victimization, of anger, of fear. I remember union. There, Dearest Children, this is the completion within your own soul, this is the reunification of your spirit, connecting you not only to your oversoul but to the I AM Presence. There you are connected to all that is. For those who are now merging into this state of energy, they are being requalified as they say. You are being requalified into the energy of all that is. So Dear Ones as you feel this energy and this essence inside of your being, may your heart open to the presence of love. May your heart open to the presence of love. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May you feel this divine presence of love. I remember union. I remember union. Allow this energy now to come into your solar plexus and begin to feel it, as if you are beginning to embody it, as if it is merging now into your belly. You are able to feel this union and you are not alone, you are not separate. As you are able to connect to the energy of all that is and create and manifest, as you begin to feel this within your belly, this will help you to create and to manifest your desires, your mission, just as Mary and I brought forth this reunification within ourselves, we were able then to complete the Great Design of that which we came to do individually and collectively.


So Dearest Children, as you begin to call in the energy of I Remember Union, feel it within your belly. Feel it within your sacral chakra, feel it now within your root chakra as you are connected to this energy. This is the vital life force energy, of who you truly are. So Dear Sons and Daughters, this is the time, this is the now, this is the remembrance. Go forward with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. Your own spiritual awareness will be uplifted as you discover the wholeness, balance and unity as you return to divine union. So feel this energy and this essence, feel this peace, feel this oneness, feel this joy. All is in order and all is as it should be. I remember union. Mother Gaia is also feeling this energy of union, yes Mother Earth, Mother Gaia is returning back to this reunification as well. So you shall begin to see the splendor of her beauty as you begin to feel the energy of Mother Earth merging through you, she is helping you to create and manifest just as her own energy and her own frequency are in ascension, and are manifesting as well. So as they say, each one teach one, each one lead one. As you lead the way, and as Mother Gaia assists you, you are helping others with their ascension process by affirming I Remember Union. This energy is brought forward into the collective, into the mass consciousness, and into all aspects upon this earth plane. Into all of the elements, all of the kingdoms, they are feeling this sacred union just as you are feeling it as well. So Dear Sons and Daughters, know at this time how important it is to return to the sacred balance within yourself, and feel the importance of letting your light shine so others may see, and feeling the power of love transmute all that no longer serves you, as you return to this beautiful state of union within your being. Go forth, go forth, go forth with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, as you call forth the sacred balance, I remember union. Now my children, be at peace.