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12-19-2016 Mary Magdalene’s Message

December 19, 2016

Greetings my Children, yes it is I, the Blessed Mother. I come to you on this most auspicious day and I thank you for holding the light, being the light, and bridging the light so that the energy of my son’s essence and his frequency of love and peace can now emerge upon this planet with even greater frequency. For today as you celebrate the birth of my son, we all come forward to celebrate your rebirth, your renewal, so that you may be born again, seeded with your knowingness, seeded with your magnificence, seeded with your own divine power, glory, and grace. And so today I ask you to breathe in this essence and presence of peace, and breathe in this essence of glory and light and joy and remembrance that each of you are this beautiful, beautiful seed of light, like a shining star, that are growing in strength, growing in power, and emitting your love for all the world to see and all the world to know. And today as you hold this frequency within the palm of your heart, you begin to feel this energy growing inside of you, and excitement and anticipation, and the seed of love, joy, and happiness, peace, and glory begin to emit through every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. And you are the living expression of my son’s love. You are the living expression of my son’s love, you are the living expression of my son’s love.

As we stand before each of you, Joseph and I take your hand and we will lead you to the Cave of Creation, and there my son and Mary Magdalene are waiting, and so if you so choose, please allow Joseph and I to take your hand, and follow us to the Cave of Creation. We ask you to begin to breathe Dearest Children, in the essence of your true spirit, and breathe in the essence of the strength that you hold, and breathe in the essence and presence of love and light, joy, and the frequency of Grace. With each step that you take, with each breath that you take, you are breathing in the energy of Elohim Grace. Grace Elohim. And so Dearest Children as you align yourself to the frequency of Grace, know that all within your life is in Divine Order, all is graced, all is renewed. Now, as we step into the Cave of Creation, can you imagine this beautiful illuminescent light, with a Violet Ray and a Pink Ray, shining upon you. Can you imagine this beautiful beautiful ray of light that is illuminating from the Cave of Creation, and there my son and Mary Magdalene invite each of you to step forward one by one, and be anointed with the violet ray of transmutation, and the pink ray of love.

It is as if you are being baptized, and it is the same frequency in which John the Baptist baptized my son. It is the same frequency in which John the Baptist baptized my son. And so as each of you step forward and are anointed on your third eye, with the beautiful essence of Rose Oil, you are baptized and anointed in this powerful powerful frequency of love and Divine transformation. As we all stand with you, your physical body is now being anointed and infused with the power of love and the vibrational frequency in which you were created will now begin to rejuvenate and as they say, rebirth your very cellular structure down to the very atom that is within every cell of your body. Your physical bodies will become lighter and lighter and lighter, and brighter and brighter and brighter. You will become luminescent, and stand in your glory, and stand in your strength, and stand in your true Divinity of the magnificent glorious being of light that you are. This is of gave importance Dearest Children, that you center yourself into this remembrance. You are the living expression of all that is, today it is our gift to you, that you become this bright of a star in which you were created, a magnificent light that you hold within your essence, which illuminates your physicality through your eyes, through your essence, through the vibration of all that is.

And so Dearest Children of the Light, you are our family. We welcome you into our family of light, we welcome you into our fold and we protect you, we love you, and we anoint you. And at this time as you feel this sense of peace and comfort, and yes, belonging, as you are part of our family, we are all one, we are never separate, and you are never alone. In our time there were no distractions, of all that you have in your current civilization. And we had each other to comfort one another, to listen to each other, and to grow and learn and evolve as Children of God together. We ask you at this time if you could begin to simplify your life as much as possible. To begin to remove as many distractions from your life as possible, to keep your mind quiet, and keep your mind free of any distractions that turn you away from God and your inner knowingness. Your inner gnosis. You see Dearest Children these distractions keep you separate from the truth of who you are, and you Divine Power, and your Divine Strength, and the light that you hold and carry.

With each breath that you take, with each step that you take, we ask you to step into your Divine Power. This is the time, this is a gift that we bring to you today, stepping into your Divine Power and strength. Stepping into your joy, stepping into the light of all that is. And so at this time, Mary Magdalene is bathing you and washing your feet and anointing you as pure beings of light, and my son is anointing your third eye with the rose oil, and the pink and the violet flames are illuminating your essence and your energy field.

Each of you are needed to lead and to teach and to bring the world into a greater place of awakening and understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. And Dearest Children as you accept these gifts that we bring to you upon this day, we ask that you open your heart to the truth and the understanding that the love that you hold is the guiding light that will awaken your pathway. And the light that you hold will shine so brightly, so effervescently, that others will be drawn to you like a magnet. Others will be drawn to you like a magnet. A flame that you hold, the light that you hold, the frequency that you now carry is one of peace. As you quietly walk this earth plane you become a living mantra, your energy frequency becomes a living mantra. Your energetic frequency is a living mantra. May you choose to embody the frequencies of joy, peace, love, harmony, balance and tranquility. Can you feel the peace inside of you? Can you feel this moment, of the stillness inside of you, as we are all here in the Cave of Creation. Can you feel the love?

My son will step forward now to speak to you. I will take a momentary pause.

Greetings my beloveds, I come to you at this time of the celebration of my birth. And as the energy and the frequency of the three wise men step forward they bring each of you a gift, as they brought gifts onto me. The time of my celebration, of my birth, it gives me great joy to be recognized and to be remembered in the hearts of so many. And so it is my desire that the light and the love be held within the hearts of all men, women, children and sentient beings. Not only at the time of the celebration of my birth, but through eternity. I come to bring the love and to bring peace. Today as you quiet your mind and still yourself, may you begin to feel this strength inside of you. For I am with you and I am here to help you in all of your trials, tribulations, joys and triumphs. I am here to help you and I ask that you call upon me for your strength, for I am devoted onto you, and you are never alone.

Mary Magdalene and I stand here with you, and my mother and my father stand with you, and now as the three wise men step forward and gift you with their gifts. We honor you and we bless you, and we thank thee for you devotion onto me and to my family. As the Three Wise Men step forward they are offering each of you a gift, the first gift is the gift of the Hall of Records, it is a gift of knowledge and wisdom. Today as they hand this to you, it is to be honored and cherished. It is not given freely, but it has been given to you today, for your devotion and your commitment. The Second Wise Man steps forward and he offers you this gift of gentle tranquility. As a peaceful, spiritual being, he brings you gentle strength. It is the strength of God’s gentleness, and in the strength of the union of Father/Mother God that all can be achieved without force, without struggle, without strife. Gentle strength. Holding this frequency and vibration within you, with the wisdom and the knowledge of the Hall of Records. Of who you are. I remember my true divinity, with the gentle spirit of love. And the Third Wise Man steps forward and brings you a drum. A joyful drum, make joyful noise, be the vessel of joy. Make joyful noise. And the drum, Dearest Children, is symbolic of laughter and joy. Do not forget to laugh and to be joyful. To make joyful noise, bring happiness onto the world. The vibration of joy and laughter raises the vibration and clears the negativity, sadness, and sorrow that is on this earth plane. Joyful noise of laughter.

And so Dearest Ones, as you receive these powerful gifts today, of joy and laughter, gentle strength and knowledge and wisdom, you are gifted with this powerful frequency as they are being infused within you with the pink and violet ray. This is your light infusement, like a blood transfusion, this is extremely extremely powerful upon this day. I will step back and allow my father Joseph to speak at this time, for he wishes to bring his words of wisdom onto you at this point in time.

Greetings Dear Ones, it is I Joseph. I come to you upon this day and I thank you for being devoted onto my Mother, my wife Mary, and to my son. Today it is about family. It is about commitment. It is about unity. During our lifetime together, my complete devotion was onto my own family. I continue to hold this devotion for all families and all people. What has been missing in your current civilization is the interconnectedness of family units, and individual lives have become separated, and people become isolated and feel alone. And today, I wish to interface each of you into our family, as if you can now begin to feel that you are truly a part of our family. Because indeed, Dearest Children you are. You are all a part of the family of light. And we are all connected and we are all one. Perhaps you’ve heard this many many times before, but perhaps today you can truly begin to feel it. We are family and we are all one.

What you do affects us, what we do affects you, and on and on it goes. The chain can never be broken, except if you choose to disconnect yourself. Today we are standing together holding hands, united as one family, living and working for the common cause, for peace to return to this planet, and the powerful energy of the earth mother to return back to her place and rightful position as the planet of love. You see my son has a contract with the Earth Mother, and each of you as my disciples have a contract as well, that until this planet returns back to a planet of peace and love, we will never ever continue to falter. This is the devotion that we all had to Jeshua during his mission as Jesus as Nazareth. And so I’ve come as the patriarch of our family to tell you that you are all, not only my children, my family, but we are all one and God’s children, unified in common purpose, and you are never alone.

I gift you with my strength, I gift you with my energy as your father. Perhaps you do not think about me much, but I wish to become the representation of a father figure onto you if you need it. And call upon me at any time. If your heart feels lonely, I will bring you comfort.

Good morning my Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. There is such a brilliant brilliant sheathe of life that is pouring here into the Cave of Creation. The powerful light now comes and pours onto each of you, and here in the center of our circle, I ask each of you to step into our sacred circle. And just as we had done before the day of Jeshua’s crucifixion, we etched the Star of David into the earth. So that Jeshua’s soul would forever be eternal upon this earth plane. And today we etch our frequencies into the earth so that you will feel grounded and safe in the Earth Mother, knowing whatever may happen, you are truly connected to the earth, to the living light of all that is. And today Mother Mary and Jeshua stand before you, and they etch the Star of David within your heart, as a portal that will always connect you to all that is, and the beautiful energy of the Earth Mother.

As you sit in silent prayer, please clear your mind, be still and know that you are God. Still your mind and be still and know that you are God. Clear your mind, be still and know that you are God. You are the living light of all that is, you are the living light of all that is, you are the living light of all that is. And as the gifts of the three wise men are now imprinted within you, their wisdom, their knowledge, their gentle strength, joy, laughter. You now become as they say, the living mantra of all that is. You are the Star, that the three wise men followed to find me, you now will become a star and others will find you, others will find you, the breadth of your light will be so magnificent that others will find you. The vibration and the frequency is more powerful than you can imagine.

And so today as we all pray for peace for this planet, we hold the prayers for all to heal their wounded minds, their broken hearts, and the fear that created them from the separation from God. We pray for all leaders, all ambassadors, who are in charge of your world affairs, your governments. And we pray for the healing of the old patriarchal dominance that no longer holds a place upon your earth plane. We pray for the healing of this energy to be transmuted to the sacred feminine energy, of the Divine Mother Love. And as this heals the hearts of those who choose to remain in the old patriarchal society and rule, and the love will soften the hearts and the minds of all, we will win the battle. The darkness will not prevail, the fear will not prevail. Love will prevail.

And today as we all sit in sacred circle, we pray for that healing, we pray for peace on earth, goodwill to all men, joy to the world, and may it be a Merry Christmas. May you have a happy holiday, may it be a happy new year, may the excitement and the anticipation of these holidays now be within your heart. You are the light of the world, you do make a difference. And we are all here to bring peace to this planet. I will step back now and allow the mother to finish the message, as she and Joseph walk you out of the Cave of Creation.

Yes, it is I, the Blessed Mother. As we have done so many times before, sitting in the sacred circle and praying, you have now become a part of our frequency. Simply meaning that we all are working as one light, bringing peace to this planet, love to this planet, balance and unity back to this planet. You are the living light of God. You are the living light of God, you are the living light of God. And now as Joseph and I lead you from our Sacred Circle, and you bow to the Three Wise Men, and to my son and to Mary, Joseph and I take you by the hand and we all walk out together, one by one by one. Now Dearest Children, we are in the new earth, we are in the new paradigm, just as if you were in Telos in Lemuria, at Mt. Shasta, you are living in this fifth dimensional frequency. You are living in the new earth. You are the new earth. Your vibration holds the frequency of Nirvana, paradise, heaven on earth. You are the living light of all that is. You are the living light of all that is. You are the living light of all that is. Be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. May you be the joy to the world that is so needed. Now go in peace.

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